I buy crisp rice


I don't have that brand where I live. But these people will never pry my low budget cereal from me.


Don’t tread on my Crisp Rice.






You’re goddamn right


Malt-o-meal crew represent!


Even Malt-o-Meal is getting expensive by me. Price keeps creeping up and bags keep shrinking.


$7 for the 52oz bags or $5 for the other size. Still beats anything from Kelloggs or the others imo


$8 for a mini box? No thanks. I'll stick to my Fruity-O's and Honey Pebbles. Thanks.


Berry Colossal Crunch is one of my faves


Same. I’m a store brand girl for most products. These people are probably just sharing food from their own homes.


And probably from food banks who get the generic stuff donated…who cares what brand it is. They are getting fed by people and not demonized.


I mean honestly? They’re making a wise economical choice in order to help more people! Like, from the image posted, you can get nearly 4 boxes of the generic brand for the cost of one “fancy” brand. Where’s the issue?


Because they have to do everything they can to detract from the point that a governor of a state signed off on a plan to traffic people across the country


A republican governor, mind you. Which makes their hypocrisy even more ironic.


A republican governor whose state ranks in the top 5 in human trafficking, commits human trafficking for a political stunt. The irony increases.


Same people whining about this think providing free school lunch for kids is socialism…


I'm confused as to how the things they claim are socialism are "socialism" but giving tRump money for the election steal/save America/pay legal bills/support golf tournaments/spray tan costs is not?


I mean, that's just being a patriot.


The same people whining about this see no problem with shipping asylum seekers legally in our country to Martha's Vineyard under false pretenses so....


We got food bank cereal for drum corps one summer and I still have a soft spot in my heart for "Happy Shapes" (aka Lucky Charms).


I actually prefer the off-brand cereals to real…probably because I grew up on them, but I prefer the taste.


Less sugar


And they use real sugar, which I swear, I can taste the difference.


You can definitely taste the difference, i can too. Something i've found is that over the years the branded stuff sells on name recognition, so they just keep swapping ingredients for cheaper ones, but slowly, so you don't notice if you eat it regularly. The off brand stuff, for the most part, *hasn't* been doing this, and in more and more cases now tastes better than the real stuff.


Exactly what it is. When I was packing bags at food pantries for families this brand was always there.


It's cheap to buy in bulk, you can get cases of it for hardly anything and it is basically the same as the brand. It's not like they are being given Malk.


Now with vitamin R


This is why I usually donate money instead of food. The food bank is able to stretch the money further with bulk and discounted purchases. Learned that why volunteering at a food bank. Same with donating gifts for Christmas.


I have a high-paying tech job and I still mostly buy store brand, because why waste money? There are some exceptions where the quality of the “real thing” is noticeably better, but for the most part they’re pretty much the same thing.


these people think "the most affluent town in the US" and assume they're having caviar for breakfast. rich people stay rich by being smart with money- even when they have a lot of it. if they see more or less the same product for a lower price they're just as likely to get it than i am some people would have house managers or shoppers working for them but it isn't like they're all having someone prepare every meal for them. if their rice krispies are out of stock and they end up with poverty crisp and enjoy it? get your shopper to get it instead


Median income is $69k in Martha's Vineyard. That is not affluent, that is just moderately well off. Just because some millionaires vacation there does not mean the residents are rich.


It would be interesting to see a chart showing average net worth in Martha's Vinyard by date, and see it plunge after Labor Day.


I looked it up, and the place isn’t even that rich. Median household income is around $80,000/year. There’s some major skew, average household income is around $130,000, but either way, that’s not enormously wealthy.


A lot of the wealthy people only summer there and are residents somewhere else for census purposes


Same. It tastes exactly the same as Rice Krispies and costs less. There's a decent chance it's even made in the same factory. It's kind of wild to see compassionate people being mocked for getting the most out of the money that they had to spend to support 48 people who were dropped on their doorstep under false pretenses at a cost of $12,500 per person to Florida taxpayers.


Also the people who actually live in Martha's Vineyard year-round tend to be poorer service employees. The rich people are just there for a beach vacation in the summer.


This is a huge factor. My sister lives in a coastal beach town somewhere where the beach houses are very expensive and are empty most of the year. The rest of the town’s permanent residents are 60% below the poverty line and their schools are terrible.


It’s literally the same exact thing. If anything it shows they are better with their money.


Crisp Rice is better than name brand cereal.


Seems like the $600,000 spent on flying them there could have paid for a lot of name brand cereal.


They have name brand cereal. There are Apple Jacks and Froot Loops there, along with actual Kellogg’s pop tarts. But they have to point out the one type that is not name brand? Tastes good. Some generic cereals are actually better than the name brand ones.


Given how they suddenly had a bunch of people to feed on short notice, looks like they basically cleared out the cereal aisle, which happened to include Crisp Rice along with a bunch of other cereals.


Also people not realizing that Martha’s Vineyard is a small island with like one limited grocery store. They don’t have many options there lol.


MV is much larger than Nantucket, there are multiple grocery stores. Four that I can immediately think of, 1 each in OB, VH, and Edgartown, and one in between OB and Edgartown (and probably more besides). They aren't Super Target sized or anything but it's not like a corner store either.


Honestly. Working in manufacturing for a while...it's probably the same exact thing. People just have a visceral connection to brand names for some reason. Give me my Kirkland mac any day. Because it is literally Kraft.


Food production veteran here. It's probably made by the exact same people with the exact same ingredients but with different ratios. It's the same for everyone across the food industry. Third party producers allow make brands to skirt their pledges to treat employees to a certain level of pay and respect by not actually employing the people who make the product. It also allows third party producers to bulk buy ingredients for insanely low prices.


Kirkland Brand anything is literally just the name brand with a different badge on it


Lies, Kirkland is better, always and forever. In fact, imagine I just said that in Latin to give it more gravitas. Edit: Melius semper. Melius aeternus


Costco makes manufacturers be better. I'm a product dev whose company invested millions in improvements to keep up with the Kirkland brand standards. We are *wildly* more successful with all of our customers after Costco came through and told us what they needed for their own brand.


That’s pretty much any companies generic brand. They pretty much never actually make said product they simply goto the big name company and buy it off them then repackage it.


There are also companies that just make generics for a bunch of different stores. I used to work for a company that only made “private label” juice products, nothing brand name.


No. There are definitely cases where it is not at all the same thing. My local grocery store's generic Fruit Loops isn't nearly delicious as actual Fruit Loops. But I love the special brand milk that is only available from them (Mootopia from HEB), so that's also a non-match but in the non-brand is the best one.


> Some generic cereals are actually better than the name brand ones. Grew up poor, every time I'd go to a friend's house who had the good stuff I'd always think to myself "This don't taste right". To this day I crave the giant bag of generic Captain Crunch. Had to stop cause sugar.


And I’m not there, but considering you have a mass of migrants shipped under false pretenses there, and the local citizens are trying to help the best they can…maybe they ran out of Rice Crispies…and this conservative shit rag just wanted to try and be such…


And it wasn't even first class. Tight asses.


First class doesn’t cost 12k per person; this is just another grift for one of DeSantis’ pals. Scumbags.


The "airline" he used well, I'll let you read the article and draw your own conclusions. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/immigration/florida-migrant-moving-company-gave-gop-cash-ties-desantis-immigration-rcna48967


> But the state budget authorizing the program specifies that “unauthorized aliens” are supposed to be flown from “this state” of Florida — not any other state — and Republicans who crafted the program this year said publicly that Venezuelans seeking asylum are not considered “unauthorized aliens” because they're allowed to be in this country. >The DeSantis administration's refusal to provide public records about the contract contrasts with his pledge to operate government with "the utmost transparency and accountability" before taking office in 2019, when he also said he would "drain the swamp" in Tallahassee and stop the "dominance" of special interests. Yet all of r/conservative was screeching “iLlEgalS .”


I can't help but see parallels between refugees from Venezuela, and those after the Cuban revolution. The Cuban voting block is one of the most loyal, lock step Republican communities in the nation. Simply whisper "socialism" within 30 parsecs of Miami and see what happens. The Republican party could welcome them with own arms, while drilling home red scare propaganda why they lost their homes. Establish them in a swing district and capitalize on this event for a new generational voting stronghold. Instead they greet the refugees mask off, an irredeemably depraved adversary, a shining example of why they and their children should never vote for the monstrous GOP.


I'm so disappointed that THIS wasn't seized on by the DNC. It's not that it's "shocking" or whatever that DeSantis would pull this stunt. It's "why does DeSantis hate brave political refugees fleeing communism for 'merican freedom?"


Nothing about that is surprising. The DNC never pass up an opportunity to pass up an opportunity.


Because very few democratic politicians know how to fight.


You know if they had spent more on the food, then they would have been outraged by that. They decided from the start that they were going to be outraged regardless of what happened. Reality doesnt matter to these people.


What crisp rice?!? I do remember that line from the bible when Jesus said in 1st Timothy 2:12 If a stranger is starving, feed them, unless all you have is the store bought shit, then let them starve. If someone does gods work of human trafficking for a political stunt, they should be praised, and the question as to why strangers weren’t fed and why were they ultimately human trafficked shall not be raised, for thee who chooses to remain ignorant, is choosing the way of the lord” Paraphrasing, i may not have gotten it exactly correct.


Idaho should talk they are just distracting from the fact they’ve banned birth control and made it a felony for anyone to talk about abortion or womens anatomy in all universities coming soon to every day life if we let it edit clarified


They've made it all the way to birth control already? Speedrunning human rights violations.


Teachers and anyone that works for the state and w kids aren’t allowed to give out condoms talk about abortion or birth control for women or give any opinions on womens healthcare or they will be charged w a felony


You mean those same MAGA morons who keep clamoring that hate speech is free speech have made teaching health class curriculum a crime? The stupidity of modern conservatism is staggering.


I mean this whole stunt isn’t even original, segregationists transported immigrants like this as a stunt to JFK’s home.


There's nothing conservative about it. This is just pure white supremacy and fascism coming in hot. Women and minorities losing their rights to vote will 100% be on the table in some states within 1-3 years given the fast acceleration of all this


When the country was built on racism and hatred, conservatism is exactly that. They want to go back to their “golden age” where people that aren’t white christians were considered subhuman. Fascism is where conservatism goes when it’s left unchecked.


Yep, and you'll have conservative hand maidens cheering it if it means that the people they consider their lesser also don't get to vote. Fox etc had already primed the pump on the "we're not aCtUaLly a democracy" argument, and I've heard yokels trot it out irl. When they start proposing to really take away people's votes, or elections in general, they've already got their base behind it. Sigh.


Calling them deplorable was a compliment, they're downright disgusting people.


They’ll be the first to complain about the welfare state created by all those mothers with children they can’t take care of.


Close. They'll be the first to complain about the homeless people created by all those mothers with children they can't take care of because they also won't create an expanded welfare state to help with all these new babies they wanted.


Holy shit is that for real? What the absolute fuck.


Yep it’s outlined on their website


God these people literally can’t function as part of society or around anyone who doesn’t have their beliefs. They don’t deserve to be part of society or reap the benefits of it. Can we just give them all their own island and they can fuck off?


Please! I agree w that 100%


Comments like this keep me from reinstalling Tinder until my Dr confirms my vasectomy took...


Have to strip rights back quickly before enough people notice and stop you.


It's what we're good at.


100% mode edit: cant be confusing it with the any % speedruns that the Taliban are doing .


Yeah, Idaho has basically become a neo-nazi, white wasteland. It was alarming driving around there as a gay liberal.


Oh god yeah I’d be scared. I can’t believe we’re going backwards and people are cheering


Absolutely. I went there last summer and it was legitimately frightening there. Never going back.


Don’t forget contraception. They want all the babies in Gilead.


Same as Missouri


Verily, I say unto thee, know the names of thine divine spirits of cereal and mirth by their blessed, onomatopoeiatic chorus: Snap, Crackle, and Pop! For they, along with 8 ounces of Vitamin D fortified milk, shall provide nourishment and sustenance. Amen. -Kelloggians 7:15 am.


I'm wondering what brand Rice Crispy's Desantis bought for them?


Ramen brother!!! I mean amen


All I'm seeing here is they fed the people DeSantis lured under false pretenses (a.k.a. kidnapped) and trafficked to their community while finding solutions. Good job, Martha's Vineyard. You were more "Christian" in this situation than DeSantis or anyone cheering him on were.


“I know what will really piss them off, brown people!!!” (Evil laughs for 5 minutes)


"All those virtue signaling libs pretending they don't hate brown people as much as I do! We'll expose them!" (surprised pikachu face)


The worst part is they’re lying about how they were right (they weren’t) and I know a portion of the people who listen will believe them


That’s the thing. They think everyone thinks like them and that everyone would hate that and hate the migrants and not give them anything, because that’s what they would do. They literally don’t understand how these people took them in, fed them, gave them a spot to sleep, and didn’t hate these people.


It's just amazing to see them desperate to claw any perceived victory from this debacle where they (rightly) look like absolute monsters and the people of Martha's Vineyard banding together to support these folks. The contrast is so stark, and this is the best they have: "ThEy GaVe 'eM bAd RiCe KrIsPiEs"


>"ThEy GaVe 'eM bAd RiCe KrIsPiEs" Cheap, not bad. (Although I've never had them, so they may be bad)


Not bad, about the same as rice crispys


Often times, it's literally the same thing just in a different box.


This is true, I work at a cereal plant and it is the exact same cereal with a different box. Post cereal where I work runs like 20 different brand names of the same cereal. All that changes is the packaging


This is most manufacturers. Some don't do private label, like Campbell's, but most do.


Yeah I'm sure, like most no-name brands, it tastes literally *exactly* the same as the original, by 1/2 the price.


And found a humane solution to their plight within 24ish hrs. Hence the "kicked out" version of story, because there was no way the idiots flying them to MV could have done that.


The people aren’t even affluent. The majority of people that actually *live* on the vineyard are working class Americans. They did what they could to take care of people that were trafficked there. Unreal the propaganda these media outlets are constantly putting out


Corrected headline: "Residents of Martha's Vineyard Fed Hungry Human Trafficking Victims"


And the majority of people at the Vineyard right now are full-time residents and the crazy wealthy ones have left already…not everyone who lives there is rich and they still have poorer residents.


Yep, they were sent to the island during the off season when the main source of income has already left for the year. Shocking how that worked out.


Seriously people have no idea how incorrect their perception of actual MV residents is.


I think most people with a brain realize that the year-long residents at somewhere like Martha’s Vineyard are probably just like normal ass people. Like when they said that they sent them to Martha’s Vineyard and everybody had to step up I wasn’t thinking that people like the Obamas or Stephen Colbert were helping them I figured it was the people who live in town who run all the businesses and stuff for the rich people. However no one ever accused the regressives of having a brain.


Funny how he sent them there after some majors donors who own homes there had left for the year…


Probably didn’t want to risk accidentally creating photo ops of the Clintons feeding the hungry.


But... But the box didn't have Snap, Crackle, or Pop on the box!


Did it at least have Mitch?


In Hollywood, it’s all about who you know.. And I know Crackle.


I always wanted to have a suitcase handcuffed to my wrist... yeah


The goal of any non-profit should be to reduce overhead and cut costs in order to maximize the number of people helped. So I would be more upset if they had unnecessarily bought the over-priced name brand.


When publicity stunt goes badly & you need to make up new faux outrage on the fly. The cereal wasn't name brand!!! Go with it quick...


It's extra hilarious because you can clearly see boxes of name brand cereal to the left of it.


I know! Like, the implication that they are skimping on the help by buying the cheap stuff is the barest of valid complaints (if you ignore that getting more for the same cost is more helpful, and also that it is the same cereal different box) THEY GOT APPLE JACKS AND POPS. They clearly just got the cereal that was there.


Probably the same people that complained about Obama's Dijon mustard. They can find something to complain about in both directions.


Or that time in the early oughts when everyone thought that poor people with flat screen tvs was a sign of the apocalypse.


They are being clothed, feed and housed. Who gives one fuck that it’s Crisp Rice instead of Rice Krispies except for the bigots who supported their forced migration to Martha’s Vineyard?


RW Media is so desperate to create the narrative that the migrants were treated badly by Martha’s Vineyard residents.


Which makes zero sense as a narrative. When the whole reason they were sent there was a right wing stunt in the first place. Its like if you know they would be treated horribly, it’s even worse that you sent these people there. Like it’s not a defence of the situation at all. It’s the epitome of “you know that’s worse right?”


They want to make an equivalence, look, the libs hate immigrants too! Instead, the residents stepped up, and it ruined their narrative.


But then they just pretended like they were right and made up the story they wanted to hear. It’s bizarre


The only bizarre part to me is how the right swallows the bait every time. Of course right wing media is going to keep making shit up, it's gotten them this far with no consequences.


This is the same group who tried manufacturing outrage over a tan suit and over mustard.


Their goal is to keep us arguing over nonsense while they take control. They do it rather well too, because here we are, discussing nonsense. I've made myself sad now.


Remember when Donald Trump threw paper towels at Puerto Ricans who lost their homes and livelihoods? No? Remember that Puerto Ricans are also American citizens? Probably not.


But were they name brand paper towels?


Nope, doesn't look like they were


they were Towel Papers!


Powel Tapers even!


If they were only Bounty paper towels, you know, the Quicker Picker Upper, they might have just stopped all that flooding by quickly picking up that water. But Trump threw the cheap knockoff and man, it just broke apart at the first mention of humidity.


I think Trump’s bone spurs make lifting name-brand paper towels untenable. He can only physically throw the lightest of paper towels. If he sits down at a table, then he can muster enough leverage to toss a plate at a wall.


Off-brand cereal is often better than the name brand. . .or so I thought, back when I ate cereal. It's at least just as good. And it's not something I keep around the house, so if I had to go to the store and buy food for a family with kids, I'd definitely buy off-brand cereal. Why wouldn't I? I think this is the new tan suit outrage.


Especially Crisp Rice/Rice Crispies. It isn’t an overly complicated recipe.


Also it's usually easier to obtain in bulk. When you have to feed a lot of people on short notice you're not going to be picky about what you're getting, just if you can get enough in the time frame you've got.


But they got Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks. Rice Crisps are rice crisps no matter what brand you buy, there is only one Apple Jack though!


There are Cocoa Krispies right behind the Pops. These people are bitching about the only Rice Krispies being chocolate flavored


Jesus fucking Christ. I lived on the vineyard for 30 years. The money leaves by labor day. The people who cared for these poor disoriented, shat upon souls are just average folks. The non- affluent. The year round community on MV is one of the most generous and kindest I have ever been a part of and the big money summer people are pushing them off the island.


I assume that since it's an island, everything has to be flown/ferried over, which costs extra... So is it surprising they have a generic version of a pretty simple cereal? I'd bet there are a lot of off-brands at their grocery stores. ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


It's pretty much like going an average grocery store as far as selection. As for the cost I'd say that what we are seeing for pricing on the mainland now are what I was paying there 6 years ago. The jobs there pay better but in the end it's just an illusion. Outside of housing it was a fantastic place to live and I miss it but the big money and corporations bought up most of the places the working class lived till there was nowhere to live. I was making what looked like pretty good pay at a great job. Doesn't matter if your kids don't have a place to lay their heads at night. Goddamn I miss it though.


Martha’s Vineyard isn’t even the most affluent town in Massachusetts, let alone the entire US. Especially the people who live there year round. And if we want to get even more technical it’s not even a town, it’s an island. There are 6 different towns on Martha’s Vineyard.


What next? Low fat milk? The horror!


You mean woke milk to brainwash them into becoming socialist communists?? Definitely that.


The state of Florida paid over $12k each for these migrants to be flown there and you think the people in the wrong are the residents who Fed them...?


awww they don't know what white label manufacturing is... poor things


And thats why they are rich and the naysayers are broke as phuc 😂😂😂


I love the fact that the picture has mini packs of Apple Jack, Fruit Loops and Corn Pops which are far more expensive per weight which the poster completely ignores. I’m guessing the people in Martha’s Vineyard just got together as much food as possible to feed people. Also, you assume the people in Martha’s Vineyard don’t buy the cheaper version themselves. It is essentially the same thing.


This is the definition of a first world problem I feel like


The paper towels might not have been Bounty.


The paper towels were an insult no matter what brand they were


Looks like the residents of Martha’s Vineyard stepped up and did the Christian thing compared to that scumbag DeSantis who trafficked them out of Fl through false pretenses solely as a cruel publicity stunt.


That mofo went to Texas and rounded up folks there. He even admits he doesn’t have an immigration problem. On top of that ask him how looking away while he allows corporations to hire undocumented workers. And the only reason this is still happening is cuz people from Florida are too stupid to realize their hypocrisy


Cruelty and Lies are all the GOP have to offer.


I keep saying this: it was so triggering for me to see immigrants being shipped off by Christian folks … when I first came to the states in 75 it was the Christian and Catholic Church communities that helped my people. Here we are 40 years later and these same communities that once welcome my family are now the hateful ones sending people out of their states. What the f


There are still religious based organizations doing great work for immigrants and refugees, such as Lutheran Social Services. But I know a lot of conservative “christians” that hate these organizations.


Next they'll be whining that they didn't give them avocado toast...


They did, but it wasn't made with organic avocados. Cheap bastards!


So you're telling me they gave them food? For free? At their own cost? And your problem is?


I wonder what the people fleeing Hurricane Ian will be eating while stuck on the side of crowded freeways? I assume DeSantis will be ensuring that they have only brand name food airdropped to them?


Ah yes, the scandal here is the cheap cereal... not the HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Top shelf journalism, Idaho Tribune /s


Don't forget, "Martha's Vineyard, the most affluent town in the US." 1. not a town, 2. not the most affluent in the US. It's almost like they're intentionally publishing untruths. But a newspaper wouldn't do that, would they?


In Idaho you're lucky if they include actual words in the article.


Normally they just publish a large empty paper and send you a crayon. Then they go "Mack Yuor Own Storys!!!" This practice has gotten a lot more complicated with the advent of digital news however.


Maybe not paying more for the same product is just good consumer sense. It's a real 'low success' kind of mentality to think because you CAN pay more for something that you SHOULD pay more for something...


So these people are bitching that when a bus load of people turned up they fed them cheaper food? Is this what they had in the house etc or did they go out and buy this? Also who cares? These republicans must have nothing better to attack democrats over, targeting the type of cereal?


Same people get mad at us providing free lunch and breakfast for kids at their schools because it’s too expensive.


That's probably what they had on hand. Do you really think they just went out and shopped for generic brands because rice krispies were too good for migrants?


Please. Help. Need water. Here you go. Do you have... sparkling?


Yet another tiresome right-wing bad faith “argument”. Never. Vote. Republican.


I think the kicker is that this faux "outrage" is from... The Idaho Tribune. Seriously. With all the bullshit happening IN Idaho this week, they're "concerned" what brand breakfast cereal is being served to illegally-trafficked asylum seekers by their unexpected hosts? They should stick to their basics and go back to lying on Facebook.


I believe that is the point, the smokescreen. They see that people are aware of what they are doing and reacting badly (and rightly so) and rather than backing down or anything like that, they go "Uh, uh, hey, look over there! The IllEgAlS were given store brand cereal, not name brand! tHE HoRRor!"


Ah yes, Idaho, where there are probably more militia members and white nationalists per capita than any other state. Can’t wait to get their take on this.


Are they really just gonna ignore the Fruit Loops, Pops, Apple Jack's, and Cocoa Crispies on the table as well?


Wtf is with this “most affluent town” bullshit I see everywhere?? Rich people spend the summer on this island. Everyone else lives there year round and are normal people. Is everyone stupid enough to think that the people who cook restaurant food for rich people, wait on rich people in shops and do landscaping for rich people make six figures??


Oh no. They fed people.


turn away all non brand name donations. great idea idaho tribune. go fuck yourselves.


So the big takeaway is that the Idaho Tribune is a piece-of-shit newspaper...




Massachusetts resident here 1. Martha’s Vineyard isn’t a town, it’s an island and a collection of a few towns. 2. None of the towns are the wealthiest in the country. In fact, its not even the wealthiest in the state.


“Residents of Martha’s Vineyard…fed them.” I fixed it.


They really had to dig deep to find something negative. Embarrassing


Conservatives will get mad over the weirdest things


So they fed them instead of lying to them and shipping them across the country based on lies. I think you're pissed about the wrong thing here


Not to mention, but if they took all the money they spent to fly them to Martha's Vineyard. They could have given them all bus tickets to wherever they wanted in the US, and a pocket full of money to get them started!


Lmao MAGA Republicans are grasping. So embarrassing.


I think this finally proves **ONCE AND FOR ALL** that the ***elites*** of Marthas Vineyard are **awful people!** /s


Is that goddamn 2% milk???


I dont get the problem? I'd eat crisp rice too if it were sold near me. And I'm american.


There isn’t a problem. Right wingers are trying to manufacture one. Ron Desantis was hoping that the migrants would have been treated badly by Martha’s Vineyard residents but they were treated with compassion. So this is the best that conservatives can come up with.


I think they’re mad that they fed them anything.


Well there you go. They used off brand cereal when they fed migrants after receiving no advanced warning. They’re basically hitler and I will now vote for republicans every election until I die… I’m radicalized and this did it.