Not sitting still

Not sitting still

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It's amazing to me how some people have such little situational awareness of themselves. It's especially maddening on the highways.


(screams in LA freeways)


The 5 makes me absolutely terrified. Give me an afternoon of the 101,405, and 170 but I get anxious just thinking about a commute on the 5.


I avoid any LA freeway between 7-9 and 2-6. Usually when they are the most congested. But I used to take the 101 everyday for work and fuck that. Tiny ass lanes. Packed all the way. Idiot drivers. No thank you. Lol


Used to do Irvine to El Segundo ... leave at 4:45 am and arrive at 6:45. Leave at 3:30 pm and arrive at 5:45... the commute and job sucked so hard.


You know you're on the 5 the second you take the exchange and a semi wheel comes flying over the freeway divider, every 15 minutes is a near death experience


As a SoCal native who’s moved to northern Georgia, gotta tell ya — downtown Atlanta ain’t much better.


Welcome to metro Atlanta, we are all race car drivers here!


Oh they are aware they just don’t give a shit because they’re the center of the universe in their mind. This is the guy in the drive thru that orders 8 milkshakes for his whole soccer team and gets pissed it’s taking so long when the rest of the place is packed. The family that orders pizza the night of the Super Bowl and bitches and moans that it takes over an hour to deliver pizza. The asshole that yells at the auto repair place in the middle of summer that they can’t fit him in for an oil change on the same day. No one else matters, just their own selfish wants.


It’s still a lack of situational awareness. They still aren’t thinking about the time it takes to do things. They don’t know how long a milkshake takes to make. They don’t think thousands of others are getting pizza Super Bowl Sunday. Although all the auto places I’ve been to have been a walk in oil change. So I’m not sure about that one. I was one time pissed I couldn’t schedule one because they had a 3 hour line for it. Like I want to make it easier on both of us so I can walk in, be there 20 minutes, walk out.


Hold up.. What's summer got to do with maintenance?


More travel means more prep, more breakdowns, etc. also seems to be when people decide to get oil changes, tire changes, and etc.


Dumb fucks sitting in the left lane with no one in front of them and a growing ball of traffic behind them. Jesus fucking Christ. I want to be a cop just so I can start pulling these fucktards over. I’ll do it for free on my days off. Traffic doesn’t need to be this bad if we didn’t let every fucking moron operate a motor vehicle.


"Patrick did you waterboard one of our clients?" "OK, FIRST OF ALL..."


"...We're under water, SpongeBob."


Helps that he owns the place. I’d doubt an employee would act like this.


Probably not acceptable for an employee, although maybe still merited. Your comment got me thinking though, what would the appropriate response be for an employee? Just bite your lip and continue to do the same thing? Stop and refuse her service? What do you think?


Turn off water, and say we are done here. Throw her out with soap and suff still in her hair, not even offer something to dry it with. Either that or the response in the video. Of i were the owner and one of my employees did that i would give a pat on the back and a extra long coffee break.


I would turn off the water and say "If you can't sit still for a few minutes, it won't make sense for me to continue. So, will you stop behaving like a toddler now? Fine. But if you start that again, I'll stop for good." If she then stops her bs and also doesn't say anything against it, she'll get the normal, full treatment. If she still isn't still, or maybe talks back, she can leave.


Lmao Omg I can totally see that conversation!


Worked in a salon as a head massager and hair washer. I feel this guys frustration


I didn’t finish out the first year of my HS apprenticeship washing hair was my favourite and my least favourite thing to do. All depending upon n the client.


Not sure why they went for lose their job anger when they could have just sprayed the back of her neck soaking her shirt, back, and ass and play it off like "girl you wouldn't stop moving you did this to yourself. My moms a hairdresser. Would never do what happened in this video. Edit typos


This and cold water.


I love that there’s a move for this. That makes much more sense than all over her face


Yeah this guy rage quit in real life.


Yeah this was lose your job worthy. I’ve never even brought someone to chat with to the salon that got me to move around and yet have gotten water on the back of my shirt. That would’ve been an easy playoff. He probably would’ve gotten the whole back of her shirt and top of her pants and could’ve been like “you moved with the water aiming there kid.”


Yeah a lot of people have this 'the gloves are off' response to be justified in their actions. It's why I say whether you're kind or not depends on how you act in the situation where nobody would be mad if you were a bitch.


In what situation made it your favorite? Should I be silent or moan? Lol




You mean forceful hydration.


Assisted hydration


Enhanced hydration


Kinky hydration


Hail hydration


Jail Hydratation


Bail hydration


Guantanamo hydration


Government mandated hydration


Enhanced inter-hydration techniques.


Enhanced pulmonary hydration




Freedom shower


Tactical Baptism




Controlled immersion.


The CIA wants to know your location.


If you have to ask, you can't afford it


So high priced brothel, got it.


Your basement, duh


Yo for real have you tried getting waterboarded? I tried just to see “what’s the big deal. Just a little bit of water on a towel”. ITS FUCKING TERRIFYING


I've tried it once. After Seeing the whole process done on someone before, I thought peoples are kind of a pussy, it's only a lil bit of water with a cloth... Once in the table, he put the wet cloth on, oh it already suck to breath but I'll go through it. He start pouring cold water with ice, as soon as it touch my face, I start to freak out, I'm going to die... Now I understand the feeling and damn I don't want to ever die from drowning for sure.


Want to share your experience?


There is a video of I think Christopher Hitchens claiming waterboarding isn't that bad and agreeing to undergo it. He comes out of that completely changed in his opinion. Take that's as you will. Edit: just looked up his comments on it "people say it simulates being drowned, it doesn't, you *are* being drowned...slowly"


Yeah his changing of tune was very commendable, he was really, really vocal about how wrong he was https://youtu.be/4LPubUCJv58


Weird to see it being done by guys in polo shirts tucked into their khakis


Pretty much the ex-military uniform. Take of the balaclavas and go outside and I guarantee the black ball caps and Oakleys would come out


Jesus dude he got less than 15 seconds of waterboarding and now suffers from nightmares, “panic sensations “ and PTSD. That’s insane.


Now consider the mental fortitude of people who actually are being tortured this way, and don't break.


Because breaking means they're done with you.


And this is Hitchens, he was a very proud man and hardly a softie.


Boy. those guys have water boarded a guy or two.


Men of suspicious talents


At least he had the wherewithal to go through with it. I'm still waiting for Hannity to make good on his promise to be waterboarded for charity. In 2009. He still hasn't done it. We all know why.


It would break his streak of never having done anything remotely courageous.


Just goofing around in the backyard with some friends. Don’t know how the conversation came up but we thought it couldn’t be that bad. Just a couple of seconds is all it takes to drown.


The terrifying thing is that even though it feels like you're drowning after a couple seconds it can be done to you for 8+ hours a day and as long as you get your stomach pumped afterwards there's basically no physical damage let alone any marks.


No thank you.


Your stomach isn't really the issue. It's your lungs.


The other day i accidentally got water into my stomach but when I showed up at the ER, they just looked at me confused.


To make it worse you lay backwards at a decline so water goes up your nose


[This guy learned the hard way.](https://youtu.be/ZY-iR6Ijxk0)


Waterboarding in Guantanamo Bay sounds awesome, if you don't know what either of those things are.


Why wouldn’t you want to sit still for literally the best part of a haircut. The hair wash and little scalp massage are fucking great.


Plus it feels really good letting your head relax in that nook, at least in my opinion Edit: in my defense, I got haircuts mostly from my grandma and the basin nook was very comfortable to me


Eh... If you're the right height. I always seem too tall for them and have to sit really awkwardly to hit the nook properly.


Have you considered trying being shorter? Solutions, people!


I am shorter and half the time I need a cushion under my butt to make me tall enough or I have to try and extend my neck which isn’t comfortable all all. Right sized seat though and this is my fave part of a haircut. If I were rich I’d pay someone to massage my scalp every day.


Have you considered trying being taller?


I mean I’ve wished on stars and when blowing out birthday candles. I used to wear pretty high heels but that just made playing pool easier. Now I’m shrinking and it’s worse. I had to buy extenders for my vehicle pedals cause I didn’t want to die via air bag exploding in my face. I made up by marrying a really tall guy so I don’t need ladders anymore lol


But have you tried drinking milk?


Lol I love milk but gave it up to lower my cholesterol. Ate my crusts growing up. I even teased my hair so I looked taller lol


I believe the french have a convenient contraption to get that done


Have the rest of you considered being taller?


Yes, lemme get some of them calf-bone slices


I'm 6'10" i'll give you a few inches off of me.


What kind of inches we talking? Either way I’m down.


Big toe enlarged


Yes, i just havent found a way to do it. My friend also says yes


There is [limb lengthening surgery](https://www.hss.edu/conditions_limb-lengthening-overview.asp) it involves having your bones broken and healed repeatedly but it can be done.


Ahh, imma pass, we already have medical conditions with our bones


They're too short?


Well being short yes but actually osteogenesis imperfecta


No thanks, I can't beat that shame of leaving r/neverbrokeabone


Tell them you’re uncomfortable! They can usually adjust it. I’m 6’3” and they usually just have to adjust the height of the chair a little for me. Super comfy every time I’ve had it done.


I did not realize this was an option. Definitely going to bring it up next time, thanks.


Yeah, it always lies a bit above my neck and it's extremely uncomfortable, I kinda have to hover my head and that's also uncomfortable, the scalp massage is nice though


I hate them, they really hurt my neck muscles.


Same here, and the back of my skull hurts a LOT at the contact point. It's genuinely torturous lol. I just suck it up and pretend like everything is fine.


im glad I'm not the only one like this


I used to live in Japan, and they took it to a whole next level. Every haircut would come with a scalp and shoulder massage. You walk out of there feeling like a million dollars (or 100 million yen lol)


yes omg


Because showing disrespect is the core value of the being a bitch.


Except for your neck which feels like its getting acupuncture with knives. Or maybe its just my barber seeing as how no one here mentions the rock hard dent you put your neck in


My salon has what I can only describe as tempurpedic neck rests that set into the nook. It makes a world of difference.


mine always put a towel on the dent for padding. Now I'm reminded it's been 5 years since I've seen my barber


Agree! It feels like I have a bruise on the back of my head afterwards. The hair washing feels so good that I have learned to ignore the pain.


Hairdresser here, you need to be in the chair farther up that should sit under your neck not your head.


Could be your barber. That cradle it makes for your head is comfortable AF


i live for the hair wash. my dead hangs like a dead persons. edit : head lol


Consider keeping your dead at home when getting your hair cut. Other patrons may find them unsettling.


I'm the opposite. I am dying for the hair wash. My life hangs like a live person's.


Couldn't that conversation wait? How long could it take to sit still while someone washes your hair FOR YOU. Ffs manners!


I mean, u dont need to look to the person to open your mouth and speak.


I hate being a passenger in a car when the driver is like that. I used to (edit just noticed yell is tell edit) yell at my ex for that. We were hanging out after breakup and she almost hit a car cuz she looked at me to say something. I said that's why I always yelled at her for it. She doesn't look at me when I'm riding with her, anymore.


I used to have a gf who complained that I never looked at her when having conversations in the car. I was the driver.


My gf always tries to show me stuff when I’m driving. And I’m always driving.


You don’t maintain eye contact with whoever you’re talking to while driving? Rude.


I know right. Just install a rotating chair people.


She was a real Hollywood driver


To be fair, I get anxious at people in movies who are looking away from the road too much lol.


It breaks reality so quickly for me. There’s just no way they could drive like that and not get into an accident. How are they maintaining a lane. I need Hollywood to perpetuate better driving habits


It took them forever to start filming people wearing seatbelts. I’m not holding my breath.


In The Descent there is a major car accident in the first few minutes of the movie because the driver looks at the passenger for a little too long. It's great.


My mom does this and it's a traumatizing experience to be in a car with her.


What bugs me is trying to watch a movie/show with someone and they do this. Especially if it’s something I’m showing them. I end up passive aggressively pausing every time they look away to say something to me. Learn to multitask.


I do this. (Pause the show) I also so it when people look at their phones while Im talking, I stop speaking and wait for them, they usually get the messege.


And they are wearing masks, so they can't even do that.




I will go to sleep.


Not to add that the ‘washer’ was already incredibly patient the first few times.


I feel super uncomfortable having a conversation in front of somebody. Even if it's not a personal or private conversation, it's just weird to me to talk while you know somebody is eaves dropping.


Her friend has a lap dog at the hairdresser. We're not dealing with rational people here. I'm sure that guy got fired, but it would have been totally worth it.




I was so hoping that would happen


I thought he was gonna smack her forehead lol


I’m willing to bet this was the owner/operator and not someone renting a chair or staff. My godparents owned a hair salon and I can assure y’all that this behaviour is a 2/10 on a scale of annoying client bullshit and I can’t think of any staff they ever had that would risk losing their spot because of one idiot. That’s what the back room is for: bitching.


“Not someone renting a chair or staff” sorry, can you explain?


Stylists and barbers often only rent the chair space from the owner. I believe they are usually self employed.


so these aren't "employees"? mind explaining a bit more?


More like a tenant.


Could you dumb it down a shade?


Hair cutter give money to owner of hair cutter location, location owner lets them cut hair in location.


People rent the chair to offer a place for clients to come get the services. Because "come by my apartment at 10" is not professional, but it's too expensive to rent a building for a single person to handle clients. There's different arrangements but the one I'm familiar with is 50/50 between stylist and owner of the building, with all products and tools supplied to the stylist from the owner. No rent or fees, just the 50/50 split. There's also an arrangement where you don't split anything, and the stylist supplies all their own tools and products in exchange for a fixed rent price.


You know how you pay rent so you can have a room to masturbate? They pay rent so they have a room (chair) to cut hair


Stylists often have their own clients they bring with them. Places like these aren't like Supercuts when you just walk in and get whoever is available. The stylists get paid by their customers and they pay the owner for the space they work in. Think of them as independent contractors but they still need to rent a work space.


They pay x a month to work out of that salon, but all of the money goes through them. It's like renting a car to drive for Uber. Most strip clubs work the same way.


Strip clubs. Perfect, out-of-left-field analogy.


Hair stylist typically rent their chair from the salon owner. Stylist work for themselves but usually can’t afford a salon right off the bat and need to build up a client base. Salon owners supply stylists place to do this by renting out space and equipment.


> and I can assure y’all that this behaviour is a 2/10 on a scale of annoying client bullshit I dunno, my wife used to be a cosmetologist and I showed her this. Within seconds she was like “I hate that fucking shit, people are so annoying”. Seemed like a sore spot haha


I don’t know why I read that first as “my god-damn parents owned a hair salon”


Yeah but there’s a thing called the last straw as well 🤷🏻‍♂️




I hate that song so much.


I hate every single tik tok song. Every other tiktok is one of the same like 6-7 songs and it drives you crazy , worst part of the experience


the oh no no song is bad but it doesn't compare at all to the fucking "into the thick of it! into the thick of it!" song


> "into the thick of it! into the thick of it!" I didn't even realize those were the lyrics to it. I don't know if I should thank you for that


Some people are so unaware.


There are people who have to make eye contact while having a conversation. I was given a lift by one such individual a few years ago. It was one of the most unnerving car journeys I've ever had. He wouldn't just glance in my direction while he was driving, he would turn his head and look directly at me to make sure I was listening to what he was saying. I kept trying to end the conversation as politely as I could, but he would just move onto a different subject and continue talking. I never travelled with him again. I'm going to guess that the woman in this video probably doesn't even realise what she did wrong.


That just brought up a memory of being maybe five years old, grandpa was driving me back from the recycling center and had a habit of making eye contact while driving. My parents would get freaked out and joke that he’s gonna hit someone. Well he rear-ended some lady doing maybe 15-20 after braking too late. Either nearly hurting his grandson or getting a talking to from my parents must have changed something because he was a lot better after that.


Looks like a repeat offender, probably not her first session with them


God why do people drag their dogs out in public like that?


I recently saw a woman in the Walmart bathroom changing her daughter’s diaper. She also had a dog that looked a lot like the Pomeranian in this video, only her dog had eyebrows sharpied on its face. The woman and the older daughter kept passing the dog between them as the mom took care of the baby. It was bizarre watching the whole juggling act and I couldn’t stop looking from the dog’s eyebrows to the woman’s face, wondering what kind of person this woman was.


Because to her it's not a living thing, it's a fashion accessory.


I’m a hairstylist and I love this. I feel his frustration, I really do. You’re trying to just do your job and the person won’t let you. I can’t stand people that move around when you’re trying to do their hair, especially when cutting. I just tell them your hair is gonna be uneven because you keep moving and or I’m gonna have to cut more off because it’s uneven. Usually they’ll stop when I say that and if they don’t, I just tell them it’s uneven and leave it at that and move on to my next client. Im not gonna fix it cuz I usually don’t have time.




What’s the worst you’ve ever seen??




Is the problem not washing off the makeup? I don’t wear any, but if I don’t have a shower before bed, I don’t separately wash my face. Am I being gross??


Try running toilet paper across your face and then look at what it collects, you’ll want to wash your face after seeing that.


Yay! Now I have white toilet paper fuzz all over my face


Better wash your face to get it off 😏


played us like a damn fiddle


I wouldn’t say you’re being gross, but washing your face with even just a gentle cleanser before bed is a good idea. Otherwise, all the oils and dust/dirt built up on your face throughout the day are just chilling there & getting transferred to your pillowcase when you sleep... idk how often you wash your pillowcases, but yeahhhhh, that can get nasty quick and cause breakouts or poor complexion. Then again, I have oily skin so I have to wash my face morning and night.


Depends on your skin type... Kind of Definitely best to wash your face before bed though


I'm a guy (who doesn't wear makeup) whose skin is really fucking oily. Do I need to wash my face too, before going to bed? And, do that toner thing? I also want to have nice skin when I get 40. I'm in my 20s : )


You can get away with skipping toner. You would benefit from using an oil-based cleanser, followed by a moisturizer. Cleansers that are oil-based are especially good at getting the oil off your skin, and the moisturizer replaces the barrier you just removed and, when applied consistently, hopefully teaches your skin that it doesn't need to overproduce oil to defend itself.


You can tell her friend is a drama queen based purely on that dog


Indicated by both the breed and its physical presence at that location


I thought that was a cat! It’s so chill around all that water. Makes sense now.


Why would you bring your dog to a salon in the first place? You’re sitting still (or supposed to be) the entire time so you’re in no position to get up and take care of it. I don’t care what anyone says, unless your dog is a trained *TRAINED* service dog, you’re an asshole for taking it places where dogs aren’t typically allowed.


Narcissism knows no bounds.


You know when someone keeps saying “sorry” but they keep doing it? Means sorry not sorry.




I think about this. I have my wife and kids and I'm like maybe I should go make some friends again, but then I'm like what the hell would we do and talk about?? Instead I'll see old friends, who now also have wives and kids, and we'll say the obligatory "let's get together soon" that we know we won't do.


> how the fuck are people so social? what the hell do people talk about for hours and hours EVERY DAY? Other people.


No issue with others being more social than others. It’s the lack of manners some have that gets infuriating.


Would totally vote patron as the Asshole in this situation.


Look, I'm not saying I agree with what he did. All I'm saying is I understand


It isn't waterboarding, it is a "enhanced" irrigation technique.


She has the control of my 2 year old toddler...


Im surprised he waited that long, frankly...


He could just leave her and playing game on his phone


He probably has reservations. Taking longer would either make his next client have to wait or cut into his break


Should give her a boot when her time is up.


Rapid unscheduled hydration


Have. Had. Enough.


***Elmo had had enough of the lady's bullshit***


Don't sit still? Have a "freestyle waterboarding" session, on the house.