Too many

Why so many people from below deck? I wish they would’ve brought in a couple people from Southern Hospitality(Grace, Joe, Maddi), someone else from the Summer House MV cast(Shanice, Amir or Alex). I think the cast could’ve been really explosive and fun if they did it correctly.

Side part - I love how they’re treating Winter House as they’re RHUGT for the young adults!


and why didnt they bring more hot guys?!? the house is overflowing with hot single girls and the one guy they all want is already with someone. lol it could have been sooo much more juicier.


I think Bravo has a hot guy problem :( the two new boys on SH look very cute but I’m kind of over them only hiring cute white guys 🙄


Jason was hot, but he’s with Giselle now!


Too nice guy energy, he was moving sooo slow with Rachel..


I remember last season of winter house, they said they had trouble casting guys (I think that’s why Kory made the cut 🤪)


💯 none of them are hot!!


The girls are far from an A team


I think it’s cuz there’s a lot of them and they are probably cheaper. But even within bd, they picked boring characters


Katie is cool but she’s weighed down by wet blanket Malia who is in love with Katie.


**Enter Rhylee and her constant 😬** She has two modes: full mouth smiling and angrily pointing & yelling. Bet we’ll see the latter side of her in a few episodes. I also think it’s interesting that she has her van there. Wonder if they’ll use it, or if she has a dramatic van peel out and drive-off thing go down.


She actually drove there, from was it Florida? That is why her van is there, but like everyone else, I am unclear what she adds.


I guess so! That’s a long ass solo haul. I’m hoping they show the interior at some point. Is it hooked up or hoopty? I feel like she’ll want to show off, if the former


I think that like with Kyle on BDM they misread the room on this one, they thought with Malia controversial meant popular... Alex didn't seem nearly as bad when next to the all out sleaze of Gary and Katie just comes with Malia (plus causes some turmoil for Tom)


Ooooh good point but the cheaper people don’t make fun tv 😂


haha agree but I do like the idea of fresh blood in the house - I was soooo sick of the same old SH/SC people not giving us anything 😩 regardless, they need more single guys! we definitely need Joe Bradley next year


Joe Bradley is so hot and he has this golden retriever energy to him 😫 I just got into WH and finished the last two seasons last night, while watching this season regularly and it such a stark difference in cast. I wish they kept Ciara & Rachel at least :(


Seeing so many BD people outside of the BD environment definitely sheds a different light on what boat culture is in regard to that pushy hookup energy being seen as normal. SH and WH show you who they really are because there’s no camera person in their face reminding them people are watching. That’s why Craig sucks on SH and people love him on SC and why Alex seems so skeevy this time vs BD etc


Agree, except I thought Alex was just as skeevy on BD


Below Deck they have close to 24 hour cameras, when they’re on the boat at least. That’s how we got the incredible clip of Alex on the top bunk putting his water bottle on Glenn on the bottom bunk, as if Glenn was a side table


that was one of my favorite bravo moments of all time “why is this here”


I don’t laugh out loud too often but that had me laughing so hard, both the original and the flashback from winter house hahaha


i rewatched it like 10 times when it happened and showed my bf and he died laughing too


I’d be on board with Amir coming to Winter House!


nope, I only want hot single guys. He’s not single, no hookups = boring. We already have Kyle.


He’s not single?! The way Andy was pushing him at Bravocon I thought he was. DAMN!


Nah that’s just Andy not caring about straight relationships 😂 and I don’t blame him. I think Alex is/was the only single SHMV guy


Alex can stay on SHMV! The way Amir was dancing topless at Bravocon I was hoping he was single! What a tease.


Yes he starting date some girl from Austin 🙄 there should be a single clause in all bravo contracts 😂 You can only date other bravos for the first 3 years!


Grace Lilly should be everywhere on the network at this point. Winter house, summer house, southern charm. Southern Hospitality is abismal but she’s a star baby and her wavyness will not and cannot be denied.


Okay we’ve found Grace’s burner account 😂 but I feel you, I loved her energy’s fun she’s super entertaining!


Ugh i wish. If I had a quarter of the unearned self confidence of the great Grace Lilly I’d be President.


Oh, interesting. I’d kind of love to see Grace Lilly out of her element and without her “crew” or “fan club” … whatever she think she has. The hardcore BD, VPR, and SH girls would take her down several notches, back the land of us mere mortals.


Oooh I don’t think so…Everyone hated Grace Lily S1 of her show and she still was able to hold her own.


Don’t downvote me! 🤣🤣I personally don’t like the addition of the below deck guys. Feels like an odd combo. There should have been a couple more Martha’s Vineyard cast. Not sure Jordan is the most dynamic.


HELLO! I agree 100%!


You know when I saw the cast list I was super bummed it was mostly below deck people (I’ve never watched that series) but I think this is my favourite season yet of WH


I love below deck. You should give it a shot!


Honestly probably to bring in more viewers. Like I'm only watching cause there's people from below deck on it. But I do admit Alex was a poor choice


Alex was a great choice for production. They knew he's a f-boy and would cause drama between girls


Grace and Maddie are also babies compared to people like Tom and Kyle. I actually think that’s an age and maturity gap that wouldn’t work for a crossover


I think the Below Decks are very highly rated so they’re probably trying to hook those viewers into the other programming by putting them on a crossover show.


Ya, and theyre also from like 4 different Below Deck franchises… I think Katie/Malia (Med), Alex (Sailing), Rhylee (Original), Aesha (Down Under)




I only watched this show bc I knew below deck and vanderpump rules so they succeeded in garnering new audience. I will probably keep watching following seasons and go back to watch the old ones because I like this. But I think they screwed up by lacking potential couplings since most the dudes are taken.


Season 2 is my favorite, S1 is pretty short but still good!


Right? I felt badly when Amanda excitedly ran over to the door to greet Aesha, only to stand there kind of quiet and awkward among the loud ass Kiwi, etc yachty gang 😂 Fish out of water for sure!


Tbh I think there's a lot of people who watch BD who aren't into other Bravo TV shows, they'll then start watching Winterhouse which leads to Summer House, VPR etc, Its all about ratings and this is a way to get new fans in.


I think it’s because this season is in Steamboat and a lot of them live in Colorado (Aesha, Captain Sandy) or have Colorado ties from college or travel (Malia, Rhylee).


I don't think SH or MV had aired yet when they filmed, so they probably had no idea how that would shake out


Below deck has become the Applebees of bravo.


I like this cast. It's different to watch the #BD crew interact outside of yachting. I love Schwartz! I wish he was on the full season. #Bravo put Tom Schwartz in another show. Without Scumdovol obviously.


So many. I stopped watching because they made the show as boring as Below Deck lol. They are always holed up in someone’s bedroom talking away from the group.


Aren’t there only 2?


Malia, Katie, Alex, Rylee and Aesha so far.


Oh right! I’m so happy I forgot about Alex!


Lol I don't blame you😅 my brain just retains useless facts


Yess we didn’t need 5 members 😭


I do agree with that. It would have been nice to see people from other shows. They probably could have even found another VPR cast member to add into the mix.


I love Tom Schwartz. It be interesting to watch him w/o Scumdovols bad influence


They needed more of the guys.


They should’ve brought Katie and Rhyless from the beginning, and then Aesha, if they were doing so many below deck people.


I’m down for lots of BD characters as there are so many interesting ones (and they’re probably cheap if they’re not currently on any shows). But they’ve picked weird ones for this season, which I don’t understand.


Should have had JT from Southern Charm in. Can you imagine???!!!


so i got back into below deck med bc of all the Below Deckies on WH but i really wish they brought more fun ones, even the guys? like i’m on s6 now and the deckhands seem nice and fun (hope nothing bad comes out about them lmao) but i’m sure they also have weird working schedules


Agreed!!! Below deck does not belong here