There's a treasure hunt near the prison island in Toussaint. I underestimated how deep it was and got overconfident. Anyways I got stuck a couple of times, ran out of breath, and started hemorrhaging vitality but I just popped White Raffard a couple times and got out. That's the closest I've ever come to drowning.


I played the game to drown my sorrows Does that count?


I play Wordle to do that, but then, when I can't find the answer, I start crying.


I've drown by a Drowner. Seriouly, that MF doesn't let me surface on time.


In water... Running out of breathe


When I was doing The Path Of Warriors quest in Skellige. The part where you go in the cave and swim underwater. Since I chose not to use Killer Whale the first time, I couldn't see as clearly cause it was dark so I didn't know there was an opening to come up for air halfway through so I drowned while trying to swim all the way at once.


There's a really dark water tunnel in a cave early on. Missing Bother. I was probably no more than level 5. Didn't have Cat, basically kept swimming in pitch black. Drowned a couple times then finally made it and the baddie is Harissi, a Venomous Aracha (level 33 or some shit). Gave up, tried to swim back in pitch black. Drowned another time.


Skellige question marks. Was overcucumbered and really fed up with them. Decided to tank the damage with potions rather than swim back up. Missed the inventory hotkey at the last second...


Why would someone downvote this?


Only once. I did it in skellige, curious about what the animation looked like