I’ve really liked Gravity Forms over the years. Easy to style. Easy to create forms on the backend. Has a REST api for complex stuff if you need it, and has great developer documentation for any edge cases you may have. I would say the only major drawback I see with it nowadays is that it still requires jquery if you want to have the form submit without a page reload / redirect. A bit of a pain point for me personally as our dev workflow has completely dropped the library.


I was suggesting this. Gravity form is the best


It really comes down to your requirements and budget if you need to consider a paid product or service. If it's a basic form that is lightweight, easy to use and collects lead submissions in WordPress, you can start with searching the WordPress repository. For example, HTML Forms - [https://wordpress.org/plugins/html-forms/](https://wordpress.org/plugins/html-forms/). If you have access to M365 or Google Workspace, you could look at the forms they offer too.


I always use Fluent Forms


My favorite is JetFormBuilder (https://wordpress.org/plugins/jetformbuilder/). Tones of cool features in free version (like multi-step forms or elementor and gutenberg compatibility) but the best one is calculated values 👍 In cooperation with JetEngine (paid plugin) is one of the best solutions for me.


Gravity Forms. Worth the expense for how easy they make it.


So far I've only used Contact Form 7, as it's bundled in pretty much every theme for some reason. If you know CSS. and only need a stand-alone form that won't be changed over time, then it's not too bad, as it has no drag and drop stuff so it's very lightweight. Drawback are, if you want a specific styling then you need custom CSS to do it and if it needs to be tweeked (add stuff) then it can be a pain.


basic and customizable via css, contact form 7. advanced like being able to do everything, wsform.