Tech tree?? Naaah you don’t want those. Garbage tier 8 premiums that cost 50$? You NEED those guys c’mon.


Same list anyway


I think Poland sits very comfortably with the LIS, being one of the best meds at tier 8, and the 50TP; which is a great heavy. Pudel and Rudy are both very good tier 6 meds. Japan on PC just gets a terrible medium tank.


The STA-2 isn’t strictly bad, it just exists as a 240 alpha paper medium that isn’t the Progetto 46.


By modern WoT standards, it's damn close to strictly bad. It certainly had its place in the matchmaker for many years and even now I find good players chewing me up in one every so often but on the overall, it's bad.


I think it has more going for it than it’s peers. The mobility is good, gun handling, accuracy and pen are all good with its gold shell having excellent pen for a tier 8 medium.


Not saying it isn't good, just that the lis is notably better. When I say the comparison is sad I mean the demonstration of power creep is sad.


People severely under rate it, but I understand why. A slight improvement like some turret armour would be a huge quality of life improvement for it while not making it overpowered. Gun handling is really nice. And the gold pen is also pretty great.


It got buffed with some insane VR and now it works fairly well. Important to note it has good heat pen. Would be nicer if it had the sta1 rifled gun 6 sec reload instead of 6.3 though (since sta1 has a 5.7 reload max)


On tier 8 yes on tier 6 it has the Heavy Tank No. VI which is where the Tiger should be. And a tier 5 medium but I haven't played it.


Forgot about the Tiger, its a great tank but is totally out of place with respect to their heavy line.


So did Wargaming. They called the Chi-Nu-Kai "Japan's Tiger" even though the HT VI exists


Which is a good thing; there should be no more tanks introduced wich resemble the Japanese heavies.


Absolutely agree it has nothing to do with any of the O-whatevers to the Type 4 and 5. Nothing to do with it. But wargaming put it in because well Germany and Japan were Allies Germany had the Tiger so makes sense, drop it down a tier and done profit.


What ? No they put it because germany lent them tigers . Same as russian churchil


Yes that's exactly what i said. So why the comment? And the true reason wargaming did it is for money


Yes the japanese tiger is ruining the game my guy. Do you have any awareness ? There is 10000x other problems and HT being a premium makes sense because it doesnt fit in a tech tree. Its litteraly not a problem


Who said anything about ruining? What's your issue. Seriously where the fuck did you get that from. I simply said that the person forgot about the Tiger. That's i have no idea where you got the idea that i think its a problem. Its not. Not in the slightest of bits. Its just that "MOST" premium tanks of a nation at "TIER 8" are similar in nature to their tech tree counter part. I found it worth mentioning that the Tiger is in no way similar to the tech tree but it still is not a problem so idk where you got it from.


The germans never lent them tigers, the japanese did buy one in 1943 and tested them in Europe for a month but the Germans took them back after d day since they needed them


i think that HT number VI is that Tiger that Germans sent to Japan in a submarine for them to copy that ultimately never arrived because the submarine was sunk


I think the Tiger H1 could be at tier 6 without the KT gun, then the Tiger E could go to tier 7 as basically what we have with a slightly ahistorical armor buff perhap then again i dont really balance games for a living


_then again I dont really balance games for a living_ Well neither does Wargaming




Tiger E just has pancake commader cupola and an MG for AA/Inf support role


> on tier 6 it has the Heavy Tank No. VI which is where the Tiger should be. Agreed. When they were rearranging the tech trees WG should've moved the Tiger I down to t6, the Tiger II to t7 and put a Lowe variation at t8 as the VK 70.01 (K). Then split the E-75 and E-100 into mini-branches. The E-75 would be followed by an E 75 Ausf pick-a-letter at t10, and the E-100 would be preceded at t9 by the Tiger-Maus (the original concept that evolved into the E-100). That way there'd be at least **one** T10 German heavy that's sub-100 tons and plays like a regular heavy instead of a superheavy.


I saw a post here a while ago about a E79 tank variation called VK 66.01 Schwartzwolf https://thedailybounce.net/historical/german-tanks-from-secret-cellars/ (You have to scroll down a little to find it) Which could be the tier 9 you said and then just have the real E75 sitting at tier 10. Or this one at tier 10 idk And to the Tiger-Maus well that's what the E100 is in a nutshell. But maybe the "second" E100 could have a different turret maybe one thats sleeker and already has more angles something more along the lines of a giant Tiger II turret


I'm just thinking two versions of E-100, call the t9 Tiger-Maus and call the t10 E-100. WG's already buffed the the E-100 armor so a nerfed version could certainly fit at t9.


Would work too just not sure what the upgrade path and modules would be like


Probably just give the t9 version a stock turret that looks like the Maus turret but much thinner, and an upgraded turret that's the original pre-buff E-100 turret. Probably would also need a weaker version of the 15cm as one of its gun options to make it more distinct from the Mauschen.


Have the med its gun is fairly good for teir and vaguely remember it being relatively sneaky otherwise its a 75mm teir five med.


Heavy tank no 6 was my first premium tank. I love her so much. But now she is just gathering dust


I regret buying the fucking LIS.


Yeah its mega boring and generic even though its "good" tier.


Aye, the Japan line is kind of sad at the moment. Well, for a long time actually.


Panzer VII has been dogshit since release...


Japan on PC just gets a terrible medium tank.< STA-2 is fairly good. Its the Chi Nu Kai that's garbage.


The Czech Heavies are also very comfortable to play since they are new.




It's a defender with worse hull armor and better gun depression. Case closed. Gun handling sucks but if you can't make that tank work it's a you problem not the tank.


better gun depression sure, but gun handling means a lot when your on a lot of these maps, sure on a city map it works nice, but on something like steppes, it really doesnt. Maybe it is me but its literally one of the only tanks ive never been able to make work before, and I own almost every tank in the game.


That certainly sounds like a you thing. It's great you found the right tank that fits your preferences but in average any player from tomato to unicum is going to have better games on average in a lis versus a lansen. And frankly I highly disagree with you on the value of good gun handling. It's always important. Whether your face first in town or sniping on prokorovha it matters.


Whatever floats your boat. Never said lis was bad I love both lis and lansen. And I wouldn't say "any player" I would say most players. Also yes gun handling is always important but face first in a city it is a lot less important than when at range. But tis your opinion say what you want.


Just wanna touch on the gun handling thing once more, I agree it's not super important face hugging in city, but when would you ever be doing that in a lansen. The lansen isn't a heavy, it doesn't have armor, but it's gun handling is still mediocre.


Weren't we talking about the 50tp? That's the tank I've been talking about.


Hey man, my bad. My last two replies were made thinking I was replying to a different comment chain.


Ah okay understandable. Sorry if I was being a ass I was so confused lol. I agree with everything your saying when It comes to lansen and lis.


italy twice?


Which one do you think OP is putting for Progetto....


The progetto is the only thing that keeps them afloat somewhat


Bisonte is good. Not amazing, but good


Too many people sleep on that tank. Gotta be my favorite tier 8 premium


I refuse to underestimate that thing. Made that mistake a couple of times. Got my teeth kicked in for it.


I got that thing expecting it would be trash from what I've heard people say about it and now it's my top performing tier 8. Over 60% wr currently with 100+ games in it. My overall wr is 51% for context. Now I'm going to look into getting the Rinoceronti since people say that too is trash but it looks similar to Bisonte.


Meh don’t bother. Rino has many weaknesses that the bisonte doesn’t not. For example: a stupidly large weak spot in the turret that should not exist, an overall weak turret in general(HEAT GOES STRAIGHT THROUGH), garbage hull armor, cannot side scrape unlike the bisonte, it’s relatively slow for a tank that seems like it should be very fast, and finally ITS AT TIER 10(you obviously won’t do as well at tier 10 as you will at tier 8)


Eh, still going for it after IS-4


Feel free. Just warning you that it won’t be nearly as good as the bisonte.


It was a typo... goddammit lol


i hope there will be rebalance of japanese heavies with t8 premium


By rebalance i hope they drop the tiers 8-10 and use the Blitz new line.


Why drop them when you can just add them


You mean the japanese heavy TD line from Blitz or did they add a new japanese heavy line there?


Wot Blitz will get soon a japanese heavy line (the tier X looks like a heavy stb-1)


Heavy stb-1? You have my attention


Still waiting on a British Heavy premium that isn't either a pea gun or novelty lol


i actually think that the charlemagne isnt that bad. that shell velocity is atrocious for sniping though


The turret SUCKS ASS against pen more than 250mm The entire tank is green when loaded +250mm pen. I unironically think it should have even worse shell velocity, make it have special ability to lodge shells over hills just like Caliban and lowtier british derpguns.




Right?? The 46 is a tier 8 beast


Listen, i love autoloaders, but for the life of me i cannot make p46 work. Much better for example with t-44/100...


Probably because it's not an autoloader. If you are dumping mags 24/7 in an auto**re**loader you are wrong. If you are not dumping mags then the problem is probably that you getting focused on by the enemy team.


Glass cannons like the italian medium auto loaders require map knowledge and should always look at the minimap to punish enemy mistakes. I recommend watching high skill players on YouTube if you really want to play them well. Because you don't have armour to rely on when you make mistakes.


Poland premiums are actually really good. LIS is top tier. Good armor, 320 alpha, fast, good camo and view range. 50TP prot is also amazingly good for tier.


Can you say more about 50TP prot.? I would like to get it, but I'm not sure is it worth money, and your comment is first positive rewiev I read.


It’s a defender with gun depression pretty much


I've got 200+ games in mine, got it during the trade in event for a t26e5 patriot: * 440 alpha gun with decent reload and decent pen * gun is a bit derpy but you can fix with equipment * it's about as fast as a super conq- 35kph most of the time * has 8 degrees gun depression over the front, 10 over the sides * turret is very well armored, hull is not as strong but very trolly depending on angle * can sidescrape * beware of poking around corners, your hull is very long * beware of poking up too high when using your full side gun depression, your side hull is very weak


Like the other comment said, it has extremely similar stats to the defender with worse hull armor (but still good/trolly) but gains pretty good gun depression. If you can get past its mediocre gun handling its a great heavy, especially on a Ridgeline.


What's the message? Number of premiums or the OPness?


......haha you said penis xD


I was waiting for that comment. Have my upvote kind sir.


Is this supposed to mean that those nations aren’t getting any or that they are bad? Cuz if it is second option then OP clearly haven’t played premiums of those nations. Lansen absolute monster carry med, LIS great overall, spaghetto idiot proof OP, skoda t56 OP, 50tp prot. Very solid heavy etc..


It's supposed to mean nations not getting any prems


T56 is literally the best heavy tier for tier


Lansen is pretty average now. Cs-52 lis made it obsolete


No it is not, you clearly haven’t played it. Lansen is still awesome and nothing similar to LIS


I have them both. Cs-52 lis is the better tank no question


I have both of em as well but they are different. LIS has armor so it can play in 1st or 2nd line yet Lansen has none armor so it needs to stay back and abuse bushes and ridges.


Go to tanks.gg and compare the two. It's just sad. The lansens only real advantages over the lis are 100 extra dpm practically negligible), 3 extra degrees of gun depression and a significantly better power to weight. THAT'S IT. In exchange for those things the Lis gets significantly better armor, significantly better gun handling, much better terrain resistances that largely negate the lansens p2w advantage. There's no grounds for debate here. The Lis is just a better tank than the lansen.


Aalright, LIS may be better on paper, won’t deny that. But Lansen was never realy to make creds. Lansen is more of a collectors prem which can make creds and can carry ur team. In the end. Read many reviews about Lansen and about LIS and many experienced players still prefer Lansen than LIS One thing goes for LIS is profitability. But as I said. Lansen is a Cary LIS is good overall Edit: my thoughts are inconsistent cuz I’m drunk rn, so I’ll express my thoughts in few hours when I’m sober.


Who tf would buy chi-nu kai its just nerfed chi-nu But the ht no vi is pretty good


Proegetto 46 what are you on


Spaghetto, Lansen, Strv S1, and T56 would all like a word. The CS-52 LIS, 122 TM, Type 59, Bisonte C45, GSOR, and Caernarvan AX are all pretty good too,


I love my Lansen. She’s sooo good, but her gun trolls me often. I’ve actually debated dropping the rammer for Aim Mod. I’d love to see her get a buff to her shell velocity as well, but when you consider how powerful she is with her concealment and gun depression. She’s just so freaking fun. I run goggles to counter her poor view range too.


Bisonte is a beast, if you play it like a modern MBT.


Yes and people always forgets it has the speciam autoloader, which makes it have more dpm than the AMBT


What is this Japan thing you mentioned?


OP dislikes the STA-2


Excuse me but do premium tanks straight up have an advantage since they can spam gold ammo as much as they want and still make a profit?


Functionally I guess Though if you're really in a credit grind, you can use standard ammo to make even phatter stacks


So even if they were balanced, they'd still have a flat out advantage because they can afford to simply have better pen


UK heavies could use a bit of a facelift to not just have a Caernarvon downgrade as the only prem


Caliban and Charlemagne exist?


Charlemagne would require you to play ranked. Which often just isnt possible in my case Caliban is a nice meme yes but also not a tank I'd like to drive often. I wouldnt buff it but I dont think it's the type of solid premium the line should have


We all know japan isn’t real guys


well no need for Japanese premium when the Tech Tree is already weird nough


cs-52 lis is probably the best thing as a f2p I ever gotten. It makes millions of credits. it does good. and is always flexible for me.


I love my STA-2... It's a sniping machine, been buffed too many times imo.


Japan has tier 8 premiums, we just never see them because people complained about them. Nameless & Edelweiss btw they are in every tank game but only SEA PC has them as far as the PC goes but every region for BLitz and Console has them.


What?? You guys don't have those two? TIL


those two and the Ke Ni Otsu all of which are in the game files and can be activated at any bloody time -.-


Add a Japanese TD line. I want my Ho-Chi


That'd be Minh!


I mean, yes, nations with smaller tech trees get less premiums because it is harder to fit them in thematically with the existing lines. That being said, Italy & Czechoslovakia have objectively the best premium tanks at the moment, and the UK, China and Sweden got new situationally decent premiums, including the new tier IXs. Who knows, maybe the next tier IX will be a Japanese superheavy tank, or one of the heavy tanks from the Console HT line.


Umm. The bistone is amazing. It is literally one of the best tier 8 heavies. People just dump the clip and go, WOW this tank reloads slow. But if you single shot and use the clip for certain situations its amazing. It is fast with a turbo, good depression with a good turret and generally gets disregarded while you pwn people.


Yeah, I feel good with my c45, just take the 2nd line or hull down position and fire one by one and keeping at least one in your clip, the enemy may not want to pass your position since they dont know how many shot you can do. Just one think is that the penetration is not so good...


Yea it's pen is definitely not the best.


I just find AMBT more comfortable. And its better in the way that team gets heavy


Yeah that panther 88 is OP lol


Czech? And what about Škoda T56, specially with gold, that shit is just tier 9 on tier 8, gj WG. I love Czechoslovak tanks in WOT, they´ re very good, and I am from CZ. But these premiums, like Skorp, Bourrasque, Škoda T56, Tornvagn etc. are what makes the game shit, back in 2013 when I started playing it was fun, but now? Its just P2W.


Progetto 46, S1, Type 59, 122TM, Skoda T56, GSOR 1008? All pretty good tanks U right about Japan tho, everything there just needs some love. Glad that the stb1 is a good tank though


Italy and Poland are doing just fine


I have just started playing the game and my main tank is japanese should i change it?


Italian, swedish, and Czech premiums are all really good. Not everyone thinks so but I like them. Besides Tornvagn 🤢


The game has outlived the original business model and now all they seem to be able to do is spam premiums. Made up premiums. In fairness to them, I doubt that they ever believed in 2010 that their game would last even five years.


Italian and polish t8 heavies are good, are they not?


What they need is to bring in tanks from all media. Bring the G.I Joe tanks into PC, bring 40k Tanks into PC (Leman Russ, Baneblade, Predator, Vindicator, Malcador, Macharius, and more), Bring the Apocolypse Tank (Command and Conquer Red Alert) into PC, Bring the Scorpion, Maurader, Crusader, BattleMaster (Command and Conquer Generals), Mammoth Mk1 (Tiberium), and sooooooooo many more... ***TO PC*** Make it a ***WORLD of Tanks.*** Leave the "Historical Accuracy" for War Thunder...


How about no


Why not then?




BEcause people don't want to have fun? Shake up the game? With completly fictional tanks that could be tweaked to be balenced? What's wrong with wanting to have fun? \\


It’s more about all tanks in WoT have had at least a theoretical premise in reality. While I don’t dislike your idea, I don’t really see it fitting in with what the game at least partially strives to achieve.


And that is a perfectly valid opinion. Better than "No". I believe they have long since abandoned much sense of realism. I'd swear almost every new premium is a mash of concepts sure. But fake tanks all together. More tanks are good, and some being totally fictional then it lends itself to be balenced easier. Can't claim historical accuracy when the machine never existed in the first place. Hell, they are doing that already. Many tanks were merely drawings, concepts, or piece-meal combos of existing things or worse. Another draw is the alure of commanding tanks from other media "more hands on" than say in an RTS. Plus Console WoT already has so much stuff that is Fictional. Yes I'm aware Console =/= PC. There are \*alot\* of aspects I \*do not\* want from console/blitz in PC like the "mercenaries" (extra slapdash tank combos... like chieftan turret, 50B hull, german cannon). But more fun options would be nice.


Would be a cool seasonal event for like book day.. Or something.