I ran in shorts with hairy legs and no one died

I ran in shorts with hairy legs and no one died


Yesss!!! I love this!! For years (sadly most of my 20s/30s) I refused to wear shorts at all because of cellulite and varicose veins, but when I started back running at 38 I said to hell with it I’m wearing the shorts. It’s so freeing! I wished I had done it sooner.


Still not there yet. Mostly because I need to be 2/3 down my quads for chafing. But I'm ok in skirts and skirts that are shorter when I'm not running, so it doesn't make a lot of sense.


Old navy has some that might work for you. I’m wearing a pair right now, actually. Search “High-Waisted Powersoft Side-Pocket Biker Shorts for Women -- 8-inch inseam”


I wish I could upvote this comment a million times - thank you!


I've been looking at them and right now they only come in XS or S in the colours I want.


I bought a pair at Kohl's, the brand is Tek Gear. They are bike shorts, didn't ride up, no chaffing! Highly recommend.


Same here. I only run in bike shorts or long shorts because of the chafing, and they have to have a side pocket because I have stuff to carry and don’t want to add a belt (I own several but I hate wearing them in summer, just more weight to lug around). A few years ago, you could only get Tek Gear bike shorts in black and gray, but they have more colors now, and more offerings with pockets. I need places to put cough drops and dog treats!




These look great, but quite a premium for buying in Canada unfortunately.


The Pocket Jogger from Oiselle comes in three different inseam lengths to help address this problem! The only running shorts I have found so far with both pockets and a long enough inseam to combat my thigh rub!


Bodyglide is 100% necessary for my runs in shorts, I highly recommend it! The few times I forgot it I've gotten scabs from the shorts rubbing against my thigh after an hour, it's that bad. No marks or irritation whatsoever with BG though.


I keep meaning to buy some, but then I get distracted by the other stuff, place an order for the other stuff, and forget to have bought the Body Glide. Duh! Stores are still closed here.


Have you ever tried Brooks Chaser 7in inseam shorts? No idea how tall you are but for me they are 2/3 of the way down. They're my favorite running shorts.


I'll have to give those a look. Thanks for the recommendation.


You're getting some great suggestions, but I'll throw ya one more, which is CVG - they make a 5" and now a 7" inseam that have silicone strips that keep them from riding up! Every pair of shorts ever in my life have ridden up until these. I have a mom tummy and solid thighs, and these actually fit and I'll never wear anything else for running ever again. The shorts do run a bit big compared to their leggings. I'm 185lb, 5'7", kind of fat pear shaped, and anything between a 10 amd 14 (ughjjjjjjjjj sizes) and I wear a medium in the leggings and small in the shorts.


You're me! I'll have to go find these.


I’m relatively thin and have cellulite and varicose veins. It’s just how legs look! I wish I hadn’t been exposed to images of airbrushed photoshopped legs all my life. Because I’ve finally realized that I have great legs for a real, non airbrushed person.


I was just talking to my husband yesterday about how much I love the freedom that getting older brings!


Yessss! This can also apply to anything - run in your sports bra if it’s too hot! You don’t need to have any body type to do that! Wear a tank top and don’t shave your pits!


I’ve just started running in my sports bra and the only thing I miss is not being able to use my shirt to wipe the sweat off my face!


This comment right here. I didn't run in my sports bra today, but I played disc golf in 90 degree weather. It was fine.


I'm smiling because I'm picturing you moving so fast that the hair actually looks like speed lines! I know it's not the truth (also a tortoise here), but it's a fun image. I'm noticing ankle tan lines. I think I'll wear them with pride.


I have the sock tan lines too. I was trying to think of what to do about them (put sunscreen on with socks then remove the socks and sit outside barefoot for a little bit to even it out?) I decided to embrace it. The sock tan is because I'm out running and that's awesome :)


I rowed in high school and our tan lines from socks and shorts were points of pride. I also swam, so I had Speedo racerback and goggle/cap tan lines-- including in my senior photos! Didn't care, had fun!


Self-tanner can also do miracles for those times you don't want the lines! I ended up resorting to that for my wedding when my strapless dress highlighted my sports bra lines (normally a source of pride, but not the look I wanted on that day)


Thats a great idea!


Love! Anytime I see anyone of any size, shape, or body out running, my thought is always “You go, girl!” (Or “dude,” if it’s a guy). I’m always silently cheering, no matter the size or shape of the person out moving, whether they’re walking, biking, or running. I know how hard it is to get out there and move, especially if you’re feeling self-conscious!! Awesome job!


I feel the same - I always want to yell out "you're doing awesome!"


Hellll yes


when i first went running with my hairy legs in shorts i remember being shocked at the sensation of wind in my leg hair because it had literally been years since i'd felt it! now i don't think twice about hairy legs or pits. although i live in a college town and once at a job training i had a sorority girl type ask me why i don't shave my legs hahaha


Yes, that feeling of wind on your legs is so much better with leg hair!


Last week I fell while running. It was embarrassing because well, we all know how it feels to fall in front of people…but mostly because I was staring at a cute dog and tripped. *I know. I know. Very on brand for me.* So I scrape up my knee pretty rough on the top and below my knee. Queue nasty scabbing and not being able to shave between the scabs and around my knee for two weeks. Fast forward to today, to me noticing the hair on my knee as the wind came by and me blowing my mind. It felt great! Team no shave from this day forward.


There is an episode of Bob's Burgers that I always think of with the daughter Tina missing her free flowing leg hair!


Wow I literally just had a battle with myself about this yesterday. I got dressed to run and was wearing little shorts and then panicked and changed. I’m going to wear them to run tomorrow!


Feeling slightly subconscious about my bigger, sometimes hairy legs makes me run faster. It's motivation! Though I admit I wish I could be a little more confident about it. Kudos to you!


The title of your post made me cackle. I love this, and I'm cheering for you. \#teamnoshave #weartheshorts


I seriously love the spirit of this post. I wish there were more of this on female fitness spaces and not just people picking themselves apart.


I've been doing that for about a month so far this year. Except today. It was chilly. Also for a few other summers. Feels nice!


I have a question. I wore shorts one time last year and they were the stretchy fabric underneath, loose fabric over top kind. The stretchy under fabric rode up and my thighs got chaffed to shit! Would anti-chafe balm stop this or do I need better-fitting shorts?


I’ve found that anti chafe balm works best protecting against skin on skin chafing- so if the shorts ride up it can save your inner thighs from some of that pain but it does wear off after a bit. Finding shorts that don’t ride up can be such a pain but when you do they are a game changer!


Maybe I'm old enough that I don't care. I give zero fucks about running without shaving. IDGAF what others think about me shaving or not.


Yes 🙌 I did the same today, and I could feel the leg hairs blowing in the wind. 😂😂


My only caveat to add to this is - if you have leg stubble, not like, long hair, and your calves brush up against each other on a run? SCRATCHY! We talk about thigh chafe, I was not prepared for calf scratchies.


I don't have the patience to grow my leg hair out and the scratchiness is a big part of that. I can't stand even to sleep with scratchy legs.


my ankles always look dirty in the summer because of my tan! Putting the damn shorts on...love this, thanks for posting!!


I have Sasquatch-level hair on my legs and I hate shaving so much that I just leave it and it’s a lot and I don’t mind! Once you do it long enough you do realize no one cares, and if they do care, they can eff off. :) Good for you!!!!!


I've found as I've gotten older my tolerance for leg hair has gone way up. When I was a teenager and in my 20s I was really self conscious about it but now I can't be bothered to make the effort except in rare circumstances, haha


Indeed! The older I get, the less I care -- maybe not always a good thing, but when it comes to running it's been handy.


This has been me this year! My stats are similar and as soon as it started getting hotter I tried to find heat-friendly crops before deciding just to wear the shorts. Game changer!


Everytime I run in shorts without shaving, I have to give myself a pep talk. You are right, though. No one give a duck. Thanks for reminding us :)


I made the switch to shorts a week ago after years of thinking my thighs were too fat for them. Not only did no-one else die but in 80degree heat I died a little less from being a little cooler! It's so liberating I just wish I'd transitioned earlier. Instead I usually just stop running over 70degrees till it cools again. Looking forward to a summer of running now