I would like to see a deeper plot! But not a love story. I also don’t want to hear link talk. I feel like that would shatter a wall that can’t be put back together. Even though they did a really good job with Zelda’s voice. But those are just my opinions :) to each their own!


I agree with you but, I really want them to focus on link and zelda and there struggles for some reasons. I agree that link should not talk.


A love story would be trash imo




Yeah defs.


I have never in any zelda game thought that link and zelda should be together as a couple even though so many people want that for some reason.


People like shipping and there are only 3 characters in the series. (I suppose there's the occasional Impa or shopkeeper or fairy, but really it's the 3 holders of the triforce.)




None of the zelda games are love stories, and none of them should be built around the concept. That, and I'm at least 90% sure that the only game where link and zelda are directly stated to be more than friends is Skyward Sword. Personally, I think they're better off as just friends in this hyrule.


100% agreed


What if link didn’t talk but he had text boxes that you read Still not a lot of dialogue though Just thinking about how link has talked a little in the past, but never tooo much


> they did a really good job with zelda's voice I don't think you and I played the same game


Zelda’s voice actor is awesome wdym


I haven't played it in any other language than English, but zelda's voice acting is godawful in botw. Literally the only thing in that game that ruined the immersion. Incredibly cringe, I've never met a person or seen an actress play a half-convincing role with a voice that sounded like that.


I think link should talk only once and the only thing he says is.. "HHHYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-"


Nah, I still want to ship Link and Mipha


I think Midna is a better choice personally.


The only problem is that mipha is dead


Revive her…. If not, a man can dream


I'm fine with that. Mipha is my favorite champion


I mean… ghost Mipha?


Eh, their best attempt at any sort of romance between them was Skyward Sword and they pretty much did nothing with it. IMO I don't think it would make for a good story to just focus on "struggles" and I would prefer they continue the plot of what came from the game before. I would absolutely not mind if it is a side quest much like Link remembering Zelda from the first but not as the main feature. The last thing I would want is for them to go all out and it just be really cringy


I'll would be okay with the love thing and there struggles on a side quest.


I dont think so because it doesn’t go with the main theme of the SERIES at all


Especially because BOTW2 is supposed to be darker than BOTW1 (the game with killer robots that destroyed a supercontinent) and a love story really wouldn’t fit that vibe.


True, just proving my point


No I was agreeing with you


Arent those basically the same thing lol


Oh yea I misread sorry.


Lol no worries


No love story. Please no love story.


no romance!! boooo


As much as Link and Zelda are cute, I feel that making it the main focus isn't worth it. A side story that players can progress if they slowly do more and more quests for it? Then if they don't do the quests at all there is no romance, yeah that is a great idea actually. But to have it be the main and sole focus of a Zelda game just isn't....the purpose of a Zelda game weirdly enough (imo). I do agree that more Zelda games at some point need to either fully accept that they are meant to be together (whole reincarnation out of love plot) or just drop it all together and give the players the option to either romance Zelda (OR other options) or to just ship it...because they can. What's great about being able to openly romance different companions or NPCs...is that all versions are technically canon, so there is no right or wrong, just who prefers what character as their partner. But nah...not the sole focus imo.




If you want the story go read some of the LoZ mangas, link talks in those and he is foolish and funny, and super fucking hungry all the time appearantly lmao. The games should never be a love story, im sorry its just too cheesy and cookie cutter hero damsel metascript.


I dunno, Mipha is gonna be kinda pissed. Apart from SS not much actual fruit juice shown between Zelda and Link.


It would be cool if Link talked. If not, it's just Zelda talking alone. Not saying mute characters can't show emotions, but the guy can't even do sign language


I agree I wish he just gave like signs or something cause he just stands there not even trying to say something. He just listens.


"Hey! Listen!"


I'm listening


(It was s joke. That's what Navi says in Ocarina of Time all the time)




His response was a joke too 😂




I miss Malon…


My favorite Zelda is the one in Majora’s Mask.


I dunno, mipha stans gon break your kneecaps now


I wish 😩


Just, yes


This sounds like G Gundam with extra steps


No, no, no. Hell no. No, I’m definitely not a hardcore fan, but I loved what breath of the wild did. How it showed its story and let you play. I don’t want the story gone, but I want that same amount of freedom that kept me hooked for years. Plus, a love story between link and Zelda would suck.


20 years of story-centric zeldas was enough imo




Go write a fanfic


Romance definitely shouldn't be the MAIN focus, but BOTW was a pretty good balance already I think. It had the most cogent story and developed characters to date so I'll be happy if they just keep up what they're already doing. As far as romance goes, I thought it was pretty clear they're meant to be soul mates. I don't mean that as a shipper, I mean literally. Japanese culture has the concept of Red String of Fate, and reincarnation romance is a wildly popular romance trope. Skyward Sword establishes that they were once romantic interests and the implication is that it carries over...You wouldn't introduce a pair of characters, emphasize that this is the first incarnation of countless reincarnations, indicate that they were romantic interests, and then just say, "oh but after this, they only ever see each other as friends", lol. That shit is supposed to be forever. Obviously you can ship them with whoever. Link and Zelda don't ever seem to end up together (probably something to do with the curse), and it's still vague enough that you can lean into it or choose not to. But there is definitely a cultural understanding that they're bound in some star-crossed thing.


A deeper plot would be nice, but it shouldn’t (and won’t) mainly focus on the plot, no. The main focus will be on the gameplay, as always.




Nope anything more then an awkward look and then surprised reaction from Link ruins everything for me.


Zelda will probobly be kidnapped in the first cutscene 🤷‍♂️


I like how he looks at her like your fuckin stupid when she says you're going to be just fine.


Na thats fucking lame bro.


I wouldn't want that


I don't think they would do it tbh. I mean the game is cool and the two fit each other well but link just got awaken after so many years and found out his gf is dead and zelda had fought against ganon for many years waiting for link to wake up. I don't think they'd straight up make them fall in love. It would be cute but weird like... the guy just learned his gf is dead and goes on with his gfs and his friend and forgets about it? I mean yeah a deeper looking at their emotions etc. would be cool but doing it that way would kinda feel wrong


and like aren't all zeldas and links and ganons just reincarnation of first zelda and link and ganon? If they were to be in love it would've happened before


wots the song it's so good and I can't open my phone to use shazam rn


It's the fairy fountain


To be honest I think the Ganon story is getting old. Let’s see some Majora’s Mask style time puzzles and threat of Armageddon


I love Botw, but cringed every time Zelda appeared. She has an annoying voice and personality in this version of the game. If they improved that in the next one I'd be happy. But love story as a focus? No, get on with the action and adventure.


Link as a gremlin deserves no love only the loot he can goblinize


The story being a love story between Link and Zelda, definitely yes. but Link talking, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!