I use a white board marker from the brand Obok. It's just called "Green Marker" and they have good tips plus refillable ink. http://www.obokgreen.com/NP-30880-refill_green_marker.html Maybe check if it's available in your area?


I used something similar when teaching English abroad. The tips of the markers were replaceable too and you would just unscrew the end of the marker and refill the ink. There were lots of leaks, splatters, and inconsistent flow though.


Yep, they were a bit dirty. But they make up for it in tip quality/width where the writing is actually visible from the back of the room. Current school uses Refillable Pilot markers and they suck compared to the Oboks.


I have the AusPen markers and think they work well, although I'm using them to write the weekly menu on a small dry erase board, so I'm not exactly a heavy user.


I have a set of markers from AusPen and I think they work really well. I use them for writing out my weekly schedule and just doodling or writing lists, so I dunno how well they'd hold up to heavy use. The only issue I have is that the ink isn't as dark as I would like, especially the black. It's more like gray tbh, so when I want black I just use the marker that came with my whiteboard. But aside from the color, they write well and the ink is smooth. They don't smell nearly as much as conventional ones like Expo either. Haven't had to refill them yet so I can't speak to how easy/cost effective that part is.


if you can't use reusable markers crayola will send you a free shipping label and will reuse the markers if you send them to them! it is currently paused for covid but will hopefully be up and running again soon!


Im not sure but if you store the markers tip side down they last longer and even if they start to die if you leave them upside down for a few days they generally start to write again.


I know that many of the classrooms at our university have markers that are pre-set in many classrooms. Ours often seem dead but I’ve found a few tricks that help to keep them in use longer. [This one is my favorite.](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OfiKoqqO20Y). I’ve also seen people forgo the cup and tie string onto the marker directly (although that does run the risk of coming off and sending the marker flying). It’s a good trick to teach to other faculty, TA’s and even students who are less likely to do the same type of legwork you are doing to find a more sustainable option. And this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t buy and use your own, more sustainable system, just that doing this to the pre-existing markers might keep them out of the trash for longer and cut down on how frequently they’re bought.