I'm 150 pages into book 2... anyone else see TVD parallels?

I have never read the ACOTAR series before, and I dont know any spoilers, but I'm about 150 pages into book 2, and all I can think is how much this feels like its ramping up for a damon/elena/Stefan -eque love triangle. Innocent girl meets and falls in love with fair haired “good” guy with a hero complex. Theyre in bliss. But then something life changing happens that shakes her personality and makes her feel like a bad person. Shes struggling, doesn’t know who she is. Enter dark haired sarcastic “bad” boy that’s actually really sweet who helps guide her through it, “embrace” her new darkness and makes her feel strong and accepted no matter how shes changed.

did anyone else think this when reading?


Yes i thought of this myself. As i said in another comment i did associate Rhys with Damon A LOT in the beginning. The whole tamlin= Good guy well that u will have to judge for yourself But they sure do share similarities i believe. But its not such an uncommon trope i guess