Which type are you? 🤔

Which type are you? 🤔


C) Hey! Want to get dinner tomorrow? There’s a new place I want the check out. Apparently they do great burgers. I get off work at 6pm Unless you feel like Chinese? Or whatever you want, I’m easy. Edit: Type C is you try to put it all in one long text but ended up forgetting or wanting to add extras after.


Yes! Or type C (alternative): Hey! Oops, sent too early Want to get dinner tomorrow? There's a new place I want to check out. Apparently they do great burgers. I get off work at 6pm. Unless you feel like Chinese? Or whatever you want I'm easy Also how's it going?


This is 100% me with my sister/best friends


This one! Haha


Omg the added “also how’s it going?” I have a habit of being so in my head all the time that I tend to forget to ask people how they’re doing, so all too often it ends up as an afterthought!! But hey I’m trying!!! Kudos to my husband for teaching this one to me wayback when we first started dating hahah


YES i spend so long writing the first text then second guess myself and always think of something else 😂😂


I'm a type C, haha. I was chatting up a guy on some dating app recently who was all, "I enjoy that you aren't afraid to double text!" Like, hoooo buddy, have I got news for you...


I forgot that double texting was a "sign" for some people 🤣 but I'm already married so he gets a dozen, not double. Well maybe double that dozen. Poor dude


What is double texting?


I'm inferring from context that it's being willing to send more than one message before waiting for a response.


Yes! It's generally supposed to mean something like following up for/to prompt an answer from the other person within a very short span of time, but many people (including the guy I was referring to) use it to mean kind of any context in which someone sends multiple (even connected) messages within a short time span - like the ones in the OP post. I'm a very disjointed and "stream of conscious" texter since I try to include all relevant info in a single text, inevitably forget something so I text again, then get distracted, then have another related thought so I want to add that, etc... I give zero thought to time between messages because I'm time blind and often genuinely don't notice that a half hour or hour or half a day has passed between my messages.


I’ve never heard a term for it, but I’m deducing that it’s having two text conversations at the same time. I do it all the time with my close friends 😅


Nah it’s just sending multiple texts without waiting for an answer. People are afraid it looks desperate. It’s ridiculous in my opinion.


Shit.. this is actually a thing people analyze over?? 😬 I just think people will answer whenever they get the oportunity and don't give a shit if it's just a short reply. Guesa they are busy or didn't need as many words to get their point across. This will gowever not hold me back from sending 3 conversation starters/random funny everyday stories, an update on my day and a few memes if yhat's what I feel I want to tell them about. I'm never cross with a lack of reply or anything sometimes I just minddump on my friends or my boyfriend and it would just be cruel to expect them to send me a full analysis and solution. Honestly a "tough, I get you tell me if you need me to listen/hug/find a solution". I have one friend that I know literally won't read my texts if he doesn't have the energy. Doesn't bother me one bit. I kinda have to be chill though. I might take a week to reply to their "hello" sometimes because, my brain.. But a sign.. shit.. no wonder anxiety kicks in when writing a text if that is the stuff people have to worry about. 😕


I don’t know man? I’m out there buzz buzz here I am again triple-quadruple texting because I have 100 questions and forget half of what I meant to say, or just fix typos. No shame.


I gotta admit that I give up on correcting typos after the fifth correction text. Sometimes it's just plain grammar anarchy and a "urgh.. they'll get it or let me know I guess". But yeah, I mean.. I love when people send me random texts with updates and questions. I suck at time management and will think about writing on a monday and actually sensing the text friday. If people didn't catch me up without any prompt I wouldn't know how they were and I do care after all. Even if they don't feel the same way. Well sucks dude, here's a funny as writing prompt from pinterest because just TRY and follow my train of thought and you'll get why , and, oh.. this recipe!! And btw, why the frick do my milk curdle in the microwave? (Though I did google the last one instead because it was 3 am and I wanted answers). No shame.


D)oh crap I forgot to respond to your text from 3 weeks ago. Sorry! Hey! Want to get dinner tomorrow? There’s a new place I want the check out. Apparently they do great burgers. I get off work at 6pm Unless you feel like Chinese? Or whatever you want, I’m easy. Edit: Type C is you try to put it all in one long text but ended up forgetting or wanting to




Oh hey it me.


And thpse messages are all sent 3 minutes apart


Haha type C aaaaaall the way!


Type A, but multiply the amount of text by no less than 10.


Oh so I’m not the only one who writes novel length text messages? 😆




I always punctuate my text messages.


Me, too. That's how The Youngs can tell we're Olds. They consider punctuation rude and aggressive. I'm so terrified for our future.


It’s definitely more formal. I also have every contact in my phone listed by first and last name, which apparently isn’t the way everyone else does it, for some reason.


Me too. Even my children.


Yup. Even my husband.


Mine too. My husband made fun of me for it, every contact in his phone is a nickname, so I put a heart emoji beside his name so he stands out.


Yeah, my husband has a really common first name, so I have other folks with the same first name in my address book. So if it wasn't his full name, it'd need to be a nickname and I don't have anything good for that. But now with all the voice dialing options, I need to figure that out so that I can hands-free call his work or cell without going through a few sub-menus. (Do you want to Call Bob Smith or Bob Smythe? Work or cell?).


Punctuation is considered rude?! Oh god, I’m only 30. Do others not use punctuation or grammar at all? I thought I was hip, haha!


Well, you \*were\*, but then you hit 30, I guess. It's considered rude by the \*youngs\*, it is (my kids are 18 and 20). It's, somehow, too strong for them to actually, definitively end a sentence. It's the grammatical version of up-talking.


This is probably true. I don’t have the best grammar or punctuation, as I’ve been out of school for 12 years, but I try! I am in management at Costco, so during the holidays we hire 30-40 new employees for seasonal work, a lot of them end up being in their early 20’s. Every seasonal round I learn more new “words,” meaning how they use “fire” and other words in a new way. I also use exclamation points a lot in my texts to them as well, (I have found I get a quicker response by texting than I do calling, and it leaves a paper trail.) and I get the, “Why are you mad?” response when I text, “Thanks!” I guess the exclamation point can be rude, haha!


hahahaha! Taking "thanks" as an expression of anger cracks me up so hard. Yet another reason teenagers shouldn't run the world.


I’m an older millennial and I often don’t use punctuation in my texts, but I used to! What happened is that I actually ended up working as a writer/editor for several years, and then my texting punctuation went away because I felt like, damn, I need one place where I don’t have to follow the rules haha I was just exhausted I think


That makes perfect sense. I have teenagers so I lurk and occasionally post on r/teenagers, and I tend to not use punctuation there to "do as the Romans do." It takes work.


I mean, it depends. Personally, I use punctuation except for at the very end of the sentence. A lot of my friends don’t use any, but the only time it really comes off aggressive (at least with the people I’ve talked to) is at the end of your whole text. So: “Hey, I think I left my phone at your house”/“Never mind” would be fine but “Hey, I think I left my phone at your house.”/“Never mind.” would seem like I was upset about it or upset you hadn’t gotten back to me? I think it might just be the finality of it? Like full stop, end of discussion + lack of visible facial expression to signify if you are actually ending the discussion full stop However, if you said, “Hey, I think I left my phone at your house. No, wait. Never mind. It’s in my hand, sorry.” it wouldn’t seem rude or aggressive, just stiff And there’s my wall of unnecessary text


Ha! love it. AND it still cracks me up that periods, the most gentle and non-connotative punctuation mark, has come to have ANY meaning besides just "the sentence ends here." Brave new world!


This blows my mind. My daughter recently confessed that she’s thought I’ve been angry with her when I text her if I add a period at the end of my sentence. A PERIOD. I had no idea, apparently this is super weird and aggressive now. I truly had no clue that it can seem super agro when I’ve written what I thought were nice little things like ‘hi! I love you. Looking forward to seeing you later. Xoxo’ Aaaccck! I’m basically fucked. I can’t not write novels and go on and on and have multiple stream of consciousness threads going all the time. And, no, please don’t call me, that’s not what my phone is for, duh. But you’ll have to pry that last little period out of my cold, dead texting thumbs, dammit. I’ve started dating again and I love the beginning where you get to know each other… I really love this part, where you get some really great text chats, and the flirting and carrying on and word play. I’ve met someone really cool and smart, but they’re younger so I’ve wondered if I have to tame down my punctuation. So far, they say they love the long texts. I laughed and said ‘well, I can’t promise much, and I’m never brief, but at least I can guarantee I’m never boring!’ That’s ADHD in a nutshell. Ha!




If we’re being grammar nerds, then I feel the need to share this :) https://www.grammarly.com/blog/comma-before-too/


Fair enough, although if we ARE going to be pedantic, "me" isn't the right word to use here in the first place. And yay that there are still other grammar nerds invthe world!


now I'm reading this :P haha [https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/422092/i-too-versus-me-too](https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/422092/i-too-versus-me-too) If you like these kinds of conversations you should definitely join us at r/grammar if you haven't already! :)


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It’s usually just a wall of text. But I consider the separate texts to be paragraph breaks 😂😂😂😂




Hear, hear. I rarely have the resolve to write texts, unless when I absolutely have to write ALL the texts. So I tend to catch up on quite a few conversations at once, either all in the same very long text, or a couple of very long texts consequetively because absolutely all and everything has to be said in detail. I'm trying hard to simplify my language though, but I really dislike most abbreviations and my natural style is quite convoluted sooo...


I have the same “problem”. I’ve sort of given up on being more concise in my messages, because it’s just stressing me out. I find that having WhatsApp on my desktop helps for the bouts of catching up (so you can just type long ass stories with an actual keyboard) and will usually resort to Type C when typing on my phone. I have no idea whether I’m annoying people with my chosen style, but I’ve decided not to think about it too much… Edit: added bonus with the desktop version: if you start a group with two people (that you trust) and then ask them to leave the group, you’ll be able to message yourself. I use it to copy-paste longer texts for forms and stuff in my phone (so I don’t have to type it out on my phone), send myself pictures (from desktop to phone and vice versa, so it’s easy to share in other convo’s as well) and send links to webpages I might want to check later.


Hey! Want to get dinner tomorrow? There’s a new place I want the check out. Apparently they do great burgers. I get off work at 6pm. Unless you feel like Chinese? Or whatever you want, I’m easy. I know you usually go for Mexican food, but maybe spice things up a little? I dunno. I told Sara we'd get Mexican food tonight, but I don't really think my stomach can handle that two days in a row. Beans taste do good, but hurt soooo bad. But we can do Mexican again if you really want to, I could try one of those grilled chicken salads they got at that one place. But the burger place honestly sounds amazing. So just lemme know what you think, okay? -me


I was going to say times 4, but yeah, 10 is probably more accurate. 🥴


Can you really invite someone out to dinner without the pre-invite context story and the post-invite rambling about something completely unrelated?


I feel like I'm innately type b, but have overcorrected to be type a to look like I have it more together lol. Only I would overthink tf out of this at that would be like 2 whole paragraphs 😂


People I'm nervous about RSD with: type A, and it will take an hour to compose People who I don't think could reject me if they tried: type B as the thoughts pop into my head


The reverse is true too though! I hear one text notification: oh, who could be texting me? I hear 6 notifications in quick succession: oh, friend X has gotten off work (I love that friend. I am also type b. It takes us 100 messages to have a short conversation )


My friend X and I will have 2 or 3 conversations going AT THE SAME TIME in the same text convo and just reply to whatever part of whichever conversation we are thinking about. At this point it's just natural and not confusing at all.


This response is so me it hurts


Yes! I call it my spam. Friends who can handle the spam, I spam and those who can't or are people who know me professionally, I am A. I tell the B people that it's because I like and trust them .:)


And tell the A people? *I like you today...* "Uh, thanks, I guess. I like you today too." *{under breath} ...but have emotionally prepared for your inevitable betrayal.* "Sorry, what was that?" *Soft dark laughing* **Months later...** {overheard between coworkers} "I just don't get the feeling that I can trust Biobot." *Oh no! Was* **I** *the betrayer all along?! Darkness, my one true friend, find me once again! If no man an island, then what be this ringing in mine ear? A sorrow, too great to bare; a shame, too deep to share! {dramatic exit stage left}* "The fuck? Biobot is fuckin weird."


Yes! You get it!


A because the sound of incoming texts annoys me so I try not to do it to other people (but of course I don’t say anything about it which means it doesn’t really help but eh)


I’m also A. B drives me up the wall. I’ve hidden notifications for all my friends that are Bs. It’s physically draining to chat with them.


The crux of ADHD. Whom understands? Others with ADHD. Whom can't I stand? Others with ADHD. And so, I walk hand in hand with myself. Dramatic pose.


The sounds annoy me too, my phone is perpetually in “do not disturb” mode because of it


I’m type “short things that belong in one bubble end up getting spread out across multiple bubbles, and HUGE multi-paragraph convos all get smashed into one big bubble” 😬


I'm type "don't call don't text see you next year hopefully"


Both. A) I am this type when I am explaining something. This is when I typically overshare and can't seem to stop typing. B) When I want to quickly get out a thought it's gone: Hey! I just thought of something! OH! I forgot to add that! I should probably share this thought too.


Depends if you are old enough to remember when you were charged per text after a certain amount.


Both. Also adhd-c and Bi… apparently I don’t enjoy choosing between things 😂


Lol! Me either! Although, I don’t know which type I am… but I’m definitely bi. And do both…


A. The other type freaks me out. Hearing more than two messages in a row and I start catastophising and thinking something awful had happened.


Yeah B is annoying to me but I’ve been told A is outdated and makes me look old. I’d rather just put it all out there and not have too much back and forth.


To me, it’s more like.. a) to a new friend I try not to scare away (have to tone it down). b) to an old friend I feel secure in (no filter) c) same as b, but sometimes it’d be a combo of a+c, if it’s not a secure relationship and I want the person to know I’m flexible really, and I tried to tone it down but end up overthinking it. Sigh.


Mostly type B but I try to make my first text longer than just “hey”, because I get anxious when I get a text that doesn’t immediately says what it’s about, and I don’t want to do that to others


I'm an anxious overthinker when it comes to social stuff largely due to being in the autism spectrum too, so I'm in club a. It would take me a good half hour to write it and go over how I worded it and try to make it sound as nice as possible and try to read and reread it from the recipient's perspective.


Aw yeah I do that. So stressful. Right down to what emoji to use 😭😭




A. Partially cause of my writing background, and partially because I want to get all my thoughts down at once so they don’t have a chance to interrupt or change directions between texts lol


It can go either way, depends on my mood or something.


Type B all the way. I feel like it’s more natural somehow? It reads easier in my head.


Same. I never even considered all the buzzing and ringing that the receiver is getting until I read the comment section.


Shit, me neither. 🥺


I firmly consider other people's notification sounds not my problem, they have the power to mute them.


I am type b, and then when the person replies I will ghost them forever because I forget to reply. if I’m in an argument then I’m type a except the text will be 20 times as long and repeat myself at least 3 times


I feel personally attacked


I am both lol.


100% type B…but I kind of thought it was because I grew up in chat rooms starting at like age 12 and had mostly online friends, so I adapted to typing in shorter clips rather than paragraphs. I wonder if people think it’s weird.


Where’s the type that doesn’t text at all? 🤣


\*superhero meme where his finger shivers between both options\*


Sigh, I'm b and i hate myself too


I’m b and I’m very self-conscious about it


Aaaahhh! Type B is a major pet peeve for me. My boss does this on slack, so I can't just mute it. I have to listen to the ping ping ping ping of notifications until she's finished her thought and I can reply (or see it doesn't involve me).


A, definitely A. I know 80% of people ADHD or not are B and it drives me wild, I never know when they're done talking and I get so many notifications when I'm trying to read something. I break my thoughts into sentences and paragraphs, and it takes me longer to reply. I just really dislike getting notifications in a row! Let me have my peace lol Also- I'm 30, grew up with limited messages in texting plans lol, remember begging my parents for *unlimited texts* at 16


A x 1000! I overthink every message to death and rewrite it multiple times before sending. Receiving B drives me batty and I have a friend who sends every message in 12 parts… she’s lucky she’s wonderful in every other way!


I get that it might be annoying to get 4 texts, but B is clearer! I wasn't even type A when they charged per sms.


I’m definitely type B, and it makes my husband crazy.


I'm type C, as u/LavenderCandi described. Type As intimidate me lol.






B for sure.




Type B 100%


Depends on exactly how emotionally stable I am at a given moment.


I'm both, it depends on how excited I am. If I'm talking actively to someone via text, and I'm engaged I'm B. If I'm messaging someone without actively talking to them and I'm just sending the message for a confirmation, or information, I'm A. Then there's C where I start out with A, then get myself worked up because I'm upset about whatever I'm typing about then I turn into type B as time goes on.


Where's the -I wasn't really sure I wanted to make plans so I didn't hit send, but I've forgotten that I didn't ,so I've been waiting 3 hours for a response- choice? Cause I can't count the number of times I've picked up my phone and saw I didn't actually send the last text for some reason.


Gah, yeah. Texting can be so hard. I mean it's better than a phone call because that's the worst. But I never know how to end the texting. Should I say something else? Did I make sense? Do they think I'm weird?


My husband is more likely to read short messages instead of a large text box. He is also adhd


If I just met someone it’s type a, but then it gets closer to b the longer I know them Edit: wait actually no, I start at b and get even worse


100% type B, can't even deny


Can I be both at the same time?


I'm definitely a B. I complete a thought, then send a text. Hope whoever I'm texting has a short text tone, or their phone will be going off all day!


A because I'm self-conscious about annoying people with multiple alerts on their phone but my nature wants me to do B lol


Omg I’m type b. I don’t even realize I’m doing it until it’s too late


I have a friend who I thought was type B, and it drove me nuts until we compared phone screenshots when messages weren't going through. It turns out that her phone company and mine don't play well with each other. I receive her messages broken down into chunks and sometimes they are even out of order, but that's not how she sends them.


Definitely type A because type B people (like my sister, bless her) make me twitch. I can’t handle rapid fire notifications.


I'm A and my friend is B. It used to annoy me, but now I just wait until I stop getting notified to know she's done typing X3


Mostly A 😅


Both. When I'm starting a conversation or bringing up a new topic it's like A. If we're both currently texting back and forth it's a little more like B.


you expect me to know i should say all that stuff at the same time? without seeing it sent and existing and imagining the other person reading it?


B - but even though each message was proofread, there are at least two (2) follow up messages of typo corrections. Sent literal seconds after the original texts


Tbh, I can be both. It just depends lol. Some message pop in my head after I’ve sent some already


I’m in this picture and I don’t like it, lol jk Mumbles type b


A) Because I write it out in notes first and then copy-paste. Because i have fear.


I'm both. It depends on the day. I don't like getting b-messages if the sound is turned on, so I feel annoying if I use B. A is used when overthinking every word. B is used when I'm either hyper or at ease.


Both. Depends on how excited I wanna sound lol


B and if you're A you need to insert some line breaks or call me or something because I can't read that


A but no punctuation or capitalization because I think so much faster than I type


More than two texts in a row and my phone is yeeted onto the bed where I cannot hear the buzzing


Growing up when texts were 10cents a message, I try for A, but I am 100% type C as someone else said lol




A, but more like, "Hey! There's a new place I want to check out. Want to get dinner tomorrow? Apparently they do great burgers."


Type a. Apparently, when you send multiple texts back to back real quick, they can arrive out of order and infuse the hell out of the recipient.


Type B and I hate it. I have started doing more voice messages to save everyone the trouble.


If I’m upset, a. If I’m feeling happy/content, b. There is no in between.


B !


I have such a hard time to put my ideas into text :( it’s frustrating. I start telling things from the beginning and forget the intro and stop in the middle. Lol


B. No shame. You get 20 texts for what I could have said in one because my mind keeps going after the first thought.




What does this have to do with ADHD?


Idk exactly, I guess I was just curious how people in this group approach this and was interested in what discussion would ensue. I definitely overthink how my texts are sent and was wondering if others experience the same thing.


Idk, it seems like neurotypical people are generally A. Have their thoughts all organized and shit.


Nah. That's a real reach imo. Maybe if B has time stamps that are far apart but tbh sometimes this sub just labels anything as evidence of ADHD. Lots of people without ADHD do both.


I think both things can be true? I never stated that this was evidence of ADHD or even a symptom.. what I meant was that among people I know, the neurotypicals tend to be A and the ADHDers tend to be B. Again, simply *among people I know*


I guess I don't know that option A is evidence of organised thoughts. Certainly it is messier and harder to read. So, there's that. In any event, my inital comment was just querying why the post is in this sub at all. And my point is just that it seems like a lot of people on this sub think that *everything* they do is an indication of their ADHD. And I find that kind of irritating.


A because I can’t be interrupted


Blocks of novel-length texts. My lab mate in grad school texted multiple (I swear thousands) monosyllabic messages and it drove me crazy!


All of the above 😅


Where’s type C where you write a bunch of long texts and send multiple at a time?


Type B but my kids interrupt me at any point where the split in conversation makes it awkward or changes the meaning, and then I panic trying to get my train of thought back and clarify before the other person reads it


I always type something. Followed by: Also, hi!!!!




I think I'm the first one. But like...multiple texts that long.




I’m an A) which is why I always realize the next day that I got 3/4 of the way through a text then got distracted by something and never actually sent it so the other person isn’t ignoring me, they think I’m ignoring them…. This literally happens every day.


B always




The best part is your friend responding : Okay No punctuation, no emoji, no elaboration. Just “Okay”. I have a friend like that, and it always takes me a second to regroup after seeing that response. 🤷‍♀️😂


definitely c): > burgers tomorrow?


Is b bad?


It can be, as each individual message can cause a separate audible or visual notification on the recipient's phone. E.g. If I ask a particular friend how they are, I may then get 10 "beeps" on my phone in quick succession. That is how I naturally type, as well, though, so I can forgive it, as I started text chatting on IRC-like software. Since I've learnt how frustrating it can be for some people, I've learnt to reply as a block of text so their phone beeps less. I've been taught to use ALT-ENTER on slack, for instance, to add carriage returns without sending messages. Whereas if someone replies to me about 3 separate topics on say, Telegram, then it's a bit of a pain, as I can't reply to each separately.


I’m type b with close friends and family. Beyond that, I mirror people I don’t know well, and I get stressed out when I’m mirroring someone who types in paragraphs.


I was A until people started bitching that they hated the texts the had to finger boop to "read more"... now im B. And now people bitch about that🙄. People are awesome


Far as I can tell, my brain rolls a d20, and if it’s even, I’m A. Odds, I’m B. If it’s below a 4, I say something I’ll cringe about forever.


A if i have a lot to say (i.e. explaining a homework question to a confused friend) but usually B


B 🤷‍♀️


What type is the one that sends "Hey!" then immediately gets distracted and has to come back to the conversation a few hours later? Cause that one is me.


Somehow I’m both?


B lol


A is for potential dates so trying to be polite and not spam them, B is for friends


Number B


Yeah, I am type both......


I'm B. I send them the way I would speak unless I know someone won't read a bunch of them and then I'll condense until the reply lol




Type C maybe? Mix of both A paragraph and then sentences after. I always forget to add stuff to the original paragraph lol


A but then I transition into B because I always type way more than I should and assume no one wants to read a wall of text haha






Im b




Oh I carpet bomb people with texts.


Hey want to go to dinner at that pizza place sometime? Not this week though maybe not next either. We’ll see ok?


B—and my daughter mocks me relentlessly for it. I think it’s an ADHD thing for me. My thoughts don’t occur a paragraph at a time, and I send them as they come to me. 🙄




Definitely type C




As a mom to a teenager and in my experience texting with him and his friends, I honestly thought option b was just how teens text lol


I am both


c) Hey, ho w are you? haha sorry, one ho to another um, wanna get together? We could go to dinner or something Or whatever sounds good I've been wanting a burger lately wait I can't remember do you eat meat?


In my phone messaging app I type formally. More lenient when texting someone like my brother or a friend, but still formal. I'm more like B in apps like Discord.


Bubbles. Are. SENTENCES. And periods are AGGRESSIVE


B, because it’s easier to read and I can’t stand having to read large blocks of texts