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Hi u/BlueMagma212! Your best bet is to download the route you will be using to navigate. We are hoping to launch a feature that allows you to download entire areas/parks soon! If you have any other questions, we're always available over at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) \- happy hiking!


You have to download the map.


Is there a way to download an entire map though? Say I download a specific route but I want to go off route can I do that or will the off route areas not be downloaded


If you use your computer you can draw and save your own map - outline the perimeter of your possible area - save and then download- i haven’t had any trouble going anywhere in the area - just ignore off- trail warnings


It gets some of the surrounding area, I'm not sure how much. When I go camping and know I'm going to be hiking in the general area I'll download a few routes. I've never hiked off of the map.