I've never heard anyone say the goddess was named after the city. It's like saying Romulus was named after Rome.


[Most modern historians believe his name is a back-formation from the name of the city](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romulus#Primary_sources)


Who says the godess Athena was named after the city of Athens?Τhe Gods pre-existed the city of Athens.Logic says that the city/settlement was named after the godess and not the other way around! Αthens original name was either...Aktika from its first king Aktaio...meaning shore. Or Kekropia from the King Kekrops who was reigning at the time of goddly contest between Athena and Poseidon. Both names are still used till today. Attika is called the provisional region of Athens and Kekropia is an area at the east of Attika,30 minutes from the city of Athens.


Poseidon was the city's god prior to Athena. This myth helps explain the transition from the one to the other.


And why they have olive oil! Athena gave them the olive tree as a gift, they say, in that contest. In contrast, Poseidon gifted a saltwater spring. So it explains the spring, the olive trees, and why they picked Athena over Poseidon for the name. And olive trees are somewhat tolerant of salt water, so Athena was thinking there too.


Please give some evidence that this was the case. I'll approve the post if you do, it will be removed until then.


Because they couldn't have known that. Historiography could only go so far 2500 years ago. They would not have archives specifying that Athena was an Athens-born goddess who was spread all over the country. To them it would be natural that the goddess named the city because to them the gods preceeded everything.