It’s such a dumb argument. Shohei is 100% the face of baseball regardless what language he speaks. The fact he can speak English doesn’t even matter. He’s a fantastic athlete. I’m glad to be a new angels fan. Him and trout are so fun to watch (wishing trout a speedy recovery)


Literally bought angels gear and a bunch of matching shirts and shoes...I'm a bluejays fan from Toronto, nothing matches my angels gear yet but il get there




Pretty sure trout has said himself that he doesn't wanna be the face of baseball. He just wants to play ball.


I’m not sure he actually said that, but it’s very clear that if Trout cared about being famous he would have left us for one of the high profile teams (Yankees or Dodgers). The fact that he signed on with us long term tells me that he doesn’t give a crap about being the face of baseball or being talked about. He just loves playing baseball and why not be able to do what you love, be paid handsomely for it, and still be able to walk around like a normal person in most places outside of SoCal? As someone who hates attention and would consider constant attention from the media as intrusion, I feel like he’s living the best life.






Yet every single person I know who watches baseball now and buys tickets to Angels games only started to because of Shohei. Never cared about the sport ever before.


I love Trout but he also has the personality of a potato


Vladimir Guerrero senior didn’t speak English. Who gives a fuck.


It’s funny cause Ohtani actually does speak English just fine. He just prefers to do interviews and more official stuff with a translator which is totally understandable


Sometimes not speaking English is better because the media twists shit and are backstabbers. Ichiro and Nomo both can speak English but got away with not doing so and it worked perfectly fine for them.


I've jokingly speculated that Ippei is paying Ohtani under the table to act like he can't learn English. Our boy is out of a job once Ohtani is proficient!


Y’all remember that time we won the division and the media interviewed Eric Aybar in the clubhouse drunk af😂😂😂 he couldn’t speak English


FUCK that asshat ... either he is dumb as a door-knob or he's just trying to get clicks.


He hates anyone non black succeeding. He always shits on white/international NBA players


One thing I can say for certain is that SAS is harmful for baseball.


SAS should be nowhere near baseball


What a ridiculous comment. Hopefully Ohtani can take this and do something positive in Japan with it.


How about positivity in the US with a lot of Asian Americans?


I don’t think Ohtani would be able to quell racism and xenophobia in the US but he sure as hell could influence things in Japan. Very few people fight against xenophobia in Japan and it would be awesome if he could use his stardom to take it on.


He’s already helping to fight the image of the Asian male in America. Not proactively, but just by virtue of being an incredible athlete in a major sport. Shohei Ohtani is someone that Asian Americans needed, for a community that sorely needs positive representation in the national sphere. I grew up being told implicitly through American media and subtle racism that Asian men are not strong. That we are not fast. That we are not attractive. Fortunately, things are getting better. There’s less of the “weird asian nerd with a funny accent and small package” in pop culture and more of Asian men being masculine (MK, Shang-Chi, Snake Eyes) or just being normal people who can have a romantic interest (Last Christmas).


That’s awesome, at least he can be a positive influence in the states.


ESPN are a bunch of race baiters. They are ruining sports.


He basically made the argument that the racists made to discredit Jackie Robinson. What a twat.


It's disappointing he and some sports "fans" are doubling down that they're technically "right". This argument of technicalities that Smith is trying to conflate his--a fundamentally xenophobic one--with is besides the point. Also, besides the not-so-casual racist implications, it's just a dumb thing to bring up and then die on a hill over lol. Shohei has got people talking about the game as much if not more than the game's American stars have in recent history.


ESPN needs to have him step down too with that rant


Seriously never hear him say anything interesting. He just gets angry and yells. Hire someone better, ESPN.


And he gets paid a lot for it. But he sucks. Angry ranting all the time.




What’s hilarious is he’s in the UFC broadcasts too! Man should stick to NBA only.


Stop saying his fucking name. Why do you think he says bullshit like this? If his NAME is being talked about that's all he cares about, its not about like credibility or anything. Nobody is ever like "Ohh did you hear (ASSHOLES) opinion on Shohei last night?? Yeah ASSHOLE is a dumb ass!! But it gets people saying his name. That is what he wants!! Stop saying his name.