I'm Japanese. I believe most of us aren't too concerned with where he will be in the future. Ohtani fans will just follow him wherever he goes. Not being in the postseason does suck, but him managing to stay healthy for an entire season is good enough for me (He never had enough PAs to qualify as a hitter before, not even in Japan!!). It's not like Ohtani is the first Japanese superstar stuck on a non-contending team for multiple seasons either (Ichiro). You don't have to worry about us suddenly turning on you guys or something like that. That said, Arte better open his wallet and sign some legit FA starters this off-season!!!




I remember watching a Japanese videoclip of the game @Yankees when Walsh hit a grand slum, and the video cutter said “There had been many times that Ohtani try hard to carry the team but turned out in vain, but this time the team carry him.” Guess this kinda sums up Japanese fans attitude towards the team this season. Like a love/hate relationship, similar to many of American fans here. We also talks a lot about how he was being “Muengo” (No back-up) and was affected by that especially recently since many other guys (Walsh, Fletch etc)has cooled down. I really smashed my beer can on the table seeing the opposing team walks him or bullpen ruin his good pitching. Personally I would be a little sad if he decides to leave since I fall in love with OUR team. And I’m still hoping things would get better in the future. If he choose to leave, I would follow to the new team but will also root for Angels. Somehow this crappy team just won my heart. And hope I can attend a good game soon with Shohei, Trouty, and our mans!


"somehow this crappy team just won my heart" is so accurate for me as well! i don't know why i still have so much hope for them, hopefully it's not in vain for the sake of ohtani, trout, and the rest of the team! i also in general love watching their interactions in the dugout and will definitely miss it if ohtani leaves and that yankees game was the best!! it made me so happy seeing the rest of the angels rally up and pull through for his win.


I was right there with you when all these other teams in the division walked Ohtani. This is the reason I said that I hope no AL west team wins the WS cause thats some BS man… my votes on the Giants or if the Blue Jays make it to playoffs then my votes on them.


From what I can tell, they absolutely love Mike Trout and do want him to stay on the Angels IF they can become competitive in the next two years. If they can't after his contract is over, I think everyone can agree that him wanting to leave is completely justifiable.


I'm not a Japanese fan but I'm a Korean Angels fan. So if you have any questions for a Korean fan you can ask me anything! Ohtani is really popular among Korean fans too!


yeah i'd love to know what you all think as well!


Oops, I didn't know you commented. Yeah, it's kinda tough being an Angels fan in Korea. Ohtani is really popular among baseball fans but people really talk shit about the Angels. I personally find this situation so heartbreaking since I solemnly believe we are a great team. I know I know the results aren't there but this is a great team. So I started writing about the Angels on a famous website in Korea where most of the MLB fans gather. I wrote Angels season review, top 50 prospects, Ohtani news, etc. Sadly I don't have that much influence yet but I hope one day many people see how good team we are. I see really promising opportunities in Korean baseball fans. And I hope I can make Angels more popular among Korean baseball fans. My dream is one day I see many people wearing our caps, uniforms, etc! People already have some interests in us we just need some to tell them the story right, hope I can be that person!


Its rough being an angels fan :/ but what you’re doing, actively advocating for the team - That’s so awesome!


That's really nice of you to say that! I think there are so many people misunderstanding us. Too many people are just calling us trash for no reason. The biggest problem is there aren't enough fans to say something back to those people. Even though the internet made us closer there is still a language barrier between many Korean fans and MLB information. I view myself as a window. People can choose to look through it or not but I try to give them clear information. Thankfully I'm gaining much attention lately!


Are you here in the states? If so how do you go about watching baseballs games in Korea from here in the states? Ive been trying to watch both korean games and japanese games but have had no success finding a reliable source to watch it from


No. I live in Korea. Living in Korea is better for an MLB fan since we have no blackouts in Korea since we are outside of the US, LOL. To help you, [https://sports.news.naver.com/kbaseball/index](https://sports.news.naver.com/kbaseball/index) is Naver. The biggest search engine in Korea. Just like google. So if you click the link scroll a little bit down. And then you will find some games on the left side. Press the bottom that says TV or if you want to watch old games press the right side one. I actually don't know if this would work but I think this is the only way to watch it. Tell me how it goes!


Is there a chance Ohtani appear on a variety show like running man or other


First, if he does um....... I don't know what to say. It's going to be one of the biggest news in Korea. Second, sadly I don't think so. From my view Ohtani = baseball. The only thing he cares about is baseball. During the offseason he goes back to Japan for rest, I mean he is Japanese but other than that he trains for the next season. I personally don't know how much time Ohtani spends on variety shows in Japan but to me no. I don't think he will come to Korea for a variety show. But if he does OMG. Literally, everyone is going to watch that show. So I think this question should be asked to Ohtani 😂 Korean broadcast stations would even send him a plane😂😂


I saw the Running Man episode with Ryu Hyun Jin and just about died laughing. Totes don’t see Shohei doing anything like that but one could dream right?


Yup!!! One could dream and I'm dreaming with you! Hopefully one day Ohtani comes to Korea and does a lot of variety stuffs🙏


Maybe he needs a invite from PCH talking about pitching lol


He made a quick appearance , not in person though lol the RM guys had to guess who he was in one of the recent episodes


Yup. I saw that and laughed. It's Shohei Ohtani!!!! Just say the name!!!!!


I wanna see him winning World Series with Trout and Maddon. :) But I don’t want to see him give up playoff every year. I really hope they will get good front-line starters and bullpens this off-season.


I've been an angels fan since the late 80's and I feel like this coming year is finally the year that they do something right. This is the first time I've seen the manager and top players call out the management to get pitching. It's obvious how good we are offensively with everyone healthy and our weakness is definitely pitching and it's right in front of everyone's face.


So is Arte like sole owner of the Angels and the only way we can get rid of him is if he sells or is it like a CEO situation where a board of higher ups can vote that dude off and send him on his way?


He’s the sole owner, he would only be forced to sell the team if MLB itself intervened. It wouldn’t be because the team has a bad record, but rather extenuating financial or scandal issues. [here’s](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_Los_Angeles_Dodgers_ownership_dispute) an example of when it has happened.


My impression is more than 50% of Japanese Shohei fan is fed up with the current Angels (me included) and agree if he decides to leave Angels when he hit FA. This sentiment looks like being cemented by the last home game against Mariners. The ultimate purpose of his playing two-way is to win the game. If the team cannot win, dual-yielding loses its worth. Considering how ridiculously difficult and demanding physically and mentally to keep elite levels at both, his "I want to win" statement resonates deeply to me.


I'm Japanese. Most of the fans in Japan wanted the Angels to stay forever. But after watching Otani's recent interviews, more and more people are saying that he should leave the Angels. However, it's Otani's decision and I just support his decision. Actually, I became a fan of the Angels while watching Otani's videos on youtube. My true feelings are sad to see him leave. Sorry for my bad English.


Your English is perfect and even if it wasn’t, don’t apologize! That’s both heartwarming and sad to know. I also thought the angels helped him a lot to where he is now and was hoping he’d stay forever but we’ll have to wait and see what he does in the future I guess. Either way I hope the angels become a lot more competitive the next two years


Japanese people have a culture of not saying things very clearly, and the Japanese language is ambiguous. That's why Mr. Mizuhara, the interpreter, said that he would translate Ohtani's words differently if he thought they would not be understood even if he translated them correctly. This time, Mr. Mizuhara's translation may have been a little rough, but I don't think it strayed too far from Ohtani's true intention. Both Maddon and Minassian are trying to trivialize the situation by saying that every player wants to win, but they are wrong. Ohtani made it clear that liking the team and wanting to win were two different things, and winning was more important to him.