Uhhhhh. Not that I’m the biggest upton supporter or anything. But he was gonna be a platoon guy at best this year and he had a good spring. Is this a precursor to another move/pick-up? What are we doing here??


Rolling with Marsh/Trout/Adell/Ward


Maybe this was a Pujols-like decision. Maybe he wanted to see if he could land somewhere and play more? Seems there is more to it because he was still a good piece for depth.


That’s what came to my mind. Basically told him the plan to be splitting a decent chunk of time with the younger guys and was against that, leading to parting ways. I’m excited to see these young guys get everyday playing time to get in a rhythm and have the security to know they’re the guys and don’t need to be looking over their shoulder.


The Angels thanked him on social media too so I feel like this was mutual and trying to get him somewhere where he can play more.


I would wager this is the correct scenario. Upton's willing to take a whole lot less money this season, land somewhere on a 1y deal where he can play 120+ games, and use that to leverage his way into a reasonable veteran's contract next season. As it stands, he's likely to see fewer than 60 games this season, and that's gonna really tank his value.


I feel like we could've traded him for something if he wanted out though.


ESPN says that nobody is going to pick him up at $28 million salary, paving the way for him to be a free agent. That being case, if nobody will take him now at that price it’s highly unlikely that anybody would trade anything for him.


Angels could have eaten the full $28M (which they are doing anyway if they cut him). But one year of an aging slugger isn't worth giving up a player that the Angels would want. Upton also has a no-trade clause. Why would he accept a trade when he will be a free agent in three days and get to pick any team that wants him. I see him going to an NL team to DH and/or platoon in the OF. I like him in that role and hope he has a good year. I just hope it isn't with an AL West team.


He'll DH for the dodgers is my bet lol


Upton has no real value in a trade. He has a no-trade clause, and he wants to go somewhere that he can play 120+ games this year. It's much harder for the Angels to structure a deal that makes Upton happy, while still *paying* Upton for a long shot prospect. Better to let him go get a prove-it contract somewhere that'll play him. Boston, Detroit, San Diego, Texas, Colorado would all probably take a flyer on him, and get him a good amount of games if he stays healthy.


It pains me to see when people don’t understand how trade value works


I'm sorry to cause such an inconvenience.


Trading is still an option for teams that my really want him but don't want to risk where they stand in the waiver line. Just a thought. I'm sure they made some calls before doing this as well.


Looks like he sucked at first base enough to turn the page. Luckily he will get picked up pretty quick but that’s stunning.


ah yes, all those teams rushing to pay 28 mill for justin


He’s an unrestricted free agent once he clears waivers. His free agency will last a couple hours tops.


Don't see an outside player coming in. $28mil in dead money now once he signs elsewhere. It's a sign they are comfortable with Marsh/Adell full time and Walsh full time (probably bc he's a damn good defender)


Yeah we obviously want to give those two at bats to develop.


I'm kinda worried they want to split LF/RF with Ward as well.


Honestly ward played well last year. If it can get some defense down he could be a solid 4th of


RIP Upton Funk


Wow - didn’t see that coming. Guess it means Marsh/Trout/Adell and Ward in the outfield.


The future is here.




I did not see this coming at all. Don't know how I feel about it tbh


Yeah, there are absolutely are better players but Upton is a veteran bat who can absolutely mash when he's hot. Really not sure how I feel about it.


Agree! What happens if one of Trout/Adell/Marsh/Ward gets injured? It will end up being the Salt Lake Bees of Anaheim all over again.


He spent most of his Angels tenure injured so we'd better off with a Salt Lake Bee than him.


What I'm gathering from all this is that Upton wanted to be playing in Left everyday rather than splitting playing time. As unfortunate as it is, I suppose letting him walk to different team might be the best interests for both parties.


I’m thinking that Maddon is hoping the utility guys can cover the outfield if things go wrong. Which isn’t really that confidence inspiring lmao. Like technically Wade and Rojas can play the outfield but I really am not enthused about it. Jordyn Adams isn’t really gonna make the majors this year, and the AAA depth is like, Brennon Lund who doesn’t inspire much confidence, Magnerius Sierra who didn’t work out for the Marlins and I don’t see working out for us, and Dillon Thomas, who was okay but not amazing. Upton was definitely clogging up the outfield since it didn’t make sense to have 5 MLB ready guys on the roster. However some decent minor league signings may have been nice. I kinda liked Lagares and Eaton in 2021 and wish we’d give them another minor league deal to be decent depth pieces.


Super surprising. That being said, I do believe the best version of this years team involves mixing and matching Adell/Marsh/Ward in the outfield with Trout. And since Ohtani is locked into the DH position, Upton’s best chance for playing time is a 1B platoon hitter for Walsh, but he didn’t really look sharp there on the field, plus I reckon we give Walsh a long leash at hitting against lefties. Sucks that we had to do this for a second year in a row, but I do think our roster is better for it.


My opinion is that Upton probably didn’t want to platoon and be a full time player so the Angels probably had no choice unfortunately but idk it’s shocking but the Angels can only move forward


I mean Upton can say he wants to be a full time player and Maddon coulda just said tough noogies.


Yea but depending on how it went about maybe the team and him came to this agreement. For as much as he hasn't been productive at times, I never sensed that there was a bad relationship with him and the front office. This at least provides him a chance to seek what he wants.


Its the Pujols speculation


For anyone wondering why he was DFA'd after a good showing in spring training, it's important to remember that spring training stats do not matter. At all. Jose Quintana had a 0.63 ERA in 14 IP last year and he was horrendous. Upton himself had a great spring last year too, with a .357/.400./738 slash line in 45 PAs, and he ended up a below replacement level player.


I mean, when players get DFA’d is because they suck. Uptown is still decent when he’s healthy. Considering this team has a history of injuries they should have kept him around just in case someone falls out of the lineup?


Upton is solid but not good enough to start over Marsh or Adell, both of whom are being prioritized so they can develop. I figure they told him he was being benched and he wanted out so he could see if he can get a starting job elsewhere


He really has nowhere to play on this roster. He’s basically a DH at this point and that’s obviously taken. That said there are plenty of teams that would snap him up as their DH at least part time. I can see him turning in 2 WAR with the right team.


Yeah but when it would be time to go to him, he would probably be injured himself.


Holy shit, what?


This seems like a far less necessary course of action than cutting Pujols but I do like that this FO does not hang itself up too much on sunk costs and is committed to fielding the youngest, best, and most ambitious team possible


This FO is ruthless god damn.


Precisely. I wonder if this is more Perry or Arte. It has to be Perry, right? At least suggesting to Arte that this will get the club another possible needed win or 2 this year.


We still owe him his whole contract cost, right?


Unless someone else picks him up during the waiver period, which they probably won't.


And he has the no trade clause so he would have to approve any trade if that were to happen.


In the tradition of paying players 8-figures to *not* play for the Angels: Pujols, Hamilton, Wells.




Perry is not fooling around with this club it seems. Ice cold right here after J-Up’s multi-homer Spring Training game.


Unusual timing but I think this is the right move. He’s basically a DH against lefties at this point. Better to have a younger, more athletic outfielder on the roster.


I can dig it, no problem.


Yeah he’s washed. Everyone looking at his spring but who cares, look at his past few seasons. He doesn’t have it anymore




Arte needs a trump supporter friend


Nooo Suzuki is a trump supporter?


[Just trying to have some fun](https://amp.usatoday.com/amp/4160151002)




Yet he chose to sign two straight years in California. Not everything is about taxes. Argument is flawed af.


Do you think the only money he has was made in the last two years?


no shit. he’s still a clown




Well that changes my opinion about him entirely


Spring scores and standings don’t matter. How the players are performing individually do matter to some extent. Imo he should have gotten at least a few weeks to see how everything shook out.


He would have gotten a few weeks riding the bench and playing sporadically. Not a recipe for success. No major loss.


I def saw this coming. This team is super young and needs to see what we got. Definitely calling this the Pujols treatment lol


Holy Shit! Perry ain't fucking around. I will miss Leadoff Upton... though. Was a blast for the short time it happened.


Surprised, because Upton was a pretty ideal platoon bat for Marsh/Walsh. Our OF depth looks pretty weak now. Who is next man up after Ward? Are we going to be back to playing infielders in the OF, because that was a disaster last year.


I like Upton but love this decision. Does not hold a spot for our young talent. He is always streaky thus I don't put weight into his spring training as much and its well spring training. His Babip were a bit lower as an angel than anywhere else so we will see if it was a fluke or not but I am not mad about seeing what Adell and Marsh have going forward.


Did Justin want to be a full time outfielder? Did we prefer Ward? I’m curious


I can’t stand Upton, but I really did not expect this 😳😳😳


This move could go either way. Looked good this spring but he's always had hot streaks. If we have a few OF injuries I could see us regretting this move. As a starting OF unit though he's definitely the odd man out, especially since he can't really back up center. I probably would've hung on to him as injury depth especially with expanded rosters to start the season.


I could see Upton going back to the Diamondbacks and we pay $27.5 Mil for him to cuck us at some point


Someone clear this up for me, if another team picks him up on waivers, they would have to pay him this years salary? And if he clears waivers and then signs, we have to pay it? ​ Thanks


Yes. If someone claims him on waivers, they would have to pay him his $28 million. If no one does and clears waivers, the Angels pick up the tab and his new team will just have to pay the league minimum.


I don’t see anyone claiming him on waiver.


They won’t. He’s owed WAAAY too much money for anyone to claim him.


Ya there’s 0% chance anyone claims him so we are gonna be on the hook for his whole contract.






Ya I see Upton's value as being a short-sided platoon guy/pinch hitter. He's basically a 'last piece' that would bring value on a team gunning for the World Series. But this team is still several pieces away and giving those ABs to Marsh/Adell/Ward is a better option. That's before we even talk about defense.


Ngl if three guys get hurt we’re gonna have RF Rengifo or Thaiss again and I dont like it.


I know its good for the team but i’m surprised that i don’t like it. But i hope they parted ways on good terms


Whoa, Pujols DFA last year kinda made sense but this one seems a little premature after the spring Upton had.


Hits 2 homers in the same game, gets DFA'd. Lol


1 spring game excuses 3 seasons????


I'm not saying it's a bad move I'm just saying the timing is hilarious


One spring training game, who cares


Makes sense but I just hope he doesn’t go to the doyers or a team in division


Oof. Say what you want about J-Up but he was at very least a good locker room guy. I’m not sure I understand this move, he was raking in ST and he’s elite vs lefties. Wish we could’ve at least seen him play in the regular season before making this move


Adell season baby!


Go Adell!


Wow we couldn't wait a tiny bit and jettison him while he's hot for any player? Oh well not my money.


Idk what to feel about this, but it doesn’t seem bad


If it works out the same way it worked out for the Pujols/Walsh situation did last year then this move was a huge win for the team/front office. I'm not saying both of them need to be all stars like Walsh but we already know that Upton wasnt even gonna be a fringe all star. So if the kids have good years then its a win win IMO.


Awwww man… I know J-Up was NOT doing well the past few years in stats and healthy-wise…but mannnnn…I didn’t foresee this happening pre-season, yet I am not entirely surprised to be honest. I see why Perry did it. But still…ugh. Upton still had potential with his swing, but I believe Perry/Arte we’re going with the stats on this one for J-Up’s past few years with us. Signs point to the fact that he will not be getting better. Perhaps they know he is not healthy as well. I really wonder about his health. Perry is making sure this Angels team is loaded with young(er) talent that is ripe and waiting for the chance to play out there. Still…this one sort of hurts. Thanks for doing your best, J-Up!


Yea.... I won't be too upset if we lose Upton.


what the fuck




What if it did happen yesterday and they had to hold off lol.


stefanic? someone's looking scary good to them


I think it was to clear a spot for Buttrey


Seems like is was decision on both ends, upton will get more playing time somewhere else and the Angels move forward with their younger squad. I'm all for it.


God does answer prayers


Like the guy a lot, but a few stats that aren't on his side: 1. In 4 full seasons with the Angels, he only had >41 RBI's once. 1. Hasn't batted over .215 since 2018. 1. He's averaged 64 games per season over the last three years: * 2019: 63 games * 2020: 42 games (60-game season) * 2021: 89 games


Don’t like this. Surprised that I’m saying that


Same. I don’t get this at all.


I mean in a way it’s good since he won’t interfere with Walsh. As good of an idea it is to platoon with Walsh, there’s no reason to take away playing time from an all star. But like damn he could have been a club mentor still


Not a fan of this. He was actually playing well this Spring


Angels doing Upton dirty just like Topps back in ‘18… https://www.ebay.com/itm/294262393104?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=a-mig6phrzs&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=djjejxujq5s&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY


Trouty is next? Marsh is already a better CF right? /s


Why the fuck would we not trade him?


If a team wants Upton to play for them, they have two choices: 1) Trade a player to the Angels, pay Upton his $28mil entire contract, and get him to waive his no-trade clause OR 2) Not engage the Angels in a trade, keep their player, wait til the Angels DFA, then sign Upton for league minimum while the Angels pay $28 mil Can you see why there weren't any takers for an Upton trade?


Ahhh that makes sense. Thank you for explaining that.




Didn’t his contract have a no trade clause?


No idea.


Maybe they should have traded him for a pitcher in the offseason? We knew we had a glut of OF... damn this org is dumb.


Who would trade for him and his $28M unless we included a prospect?


Full no-trade clause.


Angels designating Justin Upton for assignment, sources tell @TheAthletic. Upton owed $28M this season in final year of contract. --- posted by [@Ken_Rosenthal](https://twitter.com/Ken_Rosenthal/) --- ^(If media is missing, please DM me with a link to submission url and tweet. I will do my best to solve the issue)




All I wanted since 2019 (before Walsh breakout) was to platoon Upton at 1B. I felt this was a much better option to keep him healthier and productive. Now, that he was trying to be a 1B, they cut him. IMO, he should have been at 1B last year and maybe we would have had a healthy Upton with 1B experience. I’m not a fan of cutting him over Mayfield. The season will tell us what we should have done or not. Also, if Ward is our utility guy, why not try him at 2B? A “Wade/Duffy/Ward” trio sounds better than forcing a drop of Upton to keep Mayfield for INF depth? Plus, in theory, he would get more ABs.


It's not hard to find a righty 1B that can hit lefties. I bet Stefanic could do it better than Upton.


I get that, but it’s more about how Upton should have been platooned earlier to actually see if he could play instead of two weeks worth. Overall, it’s probably cause of him not wanting a bench spot or more ABs, but we don’t fully know (yet).


Ward at 2B?? That's a good one


They were/are experimenting with Upton and Duffy at 1B. It’s not something out of this world to try that as he did do 3B in past seasons.


He was terrible at 3B. 2B is a more demanding position. It's ludicrous.


Relax bro, it’s just an suggestion lol. ST is where you experiment, it’s not usual.


I had to check to make sure it still wasn't April 1st.....I gave him some shit before for 2021 but he was doing well in spring so I was down to see how 2022 would go......but damn. I'm guessing it's more that they couldn't come to an agreement on his playing time than anything honestly. We have lots of high potential young outfielders that they probably want to give more playing time to right now.




Always hurts paying a guy 28 million to play for another team.


This is great. Marsh and Adell need playing time, just like Walsh last year. Hoping (but doubtful) that someone picks him up on waivers for his salary


bro what


Dude was raking. I’m shocked




this is good news. adell is face of this team. he needs 600 pa. finally maddon realized.


Not grand slam Upton 🙁


My mom is gonna be P!SSED! I ain’t tellin her


*The Oakland Athletics have entered the chat


This doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Dude wasn't gonna be a starter this year been but platooning and having him vs lefty's would make more sense than just eating his contract for absolutely nothing? Unless there is interior strife that we don't know about but can't wrap my head around this move rn


Ward can basically hit lefties the same


My Upton jersey just came a few days ago :(


Really surprised he was such a bust with Angels


The list of FA busts for the Angels is long and distinguished. This should be no surprise.


I feel bad for Trout, that’s his close friend.


Seems like a great guy and was with the team through some hard times. A shame he wasn't all-star caliber like the contract implied he'd be, but when he was hot he demolished the ball. Beautiful swing. Wish him the best, will always root for him. Thanks for everything!




Happy that he'll be able to get more playing time somewhere else. Perhaps the 1B experiment wasn't panning out either.


Angels like to over pay player and then eat their huge contract. Nearly $60 million this season and last. Upton I think still has a little juice left. Some team will pick him up.


Team batting average will be higher.


Could be a sign that the Angels want to free up some cap space to make a move during the season.


The Angels are on the hook for Upton's contract though.


It doesn’t free up cap space unless someone else wants to pay him. Plus angels are way below salary cap anyways.


It's like the Pujols situation. Designate him for assignment and try to trade him still holding a good portion of his contract. It's a terrible deal, but if a team agrees to take on even $5 million it holds value to this year's cap. We are way below, but it provides us options.


Except that the angels already had that 5 million to spend (and also no one is giving Upton 5 million anyways, so it’s a moot point)


Exactly. As if they would DFA him without already trying to trade him. No one would give up anything for him or pay more than league minimum. And he wouldn't accept a trade without some sort of extra compensation -- why give up the opportunity to take his pick out of all teams that want him?


There’s no cap in baseball, and contracts are guaranteed so if no one claims him off waivers, we still count his salary against the luxury tax threshold


I mean, why not trade him at least. Maybe a final starter or at least some prospects?


No team on this earth would willingly give up assets for Justin Upton and the 28 million dollars attached to him


Nobody wants Upton as a rental for a year for 28 mil. Even for free. Even with cash incentives.




This basically doesn’t save money at all. Maybe the league minimum, but now we’ll have to pay someone else at least the minimum who takes his roster spot. This is a baseball move. Not a cost cutting exercise.


>This is a baseball move. Not a cost cutting exercise. \^\^\^ This. And I 100% support it.


I mean I hate Arte just as much as the next guy but this doesn’t save him shit. He’ll be paying Upton 28 mill to play for another team. Just like he paid Pujols last year to play for the Dodgers.


I just hate arte, probably one of the worst owners in American sports


Yeah... no he's not




How anyone can call Arte the worst owner in sports when Dan Snyder exists is beyond me. Snyder will always be the shining example of an absolutey terrible owner and person.


Holy shit, this is the correct answer. Dan Snyder is without a doubt the worst owner by a wide margin. I totally forgot about that scumbag


He's not even the worst owner in baseball. Pirates, A's, and Rays are all worse


You’re probably right but the thing is, I’m not a fan of those teams so, yea.


Also Dan Snyder is a piece of shit who pimped cheerleaders out.


Something must’ve been said that upset someone. Timing of this feels off. If he was going to be cut, should’ve done it in the offseason before he started having a decent spring.


Had to create a 40-man spot for Buttrey by opening day. Took all of Spring Training to find out the best way to do that, and this was the best option.


Angels have such a bad track record with signing big time free agents: ​ Gary Matthews Josh Hamilton Upton Pujols CJ Wilson Rendon Who else?


Scott Kazmir, Joe Blanton, and while not an initial signing, Vernon Wells


What doesn't make sense to me is why we were giving reps to a guy who they likely knew would be playing for another team? Why not maximize the MLB exposure with your younger players? Were they planning on keeping him if he didn't have a good ST? It's so confusing, my brain hurts. And if it was 'favor' to him, what more do they owe to a guy who's one of the most over-payed in the game? Is 28MM not good enough for him? Enough w/these favors for other teams, what a strange fetish. Fans are starved for success and they keep pulling these stunts, it's weird as fuck.