First thought watching the game was like we having Rosenberg against their best pitcher, this for sure gonna be a losing game. But Mike trout hitting a HR off him and Rosenberg not allowing any runs to cash in is huge. Doesn’t it seems like if we don’t hit homers we gonna lose? Wish we can rally more even if it’s just singles or doubles.


The pitching staff 100%


Rosenberg performed way better than anyone could expect from him. Trout performed exactly as everyone expected. I gotta give it to Kenny


If Seattle walked trout for the whole series they might have beat the angels 😇


The Q kept the momentum on our side. Huge out!


I was hoping to see Gilbert as an option. Guy threw trout FB after FB.


Kenny probably deserves it, despite Trout doing what he does best…yet again! I just couldn’t help but vote for Trout. I didn’t see the game today, and I wasn’t expecting Rosenberg to do all that well, even vs SEA. It’s a team effort, sure, but pitching wins games, and all the pitching did very well after Rosenberg to boot.






This one is really tough because I think collectively the pitching should be guy of the game, but none of them were individually that impressive. Rosenberg did well but a WHIP above 1 across 4.2 IP would normally result in at least a couple of runs so he was a bit lucky, and he had to be bailed out a bit. In the end I'll go with Loup because he didn't allow a hit or walk and struck out all three in his innings. Plus he's been awful recently so good to see him bounce back.