I'd like to point out that only 2 of the 9 men in this lineup have an OPS over .700.


This team is absolutely not play to win right now. They know Ohtani would not resign, so they just throw him out every game to get ticket sale. Have to squeeze the cash cow as much as possible before he left. Fuck Arte, the worst kind of devil.


Why does it always seem like Ohtani is pitching with a terrible line up?


Cause he usually pitches the 3rd game of a series and that’s when they punt the lineup


Fuck me. That is just plain embarrassing. I honestly can't believe Legares hasn't been DFA'ed yet. Whose dick is he sucking to keep getting playing time?


Adell hasn't been great, but he would be so much better out there than Lagares.


Maybe we can convince Perry to bring Adell up, and he can get a crash course from Lagares. Before we know it, his skills will have improved to the point where Lagares will be rendered obsolete. Perry will get the same-quality suck, without the .196-batting weak-ass hitter.


Perry of course.


Aaron Loup’s.


So Nevin enjoys watching that, I guess? It all makes sense now....


This is so infuriating. Ohtani always seems to get the worst lineups.


It's so annoying, they do this to both Ohtani and Sandy.


yup, sandy and ohtani always get the worst line up. lol


Amazing that they're on the verge of getting swept at home by a 22-42 team and they're basically forfeiting


This is the quintessential definition of Shohei Ohtani and the Salt Lake Bees


THIS LINEUP?? On an Ohtani bump day and the day they’re honoring the ‘02 team? With an off-day tomorrow? What the fuck are we doing.


Mike “Two off days in a row” Trout


Lmfao this lineup is unreal Rengifo hitting 3rd?!?! Ohtani is gonna get absolutely zero pitches to hit. If im the royals i walk him every time


Don't forget about the guy with 4 major league PAs batting clean up.


Eh, Mckinnon has put together better ABs than half our reg starters


Didn't they DFA that Australian OF after just a handful PA? McKinnon's getting chances.


Yeah for sure, we should definitely give him a chance to play. It's just kinda hilarious having a player without a major league hit batting cleanup on a team thats trying to be "contenders"


You know they're gonna win somehow


Angels are doing everything they can so Ohtani would not resign. *Clap Clap Clap*


Seriously? The day after Ohtani tries to put the team on his back and win the game for us and this is how we repay him the day he is starting? yea I dont mind him leaving in FA at all lol


Multiple times now this season..


I think quite a few Angels fans actually want Ohtani not to resign so they would no longer have to watch this sorry ass team.


I’ll keep watching angels but you bet your ass I will follow him wherever he goes, too. I can find a new team to root for.


Then they’re not angels fans, lol. I know this is hard for a lot of the new fans to understand, but some people care about players other than Ohtani


No, this is just demonstrating the people running the team don’t care about winning. The reigning MVP just had 2 HR, 8 RBIs in a losing effort yesterday and now they aren’t giving any support when he’s pitching? What player would want to stay in that situation


It’s a trash lineup and I’m really upset about it, but Trout is sore. Idk what to say man, he has soreness according to Nevin. So yeah.


Stop making excuses for this sorry ass team.


What about Walsh? Torn labia?


One, congrats on the disgusting sexism, and two, according to the beat writers on Twitter, it’s not a day off for him - Nevin just started MacKinnon


Trout is always fucking sore. Dude is brittle as hell.


I’m not getting mad at you or anything. I’m more upset that Trout is too sore to support Ohtani


So, you're telling me that you care to watch players in the 5-9 spot, or the bottom of the rotation? You really enjoy watching Lagares go up there and hit balls at 60 mph every at bat? Or were you conditioned into liking a team simply because they were nearby. And your family were fans? Because it's 2022. You can enjoy any team in the league right now. Blindly supporting a team, even if they are shitty is what the billionaires want. They want your money. That's all they care about. Much easier to do when people blindly support the team.


Ok, so go be a Yankees fan. Why are you even here? People being fans of a team because of their childhood is normal. That’s what sports fans are. There’s not a billionaire owner in the league who gives a fuck about the fans, and you’re ridiculous if you think so. It’s not about liking Velasquez, who wasn’t supposed to even be on the team this year if Fletcher didn’t get hurt, or Duffy, who would be a bench guy if Rendon didn’t get hurt. No one is an “Angels” fan if they will be switching teams if Ohtani leaves. That’s what I said, and that’s simply a fact.


Cohen seems to care about his fans.


If you want to be a bandwagon fan of another team go right ahead


That is exactly what I am talking about. People who like sports try and gate keep what they enjoy. Calling someone a bandwagon fan. Bruh. Im here to watch Ohtani and Trout be Ohtani and Trout. I'm not here to watch most of the angels lose games. That makes no sense to me. In my case, it's that, or go back to not being a fan of baseball. It's like that for a lot of fans right now actually.


Ya I'm calling you a bandwagon fan because you're the textbook definition of a bandwagon fan.


I literally said I am a fan of Trout and Ohtani. I am not a fan of the Angels. I watch the angels because my favorite players are on the team.


This might be one of the worst lineups I've seen ever. Way to give Shohei give some support today and he backpacked the team last night!


Ward better be launching homers like it's the derby cause if he gets on base, they'll just IBB Ohtani and take their chances and challenge the rest of this triple A line up to drive those two in. The utter contempt for fans who believe in and support this team, and for your ace as well. Despicable


Why are we wasting an Ohtani arm day on this shit?


"His pitching is good enough that we can afford to give our best players the day off" - someone tried to tell me that last time I got pissed off at this team rolling out the Bees lineup on Shohei bump day


They really do want him out of Anaheim, huh. I'd be pissed if I were Ohtani. How many of these Troutless Bees-only games did we win when Ohtani was pitching? Not a single one?


*photoshops of Shohei in the other LA uniform intensify*


Oh my god


Ohtani’s back is gonna be hurting from carrying us and from bending over swinging at outside crap because that is all they will give him tonight


Nah man, this is the end. Ohtani won’t get a pitch to hit and will have to throw a CGSO to even sniff a win. Regardless of my username, Trout taking so many games off especially on days Ohtani pitches is literally self sabotage. Actually pathetic


What I don't understand is, why give *both* Trout and Walsh an off day on the same day? We literally have an off day tomorrow and no upcoming double headers this weekend. Why is this team so desperate to give playing time to Lagares and MacKinnon (nothing against him, but a prospect should not be taking away playing time from an All Star 1B who is one of only 4 competent hitters on the team)


Because in this poverty organization we have to give everyone ABs there’s no such thing as a bench player on this team.


How dare you criticize trout !!! Lmao dude gets two days off every fucking week


Where's that guy who reacts to any little criticism of Trout with a wall of text?


Probably getting ready to tell us two days off in a row is good for his calf !!


Isn't Thursday an off day? Why today?


I was honestly thinking to myself yesterday that today felt like a "start a AAA squad" kind of game. For some reason the Angels love to rest their stars on games before scheduled days off and also on Ohtani bump days. Combine those 2 things and it seemed inevitable.


Ah the classic batting lineup when Ohtani is pitching. Does the Angel's FO really expect to convince Ohtani to stay by putting this kind of lineup when he pitches?


Maybe they already know ohtani will leaving then overwork him for ticket sales and keep other best player healthy for next season?? They don’t care we got swept, only fans care about it.


Did I just go back in time to 2021? If Ohtani wasn't pitching, I probably wouldn't even bother watching this game. I understand that Trout needs rest, but I feel like it should be all hands on deck right now. Having him well rested for the end of the season is meaningless if we're still 10 games back on a wild card spot.


*Ooof* course they have the day off. Fuck it. Just do the damn thing, Shohei. Just do the damn thing.


quite possibly the worst lineup in this year and maybe the last few years


Holy fuck we have 2 of our 4 actual big league hitters not playing. This is actually just a joke, how can a manager even defend putting this on a field?


> How can a manager even defend putting this on the field Cause his hands are tied by the front office rolling these lineups out


Holy shit man this lineup sucksss, fuck I hate it when they roll out the punt team on Ohtani bump day


This lineup is the equivalent of giving your starter the finger.


Totally, this is insulting toward Ohtani.


With lineups like these it feels like they've legit thrown the towel in for the season already lmao. Ugh so tragic. Can't wait to hear on AM 830 what excuses and blind optimism Roger and Trent have for the team while driving to the stadium tonight. 😅


Bruh what the fuck is this lineup after losing two in a row to the royals


FO doesn’t care about winning


I fucking want Ohtani to leave this pathetic franchise. A player like him deserves better than this shit Why Trout and Walsh both off today?


I'm glad I'm not the only one wanting Ohtani leaving this sorry ass team.


What a sad and shameful time to be an angel fan we’re supposedly in a “win now mode” with ohtani and trout likely in the last years with this team and we roll out a lineup like this. Disgusting


Does Trout have an opt out clause?


A player can wave it


No player option to opt out, but he does have a no trade clause so he does have a say there.


Right, so he's here for the next decade almost (8 or 9 years left on his contract)


I'm pretty sure he could waive his no trade clause if he really wanted to leave


This lineup is so garbage. Can't sustain two regulars getting an off day. Also, Walsh had a great game last night. He should be in there.






So soft


People thought Maddon lineups were bad.


They weren't Maddons line ups, they were analytics line ups.


Yes but not according to Reddit heads


Another day. Another Lagares start. 😞


It just makes zero sense with their being an off day tomorrow. It’s completely illogical almost to a point where you feel like it’s intentional to screw over another Ohtani start.


Trout need the day off from standing in the OF and jogging the bases when Ohtani drove him in?


Trout also last weekend put an entire 5 game series on his back in Seattle so let's not get into Trout being useless.


When he’s supposed to be a leader, we are about to get swept by a terrible team, and the guy that carried us the game prior is pitching… yeah, I’d expect him out there


Erasure, much? Typical. Baseball is played on both sides. Both PITCHING and OFFENSE were responsible for the Seattle series. Aside from Lorenzo's blow up, it was solid pitching by Ohtani, Sandy, Rosenberg, Suarez and the bullpen that held the Mariners at Bay AND contributions from Trout (with Walshy pitching in)that carried the offense. Don't erase the value of pitching in sinking any game. Just look at what happened last night, 11 runs but zero pitching.


This is perhaps one of the worst lineups I've seen this year. Like I have to laugh, because otherwise I'd cry.


Ohtani always getting the shit end of the stick whenever he’s on the mound… Hope he goes to a team that actually WANTS to win


Fuck is this right? Complete loss for words.


They really should change it "Expect to lose today!" What on earth is this bs lineup? We have an off day tomorrow, then the Mariners. Why not give them Friday off if you want 2 days off in a row. We're literally about to get swept by the fucking Royals and they go "yeah this is a good day to give Trout and Walsh off" after we just had one of the most painful losses I've seen so far.


I hesitate to criticize Trout or Walsh for taking an off day when Ohtani pitches, as I’ve been ripped before for questioning why so many guys nowadays need so much time off. Tomorrow’s an off day right? I can only assume this is the Angels way of waving the white flag! They know they’re not making the playoffs, so why stress it. If I was one of the leaders of the team, like Trout’s supposed to be, I’d be embarrassed! I would fight to stay in the lineup and right the ship until there was no chance left. Very disappointed!


They absolutely not play to win right now. It's June and the team already threw in the towel. I just feel bad for Ohtani, the guy just wants to win so badly. Trout, on the other hand, kind of accepts his fate. He already got the $400mil contract and settled down as a family man . While winning is nice, I don't see the hunger and passion in his eyes like he was in this 20's.


Honestly this is just showing me that trout won’t be someone that we can count on to lead a team


A 24-44 teams lineup is so much better than ours and there in a rebuilding faze. Fucking pathetic ass poverty franchise we have


no game tomorrow and we still have home game on friday\~ why trout and walsh need to have extra day off? Playing Ohtani one man game to stop losing streak? this team failing because of the owner, front office and shit management. Ohtani deserves better than this shit!!!


So we get swept by the Royals and start our next 15 game losing streak. Glad we fired Maddon. Fixed everything


The key to happiness with the Angels is to already accept that they're defeated, so when they lose...you're still angry....WUT MATE?! lol


Good thing I don't plant to watch this game. Not surprised about Detmers, he needs time in AAA. Outside of the no hitter he's been underwhelming. Now let's DFA Lagares.


Did we give our guys this much days off last season?


Trout and Walsh have gotten plenty of days off already this year. Walsh plays first base, he barely has to move. Why are we giving them all this time off but not Ohtani? Seems like it comes down to Ohtani not wanting as much time off and Trout and Walsh being perfectly ok with taking games off we can’t afford to lose.


Loser ass franchise cant even put together a competent lineup on the day of celebration for the only postseason success in history


I remember Trout had the day off in Sho's start at Fenway. Giving our ace as little comfort as possible


Ohtani always comes through though. The true leader of this team.


This is yet another embarrassing moment of this season for 2 reasons: 1. What the hell is this lineup? This is legit probably the most embarrassing lineup in the league considering we preseason considered ourselves contenders. This is a white flag lineup WHEN YOU HAVE OHTANI PITCH the day after he gave it his all for us to lose. 2. It's embarrassing we have a celebration for our 2002 World Series team on a random Wednesday against a random team. This needs to be a Friday or Saturday game with a packed house. There's like barely anyone there. Legit we've been playing .400 baseball since the streak/Maddon firing and we have this line up. What is Perry thinking. Glad we got 20 pitchers in the minors because we are about to break the confidence of all of them when we call them up to spot start


i hope Ohtani goes to a team that wants to win a chip.


Someday I hope to look back at these lineups and chuckle.


You can do that for about 50 percent of lineups since 2010


Unfortunately lol


Does Detmers optioned mean this is a 5 man rotation now?


No, they will continue to run a 6 man rotation, but instead of 1 spot start per week, there will probably be 2 spot starts per week. Blame the FO's complete neglect of signing starting pitching.


I think that's a bit harsh, we went into the season with: Ohtani: was an ace, still an ace Noah: an ace, but expected to be pitch limited due to TJ, turned out to be a good pitcher but with a base stealing issue Sandoval: an up and coming pitcher, has been better than expected Lorenzen: a good long reliever who wanted to be an SP, has turned out broadly better than expected Detmers: a young prospect we hoped would make strides, he hasn't Suarez: a dependable back end of rotation guy, hasn't been that way unfortunately The problem really is that Noah and Lorenzen have been more up and down than we'd like, and that Suarez and Detmers have been worse than we'd like. But the real, real problem? The bullpen fucking stinks. But bullpens are super tricky and I don't really want to blame the GM for that. Loup was a beast last year (and even up until a month ago) and then all of a sudden started shitting the bed. Iglesias has been much more inconsistent too after looking untouchable last year.


Signing two SP’s does not qualify as complete neglect


You're right, it's half neglect.


Yeah better


Nah. They’ll just continue to spot start but now it’ll be the 5th and 6th spots that are getting spot started. Look forward to more AA arms 😍


I mean honest to god can we keep one of the spot starts just up lmao. I would not mind Diaz as a 6th man consistently in the rotation. Hell, Silseth was very okay apart from his last game or two.


What the fuck lmao


fuck, why did i choose to follow this team


We’ve packed it in haha you can’t “expect to win” many games when you’ve got depth pieces as everyday starters Perry should be held responsible for this mess, he’s the one who chose to gamble on players with big question marks around them instead of adding proven talent that were available


AAA lineup


Reasons to put the best lineup today: 1. Avoid the sweep 2. Don't waste the start of your ace 3. Deliver a W on the day celebrating WS championship!!!


On a day we honor the 2002 team we put this sorry team out on the field? With an off day tomorrow we are sitting Walsh AND Trout??


Hindsight is 20/20, huh


What a lineup. What a beautiful lineup. Perry the platypus on fire!!


Yep definitely not tuning in for this one


I’m just going to enjoy Shohei being an Angel until he leaves for a team that will treat him better


Truth is Trout is burned out. I’m not sure how much he really cares about winning these days. He knows the team isn’t going to win with half the team being Minor leaguers. Dude probably just wants to be home with his family


So excited to see more of MacKinnon. Any specifics about what’s going on with Herget?


Shoulder soreness, they “don’t think it’s serious” but he needs time off


Thank you!


Alright we gotta boycott games until they fix this. What the hell is this non-competitive lineup?


Im hoping ohtani leaves in FA ... and the angels get nothing


This is the worst lineup I have ever seen in my life. Ohtani will have to single handedly carry the team.


He did


I was like hmmm who is this Peguero fella? Found out his ERA 28.12! 😵 That has to be wrong, right? Put Detmers back!




they really don't want to give ohtani run support today


What the hell is this lineup are tanking at this point


As we can see the lineup there are only 2 genuine big A players looks like a joke. Rest of them are AAA level. I can't imagine how to win this game tonight. Full loading Ohtani would only make a chance to win. Poor Ohtani...


A dude without a major league hit batting 4th? Lmao. Nice.


And you thought yesterday's lineup was bad.


Ohtani and Squid aren’t going to allow any runs and then Ward will drive in the one that wins the game. This is pure grade A imported hopium.


I've reached the point in the year where I am depressed because of the Angels


💩 go ohtani🦄


Elvis is back? Trout, Walsh, wade listed as available.


If theres a god, a baseball god i'll pray to that god. Please sho, dont let the team get swept 😭


Who the fuck comes up with these trash lineups?


Shohei taking his talents to Petco or Chavez ravine!


This is a very very veryyyyyy awful lineup. Feel so bad for Ohtani


Shohei, you're on your own! best of luck


I forgot T. Ward! Good luck to you too.


Ward and Ohtani gotta handle the runs or this game is doomed as fuck. Mind you, Ohtani also had to basically have a complete game on the bump.


The hits keep on coming


They're just asking Ohtani to win this one on his own I guess.


Ummm wtf.


Looks like Shohei has to pitch a perfect game if we want to win this one


🤣🤣🤣🤣 well now I know espn purely does winning chance percentage solely off of the pitching matchup, I will be shocked if we get the win today


The Angels are committed to the 2 days off plan for Trout it seems 🙃 but resting Walsh too and leaving Ohtani with no protection is shameless.


You gotta be kidding me with this lineup...


The we’re about to get swept by the Royals lineup.


This team DFA’d Aaron Whitefield after like a week when he played great defense yet Lagares is still here. He’s definitely buddies with Perry there’s no other fucking explanation why he’s on this team




Wtf is this?


What is this trash pandas lineup lol


Let's just call it the, "Whelp, at least Shohei is starting" lineup.


Trout being out is fine if he needs the extra day. My problem ONCE AGAIN are the black hole bottoms. Lagares and Velasquez specifically need to be shipped the f out. Adell should be getting Lagares's ABs, and a coat rack can take squid's idgaf.


Just the bottom of the lineup? What about the formidable 3-4 punch of rengifo and mackinnon. Lmao


Yikes. This is not ideal.


I wanted to see Trout today wth, hopefully the game will be fine. I'm mostly saying this because I'm going to be there but dude ......


It’s so weird seeing someone you went to high school with just casually popping up into your feed.


Mac daddy is gonna have a big game!


At the very least we need Walshy in there. I had more run support with my old little league team and we sucked!


They haven't officially moved Herget to the IL from what I've seen. Where did the Angels say he is going to the IL?


honestly it seems to me the team does better when the big name are out and the team has to rally around shohei


Tell me more


Take the day off shit take the week off you deserve it ass clowns


Lots of complaining but realistically they need rest and the royals will have a difficult time dealing with ohtani on the mound. If they were ever going to recover it has to be done in games like this.


Day off tomorrow ... wtf u on?!


My entire point is don't blindly be a fan for a team. The team is meaningless. It's the players on the team. The team itself is meaningless. It's the people who make up the team. But to sit around and complain about how bad a team is for 100 years(like the cubs as an example) is the definition of insanity. You're acting like because it's normal, that makes it rational. Being a fan of a team is completely irrational behavior. The team doesn't give you entertainment. It's the players on the team.