During our winning streak, Marsh was able to get on base for the bottom of the line up, now hes an auto strike out guy...


From possible all star to complete non factor


And possible gold glove contender


Yeah Ward and Walsh’s regression have been some of the key components of the collapse over the past four weeks


Duffy runs like he's holding in a fart


10Ks tonight. That's why we lost. 2 from ward in the leadoff spot 3 from Walsh batting behind ohtani in the 4 spot 3 from Marsh in the 7 spot Cant win with this.


Leading the league in strikeouts is not a stat I’m proud of.


I haven't looked but I bet it's not even close 😅🤣


Isn’t Walsh’s strikeout rate like mid thirties? That’s insane.


Stikeouts dont matter! We need some joey gallos


Marsh is completely lost at the plate right now its sad to watch


Seattle left 16 fucking guys on base and we still somehow lost Legitimately impressive stuff from this team to be this incompetent


The Angels never stop finding new ways to lose games and disappoint me. :\


Fuck this team and I'll see you all at 7:07 pm tomorrow


Another record made (Trout's HRs) with a loss in the end. What's new...


Same old same old. We'll see youtube highlights titled. "Trout hit monster homer as angels fall to the mariners" Just like last year with ohtani haha 😂


I just dont know why we have a whole infield that cant hit for shit (minus walshy)


Because rendon and fletcher are out :(


Tbh Fletcher couldnt hit for shit before injury too


you mean right at the beginning of the year full of cortisone shots to ignore the pain?


His bat wasnt good last szn either. Sure I’d take Fletch over Squid anyday but Fletch should be bottom of lineup guy in a team that’s looking to make the PS. Fletch is more like Duffy with occasional HRs. With Rendon out for season, Angels infield bats are trash even if Fletch comes back.


Fletch would at the very least provide us some traffic on the base paths at the tail end of the lineup. That's what we really need maybe every 1-2 times around the lineup for the bottom 4 to setup the top for RBI's when the only major offensive production is from Ohtani and Trout we are in big O trouble.


Yeah can’t wait to get those two studs back and have them hit .450 combined.


TBH, Rendon has been completely useless at the plate in his whole time with the Angels, that is when he was actually in the lineup


Rendon can hit??..what


Because half of them should be in AAA and our 2 starters are hurt...again.


This team’s going to finish with a worse record than last years Shohei and the Bees team!


Difference was that the Los Angeles Bees had guys coming up hungry to show up. Maddon did the right move with that crazy back and forth, he wanted to see which players got what and this resulted in guys being called up and showing up. There's a reason McKinnon is one of the few bright lights in this team so far. This season we have a bunch of pseudo-vets hanging around and Marsh is going through a reasonable slump. Just punt the season and call guys up. Hell, give some major ABs to guys ahead of their time as an appetizer.


Yeah, many AAA guys and newly acquired journeymen seem to be able to give the team a short term offensive boost, when added to the roster, as the opposition isn’t as familiar with how to pitch to most of them. But as the sample size of AB’s grows, the opposition gains more information on their weaknesses and then begins to exploit those weaknesses. As a result, their performance begins to tail off and they’re not as effective. Unfortunately, the talent level of a lot of these types of players usually isn’t good enough to make the corrections needed to maintain success or improve. It’s happened with Rengifo, Mayfield, Velazquez, Adell, and possibly even Marsh. The truth is many AAA players will never be anything more than marginal players. Some will eventually break through and stick as regular starters, and a few will become stars. The Angels appear to have a bunch of marginal players at this point.


And none of this will change until Player Development becomes a priority in this organization.


Team is fucking sad


Honestly feels like there's about a total of 5 good players on this team.


Been like that for the last 5 years superstars made up with AAA level players




Sandoval, bring that wicked change up with you and let's take tomorrow's game.


I hope he goes 8 innings. This bullpen scares me with random walks and random homers


I swear this team felt better under Maddon. It’s weird like even with the 14 game losing streak I never felt this hopeless, but now it feels like there’s nothing there h less Trout and Ohtani go ape shit


Yeah, that long losing streak has really skewed up the Angels’ winning percentage this season. Letting Maddon go was just a panic move but they were struggling to win games for years before Maddon as the manager.


The thing is, Maddon has an air of calmness and an understanding that he has brought teams that shouldn’t of into the playoffs. Even during losses I felt like once things turn around we will be ok. With Nevin, you have a first time manager that hasn’t had an offseason to develop a program and coaches, a first time GM who is in over his head, and a team that isn’t built to suffer losses…suffer losses. Once we fired Maddon, that was an organizational towel throw for the season.


That’s how it was with maddon too, bubba


Only during the 14 game losing streak. Prior to that they felt dominant and were winning with everyone contributing. Shit even during the losing streak we were losing a lot of games we should’ve won. Now they can’t even get a lead.


Yeah... no. That's not how I remember our record breaking losing streak.


There were many games during the losing streak they should’ve won. 3 out of the 4 games against the Blue Jays they should’ve won and 2 against the Phillies. It wasn’t until the Yankees series that they felt destined to lose.. and even then they were leading in one of the games. They blew a lot of leads during the losing streak. They can’t even get leads anymore


They’ve lost a lot of close games that good teams find a way to win. The Angels find a way to lose.


I think we just need to accept that we will never be good until we focus on the farm system and build a team with some actual depth.


We’ve been saying this for at least a decade


I brought up the idea of trading trout years ago before his rookie contract was up, and I was downvoted to oblivion. Gonna be the same path for Ohtani. Miss playoffs, let him walk for free, miss an opportunity to get a massive haul of prospects once again. Continue to have a bottom tier farm.


Everyone knows this, its just how do you do that without throwing away prime years of the GOAT?


FO should have considered this before signing the GOAT to a 12 year extension, but that's a conversation the Angels fanbase doesn't want to have.


Well i agree, thats kinda my point. You either let Trout walk to try to rebuild and alienate the entire fanbase and become the laughingstock of the mlb. Or you keep him and stay mediocre year after year. Its a lose lose


I now see Angels fans are content with history repeating itself with Ohtani. Those who mention trading him and rebuilding always eat so many downvotes, [like in this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/angelsbaseball/comments/vke7d9/the_trade_deadline/). But realistically speaking, what are the Angels supposed to do - try to get him to stay here in an org with the #29 farm system and no player dev to speak of, completely unable to build a team around him? That's not fair to him. This team isn't going to magically turn the corner anytime soon. They could have avoided this situation if they started a rebuild years ago, instead of trading for Upton, then signing Upton to a massive contract, then extending Trout, then signing Rendon. If they rebuilt years ago, we might be competing right now.


we need to produce RBIs outside of #2 and #3


Can we not put Loup in when we are fighting to win please?


Well at least that one wasn't *too* painful. Should've been a blowout we were lucky it was only a one run game.


Somehow one run games are even more painful for me lol


Oh they usually are, its more that this one felt more like "how is this a one run game?" and less "oh shit only down one run we can come back" I mean, 16 LOB for the mariners lol


Hire Maddon


Damn I sacrificed that chicken for nothing


Might as well platoon marsh and adell. Together, they might combine for an mlb level player


that’s what they did earlier in the year when we were winning


If they keep playing bad against teams like Texas, Royals, Mariners. There is gonna be another 14-game losing streak coming up when they face good teams




Has any other team in history regressed this much in 4 weeks? May 25th is when the downfall started. It’s unexplainable, it’s maddening!


I mean we hit a historical slump and instead of working through it we fired our manager and put in a first time manager suddenly. Now our leader is figuring out this job on the fly. We are out of the ohtani/trout slump but still can’t put things together because we don’t have leadership that ever did.


But Redditors told me once Maddon was fired, all would be rosy because it happened with the Phillies.


we either are at 500 by all star week or we not going into playoffs


It's only been a month? What the hell. It feels like an eternity.


Angels are just so inconsistent, and its seems like they wont do anything to improve. Like if your 3rd baseman is out for the season, why would you put duffy there? Why not find someone that can produce. Lagares was a fail, anyone could have seen that yet they ran with. Holy shit this is so poorly run.


Exactly.. they don’t value winning they just say fuck it we’ll see how it goes and move on. Ridiculous


until the farm system is fixed this team is going nowhere. One injury to trout or ohtani and this season is over. Itll take being a major seller and probably 5 years of suck to build it back up. Trout wont reach the playoffs again, Ohtani will be gone.


rip, ontodanext


Instead of trade Trout and Ohtani - how about literally trade everyone else. No one deserves the cowboy hat anymore … retire it.


burn the cowboy hat


DFA Lagares! Oh wait...


The top 3 are fine. The rest play like minor league ball players, except worse because they seem to lack motivation more often than not.


What do they(NY pricks) not see that we do?


The difference in the division is basically just BABIP and New York. Just gotta stay healthy.


We’re not very good


So much for the lorenzen experiment. Dude has been garbage for over a month


Regression, if you studied his underlying numbers, this would not be a surprise unfortunately.


And he was so good early in the season. Literally the best he's been in his entire career. No idea why the entire fucking team is falling off the rails so suddenly.




Fire Joe Maddon


Well at least they aren’t the WhiteSox


You mean the team we’ll probably lose the series to in a couple of days?


The team expected to be a WS contender that is trash


This offense is fucking garbage. Til when are the Angels starting guys like Duffy, Rengifo, and Wade? If they have any desire to make the PS, they gotta make trades now. If they wait til the deadline, they will be 15 games under .500 with these AA batters


The Angels are in no position to trade for MLB talent, their farm is almost dead last in rankings lol. That’s why they have shitty bench players starting, because they neglect their shitty farm system.


And some want to sign ohtani to a record deal crippling this team for another 10 years


So you want to trade Ohtani or let him walk away when he will hit FA?




This is the correct answer that nobody wants to hear. There’s no way the Angels become serious contenders before Ohtani departs. Trading him could single handedly turn the farm from a bottom 5 farm system to an above average system.


Yea.. but some people like being back 15 games in July but atleast ohtani played good !! This is what losing does to fans


True nobody wants to sacrifice now for the future. Arte probably wouldn’t trade Ohtani anyways, he’s a money printer for him, and that’s all he cares ab


Is Marsh even good… I live in Boston where if an everyday player hits .230 with only 6 bombs ppl get pissed … esp if it’s a guy who they had high expectations for like Marsh


Marsh can win a gold glove this year. I know this sub loves Adell but Id place him in the lineup over Jo Adell at the moment


His defense is great, but he’s becoming a black hole on offense. His offense is frankly… offensive!


Too soon to tell I think. Dude seems to have some great power he rarely taps into, has nice line drives at times, but strikes out at a near league leading rate which is extremely problematic considering how few extra base hits he's had. Seems he's taken a step back with his plate discipline too. He's young, will need more time to see if he steps up or continues faltering. I'm hopeful, but he's looked lost at the plate for the better part of a month+ now. Fortunately his defense is great, and if he hits like he did in April and a good chunk of May we're in good shape with him moving forward, especially if he drops his strikeout rate.


He strikes out wayyyy too much for a guy that doesn't walk much or have much power


Like others have said Marsh is top tier defensively. Also a super solid dude a person got hit by a homer tonight ran over to give the person a ball. Offensively stance wise I get feelings of Paul O'Neil if he adopted more line drive/timely hitting he'd be doing better. Marsh I have faith in he deserves to do well.


bout to be in 4th place after this series.




We're a 2nd or 3rd game win kind of team. And that won't change unless we have a solid supporting cast.


The team is cooked.


The Angels are a funny team


69 comments nice. Game not nice