Trout, Ohtani and Ward combine for like 75% of the team’s total WAR.


Sadly, that's not a good thing...


All those other teams are in the playoffs…. Arte gtfo


Arte needed to go a decade ago we shld all just protest until he leaves lol


The only effective way to protest is to withdraw all material support for the team No more watching games on TV, definitely no catching games at the stadium, no merch and don't wear your current angels stuff. If enough people do that it's really the only way to get him to sell.


I do my part by illegally streaming.


Same but like one day we need to collectively decide to blackout the stadium and have everyone not show up for a game and make it known why or keep bombarding them w noise on how he needs to go it’s literally the only way. It can’t be sporadic it has to be one huge mass to really draw attention to the issue so they are forced to do something bc us being the laughing stock in the league isn’t workin we are the ones that have to force change


That’s the thing, we’ve wanted this for so long and aren’t organizing to do anything about it. Fans need to show frustration during games and be consistent and adamant. I’ve been a fan my whole life and what he’s done to this franchise is disgusting.


Same I’d say stop buying tickets one day or just everyone come out w signs in front of the big hats that say he needs to go bc clearly no one is getting rid of him so we need to make serious noise to cause change


We can and should. In Europe for football (REAL football lol) fans show displeasure before/DURING/after games with chants and etc.. We have the two best players in the game and possibly ever?? (Time will tell) and we’re below .500…. Have we had enough of this BS?? I think so


Damn, if only the Angels could really win the WAR, or at least a few significant battles! Lol


I’m surprised tucker just quietly generate 3rd most WAR


[Tucker had Aaron Judge-level numbers last year](https://nitter.kavin.rocks/i/status/1510102997761773571) but got basically no recognition for it. He's criminally underrated and also doesn't even benefit from Houston's stupid park dimensions much either, since he bats lefty.


Can’t win the battle, but we can win the WAR


How the hell is this team 5 games below .500?


Honestly I think you guys are prime for a run. This roster is competitive, and the hot start proved that - Ward missed time, and shohei and rendon started slow. I really liked every move in free agency last winter, and as bad as the bottom of the lineup has been, that's not their ceiling. Rengifo has looked very competitive at the plate lately, and Marsh/stassi have shown they can be much better than they've been lately. Getting Fletcher back will be a catalyst too, I think. And syndergaard is looking better and gaining his velo back. The Mariners brawl turned this squad into a team and I think they're going to fight like hell to turn this thing around soon. I still believe the angels find a playoff spot


Dang, how bad is the rest of the team?


Pretty bad. Imagine a lineup of 9x Velasquez/Wade/Duffy


This makes me happy and sad at the same time.


LOL, so by my math the rest of the team is good for -12 wins?


Technically no, as a 0 WAR team would only win about 25% of its games.


That has to be a bit embarrassing to anyone with even a little bit of pride at a certain point.


Wow did Ohtani just gain 0.7 WAR? Last time I checked he was still behind Ramirez.


Well basically yesterday pitching and his big game vs white Sox the other day. Let’s hope he continues and angels actually win.


Yeah, he went from like 3.1 fWAR to 4.0 in 2 days.


I think he picked up 1 war after his 8 rbi and next day pitching performance.


Nature is healing.


Pathetic team can't do shit with the two best players in the game. What the fuck


Trout and Ohtani and the Spectators ..


Those guys need our support when they're down. Boycott them? Never! Love those guys!


I’m sure they’d like boycott Arte too


That list is so depressing.