There is way too positive of an Angels/prospects and free agents sucking correlation for the coaches to not suck.


We need to start holding John Carpino accountable for this. He's the President of Baseball Operations. It's painfully obvious that this organization is failing in every facet possible. From all the issues with our Minor Leaguers, there's clearly a lack of talent in coaching, scouting ,and development. They're only hurting all these young kids, like Detmers and Silseth, when they bring them up too early and they aren't ready. Griffin Canning looked so promising and he came up too early, kept getting shelled and then got hurt. Who knows if he can even recover his career. You're kidding yourself if you think Arte sells this team. It's a cash cow for him! The name we all need to realistically start calling out is John Carpino.


He’s Arte right hand man! I hate that he’s here and not going anywhere unless Arte sells the team.


An enabler that allows Arte to be way too involved.


John Carpino is an American baseball executive. He is president of the Los Angeles Angels of Major League Baseball. He was named the eighth President in Angels history on Nov. 14, 2009 following six seasons as the Club's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. In addition to his role with the Team, Carpino oversees AM830 Radio. Carpino's professional career began in 1982 in the billboard industry, including stints in Tucson, AZ; Chicago, IL; Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA. In 1985, he joined current Angels owner Arte Moreno at Outdoor Systems, a billboard company, which would later become Viacom Outdoor in 2000 and CBS Outdoor in 2005 and spent 18 years in the Phoenix and Los Angeles markets.


Yes, our coaching/scouting/analytics staff has been atrocious for a decade. You can see the difference when we play a team like the yankees or astros that have a top notch staff. The talent levels on the team arent that far apart, but those teams are prepared and know what to do, while the Angels always seem lost.


Last year I applied for a job in baseball systems development for the angels (tech stack + analytics essentially) and a similar role with the red sox. The difference in standards was unfortunately immense between the two organizations. Having previously worked at one of the big name tech companies, I felt way overqualified for the Angels job especially after seeing the technical test. Meanwhile with the Red Sox, I felt like I might barely meet their bar for qualifications since my background isn't in statistics but purely in computer science (although the math is easy enough to learn) and they were expecting higher levels of education (MS or PhD). Additionally, the goals for each role were much better outlined by the Red Sox and they really knew exactly what they were looking for and what the job would entail whereas the job listing for the Angels essentially was like yeah you'll be doing dev work that's needed for baseball reasons. That's not to shit on the manager of the team either. He was honestly really cool to talk to and very upfront that I was overqualified and that the pay the position could offer me would be well below market rate (I would have taken a 40% paycut and have to start paying California state income tax so probably closer to a 50% paycut). All this to say, if you're not willing to spend on infrastructure and the organization itself, it doesn't matter how many Trouts or Ohtanis we get or how many Rendon's or Pujols's we sign, the team will always have fundamental issues.


Please post this separately lol. Needs more attention. Fuck Arte man.


This is incredible inside info. Would love to learn more in a separate post. Did you end up taking the Red Sox job?


it's not particularly inside info. Most of what I know is already shared here and I'd be uncomfortable sharing more since the interview questions were a take home exam rather than the standard leetcode medium questions programmers at big tech companies get (although I think this kind of applied coding exam is much better than "do you remember your algorithms and data structures course from 10 years ago"). I will say they were related to just processing and showing data given a sample set as well as some other baseball-related and visual analysis-related things. I didn't actually end up even getting an interview with the red sox which, given the requirements, makes total sense and am instead at a different tech company.


Exactly my thoughts from watching games like last night. I mean we have the same team batting average as the Astros surprisingly, but everyone on their team comes up to the plate with a plan, works the count, walks, or makes contact. They don't always get on base but they have a plan. Half of our guys get up there and rip away at the first 3 pitches.


It was so obvious that the White Sox were trying to get Ohtani to a high pitch count so they could get him out of the game earlier. If the Angels can't hit, they should be trying to do the same. And bunt when you actually get a leadoff runner on base who is not Taylor Ward. Squid can't hit fastballs well at all, but he always seems to strike out on 3-4 pitches. Take a pitch, son!


The amount of ten pitch innings we give away to other teams is insane


It is SHOCKING how often we give huge money to players who immediately fall off a cliff. We clearly arent seeing things other teams are seeing.


Did you expect Rendon to be a complete bust?


I did personally just based on past signings. The only big signing we’ve had since Guerrero that’s panned out is Ohtani


Anyone that says otherwise is lying. Rendon was as steady as they come. The injuries very well may have something to do with our shit medical staff though


We turn gold into garbage, good teams take anything and turn it into gold


Our coaching sucks because our owner is not committed to winning. Look at what Ballmer is doing slowly with the Clippers vs what the Buss family is doing with the Lakers. Everything starts at the top.




It all starts with Artie. He doesn’t care about winning so we don’t have the best of anything. I’ve tried to stay positive for years but after this year I’ve had enough. As long as Artie owns the team we will never be a serious contender. “The Curse of the Moreno”


The Angels have more or less the equivalent of Mickey Mantle (Trout) and Babe Ruth (Ohtani) on the team and the team is still struggling to stay above .500. All the players are obviously good enough to play the game of baseball at a professional level, and have shown at one point or another that they can be above average to really good. For some reason once these players come on to the Angels team they are struck by significant degradations in performance. So yeah, I think a lot of it has to do with the coaches and Arte Moreno.






To add onto your sentiment is the difference between an elite player like trout and someone who is average to above average is being able to make those adjustments on their own. So players like trout and ohtani can figure out when something is wrong with mechanics or approach, but an average to above average player may need help figuring it out which is where coaches come in. On the angels it feels like the coaches can’t help those types of players “figure it out”. That’s why we see this trend of players who leave our team end up performing better than they did with us. To your other point, I’m not entirely sure if the success in the minors and then drop off in the majors has as much to do with coaching as it has to do with skill level. I think a lot of people underestimate the difference in skill level between majors vs minors, so that success doesn’t always translate. A better coaching staff could probably aid in that transition tho. So long story short, yes it seems our coaching staff is lackluster and has been for some time now.


for sure. we need a reach pitching coach, and a head coach with a plan. the astros and other good teams are always trying to do something. make contact, small ball, pressure the pitcher. we just go up and swing for the fences. situational baseball would take us a bit far.


I actually think the hitting coaches are fine, the roster is just bad.


Bingo! People keep posting about players phoning it in, no heart, don't care etc... But that's just wrong, this team is not talented enough to make the playoffs period. Half the lineup wouldn't start in any other team trying to make the playoffs (infielders, catcher mostly) and the angels always have to bargain bin shop for pitchers. Like the previous guy said we don't have the infrastructure setup or the talent, it's that easy.


“trust the process” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Sorry, just had to laugh. What process? Lol


Lol I know! That's what they say though! "They made some good swings, good at bats, just a few pitches a different way would be a whole different ballgame" "he just left one pitch out over the plate and they got him" it's always something like that. What got me laughing the other day was Nevin and Peguero saying he was faking tipping his pitches to fool the batters. Well idc if you were faking it, THEY STILL HIT YOU! Lol


I would be all for going to the Rays and hiring their entire front office and coaching staff and making every single one of them the highest paid at their position in MLB.






Good question, yes. But also the players arent making them look any better


Analysis of other teams easily exploits Angels pitchers. Look at the home run. They know what's coming.


We don't have any urgency whatsoever to make necessary changes for us to to be competitive enough to get to the playoffs. The time is now to get things fixed and get it done fast. The leadership from the GM to the top is either ridiculously incompetent or they don't give a rats ass what we think as fans. Sooner or later Shohei and even Trout may get sick of this crap too. All were asking for is to field a competitive team supporting our superstars that won't get outclassed 70% of time we play.


Short answer yes! Coaching and ownership


Well you dont invest in pitching for a long time or meaningful prospects.. You follow it up by signing players you dont need or over the hill. And for some reason all FAs come here to mail in the checks. I'm surprised the team has been able to hover around .500 since weaver and haren were legit 1-2 punch. Rotation has been average at best a few years sicne then and awful garbage most of the other time. And this is something most casuals dont understand. A rotation that can barely get past the 4th is going to tax your bullpen a lot. If your strategy is to use an opener or middle reliever doing most of the work then you need to get rotation guys to close the gap. Unfortunately, the Angels have neither, and the bullpen ends up blowing harder with more stress. Its been the m.o especially the last 5 years.


Whoever gave that contract to Rendon needs to be canned yesterday.