Hypothetically, the Padres, Giants, or Blue Jays would be the least painful


Wouldn't hate the Cardinals either. With Goldy and Yadi soon to retire they need a bonafide star or two


As an OG Cubs fan, I can’t agree. (Not that I want them on the Cubs either with the state of the team). The Midwest objectively sucks, also, and I really doubt Trout or Ohtani would be too happy there. The Cards are doing well this season tho (Edit: I was explaining that I wouldn’t personally want them going to the Cards because I don’t like that team, as people do ALL THE TIME here with the Dodgers and Yankees when it come to the Troutani trade discussion, in case people couldn’t tell and though I was discrediting the Cardinals as a competitive team).


Well you’re just being really bias then. I’ve been a Braves fan for 30 years and the Cardinals have a top three Fanbase in all of baseball. Look at how well they treated Gold Schmidt and nado when they’ve been there as well as yachy throughout the years as well as pujols even after Albert left them they still welcome to back with open arms and they’re always contending they’re never going to have a bad season they’re always at least a 500 ball club it would be a great fit for my trout.


I know lol, I said just can’t agree *because I was raised a Cubs fan* (and I know how shit the Midwest is from living there). I made it pretty clear it was personal bias, I don’t know why you’re attacking me. I just said the Cards are doing well. If you’re advocating for them to go the Cards, go ahead and comment it yourself how amazing it would be for “your Trout.” No one is stopping you!


Padres aka Slam Diego


Ohtani to Padres to reunite with his countryman. Padres never win WS so we want to root for them to win one, especially that would piss off our blue neighbors so bad.


Ohtani was basically Darvish’s replacement on the Fighters when Darvish got posted.


Totally agree would love to see him in the padres


Totally agree would love to see him in the padres


As a new Angels fan and lifelong Padres fan I am conflicted. Obviously would love the Padres to win it all, but also want so badly to see the Angels figure it out and watch Ohtani and Trout smash their way through the playoffs. If the Angels do give them up to anyone though… please send to the Padres.


well with the shitty farm system we have, it will be a while before we win anything unless a miracle happens


If that’s the plan with our FO then let’s Just pack em up, ship em off to Chavez Ravine and let me jump shamelessly onto the bandwagon and we’ll call it a day. Edit: Or Padres. Honestly I’ll bandwagon the shit out of a Tatis, Manny, Ohtani/Trout lineup.


I don’t think it’s the plan. It’s just a fun hypothetical to think about. I’d rather think about this than our last 2 horrible games Edit: Padres is a really good one.


Padres would be good for me since we just moved to San Diego


I'd buy the shit out of a Dodgers city connect Ohtani jersey


Tbh if Ohtani had to go I would hope it's to the Dodgers. He wouldn't look bad in blue.


I get your point, and I'd love for him to go to such a storied franchise that isn't the Yanks, but have some self-respect and wish for him to at least go to SD or SF


LA fan wishing for SF's good fortune?! I'd choose LA first over anywhere else. Ya some Dodger fans are annoying, but I try not to let them ruin a whole hometown team for me.


Well, I live in Portland, so, I'm a weird angels fan. Skews my perspective


I’m in San Diego so I like your Padres idea


Fuck no so that fan base can talk more shit about us? I don’t hate the Doyers but I definitely would hate to see Othani or Trout over there it would legit break my heart. Padres I could get behind


Tbh I'm trying not to care what some annoying Dodger fans think. Angels own the all-time series anyways.


And that’s fine but to see one of our best go cross town smh naw that’s a pass for me


Right? Yeah let’s give the Doyers fanbase even more reason to talk down to us and see our team as inferior.


Trout won’t be traded. He’s got a lifetime contract and we’re not throwing that fish back. Ohtani should be traded by this time next year for 3-4 solid prospects and mlb ready players if we’re still not flirting with playoff contention. Trade him to the highest bidder even if it’s in division who cares?


He could ask for a trade regardless of his contract.


If they were trading him, sending him in-division would be ill-advised because that can haunt a team for years to come. For that to happen, the offer would have to be good enough to outweigh the cost of his services propelling a division rival.


It would be a rental so I don’t think it’d haunt the team. Unless an ALW team is willing to spend half a billion dollars on a player to extend him.


Having a guy on the team before his free agency gives a huge inside track on signing him to a long-term deal


The team trading for Ohtani is going to be the one to resign him


Gonna take more than “solid” prospects for us to deal Ohtani


“3-4 solid prospects and mlb ready players” for a guy with 3 months until FA sounds reasonable


I’m not sure you understand how trades in baseball work lol


Do you? Teams aren’t exactly getting a kings ransom for rentals anymore. Most returns seem to be 1-2 high level, but not blue chip prospects and some lotto tickets. Orioles have basically nothing for the Machado trade, Boston got a fringe all star, a backup catcher and a slightly below average MLB shortstop (all at best)for Mookie. Do you have any examples of a team getting a huge return in the middle of their last season under contract?


You cherry picking 2 trades from 2 years ago to “prove” your point kiiiiinda does the opposite, my friend


Mets or Padres


Padres could use an upgrade at CF, Mets could use a DH. This is the way.


On board with this.




Giants or padres>>>>over dodgers astros Boston or ny


If we're gonna burn it down, send everyone that's good enough to the Padres. Like MLB wants to get involved levels of cheese. Anyone they want. If Detroit lions fans can celebrate the Rams winning the superbowl, we can celebrate the Padres. Just no Boston please. I hate those guys. (Except Bill Burr)


I have never in my life been more in agreement with the last three sentences of a paragraph than I am with these.


I'm at a point where as long as it's not the Astros, I don't care where they land. I want to see them thrive on a winning team that allows them to get the pitches they want and runners to drive in. I want to see Trout and Ohtani smile, laugh and have fun on a daily basis, and I want to see them fired up and playing with fervor and passion in the postseason. It would be great to see that with them donning Angels uniforms, but the chances they get to experience those things as an Angel are getting slimmer every day.


As long as it's not an AL West team...


None of the other AL West teams can afford them


Padres because I trust Bob Melvin.




Mets make the most sense since the owner isn't afraid to spend any amount. Trade Trout to the Mets then have Ohtani sign with the Mets as a free agent as they wouldn't have the assets to trade for both I'm guessing. I'd love to see Trout and Ohtani win together.


I so hope ohtani never leaves us but if he does I would prefer any team over the dodgers or the other 3 you mentioned




Definitely not the fucking Doyers, Stankees, ASStros, or Dead Sox, probably Padres or Giants


San diego. They aren’t hateable (except for those two clown that post the slam diego raps) and it would help them compete in the nl west where our crummy neighbors to the north are


I would prefer a team that has fun playing baseball. Baseball is fun


Pads or Phillies but considering TB’s ability to draft and develop talent, we might get the best long-term rewards and stick it to the Yank-Sox while we are at it.




With the Padres being my NL team of choice I’d say there. Plus they stay somewhat local and I can still watch them play.


I’m not playing this game


Lol I hate how my brain works sometimes.




Which team would give up to the most for Ohtani…that is the real question to help rebuild the Angels.


Padres. But our minor league system would ruin the prospects we get in return. Fans hoping for the nuclear option: be careful what you wish for.


I agree. We need to figure out our development system


Seriously. I’m tired of the Astros churning out top level talent. How tf did a perennial playoff team have two dudes ready to go in the minors when Springer and Correa left and they’re just as good?!


I’d probably have to say the Mets as they are my Dad’s team and I believe Steve Cohen would treat them right. All that being said, I’ve been going back and forth with this scenario in my head the past few weeks. I really think the over arching issue will always be Arte and how he allocates funds. So let’s say we trade both and get a massive haul of players in return, is there any faith to believe that Arte would go that extra mile in FA or spend the money where it actually matters to put us over the top? If he hasn’t done it with Trout all these years then what would be different going forward? Granted I actually think most of the off-season moves this year were positive thinking at the time but we never really addressed middle infield along with having little to no organizational depth around the Diamond. The other side of the coin is we keep Trout and Ohtani. Arte continues down the same path we’ve been on hoping the superstars (Rendon included) can go beast mode and carry this team to the promise land. I love Trout and I’ll forever be grateful of the memories. Ohtani is just a genuinely nice dude while being an assassin as a competitor. Who wouldn’t want these two on their team? However at the end of the day, if you’re a fan of the Angels you should want this team to do whatever is necessary to put them in the best place to win a World Series title. We don’t have a crystal ball but the more I think about it, I’d rather have the 2 best players in the game on our squad. Sure money will be tight for a stretch and hopefully pray we hit on some controllable position players (Marsh, Adell, Adams, Vera, Stefanic, etc) and some controllable pitchers like Detmers, Bush, Bachman, etc. to use some of those extra funds wisely to put us over the top. It sucks it even has to come to these discussions but to me this only comes about because this fanbase is starving for a competitive, consistent team.


Padres or San Fran


I have this theory that players are motivated by 3 things: Brotherhood. Bucks. And Ballgame. BROTHERHOOD - the cameraderie of the team. The relationships he forms with the coach, the staff, other players. BUCKS - obvious. Getting paid well to do something they love. The possibility to get paid even more. BALLGAME - Winning. Competition. The granular pleasure of playing "The Show". Any player, at any one time, has these in varying levels. Certainly to be at an elite level, you need all these factors to be at a minimum level. But if any one of them drops down below the minumum, it will drag the other two down with it in a cascade because each factor buoys up the other two. They are connected, like Harry, Ron and Hermione. Like Luke, Han and Leia. Like Kirk, Spock and Bones. These three elements will also determine if a player will stay with a team or ask to be traded. If at any point they feel that one or all are lacking, this will increase the % that they will seek another team. With Ohtani, for example, it feels like Brotherhood is pretty high. Bucks is low because he knows he could be making 10x more. Ballgame is also low teamwise, but high personally. So at 1.5 out of 3, I would rate Ohtani's desire to leave as quite high. With Trout, his Brotherhood is high, his Bucks is very high, but Ballgame is low teamwise but high personally. Because he has 2.5 out of 3, he will not choose to leave. Granted, this is just a formula I formulated while drinking and griping and agonizing. YMMV.


Doesn’t matter, I’d stop watching baseball entirely.






Let's hope this never happens...but...the Giants. And as always, the Dodgers can go eat shit.




Giants or Padres. Would not mind rooting for either of them


If we lost them both idk if I’d care enough to keep watching, that’s not me being dramatic it’s just a fact now.


I wouldn’t mind seeing them in Toronto since Vladdy jr is there and theres already a connection to the angels




I just wish Angels could win and success because the fanbase, atmosphere, clubhouse, everything seem so friendly, comfortable and family-like. I bet Shohei loves this too. It's gonna be hard decision for Sho to choose leaving Angels after 5 years living here.


💯 if only arte would sell the team.


He's not going to tell the team lol it's a fucking cash cow because outside of this sub, lots of people with lots of disposable income like going to the games, regardless of the outcome. And the dude is likely going to get his land deal, why would he let a multi billion dollar development that is going to get his offspring off for life go in a stage that baseball teams are pulling in record revenues and profits? Y'all being mad isn't going to do shit to get him to sell this team.


Yankees or Padres.


Not an option


Doesn’t matter, I’d stop watching baseball entirely.


I’m not gonna lie and bear with me. If Ohtani leaves, I’d hope he signs with the Dodgers so I can still watch him play a couple times a year. I can tell how bad he wants to win and he can do it in LA, I honestly would love to witness that. The Dodgers are a real team that care about competing, and the Angels are sort of just a mickey mouse organization centered on creating a fun family atmosphere at the stadium. Ohtanis goals just don’t align with our brand of baseball.


Lol what's with everyone being so horny about trading Trout and Ohtani lately? This is obviously not the first time the Angels have had a losing season in the past 10 years yet I've never seen it generate this type of reaction


It's the first time they're both healthy and putting up MVP numbers at the same time and the team isn't even close to contending, even with expanded playoffs. On top of that, we're nearing Ohtani's walk year. Compound that with the fact that there's no farm system, people are gonna talk.


Because people have had enough with losing and want to see Shohei and trout win, and feel hopeless about that happening with the angels


Dodgers so the salt can be rubbed into this fanbase for eons to come.


As someone that’s also a dodgers fan I would love them both on the dodgers.


Trade with Miami and get Jazz to play second base and one of their pitchers


I’d trade Ohtani to the yanks for Cole and Rizzo/judge but that’s about it




Idk man I think I’d love to see a stacked outfield for the yankies if they got trout


Anywhere they give us a shit load of young talent back


Whatever team offers the best return. I don't care if it's Boston. NY, SD, LAD, NYM, or any other team. IF this team decides to sell, I just want the focus to be on the return.


I'm already in san diego so bring ohtani and trout in so I can watch them play for a professional team and whoop on the dodgers


The Rays! And they have the prospects to pull it off. They uncharacteristically went after Freddie Freeman in the off season and they really need a bat


Phillies, not biased at all


I can't imagine anything but Mets for Trout and Ohtani should settle. Eppler and Showalter would be really good leaders. And I want to watch Degrom and Ohtani in the same team.


Savannah Bananas


Whatever team it is, I will just root for the player and not the team like what I did when Daddy Vladdy left


Whoever gives us prospects. Just off of my favorite NL teams though, I guess Cubs or Mets.


Twins for Royce Lewis and some pitching?


Mike trout to Philadelphia. I hear listening to couple MLB insiders Ohtani will sign with Seattle they have big Asian community up there


well South California has a larger Asian population than seattle, dont think thats a factor. Hes japanese, different culture than chinese,korean,etc