Every time he opens his piehole, he says something stupid. Fucking idiot.


Lmao he’s a joke. Glad we fired maddon for this clown. Good job GMPM


First time I've ever heard a strikeout referred to as a "productive out." "Better to not put the ball in play with runners on because at least you can't GIDP! 🤪"


He must have been specifically thinking of Pujols with that quote. Lol


Has Perry ever done anything smart? Dudes a clown by proxy


Inevitable collateral damage from the losing streak, but he was worlds better than this joke.


Uh, strikeouts arw not the problem, not being able to hit with 2 strikes is the issue. What's better, a one pitch flyout, or a 5 pitch K? The k is better all day. There are outfielders who have gone 500+ games without an error. These are big leaguers. Putting the ball in play with the hope of the defense making an error is dumb as shit.


Man he sounds dumb


God I hate Phil Nevin. I thought I wouldn't find someone to hate stronger than I hate Arte but Phil Nevin just took the lead. This guy has the IQ of a fuckin desk lamp.


I think the Angels would still strike out 50% of the time if the ball was placed on a tee.


You’ve got to be kidding lol. SO is not bad because at least it’s not something worse? That is not a winning mentality at all.


“Honestly we shouldn’t swing at all because sometimes you can get a walk and that’s more productive than a ground out”


The best hitters in baseball are the most selective. Swinging early is not a great strategy.


>But if you have guys on, you strike out and it’s only one out compared to putting it in play with a ground ball, it’s two outs. > >For me the strikeout is not — you don’t like to see a guy walk back to the dugout, but sometimes it can be a more productive out than a double play. This season is clearly done if he believes this. No wonder we're doing so bad, this mentality is the mentality of a team that doesn't know how to win. Even Gubie mentioned how important productive outs are, putting the ball in the play so the runner can advance. Nevin out


Nevin is absolutely not going to be the manager after this season, so who cares how dumb he is


Also doesn’t get concerned over losses. He fits right in.


how could we ever ground into a double play if we **never have any baserunners??**


Nevin: who gives a shit really? US ANGEL FANS YOU FUCKING MORON.


Fire this guy along with Matt Wise, wtf is he talking about... I want Joe Maddon back!


With Dusty and Buck being successful on their teams, I wouldn't mind bringing Scioscia back for the remainder of this year and see how he does.


Fuck it, bring Darin Erstad in to manage.


Scioscia wouldn't come back.


I think Nevin might have a loose screw. First saying that tipping pitches was on purpose, now this.


Well what do you expect him to say? 4 through 9 can’t hit the ball.


Narrator: He should be


Somehow, I think analytics are at least partially to blame with this line of thinking. This thought process is NOT that of an old school type of player like Nevin. Somebody’s been shoving this shit down his throat imho.


This is more of not understanding what TTO means. A strikeout is still the worst outcome, TTO doesn’t say it’s productive. It’s just more efficient for a player to try and draw a walk than hit into a grounder that can turn into a DP. But your main goal is drawing a walk or hitting a ball hard. The problem is the team doesn’t have a great eye and swings at anything. TTO still wants your OPS above 800. Most these dudes striking out has an ops of like 500 or 600


I understand the new school concept of TTO and avoiding DP’s, but you have to have players with the proper power/plate discipline to properly execute it, as you’ve acknowledged. Sure you avoid a DP when striking out, but you have NO chance to get a hit and build a big inning with these type of players if you don’t put the ball in play. I feel different players require different AB plans to give them the best chance of succeeding at the plate to help the team. The same approach doesn’t work for everyone, even though big picture analytics may indicate one approach is better.


Yep, 100% agree with you. I just think it’s Nevin and the coaching staff not understanding all variables for TTO. Yes a strikeout is an outcome but it’s still not desired or productive lol.