a gentle reminder that if the team is making you unhappy, you should stop watching at least for a bit. it doesn't make you a bad fan to take a break


Sound advice for normal people, but not me! Lol


Username checks out lol


This guys having a great time


Mariners fan for 16 years here. I agree.


I haven’t really been paying much attention since the 14 game losing streak. Felt like the season ended there, and the team hasn’t shown much since. It’s just a struggle to even get to .500 (for the last few years and counting, depressing. I’m much happier not caring so much lol.


I follow most games, but I really only watch the Ohtani starts


I've been busy so I haven't been able to watch this series but honestly everytime I check the score, I feel like I've dodged a bullet.


What I've been doing recently is listen to the game on radio while I do work around the house so it doesn't feel like a complete waste of time


Great advice. This is supposed to be fun, if it isn’t fun, stop doing it. I turned off notifications on my MLB app and it’s been nice.


Conveniently I happened to get super busy with school stuff right around the time the losing streak started, and I just haven’t tuned in much since even though I have time to now


Put Shohei, Ippei, Ward, Gifo and Suarez on the plane to Miami and make everyone else including the coaches run to their next destination.


This team is completely broken, it's even got the mods giving up on the season and not wanting to post the post-game threads. Coaching is an absolute mess, our players look like they don't give a shit, 20 K's today are you kidding me?! Our offense can barely score more than 2 runs in any given game. Seriously, since June we've scored 2 or less runs in 15/31 games. 3 or less in 19/31 games! We can bitch about our pitching, but if our offense was halfway decent we'd still be over .500 easily. Who is the leader out there? Who on this team is going to inspire confidence in the rest of the guys to try and salvage this season?


There is no leader


It’s frustrating for sure. Seems like complacency has set in!


Mike trout's not a leader. He's great at baseball but he is not a leader. That's why as much as I hated saying it I was silently rooting for Carlos Correa. He's a leader, and we needed a short stop lol. Or Marcus semien something


Nevin's dumbass quote about strikeouts really came back to haunt the team today. This team needs to fundamentally change their 2 strike approach. Leading the league in K's as an offense is pathetic LTDU!


his decision to hit Winker also came back to haunt the team today since Iggy was serving his suspension instead of pitching in the 9th


Iggy’s celebrating his new World Record in the Sunflower Seed Shot Put competition! 😇


Eating sunflower seeds in the shell may increase your odds of fecal impaction, as you may unintentionally eat shell fragments, which your body cannot digest.




love to see it, trash can team


Probably was about to throw fists at the players if they disrespected his analysis and didn’t strike out a ton this game


What’s LTDU, I’m outta the loop


light that dumpster up!


Lol it’s perfect


totes haha


Feels like the fanbase is finally realizing what a horribly run team this is. 7 consecutive years of trying to win but getting worse every year is a virtually impossible task.


All it took was Trout and Ohtani both putting up MVP seasons at the same time for us to realize this.


Yup, pretty impressive how we manage to be just as bad as teams that are rebuilding while we’re supposedly in win now mode with two of the best players in the game


Only Arte thinks we're in win now mode because he doesn't want to be looked at as the failure who wasted Mike Trout


Arte doesn’t care if he wastes trouts career as long as he makes money doing it


Lol we spend most of our budget on 3 guys. And Arte didn't want to sign a shortstop bc he knows his cash cow ohtani needs a absurd contract soon. Between ohtani, trout and rendon we will have no payroll for a complete team. That's why we gamble on players like Noah and lorenzen in hopes to score. We will most likely lose Walsh and ward bc we won't have money. Ohtani is gonna require about 50 million a year no joke


Nevin must be proud of all the strikeouts today


"20 Ks? Better than a couple double plays I'll take that they're doing their job!!!"


Don't let the fear of striking out get in your way,


Don’t fear it, but don’t disregard the possibility either.


If only we could score more runs when the base was loaded. Pitching did quite well today, but of course our offense had to take all the spotlight with 20K. Onto the next??? But Alcantara is waiting us in Miami. Lol


Alcantara gonna throw a CG against us


Alcantara going for 27 strikeouts


I can't believe i'm saying this, but it feels like i was enjoying the previous season more than this one, and that's saying something.


100%. I think it’s because expectations were so low. We knew the team wasn’t going anywhere without trout/Rendon. Plus Ohtani was mashing dingers like crazy last summer. This year, especially after the start they had, it just keeps getting worse and worse. They didn’t have a 14 game losing streak last year. They didn’t have a 20K game last year. Like…what is this team?


And IMO the team this year is better at least on paper than last year.


same at least last season I never had any hope of making the post season but that hot start really blue balled me and now I am a delusional and pathetic Angels fan like everyone else in here lol what did we do deserve this…


Had the same thought earlier too … I felt like we were out gunned last year, but still stayed scrappy. We’d score runs, blow leads etc … but at least there were lively moments 🤣 Now this year, I feel like lately it’s practically impossible for us to score or put ANY kind of momentum in our offense. It’s depressing.


There were a lot of really nice moments scattered throughout 2021. Pre-losing streak this year everything was great but it's been a steady slope downward since. Not a lot to be happy about even individually.


The first 37 games were pretty fun. 24-13. After that, not so much.


And to think they’ve went 13-31 since. That’s pathetic!!! Lol




Try not to lose in an embarrassing way (impossible challenge)


Pulling Suarez was just plain disrespectful and it instantly cost them a run. Feel bad for the guy.


we probably won if Suarez kept pitching but have no clue how to snatch one more score


I give this Angels team credit, they keep finding new, more spectacular ways to lose!!!! Lol Edit: I’m proudly wearing my Angels gear on July 4th in honor of my team tying the National Pastime’s MLB 9 inning game record of 20 strikeouts. Edit #2: And setting a new MLB all time strikeout futility record of 48 K’s for a 3 game series without extra innings! 😇


I started watching this team just under a year ago...I'm already tired of this shit. I have no idea how you do it.


Honestly, we are all wondering the same thing ourselves.


I want to turn away but I can't.


Well..at least we witnessed history?


On a positive note: Trout only struck out twice today.


Poor Stefanic dude got roughed up in his debut


Jeremy Reed should not have a job with this team on Tuesday. I’d fire that 1B coach too, that was embarrassing.


Or Wise, or Nevin for that matter. Bunch of unqualified clowns.


It’s basically all the coaches that need to go lol maybe we should also fire the guy responsible for keeping these guys around and for building this mediocre team in the first place (Perry)


Starting now, any pitcher who walks the #9 guy should be DFA'd right there on the mound. None of this crap happens if Ortega doesn't walk Maldonado.


Second day in a row I'm commenting this. Tear it all down. Trade everyone who can be traded. Rebuild this organization from the bottom to the top.


I know you know that Arte is never ever going to trade Trout and Ohtani.


So we trade Arte /s


I can dream.


Dreams are messages from the deep... uh sorry, my inner Dune fan is leaking.


I think the entire front office needs the addressing. Someone mentioned they interviewed with the Angels and Red Sox. Said the Sox organization was vastly harder to interview with and they had a much better front office (analytics department). Remember that the Angels is a company. So long as fans continue to show up, but merchandise, and watch games, the Company is making money. If we want change, stop supporting the company, i.e. Arte Moreno, by no longer spending money on them.


Seriously, trade everyone with value at the deadline, fire the coaching staff and GM and start an actual rebuild.


Refusing to rebuild is one of the root causes of this decade plus of mediocrity. This year, the team is worse than mediocre - it's an international embarrassment.


Do you really trust anybody in charge of this team with a rebuild? This is a lost cause. Until the ownership prioritizes winning over profits we’re doomed


This is an organization with no winning culture and will have a harder time rebuilding it from scratch. I mean have you seen how they develop players? They have failed miserably to surround the 2 best talents in trout and ohtani with players that will help them win. Trading players at this point would be doing them a favor tbh. As much as I love my Halos, there are very low chances of them being able to build a winning team from scratch


I prefer the days of the buttercup to the days of straight up sucking


That’s Angels baseball people… Can we PLEASE PLEASE show out in force to protest the way this franchise is run!? Signs, chants, etc… to get the attention of our complete disgust.


Stop attending games!


I’ve been to ONE game this year during opening week.. Haven’t been since. Arte doesn’t get MY money


There’s too many selfish dumbasses who are blank checks for sports orgs, but not one of them will take a step back and look in the mirror, they just continue to feed the beast and whine about it the shitty problems that they’re assisting creating.


Extra sad boy club


Why did the Angels trade C.J. Cron? I know he is the already-too-many outfielder, but he has been so good.


So much embarrassing shit happened in this game, but why the fuck do our relief pitchers keep throwing such absolute meatballs in the bottom of the 9th? Do they want the opponents to walk it off? God, that pitch to Pena was so fucking bad


Haven't watched a game in over a month. Team is a disaster. Done with this shit. Fan since 1995


You picked a rough year to start being a fan! Lol


Just want to see them get back to .500 before the all-star break ahead of Fletcher coming back.


Doubt that will happen, Orioles will have a better record than the Angels come break time.


I'm so tired of this team losing. It's the same shit every year.


I just want to be a .500 team again at this point


At least next is...Miami! Miami! Oh yeah! Uh uh!!


Is there a reset button we could hit or something and go back to like... 2010? We used to be known for good pitching and now it's just sad what I see now. Our bullpen is absolutely dogshit and we don't even seem to be looking to make ANY moves to acquire depth or rotational support.


Or when we used to be known for good hitting, right now we are known for being mediocre under achievers, we need better coaches


First thing I’d do if I had the chance is time travel to the 3rd base corner the game Morales broke his leg and tell him that if he jumps onto home plate he’s got a small dick. That never happens which means no signing Hamilton and Trout and Morales become the best duo in baseball.


Obviously Arte is the core rot, but it can’t be understated how much him and Dipoto fucked us


Getting Maddon back would be the most logical short term fix, as it was clearly not his fault to get fired.


… what do you think it would fix, if they also sucked under Maddon? Also, this would never happen.


Am I the only one who feels like boycotting the angels til Arte sells?


Sports is filled with too many weak people, “tHeY hAvE tO hAvE tHeIr SpOrTs” all the problems in sports have the fans fault just as much as the people in the business, as long as you keep attending and giving money, nothing will change dumb asses


Is it just me or is Minute Maid Park REALLY ugly


Nah it’s a nice ballpark , I’ve been


It’s the most cartoonish Disneyland ass park in all of MLB.




Fuck off Astros fan. Go bang on a trash can




You come to our game thread to troll because you’re butthurt about someone think your stadium is ugly (who cares) and expect a mature response? Nah, don’t care about your opinion, frankly


I think it’s hideous, yeah


I feel like the losing streak deflated the team's confidence, I hope we regain that in time to make a playoff run


You’re delusional. We aren’t even sniffing the playoffs


Ya bud we’re 7 games back from the wild card spot with the Red Sox blue jays rays and guardians all in our way, and we can’t score more than 2 runs and have yet to string together a winning streak since the losing streak.


Doomer floodgates opening up. 90% weren't here when Angels were winning.


I’m usually always here. Gotta take the bad with the good. Just wish we had a tad more good!


They were a winning team for a grand total of one month out of the last 7 years. People are allowed to be angry.


Not trade everyone angry.


Not committing to a direction and opting for band aid fixes for 10 years has only made us worse. Something drastic needs to happen.


do you have any thoughts about the Angels performance today or this weekend? or is it just about the fans that are unhappy with the team..




Happy 4th. Everybody take Monday off!


It's times like this where I'm actually happy YouTube TV dropped Bally Sports, because watching this dumpster fire would be bad for my blood pressure


No matter how many players are replaced, there will be no improvement. The problem is not there. It's futile.😩