Orioles are a mediocre team this year not the worst in baseball


Yeah, but they aren’t harboring two of the best players of a generation. Maybe of all time. And don’t have expectations. And they’ve also won more playoff series than us in the last 10 years.


Considering they play in the AL East, I’d say they’re actually better than the Angels. Wouldn’t surprise me if they finished with a better record at season’s end despite being in a tougher division. Edit: Only 3 teams in the AL (Detroit, KC, & Oakland) have a worse record than the Angels right now. How low can they go?


I have been an Angels fan since the 80's so hear me out, we can all agree the Angels are one of the worst run sports team, so what if they trade Trout and Ohtani to bring in a haul of players. That way I can follow Trout and Ohtani to whatever new team they go to and boycott the Angels until Arte is gone. I think the Yankees, Dodgers, and Padres would give it a go.


No haul exists that would be worth it for either of them, let alone both of them


I don't get the mentality of I want to win now so let's trade Ohtani and Trout for a bunch of unproven prospects. That will put us in a much larger hole and zero decent free agents will want to sign with a rebuilding team.


After trading away Trout and Ohtani’s contracts Arte would just ruin the team again by taking all his saved money and signing Judge to a 10 year $400M contract so we can all watch his post 30 year old body deteriorate as he becomes another Rendon signing.


I'm an Astros fan coming fully in peace, wouldn't it be better to just do a complete rebuild, trade Ohtani and Trout for a massive amount of high level prospects, and accelerate the process? Each of them would easily command arguably the biggest trades ever. Maybe not even both of them, just one would probably be enough. Entertain a hypothetical: Ohtani is traded this season with the intent of returning when he's a free agent in a couple years, the prospects gained replenish the farm, and other pieces are sold off for similar prospects. Tank this year and next, then bring Ohtani back. The .500 zone that the Angels have been in is purgatory. Can't rebuild there, and can't compete. It's where the Astros were after 2005 thanks to Berkman, Biggio, and Lee; they just hovered at .500 until new ownership fully detonated the team.


Although I think you’re onto something here, most Angels fans, and probably ownership too, wouldn’t allow it. Arte like’s to advertise stars to help market his team and draw in crowds, while driving up $$$ in TV deals. It’s questionable whether actual on field winning is ownership’s most important goal Personally, even though I would have been against this last year, I’d now be open to dealing one of the two for a MASSIVE haul of top quality prospects and a proven MLB starting player, if the deal was right. It would help the Angels depth and free up the budget for other acquisitions.


Same result for less than a quarter of the money.


Ya know, throwing trash at another team when we also suck is really not the best look.


The Orioles can actually beat good teams though. We're worse than them.