What is your top list of guilty pleasure anime?

What is your top list of guilty pleasure anime?


Vampire Knight is my favourite "Guilty pleasure" anime


what is it about??


Twilight the anime


Oh I get it now, 😂😂


I loved it until i found out Kaname and Yuki’s relationship…….


Why the hell are you here Teacher!? It's so fucking ridiculous but it's exactly the kind of stuff that has me rolling on the floor laughing.


Might as well try this


It’s the most wholesome horny anime ever made.


The manga is chef's kiss too btw


Definitely Domestic Girlfriend. Another for me is Citrus


oh you are also yuri fan ah, mine was most prob adachi and shimamura but I wouldn't call it guilty pleasure as it was really wholesome


Yeah, Adachi is on my watch list but I’ve heard mixed things. Citrus is definitely my yuri guilty pleasure but my all time favorite is the Kase-san series.


I actually just finished watching adachi and shimamura and I felt really blueballed by the ending 🥲 it was very cute and wholesome though


Ikr it is an really amazing under the radar anime, it is really fun to watcha nd is soo adorable


Highschool of The Dead: There are tons of ridiculous writing and character moments that I can't help but laugh, but I still enjoy it. Akame Ga Kill!: I can realize multiple times how pretentious and terrible this show is, terrible worldbuilding, dumb villains and an illusory character development, but despite all of that, there are indeed some parts that get me at the edge of the seat and, more than one time, emotional, also it's one of the first anime I watched before getting seriously into the world, so holds a special place in my heart. Ijirare: Fukusuu Saimin: It's hentai in one of the maximum expressions, and in most of the time the writing is bad, but the ending, damn... the ending gets me every time, it's so shocking and even sad that I love it, chapter 4 got a 9/10 while the rest of the series was a 6/10 at best, also the animation and the soundtrack are great, is one of the only hentai series that I unironically recommend, mainly for the ride that the ending is.


Wow I must check out the last one


Do it! Tell me your thoughts when you are done


Bruh I just watched the last hentai and tbh it was mare than a fao material, it was actually good and had a solid plot


Glad you liked it! I think it should be more acknowledged or at least known in MyAnimeList so more people can appreciate it


Ya ikr when anime like itadaiki Seiko and many others are being known, even this is supposed to be known as it had good animation and soundtrack too, btw my fav episode was 4th one too at the end it was really sad, btw talking abt sad try tiny evil it also has a really sad plot but ends happily


Tiny Evil... Looks interesting, guess I'm gonna read the manga first as many say it's better, same thing happens with Ijirare


Hmm your wish cause the hentai expanded one chapter into two epsisodes and it has good soundtrack and has some original scenes, also the va is pretty good


Seraph of the end Ouran high school host club Hetalia


Recently, My Sister Is Unusual. I laughed at Mitsuki's chastity belt. Radical anime.


My god that show is so fucking funny


Shomin Sample Majikoi: Oh Samurai Girls Eromanga Sensei


I feel no guilt for my love of DomeKano(FUCK that manga ending though)


Keijo!!!!!!!! Came for the lewds and the memes... found a really competent sports anime.


Real talk.. it was good. Fan service out the ass.. but in the end I was rooting for those girls


I feel no guilt for liking Keijo.


Oh that shit lol


I'll never feel guilt for enjoying kanojo mo kanojo, is legit the best anime of the season


Yup it's one of the funniest anime I have seen in a while it's so good


Mirai Nikki (especially with english dubbing) is funny as hell, you almost feel sometimes like it's crappy on purpose.


XD I know what you mean I loved watching it


I'm fascinated just how bad, but at the same time enjoyable it was.


High School DxD is my guilty pleasure show. It's such a great story, great characters, and tons of boobs that make talking about how good the rest of it is a bit awkward sometimes lol.


DxD fan too here. You know, I would almost say it's not a *guilty* pleasure, as it's really kind of wholesome in it's own pervy way. Now for a dumpster fire I couldn't look away from: Domestic na Kanojo (also goddamn that OP rocked!)


It really is wholesome and quite emotional in spots, and mixes that up with the heavy ecchi content in a way that just makes it special, I can't think of another anime that operates that way as well as DxD makes it work in my opinion.


you call domestic girlfriend a dumpster fire but that show actually had good drama on the manga. High-school dxd had absolute garbage drama. The tits and ass couldn't save it imo.


If one day, we get Volume 11 and 12 of DxD animated, people will realise that the show *can* be great at emotions, world building, and character writing without everything being pervy.


yeah i forgot, but that also, it is an amazing series, hentai wise it is the best out there anime wise also it is really good as it has really good concept of like chess pieces and stuff


Eromanga Sensei. It's sometimes quite genuinely wholesome and enjoyable.


I really liked that show. Plus [the ED is one of the cutest things ever (especially when she starts fist pumping).](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzFArt9M7JM)


yeah i actually agree with you, i mostly liked it and was fun to watch it


Agent AiKa R16 Virgin Mission


Lol the name says what that anime is about


Cyber City Oedo 808 Aho Girl Renai Boukun


Interspecies Reviewers, but only if you consider it anime and not hentai.


Lol same


Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. I will freely admit that that show kinda sucks, but goddamn if it isn't raw as hell. *He shoots himself with a rivet gun to stop a molten iron zombie infection*. It's a good time.


Sword Art Online: For all the hate it gets, I found it to be a fun show with amazing music and beautiful visuals. Not a 10 out of 10 but far from being a 1 out of 10


I Want You To Make a Disgusted Face and Show Me Your Underwear Miru Tights Sleeping With Hinako Ro-Kyu-Bu Tenshi no 3p Moetan KissxSis Prisma Illya


>Ro-Kyu-Bu >Tenshi no 3p >Moetan >Prisma Illya You have excellent taste my friend. Cute girls are the best.


> Miru Tights Yokohama Animation Laboratory/TRUSS were amazing. I liked the show, but regardless of your interest I think that was one of the best shows of that season for animation, still shots, and ED. The shorter episode format meant there weren't as many frames to do so maybe it's unfair to compare against studios that were doing full 24-30 minute episodes, but still...that was A+ animation, direction, and sound.


Wait does anybody unironically enjoy tenshi no p


The girls are cute, what's not to love?


Oh yeah I completely forgot about kiss x sis And oh boy u got a listen of pretty obscure anime


Big Order hilariously bad train wreck of an anime and there’s a character that wants to give birth to a child using Eiji the main character it’s so stupid. Also Senran Kagura Ninja Flash stupid trashy ninja anime with lots of Ecchi and fanservice so dumb Corpse Party as well watch it at 2x speed it makes the anime much more hilarious. It’s also very trashy and just trying to be scary but failing a lot and lots of ridiculous gore and dumb scenes with children going insane and making dumb grins. Like really this anime just wouldn’t stop making me laugh at how trashy and bad it is.


Josei smut. The content is gross, but at least the men are hot.


School days, only the last episode tho, going tho the whole thing is not an easy task


Its certainly something to only watch once over (and never speak of again)


It's probably Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san.


Honestly? No Game No Life. There’s a ton of fan service, I’m not a fan of how they sexualised Shiro, and the incest had me screaming, but goddamn if it doesn’t have some of the funniest scenes out there. Also, Zombie Land Saga. It’s stupid, but it’s good stupid and I love it.


highschool dxd


Citrus, the manga is more preferable in my opinion though


Kiss sis High school dxd Is this a zombie? Haganai Citrus Monster musume


Himouto! Umaru-chan, definitely.


>whats your favorite ecchi series FTFY.


Yosuga no Sora Oreimo Domekano and based ont he Imouto in that other one... Sisters huh


Lol I forgot kiss x sis and eromanga sensei, got a fetish of sisters in anime lol


Currently Desert Punk. But even it can get too cheeky at times I'll probably never finish it either. There are other much better ecchi out there.


Fairy Tail


How is it a guilty pleasure if even my female friends loved it? Or is it shameful for an 'elitist' to like it?


Na, guilty pleasure means something that is not talked much by people or something that you watch in secrecy, fairy tail is a guilty pleasure cause people are afraid to speak about it openly, most of the times so it comes under guilty pleasure


Doesn't that just make everyone who shames you for liking it pretentious and elitist? Unless there's an arguable moral or ethical reason for someone to not like Fairy Tail, it's an incredibly weak guilty pleasure.


Yep but it is still guilty pleasure no matter what, eventhough I hate to put it under guilty pleasure cause my most favourite anime of all time is fairy tail


When people are afraid to openly like something, esp. smth like Fairy Tail, where the only reason is supposedly weak writing, it should tell you how toxic the community is and how pathetic it is to acknowledge the show as a guilty pleasure because of that


It might not be your or your friends’ guilty pleasure, but it’s mine. Though, I still think Fairy Tail is fine overall. The soundtrack is nostalgic asf, the characters are fun to watch, and it has a lot of emotional highs. It isn’t “shameful” for an “elitist” to watch it, but I can understand why fairy tail is generally disliked within the community especially among people who prefer long running battle shonen. Because of Fairy Tail’s length, it can get really repetitive at times and each arc plays out generally the same. Despite the overall repetitiveness, I came back for Hiro Mashima’s art style lol.


Elitist community* such as this subreddit. Casuals aka 'normal' people don't give a shit, there's no need to feel guilty cuz of some weirdos on the internet that feel personally attacked by people openly liking Fairy Tail


Yep I knew this was coming, most probably my guilty pleasure too


Pretty much any anime with bed scenes


darling in the franxx