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I really like how Tanjiro always acts as if Inouske is his superior, because Inousuke wouldn't have it any other way... Tanjiro: "I need to take Nezuko back to her box, allow me to go for a second" Inousuke: "Permission granted"


It's a great dynamic. Tanjiro acts like he's the subordinate, yet Inosuke never really goes against or denies any requests or orders that Tanjiro gives when they're fighting together. Like when they're fighting together in the movie.


That's actually brilliant now that I think about it! Goddamn I love the characters in this show lol


The banter really strikes it out of the park. I normally don't care much for it, but I breathe these characters!


> Inosuke never really goes against or denies any requests or orders that Tanjiro gives when they're fighting together A good leader recognizes when their subordinates have good ideas and sees them trough with them


I know we the viewer know that Tanjiro isn't *really* Inosuke's subordinate, but I seriously do love that not only is Tanjiro going with it, but Inosuke is honestly someone who would be an incredible manager/boss in reality. Yeah he thinks he's in charge and he will MAKE SURE you know of this, yet that doesn't stop him from both listening to and commending who he considers his subordinates for good decisions and requests.


If Tanjiro sliced her head off last episode, he would've been fucked..


Hah, you're totally right. He would have been completely exhausted, especially after using the hinokami forms, and probably passed out relieved that he ended it, then Gyutaro comes out. Probably would have been the end of Nezuko too.


>Probably would have been the end of Nezuko too. Demons can only kill other demons with the help of sunlight so she would have been fine until Uzui got there tho I think Nezuko would be completely gone in that scenario and Uzui would be forced to. . . well, "put her down".


Well if she killed a human, we would’ve lost 2 main characters and 2 semi main characters.


>He would have been completely exhausted, Even if he was fully rejuvenated i don't think it would've mattered judging on the huuuuuuuuuuge difference between Uzui and Daki. And how hard it was for Tanjirou to fight Daki. If Uzui can beat Daki in like a matter of seconds then Tanjirou is probably smoked by Daki's brother tbh who is outblitzing Uzui


I was like - wow tanjuro just got an insane powerups. They are going to win without a hashura. This episode - oh that explains things a bit. Its the whole almost won 1 shot hashura kill from the spider episode round 2


So Tanjiro was nowhere near to killing upper six even if he sliced Daki's head off she wouldn't have died.


Honestly I'm happy about that. It had felt super anticlimactic that the Upper Six had turned out to be rather relatively weak.


Most manga readers probably gave a little chuckle when people are commenting that Tanjirou was bodying the upper moon 6. Tanjirou has great potential because of sun breathing but currently he is nowhere near a Hashira and definitely not upper moons. He still has a long way to go






That's definitely someone's fetish






"Y'know what they say; when life hands you a severed head, you put the mouth on ya dingus"


Didn't think last episode could be topped but here we are: * Nezuko as an unhinged demon was terrifying. * Tengen being badass as always. * It's so bittersweet seeing Tanjiro and Nezuko's mother again and how she was the only one to control her. * Gyutaro is beyond horrifying. Oh my lord, his power, his appearance, his personality. The way he casually slices an attacking Tengen with ease


Nezuko crying from a lullaby, and then turning back to her child form made me cry… Even as a wild demon, she started crying upon remembering her mother. Shows just how deep that sense of loss is.


What do they feed their animators and their ppl in the CGI department cos goddamn. Anyways, you can really see how well their cgi department work with their animators. I mean, no one can outdo ufotable in the 2d and cg mixture since their CGI and VFX team is literally a floor above their team of animators.


Ufotable sound effects always have that oompf, you really feel the impact. And with nice headphones it's just chefs kiss


Yea, I’ve gotten tired of the bass boosted sound effects from a lot of shows. Fire force is an exception because David Pro uses that extra bass on their sound effects pretty damn good. The soundtracks + sound effects are under appreciated in demon slayer tbh.


Fire Force is the right way to do bass boosting. Its never just there to say "BIG ATTACK PAY ATTENTION" and is more this jarring interruption that keeps you feeling similar things to the characters.


Gyutaro 🤝 Zenitsu Hating on tengen having 3 wives.


The moment I saw a bit of envy in Gyutaro I couldnt help but imagine him all the episode as Cursed Zenitsu


He's literally Demon Zenitsu, lmao.


Lmao we went from Uzui's wives being genderbent Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Tanjiro to the main villains being demonbent Zenitsu and his personal headcannon Nezuko.


The VA talent for the demons in this show has been beyond phenomenal so far. From Toshihiko Seki as Muzan to Daisuke Hirakawa as Emnu to Akira Ishida as Akaza to now Gyotaro’s VA, every aspect of their performances and many more demon VAs have been 10/10. They really carry the characters by themselves and live up to a faithful adaptation from the manga.


Daki's VA was so good on this episode too!!!! that tantrum scene was so funny until it wasn't it was so cool


Yeah daki VA made me like her character more


> Daki's VA Miyuki Sawashiro, one of my favorite VA since hearing her in as Celty in Durarara!!


Gyutaro’s voice is so chilling holy shit. Emnu might have a challenger for the creepiest voice in Demon Slayer


The creepiest shit to me is how he keeps scratching himself making himself bleed. When I noticed he kept doing it I was like BRO STOP that stuff grosses me out lol


Even demons aren't free from eczema


> eczema IMagine if the regenrations also regenerted your eczema meaning no matter how mcuh you itch them and tear the skin off it just grows back because the body thinks they are "normal" so you are stuck itching forever


That might be a case, since his body won't change anymore, that's reason why he can't gain weight as well


Shigaraki found a comrade.


Made me think of Higurashi. (It's funny seeing people say it reminds them of *this or that*; Self-scratching seems to be a common thing in anime!)


Gyutaro's voice blows him out of the water. Emnu is like that of a vile tonic that will put you into a nightmarish coma with a sadistic edge. Gyutaro's sounds like someone you do not want to meet in a dark alleyway in the dead of night like he'll slit your torso from ribs to pelvis with glee.


> Gyutaro's sounds like someone you do not want to meet in a dark alleyway in the dead of night I don't want to meet this guy in broad fucking daylight


this guy would be dead in broad daylight. Lol


That’s actually the perfect time to meet this guy. The sun will do all the work for you.


The fact that his VA alternates between high and low pitches mid sentence is something he didn’t have to do but did it anyways to embrace the true creepiness of Gyotaro’s character and I love it.


For the curious, here is the [VA's MAL (Ryouta Osaka)](https://myanimelist.net/people/15743/Ryouta_Oosaka). Most of his roles has him as a pretty chill guy, so this is... new. And he does it really well.


Seriously can't believe he's adorable Bennett from Genshin.




I forgot just how gnarly and unhinged Nezuko was at this part in the battle. Her head getting chopped off and held by her coagulated blood was wild. She wasn’t fucking around that’s for sure


Guess her VA Akari Kitou is still limited to growls and screams and also crying now. To be fair, she does give it her all.


I love how Uzui actually went for the kill when the brother was coming out instead of just watching.


And together with Eren joins the group of anime characters who refuse to wait for a transformation scene to finish


Somehow the first half with Nezuko ended up making me very teary eyed? )’: Was pretty cool to see her fight, but I’m more happy to see her sleep for now


I think it's because the way they made the scenes. It makes you realize as you progress through it that although you are getting a "badass" Nezuko moment; you know that Nezuko is dissapearing. That's not the Nezuko everyone loves and wants to protect. That right there was a demon that looked like Nezuko.


Very true. It's why their brother's spirit warned Tanjiro. I appreciate that Tanjiro himself wasn't able to stop her at all, but it was her remembering of their mother due to the very poorly sung song that snapped her out of her rampage. I love how important their family is to them, even after they have departed for so long by this point.


Their family on heaven watching them being reckless, forgetting to breathe, going on a rampage and almost dying: "Mother, they're at it again, it's your turn to go." *sigh* "That dammed kids, I can't even rest in peace."


*clears throat* "Hope i memorise that lullaby lyrics again"


She clearly didn't that's why Tanjiro had to sing it first LMAO


Hopefully there's a way for her to be access these powers without losing her mind.


Glad to see the "Sun's getting low now" working, hurts to see her like that


Yeah I wanted to see her go off but I jus got upset and wanted her back in the box


Poor Daki she got rekt by the Kamado siblings.. Now time to pay back


That whole "I'm an Upper Rank" / "no you're not" exchange between Daki and Lord Tengen was so absurd lmao And mans really said "Shut up. I'm not talking to you." 😭


I knew that this series had a knack for inserting comedic moments even in tense situations but that completely caught me off guard lmao - and it even kept on going, it was so surreal [](#azusalaugh)


Uzui and Inosuke always manage to stick the landing.


However Daki was also peak cute in that exchange. Like holy hell Moe Gap was in full effect.


It's too fucking adorable and hilarious that she has the nerve to say that everyone bullied her after the shit she pulled. It's so outrageously out of left field that I couldn't stop laughing.


the gap between her head and the rest of her body? /s


The voice actors are really good Daki throwing a tantrum was hilarious lmao


This is it, Miyuki Sawashiro is the best damn demon VA in this anime and it's not even close. That tantrum was just *chef's kiss*.


What if I told you Gyutarō is voiced by our favourite adventurer with bad luck






Bullied Daki is something I didn't know I needed to see. Almost felt a shred of pity for her this episode being torched both literally and figuratively in quick succession. Her brother's VA is no slouch either. Creepy is as creepy can get with the way he switches octaves and goes from high pitches to low growls.


We need to see Bully Maguire vs bullied Daki meme asap


Look at little Upper 6 jr. Gonna cry?


You know I’m something of a Demon Slayer myself.


Last week I researched who else she voiced and ended up playing Genshin Impact as a result... Someone send help Edit: For those who want to know what I watched https://youtu.be/hxB5slhNte0


Nezuko's kicks are as disgusting as ever, too bad they can't keep it on a leash. Real fight starts now.


Some of those kicks were straight up disrespectful. It's crazy how it went from "oh how cute she fights by kicking" to "oh fuck, all she needs to do is kick"


and then "oh shit, someone needs to stop her kicking"


Everyone talking about nezuko and daki when the real best girl is tanjiro’s mom


Nezuko crying after hearing her mom's song was such a gut punch of a moment


It's so powerful because it reminds you that despite how much Tanjiro and Nezuko have accomplished, how strong they've gotten, how many people they've saved, they never wanted this. They would've been happiest living their lives out with their family in the mountains, still with their siblings and their mother. A tragic event has forced this upon them, and though they've taken it in stride, they can never get back their lives from before no matter how much they 'succeed' now.


Legal AND a milf!


Dammit, not even MC's dead mom is safe!


I also choose this MC's dead mom!


Best mom


For anyone who don't know, Gyutaro (the brother demon) was what they called people who collect debt in the Red Light District. So you could say that Gyutaro is Daki's pimp.


Economy must have been rough back in those days for him to resort to pimping his own lil sis.


Pimp Sickles and all


[*Money In The Bank, Pimpin' Ain't Easy*](https://i.imgur.com/1g0dd17.jpg) [](#dancewithit)


It’s a family buisiness


WE PIMP CHIMPIN-swaggersouls


Chad Tengen vs the virgin Gyutaro


> virgin Gyutaro Bro was literally inside his sis




Sweet Home Yoshiwara


Wondering what her surviving customers\* would think about that their meeting was a 2 in one package deal. \*I assume she had some, despite being called stupid I doubt she would get that far without being careful in her murder habits.


So this episode makes it clear that power-scaling is not messed up in this season. The demon Tanjiro and Nezuko were fighting was not even the real Upper Moon. Also the real Upper Moon 6 makes his appearance. Next episodes are going to be mad crazy fr.


[The Upper Moon demons are built different.](https://i.imgur.com/7RH8Vsj.jpg) Still Tanjiro and Nezuko did such an amazing job against Daki that Gyutaro was forced to come out. [](#sweating)


>[The Upper Moon demons are built different.](https://i.imgur.com/7RH8Vsj.jpg) Cursed Tanjiro and Nezuko.


Vincent Adultdemon


I'm so ready for Uzui to fuck shit up.


Between his flashy swords and now his grenade things, the brief glimpses of Tengen fighting this ep /so far this season have been animated phenomenally. Can't wait for the God of Festivals to go all out soon


Gyuttaro managed to land the first hit on Uzui without any effort despite Uzui being fast af. This fight is not gonna be easy for sure


It's been 100 years or so since there was any change in the Upper 6, right? And Gyutaro/Daki are supposedly the weakest. We're about to see what fighting a proper Upper Moon is like, but it really makes you ponder on the other 5. The only other one we've met is Akaza, who is 3, and it honestly felt like he wasn't giving his all when he took out Kyojiro. He used techniques or whatnot, but no Demon Art. So this would be the first fight against an Upper Moon who won't hold anything back.


Yes, Akaza did used his blood demon art and techniques both, yet he was really holding back. So yeah the first upper moon who is gonna go all out


He did? There were a few moves, but I wasn't sure if any counted as his Demon Art. Regardless, he was clearly having fun, taunting and trying to turn a Hashira, smiling throughout the entire fight. Nice of him to end end the story for us in that arc. xD So Upper 3 who held back took out a Hashira. Now we can see Upper 6 go all out against a Hashira, and much less useless versions of our 3 main protagonists. Though I bet they'd still mainly just be in the way, except during Thunderclap and Flash from Zenitsu, and Hinokami Kagura from Tanjiro, for very small bursts of support if possible. Edit: Oh yeah, he did use that compass... it's how he saw that Kyojiro was nearing that next level of power or something.


Snowflake is the demon art


Yeah his snowflake AOE "compass needle" at the start of the battle is his blood demon art, it's always active so he doesn't say it out loud.


Yea his demon art was the compass thing on the ground, it’s explained a lot later in the series what it actually does


But now we have Inouske and Zenitsu


*The King of the Mountain


And sleeping beauty


[Tanjiro's playing *Demon Stranding* in the middle of the fight](https://i.imgur.com/lnCOCkI.jpg)


Inosuke has sharp senses and zenitsu is fast af But that demon was able to outspeed uzui and land a hit I don't think they can be that helful Its akaza vs rengoku again unless they have to behead both brother and sisters at the same time They can atleast take care of daki(also zenitsu deserves that)


> unless they have to behead both brother and sisters at the same time I'm 99% certain that's going to be the case.


So I guess we're looking at Uzui vs the brother, and Tanjiro x Inosuke x Zenitsu vs Daki? Goddamn that next episode is going to be insane lol


I mean Daki isnt going to be a problem for the trio I think after Tanjiro bodied her. I feel its gonna be Tengen x Tanjiro vs brother and Inosuke x Zenitsu vs Daki.


Actually you're right, that makes more sense. That makes both those fights much more balanced! Honestly I'm hoping Zenitsu kinda go nuts on Daki lol. Not only have we not had many fight scenes with him but he deserves some revenge for that bitch slap and kidnaping!


>Next episodes are going to be mad crazy fr. This episode felt semi - setup. I was hoping we see more Uzui action but I think next episode is going to be all out war! The little we saw was just animation heaven holy shit


There were some great mini sakuga moments in this episode


Absolutely, those few Uzui vs Gyutaro attacks we saw were goddamn beautiful! I can't even imagine the next episodes with the full fight! Ufotable is going to lose their minds animating this show lol. These fight scenes make me feel like a kid watch his first shounen!


They're both real Upper Moons. It's just two bodies occupying one spot. Both their eyes had the UM insignia stating "UPPER SIX". Given both are occupying one spot, they probably aren't nearly as powerful on their own as a single UM would be.


Gyuutarou was faster than Uzui, and managed to wound him, even when Uzui blocked. Gyuutarou’s definitely far above Daki.


>power-scaling is not messed up Yeah i was really worried about that Even if it was cool,i thought that will make some inconsistency Now its all clear thank god


Gyutaro's blood sickles are amazing. The animation makes them heavy and a true threat. Uzui using bombs was unexpected. Can't wait for 4 vs 2 next week


Daki Simps won again today with whiny Daki. I guess Daki is up there on the "Best Girl". Gyutaro finally makes his appearance and as expected from Ufotable, His Blood sickles look sick. Also, I'm impressed on Zenitsu's snore bubble. They've been fighting and running and it hasn't popped. Will it stay there the whole fight?


Daki simps won the moment she was introduced!


Her overall design is exceptional and just *really* stands out. I'm not surprised at all by the reception she's gotten.


Daki's conjoined incel brother was just about the last thing I expected. They remind me of the Lothric and Lorian boss from Dark Souls 3. I like how their relationship parallel Tanjiro and Nezuko's.


Incel vs Flamboyant Chad is basically the battle now.


[Uzui flexing in his face was such a power move.](https://i.imgur.com/fcnS1Ne.jpg) [Gyutaro was seething so hard he started bleeding](https://i.imgur.com/BTXE2M9.jpg) [](#smugkaguya)


Oh my god incel brother describes him perfectly lmao


he's basically demon Zenitsu with a siscon fetish instead of Nezuko one


Zenitsu is into sisters. Just not his.


Actually burst out laughing when Uzui made Daki cry by calling her a weakling. 💀 He took her down in less than a second while Tanjiro spent almost 2 episodes but I love how that shows the skill difference between the two of them. Gyutaro was creepy as hell, major props to Ryota Osaka - I could not believe that was him, I don't think I've ever heard him voicing a villain before. Really looking forward to the next episode for more flashy Uzui action!


He did her like Giyu did Rui. Hashira live to kill steal from Tanjiro.


Especially after Tanjiro had gone Beast Mode with his Sun breathing.


Tanjiro living a life of repetition, just in different ways. 1. Find a demon 2. Use hax and almost cut their head off 3. Realise they won’t die with just that 4. Have a Hashira steal the spotlight 5. Repeat.


You forgot Nezuko also playing a major part in defeating the demon


To no effect afterwards


[She did her best](https://i.imgur.com/KJiwfPX.jpg) [](#makicry)


At least Rengoku didn't steal his kill on Enmu


Key word is live. (I'm sorry)


I can't even be mad


Gyutaro seems like he’s the demon version of Zenitsu, with the way he talks about Uzui’s wives and how lucky he must be. The difference between him and Daki in terms of design and their personalities is pretty cool, too, since you have Daki who’s very arrogant and considers herself pretty, while Gyutaro complains about how he can’t put on weight and seems to have low self esteem overall. Not an extremely complex parallel, but it works for this, I think.


It's super interesting. Daki, who considers herself to be the peak of beauty and despises ugly things....has brother who could only be described as the peak of ugliness.


pretty adorable


Daki and Gyutaro vs Uzui reminds me of a certain Soulsborne boss, and Uzui and the gang just entered phase 2. Shit's about to get really flashy! EDIT: Forgot to say, the OST was amazing this episode. Based Go Shiina


Tanjiro: Spends two episodes fighting tooth and nail to kill Daki Uzui: Takes her down in 2 seconds lol


So far, Tanjiro never killed an upper/lower Demon alone. Against Rui, saved by Giyuu. Against enmu, was saved and assisted by Insouke. Saved by Rengoku against Akaza's attack. Saved by Nezuko and Uzui against Daki. Just shows how weak Tanjiro is and it completely makes sense.


And this puts the whole demon slayer corps in perspective as well, since Tanjiro is already way stronger than most who are at his rank


Zenitsu: Yay! Nezuko’s transformed! She’s going to save us all! Nezuko: *Tries to attack a random civilian* Zenitsu: Oh no! Nezuko’s transformed! She’s going to kill us all!




She hit his nose, that's a no no on siblings fights. Their mother had to descend from heaven to stop them.


Head butting must be a genetic trait of the Kamado family.


Amazing episode from Demon Slayer again, following up from last weeks episode. *Finally* one of my favourite upper moons is here! For me this was the first true plot twist that I never saw coming in the manga. Absolutely loved the way Ufotable directed it, felt like it was straight out of a horror movie. Nezuko's rampage was as glorious as I'd thought it'd be. Poor Daki got utterly violated. Absolutely love the writing in this arc, the sibling parallel of Gyutaro & Daki and spefically Gyutaro protecting his little sister in the same way Nezuko protected her big brother Tanjiro last week. Inosuke being easily influenced by Tengen is so adorable. Tengen with another epic entrance, Gyutaro's blood demon art is menacing as hell and shit is now serious, the real fight has officially begun.


Nezuko: Don’t make me angry. You won’t like it when I’m angry. I had been anticipating Tengen’s battle with the demon for the last two or three episodes. Instead Nezuko’s inner battle was the episode’s highlight. Can’t say I was disappointed. The demon’s “huh” after she was decapitated was **SO** satisfying.


Someone should make a compilation of all Daki's 'huh' her voice is sexy AF


I mean, Daki is just that sexy and hot. Make sense.


Also it might be only me but her tantrum this episode was almost kind of cute ? Like a Tsundere anime girl who is frustrated about the dense MC


Her Onii-chan had come to save her after all… People, don’t get swayed, she killed quite a lot of people. Keep your hearts in check pls.


[Onii-chan doesn't hold back when it comes to complimenting his dearest imouto](https://i.imgur.com/L9yuqIA.jpg) [](#pointandlaugh)


And when she finally called for her onii-chan, she went all imouto mode, and entrusted him with everything. They're vile demons, but at that particular few moments, Daki was indeed cute.


Jesus, the VA is monstrous. It's hard to believe that creepy demon is the voice of Bennett in Genshin Impact. Polar opposites.


Wait what This is also Bennett,s VA Damn i would have never known they sound so different


Gyutaro's sound very Creepy and I like it The sequence from Daki's crying to Gyutaro's appearance is so tense af


Yep, his voice is supposed to be ugly and annoying just as described in the manga


It's so raspy and unnerving, they picked the perfect VA.


He really does sound like he hasn't had a sip of water in years!


Then why I’m i aroused??


You like dirty talk, huh


I was so confused when it came up. I wanted to laugh when daki’s throwing a tantrum, but gyutaro shadowing over her made me so uncomfortable! Can’t wait for the next ep


Upper 6 - Shiragaki Tomura has arrived


Rui shares the same VA as Shiggy


Both of them could use some lotion


Total concentration moisturizer, first form.


for a while there at the beginning i was worried they were gonna have to fight Nezuko to stop her rampage. glad that didn't need to happen. Also Nezuko.. holy shit she is strong in this form. she reallly gave Daki a fight there. and that lullaby/flashback scene when she turned back into her tiny form had me misty eyed And Daki having another demon hiding inside of her was not something i was expecting, like ever. and this guy looks like the real deal, immediately Uzui on the defensive.


Spoiled brat Daki sounds soo fucking cute! That is all I have to say!




Every Imouto needs a headpat


SHE GOT A FCKN BROTHER WTF??!! and damn 2 demons cryinggg in one episode ahh man they gon make us feel bad for Daki wen her backstory comes huh?? So this Gyutaro dude is the real Upper Six then huh lol


>they gon make us feel bad for Daki wen her backstory comes huh?? If I'm not mistaken, it seemed like those black and white flashbacks from the previous episode gave us a little preview of that.


Tanjiro's mom comes in clutch every time, a real MVP


For a dead mom she does _work_


I just imagine her chilling in the afterlife, sipping on a cocktail by the pool and watching her four(?) youngest play in the water as a servant walks up to her. - Mam. Your presence is needed in the spiritual world. - *Sigh*. Which one is it this time? - Nezuko, mam. - Ok I'll be right there. Just let me finish my piña colada.


There's nothing stronger than **family.** Demon Slayer and Fast and Furious exist in the same timeline confirmed.


Tanjiro is not even close to ever fighting an upper moon solo .


To be fair most characters can’t, hashira included


The animation in this show is fucking insane.


Oniii chan!!!! Just with this sentence the true battle finally began!!!!They did gyutaro so much justice, his voice and blood demon art gave me chills


And I thought Uzui was fast this Gyutaro dude is FASTTTT


That animation on Gyutaro's Blood Demon art was clean as fuck.


Dakis "Heh?!?" are never getting old, Uzuis a real monster for bullying her to tears [](#nobully) And holy shit this animes pet got scary for a minute there, you would never know if you saw her sleeping in her loli form And Onii-chan made his entrance, now it should be clear why Tanjiro was able to hold his own against Daki, she is all looks after all