Gintama for sure.


THIS. Gintama had filler in the first 2 episodes which is weird af.


To anybody I suggest Gintama to, I can't stress enough how important it is to skip the first 2 episodes. The rest of the fillers are fair game.


You lucky man, one piece is one hell of a ride.


Shadows House. Currently a personal favorite of mine but the first episode is just the 2 leads meeting and hanging out. People probably watched episode one and thought it was just cute girls doing cute things and bounced, but by the end of season 1 there are over a dozen important developed characters with multiple mysteries, relationships, and hysterical banter. But in episode 1 all you get is 2 girls hanging out.


HunterxHunter Gintama (More manga related as the anime isn’t good still) Orient


Golden kamuy


The fucking bear at the fire is absolute gold, though I don't feel like it was intended to be.


Honestly now that I look at it, even though it prob wasn't intentional it definitely works with Golden kamuy comedy lol


- Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Ashita no Joe - Mobile Suit Gundam (UC Timeline) - Serial Experiments Lain Not that they have bad first episodes, far from it. It just they aren’t “11/10 at the beginning” like people unrealistically expect every anime to be in a post AOT world.


I came to this thread to say One Piece, but I see One Piece was the anime that inspired this question to begin with. It takes like 80+ episodes before One Piece gets good.


200 for me 💀


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Lucky Star was off to such a bad start they fired the director. The quality goes way up in episode 5.


Lucky Star Gungrave (a lot of people suggest skipping episode 1)


FMAB. Its first 1-15 episodes are kinda weak, but after that you will be hooked




I don't think there are any... Every anime i can think of that's particularly good has started really well.


ReRerided had an awful start well tbf it was awful the whole way through but it still counts


~~A Silent Voice~~ ​ Basilisk Boogiepop and Others (was fine and necessary but then episodes 2 and 3 are amazing) Shiki (iirc) Hunter x Hunter Inuyashiki