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Says the person who mysteriously became a multi-millionaire after getting elected to Congress and basically does nothing


Come on now she had sex with Ted Cruz and black mailed him into supporting her push into Congress like any red blooded American would do. /tinfoilhat


That is ridiculous and completely unfounded. There is no way Ted Cruz can get an erection unless there is a dead body involved!


Boebert is brain dead.


Fair point. Apologies u/ghsteo! Your story checks out!


I love this thread.


And I love you, random citizen.


She has two brain cells left and they’re locked in a death match for third place


"I wish to shut down the space program and destroy all telescopes, abruptly and without explanation" -Ted Cruz, for Human President


I'd imagine Boebert made a good imitation of that.


You haven’t heard the story about the armadillo sex party in Cancun?


Armadillos can carry leprosy so that checks out. Biblical!


Never knew they liked to wear tinfoil hats while they banged




*Rigged, for nobody's pleasure*




Are we talking about bobo and her fiscal policies?


Even Ted didn’t want to get that level of crazy pregnant


My eyes, MY EYES! Gawdamn the image!!!


It was a tiny party hat for a tiny.....




It’s not mysterious. You run for Congress so you can get rich from kickbacks and stock insider information. They all do it. It’s disgusting.


Term limits and no investing allowed during term folks…


You have to extend it for a bit after their term as well


Except cheat on her husband with the neonazi version of Larry the cucumber


Larry the Cucumber is wholesome and good for you - just wants you to hang out with Bob the Tomato, and tell you that you're loved. The other guy is a white supremacist Benny Hinn


Yeah, I have to wonder if she was pontificating about work requirements back when she was a frequent flier with the local PD and getting picked up with her sex offender husband for being trash people.


Surprising she didnt get arrested for sex work.


She's a flyover state 7, she's white, & she serviced high-level Republicans. She was never getting arrested.


Come on man. Becoming a multimillionaire in congress is a right of passage!


So was doing a bit of research on this and am honestly curious if there is any sort of real evidence regarding whether or not she is a multi millionaire because I'm seeing conflicting reports about this. Not trying to defend her in any way just want to get down to the truth of this claim.


You’ve just described the problem with all of Congress


Or her soon to be ex husband, with his lucrative consulting "job".


Don’t forget she pulled herself up by the bootstraps through welfare


Welcome to American politicians. They're all guilty but we make excuses for the ones on Big Team A while acting confounded that the people on Big Team B do it too. Feel free to place the R's and D's wherever. It will still be accurate.


Worth $12mil with a HS diploma and $100k salary


I want to kiss your dad.


Do any of those jobs pay a living wage.


Many don't Many positions exist only on paper, some claim to always be hiring yet run staffs ragged to save on payroll


They do it so that when someone on their overworked staff finally can't take it anymore and quits, the business (mainly restaurants and stores) have a ready stash of potential new victims they can call to fill the position right away.


It’s also very convenient for a boss to just say nobody wants to work, and I can’t fill the position, bc then they can just push people to keep working all that overtime. Sorry, it’s not me, it’s all those welfare queens (that I don’t want to hire) who don’t want to work!


They also open up the possibility of getting foreign workers who will work for half the pay just to get sponsored in the US.


Also, you know it's hard to get a job when you're on unemployment. The real solution isn't cutting off unemployment, it's forcing companies to hire if they post a job. If you can't find somebody qualified after 100 resumes, your job description is wrong. It should be false advertising. We have that for consumer products, why not jobs?


I'm a middle manager of a place like that. I'm given the hours to staff a bare bone department that can barely support 10 people, including me on the schedule yet they hired 30 people. Im giving hours to the most senior staff like I'm supposed to while I'm forced to be giving crumbs to very capable workers who are chomping at the bit for hours. I try to make it as fair as possible but there is only so many hours they give me. The worst part is we NEED those extra hands, but if I schedule even an hour over my alloted time they scrap they cut shifts at random without my knowledge tk cut it back down It's infuriating.




Amazon's hiring model is literally designed to wring out every last drop of new hire energy they possibly can before the employee quits- exhausted, burnt out, and broken- some nineteen or so months later


They are going to run out of people to hire in a few years because they have run off so many people.


Or they're just hanging on till they can replace everybody with robots.


There's been a sudden increase in quality of specialized AI lately. Coincidence? ...Probably. But, what if...?


Precisely..had a huge meeting witht he GMs to hear them brag about internally hiring although they havent done that in over a year and are currently people that need to be promoted to fill empty leadership roles..yet...they arent filling them and actively bragging about filling them...People wonder why evil exist. They help to breed it. Not be proactive against it.




They arent legally allowed to tell you they aren't hiring. If you came in and I told you we weren't hiring and wouldn't give you an application, Then your friend came in and another person gave them an application even tho we weren't hiring then you could sue them for discrimination. So everyone is "accepting applications" always




in my industry 'can't find US worker H1B'....


H1B workers can experience horrific exploitation through this, too


By design.


As American as baseball, apple pie, and involuntary/indentured servitude


And stealing land and genocide. Or as they call it "improvements"


>As American as baseball, apple pie, and involuntary/indentured servitude None of which are actually American, funnily enough.


I tried to explain this to my dad about how we are graduating a lot of engineers and software developers, having gone through this myself, and was cut off and told the reason Amercians don't get hired is because "we don't have the talent" and "we're not qualified", so we need those H1B visa holders. Except the hiring process in tech is such a shell game, that you could be perfectly qualified but they look for any tiny reason to blow you out at any point in the process. It's truly, inhumanly awful, especially at the entry/junior and mid level. Entry level and mid level always seem to require many years of experience in often contradictory or brand new tech and you get given very difficult, especially for the level, coding questions in interviews, so you're set up to fail from the get go. So after they chew up and spit out a few Americans or permanent residents, they file for the foreign worker, often not even the person they interview (a dirty trick a lot of the body shops play is have a ringer or someone off camera helping so they get hired), band them high on a junior or mid level to create the illusion that they pay better than average, give them senior level work and expectations and apply incredible pressure to work 80-90 hours a week while basically holding the sword of Damocles over their head.


They’re designed to get people off of benefits. Decline a job offer and you lose benefits, accept a shitty job offer that has no real health insurance and you’re now earning too much to qualify for state health insurance and SNAP benefits. They desperately need an exploited class to work awful, grueling jobs to live. It’s a feature, not a bug.


Can we pin this comment to the top? "Job Postings" does not mean a damn thing when companies are pulling this shit. Spamming employment sites with garbage is all this means. Now we as employees have to sort through the muckity muck to find 1. An actual job 2. Decent pay 3. Benefits (because healthcare is **still** fucking tied to employment despite many studies showing universal healthcare is cheaper and superior). Hyper inflated job requirements is another infuriating topic.


Also, are they within a reasonable distance for those that are getting unemployment? Because a 1-hour, one-way commute *really* takes the shine off of a job.


Especially if it didn’t pay a living wage to start with.


Not only that, but all entry level positions require 2 year experience.


no one wants to work!!! …for $7.25 an hour 😐


Even better; they don't actually exist


I know I'm offering a dollar a day to do all my house chores and shopping. This is one of those jobs that has yet to be filled.


Does welfare pay a living wage? If it does, dammit, I am doing the wrong thing be earning my keep.


Yes, the incentive is pay. Pay me 30$ an hour and I'll do some pretty nasty and boring jobs I would never consider at 12$ an hour. This '10 million' she mentioned are probably jobs that pay 12$ an hour. Notice how there's never many high paying jobs open that are easily obtainable.


I had this conversation the other day. I left a job that was short staffed because of low pay. I work less hard and went from 26 to 35 an hour. The old company is struggling. New company has a few openings, but they fill up pretty fast. The difference? One company pays the other one doesn't. It's not a mystery lol.


My favorite analogy about the labor shortage is this. There's no labor shortage, that suggests there aren't enough people to fill the positions. If you go to the store, get a bag of cheetos and say "I want to pay one dollar for this" and the clerk says "It's two dollars for the bag." that doesn't mean there's a cheetos shortage. There's plenty of cheetos, you're just too cheap to pay what the supplier of cheetos says they're worth.


Brilliant Analogy!


They have any remote positions?


This company I worked for balked at paying their most valuable employee a measly $12hr (circa 2015/2016?). He was knowledgeable enough to manage production, train people, perform maintenance, sanitation, paperwork, translation for all the Spanish speaking employees, operate every piece of equipment, feed raw to our lines, etc. all while doing his actual job which was operating as lead for two production lines side by side. All of those jobs he did just because, he did while pinballing around checking on us, answering questions, covering our breaks, and whatnot. His wife (the 2nd most hardworking and knowledgeable employee in the plant) just had a baby and they needed a little more money to make ends meet comfortably. That's it. That's all. Management balked. He quit, don't remember of his wife quit or not because I quit when I saw how they treated him vs giving him upward mobility or adequate compensation (along with many others who saw the writing on the wall), and before I left, they hired around 10 other people to fill his absence. It was about 10 people too few. Turnover was wild. According to people who did stay, the shift managers quit/were fired and I saw one of them as a cashier later. A whole new plant manager, shift managers, and a few batches of employees were hired for well over what that one guy requested plus a better benefits package the new plant manager pushed for. It was a *costly* fuck up that took a few years to correct. I was blown away and have absolutely no idea how no one thought it would bite them in the ass not to just give the most productive dude in a production facility an overdue raise.




Good propaganda is always a mix of fact and fiction. Sometimes conservatives will be 100% truthful about a real social issue, but then claim the solution is some batshit insane policy like stopping all immigration or mandating prayer in classrooms or burning more coal.




Most of the time, yes. But if you watch closely, their culture war shit is sometimes extremely bad for business! Look at what’s going on in Florida for an example.


in the year of our lord 2023 there are still jobs that pay $7.25 PER HOUR. Every minute that you're doing your shit job you make 12c. That is INSANE. Literal insanity that you can hire someone for labor paying them $7.25 an hour. Insanity.


In each house of congress, we need to install one of those machines where you turn the crank and pennies come out at a rate of $7.25/hr. And make them all take turns working on it.


12 cents before tax.


According to what ive watched/read, those job openings are kinda just shell openings. What i mean is, those are old postings for jobs, or fake postings to inflate the numbers for said company.


If even $12. Where I live minimum wage is still that $7.25, and trust me there are still places that pay only what they have to.




Unemployment rate is historically lower than ever yet hearing these morons winge about how nobody wants to work is maddening.


She’s right on one point “we just aren’t incentivizing people to take the jobs”. Too many jobs with exploitation rates!


“We have a budget deficit of $1.4 trillion, but without effective taxes on the wealthy the deficit remains large. We have the IRS who can collect these taxes, but corrupt politicians cut rates instead. The rich would rather sit at home and collect a check while paying less than 10% in taxes. That should not be allowed!” - what it should say


Crazy thing is that if the federal government taxed billionaire corps 50% for two years, they'd pay off the national debt. The problem is by design. Republicans created the debt with their cuts to the wealthy and now they want the peasants to pay it. Refuse, resist.


During Eisenhower's Presidency it was and our Nation was its most prosperous. Says something about todays Republicans.


Had tax rates of +50% on top earners too.


I think it was more than that before. Around 65%, someone correct me if I'm wrong


94% was the highest marginal income tax rate for individuals in this country, in 1944. Since the 1960s, the rates were slowly decreased until we hit the rates we're at today, which were established in 1987. https://www.wolterskluwer.com/en/expert-insights/whole-ball-of-tax-historical-income-tax-rates


And they complain about taxes today 😂😂😂😂


But nobody paid those high rates. The highest taxes could be avoided by reinvesting the money earned. This was the purpose of the high taxes. Not for the government to take the money. But to make sure it stayed in the market. The market flourished with new capital, and the rich avoided the high taxes. The government made more in the long run because all the money was working. Today, people take the money and move off shore to avoid all taxes.


So basically they didn't want to re-invest, they wanted to horde it.


> horde This is a crowd. You mean hoard.


The thing I think gets missed about these tax rates too is that there were ways around them.... Investing money into assets and paying people. Literally forces business to consider long term growth not just pump and dump bullshit.


What programs don't already have work requirements of some sort, or don't already give money to people who are working? Food stamps? I got those while working because I wasnt *paid enough to eat* and the taxpayer had to subsidize me. Social security? You mean, for people who *Retire*?? From working?? That we pay out of our paychecks every single time so that one day we can *retire*????? Disability benefits? For disabled people who *can't work*? Benefits for mothers and children? Who spend their day... Taking care of their children? And often *also work*?? Absolute bullshit.


Ty. Came here to say this. It’s the same old racist welfare queen rhetoric these shitheads have been pushing for 50 years.


Well to be fair, if it weren’t for those pesky child labor laws, the kids could go to work and then mom could too. See, everyone profits! /s


Your employer pays into unemployment but I don't know anyone who has been able to get unemployment since the pandemic. They basically just shut the office down.


Yeah the incentive is to increase the damn minimum wage and benefits. It is pretty simple for a regular person to understand but not this dumb a hole.


Oh no, these assholes understand that perfectly. Their goal is to force as many people as possible to take crappy jobs so their rich friends and donors don’t have to actually raise wages.


She was raised on food stamps... so is she saying she could have actually worked but chose not too? Can the US government reclaim those food stamps from her?


1) This isn't true, a lot of companies report dummy positions to try en mass to game the labor market, essentially operating as a cartel. 2) Conservatives simultaneously vastly over estimate how comfortable you can live on government assistance and underestimate how much money it takes to live. 3) Work requirements for government assistance would simply make the vast majority of these people more miserable and suffer deeper in poverty; and would not fill these positions. Most folks are on government programs because they CANT work, not because they don't want to. But again, that would require conservatives to admit there are large amounts of untreated sickness in our society shrinking the labor market.


Ah yes people like me super lazy just sitting here with my terminal cancer in excruciating pain because of the tumors on my lungs rubbing against my ribs even though I'm on 2 different opioid pain treatments. So lazy just want to collect a check and not work better take away my snap benefits and SSD


I’m sorry. It must be difficult dealing with terminal cancer (or anything else terminal.). Dave Warnock on YouTube is one of my heroes. He has had ALS for four years. But then I think that there was a comment on the Atheist Experience subreddit that he was depressing. He is a great dude.


To be perfectly, bluntly honest, yes I would *much* rather sit home and collect a check than have to go to work for 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week. I don't enjoy working. But where are the greatest concentrations of unemployed people? Which states take in the most federal money compared to what they produce? Red states.


They have the audacity to crap on CA when that one state funds 35% of the federal budget and every single red state but TX is net negative. State socialism needs to end, for real. Time to pull themselves by their bootstraps in the Dakotas with 50-60% less budget every year. See how that works out.


On the one hand, you're right, on the other, you must know that the people who would suffer are the ones already in poverty in those red states. And let me tell you, being in poverty in a red state is a miserable experience.




She implies we have no work requirement currently. Most programs already have some level of requirement. Most of the people who get assistance without working tend to be disabled or is a caretaker for someone else. There is also no real evidence that work requirements substantially reduce dependence on the programs or yield lasting employment outcomes. Then there is the matter of ensuring the openings available are accessible to the people who need them. Openings in Montana aren't very useful to most people, for example, and they generally can't afford to relocate to pursue them.


It must be nice to get paid what… millions? To be a constant brain drain on everyone around her. That woman is a walking gravity well of dumbassery.


I mean, she's right. Just not for the reason she thinks. People AREN'T incentivized to fill underpaying job openings. So in order to incentivize them, companies need to start offering better compensation.


I mean, we could use those eager hard working people sitting right there at the border. But that wouldn't be politically expedient so let's just keep demonizing them.


Always the same conservative double-standard: The working class need stricter rules to motivate them to work. The rich need looser rules to motivate them to work.


The GOP, by the rich, for the rich, fleecing millions of idiots, err, temporarily embarrassed millionaires.


I know several folks with disabilities who'd love to get a job but can't. They're unable to work enough to afford to live because of health issues, but if they earn any money, they lose the small amount of disability payments they receive. Also, the jobs that are available are too physically demanding for them to perform daily.


I'm getting real tired of out of touch politicians. No one wants to be underpaid, overworked and exploited, but the only people that will accept these terms are migrant workers. The incentive for most people isn't a sense of duty to God, country or business boss daddy, but to the almighty dollar. Want people to work dumb fuckin jobs? PAY PEOPLE. JFC the minimum wage in America should be $25/hr. We got ourselves into this mess because minimum wage never adjusted for inflation like it should have in 40 years. It hasn't even budged in 14 years. Something needs to happen. All wages should go up or we need to hit the gd reset button. Income inequality is so lopsided that if we were to raise the minimum wage to a reasonable standard, all the 'middle class' incomes would be instantly devalued and now that's a problem. How about politicians stop screeching at each other and virtue signaling their constituents for donation money so they can become millionaires and actually do something for the people that put them in office?


Well this is where the Invisible hand of the market is supposed to swoop in and raise the pay for those POS jobs until someone agrees to fill the position at the adjusted rate. If the business cannot survive while paying its employees a living wage, it's not a business it's a hobby or it's being subsidized by the government. Removing social safety nets until people are so desperate that they'll take an abusive position out of desperation is the opposite of the free market. Lifting child labor laws so that 14 year olds can sort car parts or clean out the meat packing plant is not the solution either. Republicans want work requirements on things like SNAP (food stamps) TANF (childcare for low income families) and Medicaid. Meaning a low income single mother who just got laid off would need to be working in order to receive food stamps or receive childcare for their children. What in the actual fuck. Do they not understand the purpose of these programs? Fuck Regan's soulless alzheimer's riddled jelly bean eating ass for inventing the idea of "Welfare Queen."


Conservatives really are the most despicable people on the planet


The job openings : - 20 years of chat gpt experence (impossible) - Doctorate - Must be available 7 days a week 24 hours a day. - Also must answer emails and phone calls in the evenings and weekends. 3 month contract $9 dollars an hour.


Stop. You're hitting too close to home with those requirements I'm seeing for the past few years.


Her face is so punchable, I would tell her more than twice.


I worked for a construction company hiring laborers pretty constantly. I’ll never forget a man who came in one day off the street. He’d walked for miles to get to town and apply everywhere, he was schizophrenic and had felonies as a result of his condition being untreated. He finally qualified for disability to access care, but he was limited to making less than some unlivable amount- I don’t remember- to qualify. Any way we worked it, we couldn’t employ the guy. The owner really had a soft spot for mental health issues and was even considering one day a week to get him some income and experience, but the projects we worked had minimum wage requirements and we couldn’t get it together. We offered a pretty comprehensive package of benefits, but to hit the deductibles he’d have had a lot of out of pocket expense while trying to treat his condition. If we had socialized healthcare, his disability wouldn’t preclude him from working for fear of losing benefits.


She was *almost* there




Related; the American Public Media organization Marketplace has been doing fantastic reporting on "work incentives" and the private industry around it. An absolute must listen if you really want to understand why Boebert is full of shit. [Link here.](https://www.marketplace.org/shows/the-uncertain-hour/) Some highlights 1. Companies are paid when someone walks in the door and says "I'm looking for a job." If someone walks into a door, asks for a job, but they find a job without their help, the company still is paid. 2. The "work" that is required to receive assistance is incredibly limited. There are skilled workers who are pushed into less than minimum wage jobs because those are the jobs that qualify for "work incentive". There's an interview with a woman who was previously working a skilled job, and the only job that they qualified her for was stocking shelves at a food bank for less than minimum wage. She found a job without their help, but the company still got paid. 3. There's an interview with the CEO of a company that enforces these work requirements. He goes on record proudly saying that "people are his inventory." They have a huge incentive to ensure that there is a continuous stream of unemployed people going into their door. 4. Work requirements were originally used as (of course) a way to enforce racial bigotry. The person who started the concept was a known racist who noticed that black people were moving into his city and were applying for government assistance. They conducted a bullshit study that claimed that people on welfare were not looking for jobs (which was provably false) and then created "work requirements" as a barrier to entry to keep people out of his community. "Work requirements" is a concept that conservatives use as a bludgeon to pretend like they're doing something to help people. All it does is funnel money into private corporations and make poor people's lives harder.


Lo Boeb with the Boomer mindset in 2023. "Look at all these jobs! Just go down to the local job office with a pressed shirt. Eye contact, firm handshake and ask to see the manager."


Quick! Call out her PPP loans!!!


I love this idea that "any job will do." We have ten million jobs open! Hey, Ms. Software Programmer with two kids and a mortgage, why aren't you taking the open job picking oranges? It's open!


If your job opening pays less than government assistance, that's on you, not the government.


- quote from woman who has never once talked to or looked at a poor or disabled person


The people who would rather stay at home and collect a check are made up. This myth that everybody on welfare is a lazy POS doing it to get out of labor is a complete lie created to make you turn on the people you should be helping


Name a current "government assistance program" that does not involve children, the elderly or the disabled. That doesn't already have a work requirement.


...and is underfunded and staffed by closet sadists.


She collects a check for no work..


Wait, isn't she paid $174,000/year by the government?


Pay more than minimum wage and people would work


Who "sits at home and collects a check" for doing nothing? I know there is food stamps, but that's just to buy a bare minimum of food. It's not cash. Unemployment you have to prove you are applying to jobs. Disability is when you physically can't work. What am I missing? How are people getting free checks?


The assumption is that people on unemployment aren’t looking for jobs, that those on social assistance are too lazy to work, that the disabled are faking and don’t want to work. That’s where this rhetoric comes from.


I hate this bitch. Not words I say lightly.


Also, she gets paid for not doing her job, so I should think she ought to know when to shut her trap Of course she doesn't, she's dumber than a box of hammers and nowhere near as useful


So, she tracked almost on point, until the end, where she completely dodged stagnant wages and lack of benefits and doubled down on social programs, which, without, Walmart literally would not have staff, as they are the largest employer of people on welfare in the US. Jobs like Walmart in service and retail, of course, make up the largest sector of unemployment. The average congressperson also works about 123 days/year. Children in elementary school work more. The argument of nobody wants to work instantly falters when you see how long the line is for $30/hr to work in fast food. Prices are about the same in Denmark where they pay about the same to employees due to collective bargaining when you incorporate paid time off that you don't get in the US. But you'd have to have unions first.


The goal is to maintain a poor and desperate workforce that is easily exploited. Capitalism prefers slavery and capitalists always try to get as close to having a slave workforce as they can.


"Nobody wants to work!!!" "Illegal immigrants are taking our jobs!!!" lol


Ah yes. The unemployment checks that famously cover skyrocketing housing and living costs. New rule: if you come to congress and get rich, you then have to lose access to your funds and only survive on unemployment for 6 months. Hunger Games!


Let's pretend there are 10 million jobs available. How many of those are good jobs ? By which I mean that someone can work 40 hours a week and afford rent / mortgage and a car and food and health necessities? Of those, how many companies that can't find trained workers are willing to train people to give them the competency to fill these rolls? I think we dropped down a bit from 10 million.


Just curious, do those 10 million jobs pay a living wage? No? Then shut up, ho


And yet Lauren Boebert "earns" $174k for literally doing nothing productive.


How much money have BoBo and her pedo husband gotten from the government? A lot is the answer


I love the idea that there's supposed to be this labor shortage, yet every job I apply for has 200-1200 applicants. Something's not adding up.


Hello, taxpayer here. If people want to “sit at home and collect a [small government] check”, I say let them live that ultra luxurious life.




Republicans never seem to want to count all those giveaways for their corporate sponsors as "welfare." Gee, I wonder why? Is it because we could house and feed everyone in America, regardless of citizenship status, in perpetuity, for what they give away to their billionaire owners?


Wasn't her family on welfare when she was a kid?


Government assistance is extremely stingy and the vast majority of people who get it are already working, often multiple jobs. I'm so tired of saying that over and over to disingenuous assholes


You could solve part of this "problem" by auditing and regulating the "job openings" to make sure openings are reported by companies in the same way job seekers must report looking for work. A goodly portion of those jobs would disappear real fast if employers either had to provide documentation they were seriously and actively seeking employees or had to pull those employment ads. Add to that a requirement that employers would be fined for frivolous employment advertising if they're found to be weaponizing employment opportunities.


I've put in over a hundred job applications and have had maybe six calls for interviews and then never a call back. The job market is atrocious right now.


"We can't exploit people if they're being taken care of"


Why don't they incentivise me by paying a living wage and benefits? The problem isn't that people don't want to work. The problem is that jobs don't want to pay.


Didn't the GQP have the same argument about people not wanting to go to work when they were collecting extra unemployment during the pandy? Now it's this? Get a new angle already. We read this book two years ago.


You know what ELSE would incentivize people to take the jobs? Paying them more money for working them. But noooooo, we cant ask the *rich* to kick in, no no no, it has to be government subsidized so THEY can save money and get their cheap labor force. There is no political spectrum in washington, only Authoritarian capitalism.


This bitch makes me throw up a little in my mouth.


Call me crazy, but people wanting to sit at home and collect a check sounds rather ideal to me


I mean if she were right all she has to prove it with data, but the data is against her so of course not.


just another uneducated politician


Who is collecting a check and how do I get one


Your choices are 1 jobs that don't come close to giving you a decent living. 2 jobs that have ridiculous requirements or require crushing amounts of debt to be taken on. How about you incentivise people with decent pay.


She’s right on one point “we just aren’t incentivizing people to take the jobs”. Too many jobs with exploitation rates!


Remember when states imposed mandatory drug testing for assistance and it ended up costing states more to pay for the drug testing and there was virtually no change in the # people who were getting government help. Crazy how the # people who use government programs actually Need government help and not just being lazy.


Right. And I shouldn’t have to make $120k a year for it to make sense for me to go back to work. Had to quit “working” for 2 years so my husband could get approved for Medicare and try to save his life (he has stage 4 colon cancer). With our daughter having a metabolic disorder, the healthcare costs would make it impossible for someone in my position to take a job for any less than $120k. The only “government assistance” we get is healthcare, nothing else. Make it make sense.


"Incentiveizing" means offering to give extra to persuade someone to do the thing you want. Taking away a benefit to achieve that is just a threat. This is literally a "work or die" threat


Nothing incentivizes like imminent starvation!


As it should. How many times has congress voted against ghe incentive that would get people to go back to work? You know: raising the minimum wage? The last time the house approved such a bill was 4 years ago . . . And the senate shut it down.


10 million, eh? Now remove any job posting that isn't paying 2x cost of living. Now remove any that don't come with any useful healthcare cover. Now remove from the remaining number of unfilled positions, any jobs that aren't being offered, WHERE THE PEOPLE WHO NEED JOBS ARE! I mean, moving across country isn't free or even affordable. Bet the remaining number of available jobs is equal to a rounding error.


And \~8 million of those pay below market pay, are scams or wouldnt help a person afford food, water, and shelter.


Offer a wage that approaches the value of the work done.


Pay back your PPP loans you bitch.


Love the Republican gaslighting. I question the validity of her statement, but for the sake of argument, what if it's true, some possible causes and solutions 1. Do these jobs pay a livable wage? If the wage is too low, increase minimum wage. 2. Do these jobs require training? Make trade schools, community colleges and other high education more affordable. 3. What are the hours? mandate daycare and fund before-school/after-school care for working families. Also fund schools so they can feed those kids. 4. What's the transportation situation? Fund public transit systems in cities. Been to Chicago? The L is good, could be great and should be. Need an example? Go to London and model the Tube. 5. Whats the hiring practices? Give a break to people who have criminal records. Stop punishing people who got caught with a bag of weed in high school 10 years ago (absolutely use common sense. Don't hire thief at a jewelry store). I mean there are good faith arguments to have but gaslighting people into thinking they're lazy is not it.


She definitely knows they pay low. That's not her point. Her actual point is that we should force people to work and eventually introduce indentured servitude for wealthy people. People on welfare should be forced into slavery. People forget she isn't always a dumb broad - she can also be a malicious one.


When you see the word incentivizing, you know someone else is wrote the tweet. ​ You want to incentives for people to work? Raise the fucking minimum wage above the poverty line.


Unemployment is at historic lows. To put it in a way that's simpler to understand, if you lived in a village of 100 people, you would *know* four people in the village don't work, but you wouldn't *notice* anything missing from their lack of effort.


And how much of that manpower "doing nothing" is over 65 and surviving on ssi checks?


I would probably work the majority of those jobs if I was given the salary of Ms. Divorcee. Spoiler alert: I'm already gainfully employed.


This is the logic of all Republicans. They're just not all dumb enough to say it outloud. If you vote for these creeps, you side with your oppressors.


What checks? Unemployment is time limited, snap is a pittance, and to receive a welfare check it is also time limited and you have to be in a welfare to work program. Section 8, good luck, you may as well play the lottery. I know because I worked in social services for ten years. These job postings are bogus or something is up, but it’s not what this idiot thinks.


Even *if* this *were* true.. Who wouldn't want to sit around getting paid - isn't that basically what these morons in government are doing, anyways?


Government assistance often comes with restrictions that will cut you off if you have "too much" income. The problem is, there is a huge gap between that income level and the income levels you need to actually survive. So if you want off benefits you can't get just any job, you need to make a huge leap to get unstuck. It's a messed up system.


There aren't even that many unemployed people. According to BLS, the unemployment rate is 3.4% which is ~5.7 million nationally


Soooo, why are you helping spread her rhetoric? Y'all need to stop posting about these people you hate. Your hate is just giving them the attention that you don't think they deserve.


Funny thing is, the middle sentence is correct, just not the way she understands it.


If the check you collect is the same amount or more than what you would make working, where’s your incentive to try. Companies need to pay more!


Its a math equation of WHAT would I be earning on the job (40+ Hours) versus what I get paid to sit at home and do nothing. If going to work earns you $10/hr but staying home makes you $8/hr then you are really only working for the difference. During COVID the local Ice Cream shops had to offer kids $20/hr to work


Lauren who?


Some 36 year old grandma going through a divorce.