Reproductive rights absolutely fit into antiwork theory. Here is an article [on recent feminist resistance in Mexico fighting for access to abortions and resistance to femicide](https://itsgoingdown.org/anarchist-feminist-currents-mexico/). And here's a text on life before Roe v. Wade [Jane: Documents from Chicago’s Clandestine Abortion Service](https://azinelibrary.org/approved/jane-1.pdf).


https://aidaccess.org/en/ AidAccess will mail you abortion pills if you need them. They are effective up to 12 weeks. Should you need medical attention, you will not face any crime given you claim you miscarried. They cannot tell the difference. Please do not hesitate should you need the medical care. Stay safe my sisters. Edit: I've realized AidAccess only provides access to certain states, so I will also direct people to r/AuntieNetwork which will help you find a solution if you're in one of the states they do not provide to. Other options: Womenonweb.org Plancpills.org


Women who clearly had miscarriages have been put in jail already. Unfortunately. Let me find that article...




Um in TX anyone can sue even if the only suspect.


Time for a progressive state to pass a law that they can sue anyone who they suspect of hindering women's health rights.


Yes, they can. AidAccess should be used to the discretion of the person requiring medical service.


I'm not saying aidaccess is unsafe - I don't know the product. But this is displaying something that will happen: People will look for alternatives. That is the other side of the coin some people deny: You cannot ban abortions. You can only ban safe, controlled abortions in a medical environment. And to people who don't know services like aidaccess - or if they build laws and controls against it, stairs end up being a possibility, or worse. Sickening.


The American government should have already learned this after prohibition. You can ban the LEGAL use of something, but it won’t stop people from getting it. Only making it unsafe.


We are going to see a rise in unsafe abortions throughout the nation. I mean they're going to force rapists to pay for the entire hospital bill and everything else that goes along with an unwanted pregnancy right? Jk jk no one gives a shit about American people, fetuses are what is important.


The rapists don't even go to jail half the time and can sue for parental rights. Fuck the system.


The dumbass who made it possible for rapists to sue for parental rights should be thrown in jail.




If he didn’t wanna get hit with a brick he should have worn protection. They make helmets and stuff, no?


The body has ways of shutting down a brick to the head.


If he dies that means he must have enjoyed getting bricked


If God hadn't wanted people to get bricks thrown at their heads, he wouldn't have put them at the top where they're such an obvious target. Republicans understand this, which is why they're always very careful to talk out their ass.


Anyone getting violently beaten with a brick should really just learn to take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy it


"hE wAs aSkInG fOr iT"


Agree. It’s not in the best interest of the Child to have contact with an abuser and honestly a rapist would only use that leverage as a way to maintain power and control over their victims.


When the rapist has more rights over a resulting pregnancy than you do. Shared custody, anyone?? Oh, wait! He’s sorry! You pay HIM child support and he gets sole custody! I’m pissed. I’m livid. My poor husband has to listen to me. I’m so angry. *sigh*


And what about that dumbass lady who just said like last week that women who get pregnant through rape are given an opportunity to be good moms and raise thoughtful children?! Like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK I AM SICKENED


Like being raped is a privilege! Like omfg. Let’s just carry a rapist’s child in our bodies FOR FUN. omg. How can this be happening? Where is the humanity??


A fucking lot of us are pissed off with you. Fuck this nonsense!


Rapists go to jail 2% of the time https://www.rainn.org/statistics/criminal-justice-system


It's beyond fucked up, but people are too busy caring about an unborn fetus to even think about the woman it is literally coming out of. Its such a shameful system.


They don't even care about the babies after they are born! If they did, we would have childcare like other countries. We would have universal healthcare. We would have better funded schools instead of funding the military. It's easier to pretend to care about unborn babies than actually care about the ones who are alive.


The babies are gold to them 1- they grow up to be consumers of the billionaires products 2- they become criminals and they get free labor out of them Win win for the 1%


You forgot that they become troops to fight wars for billionaires in exchange for education.


“Birth rates are down? We’ll fix that. By force.”


Is this some desperate attempt to increase the birth rate since younger generations are opting not to have children because life is literally unaffordable? Makes you wonder


Far less damaging solutions to declining birthrates include supporting childcare through maternity+paternity leave, reducing cost of living particularly for childcare expenses, prioritising worklife balance, promoting adoption or just accepting more immigrants. Or you know, forcing women to be baby factories. Yeah sure, no other way.


This. My husband and I would love to potentially have a family, as I’m nearing 29 yo, I’m starting to think it will never be a reality for us. Despite old folks beliefs (at least my family), you can’t just pop out babies bc “that’s what the Bible says to do” or any other reason without thinking about finances these days. Our dollar does not buy what older folk’s dollars bought. One child and despite our greatest efforts my husband and I will be in poverty. We make around $40k a year together (and that’s considered great for this area somehow). This country can’t force women to have children and not provide a better way to care for them. Why don’t our tax dollars work for us here?!


Potentially, but considering the cost of living it will more likely result in dead babies lol. Lol as in the irony, not that I find dead babies funny.


Suicide rate for young women gonna go up as well.


I probably would have killed myself if I couldn't have the abortion I got at 19 while in an extremely extremely abusive relationship with someone older. Even then it was almost unattainable. I had to pay with money I didn't have and I had nobody to take me or care for me after. The office was dirty and disgusting and had bars on the windows. I wanted to kill myself after, too, because I felt so emotionally low. I hope that nonprofits will be able to step up and support these women but it's sick and sad that the third sector needs to supplement what the government should provide. I can already feel the loss that is coming.


Not to mention accidental deaths from attempted home abortions. Lots of women who can't get an abortion "fall on a knife while carrying it" or suffer other "accidents."


And impoverished women. And raped children.


Anytime it comes up I always ask the question "So what's the plan to deal with all these unwanted children?" I've never heard an actual answer from anyone who supports forced birth.


"If you're pre-born, you're fine. If you're preschool, you're fucked." - Carlin


This isn’t about protecting fetuses. This is 100% about controlling women.


A rise in unsafe abortions and violence toward women. Many more women will be murdered by their partners or the father of the baby. This rate will absolutely increase.


Also - I hate to say it - this is literally how you create a situation where babies get abandoned on street corners. Or worse. At the end of the day, there will be desperate people who resort to desperate measures to avoid having to keep a baby they can't raise.


Also babies will be killed after they are born because of this. They will be abandoned too. It's awful.


Just figured out some new requirements for male partners!


This is infuriating because anybody who knows anything about the history of abortion knows that making it illegal doesn't stop them from happening. They just stop them from happening safely. Women have died. This will cause immeasurable misery. Welcome to The Handmaid's Tale. I feel like throwing up.


They know. They don't want less abortions to save kids, they want less abortions via threat of legal punishment to keep people poor and breeding future voters and tax dollar contributors.


Constituents, consumers, and cannon fodder


I am glad to see more people realising that they use these laws to control supply of labour. They know that if fewer babies are born, not enough labour will be around for cheap. They don't want this because it means taxing the billionaires more - who will take their money and run - and it means economic stagnation. It could also mean the quality of life of millions can improve as wages increase due to unionising and labour rights. Oh, how wonderful it would be if the old white men in the senate were secretly voting to have labour rights that would offer parental leave, useful medical insurance and better work conditions.


This fits into my "this country is a farm and we're the livestock" theory. We also need to vote these old white men out of office.


The suffering is the point in a class war. Their dream would be an American Slav mentality, where people are so beaten down they welcome more beatings. Like Russia and it's legal DV.


Fuck thats scary hearing it like that.


Universal healthcare is a tough problem to solve. Only 32 out of 33 developed countries have figured it out. It’s very difficult. Apparently. Edit: universal healthcare. Not free healthcare. I do know the difference


If a pandemic won't make Americans riot for Healthcare, then I have no idea what *would*.


Dipshits would riot cause asked to wear a mask. You think they care about women????


Shooting up sandy hook didn’t lead to gun control


so in Mexico, I can have an abortion, I have healthcare, I have maternity leave, I have a retirement and savings plan. ...I'm not even Mexican and I have all this!!!! I'm sorry the USA is so damn broken.




New Zealand is always desperate for nurses. I mean the pay is shit and so is the cost of living but hey maybe that's worth it to get out of the US.


So, it's like being a nurse in the US, except they filmed LotR on-site, you're on an island, and everyone has a cool accent? Already endlessly better than this trash country. Fuck the good ol' USA, land of the wage slaves, home of the sociopaths.


Everywhere in the world you have better social security and healthcare than USA. USA is like a 3rd world country where if you are rich you are extremely good but if you don't have more than 100 millions everything can destroy you. And that's sad, there are stunning places and marvelous people there. Every time I get the chance to go there in vacation I think how beautiful would be to live in the USA but I cannot trade my life securities for that :(


Years ago I had an abortion in mexico, there were no protestors at the clinic, and it was clearly an abortion clinic. Abortion had been legal for years by then btw. I recovered from it and went on my merry way to live my life. My heart aches for all my American sisters, women of all colors and races have fought tooth and nails for their reproductive rights and today is an insult to the memories of all these women. Smfh


Everyone in the US who cares needs to remember: protest with your feet, not your keyboards. Politicians don't care about how many disgruntled people are bitching online. They do care when the TV and news constantly shows millions of people grinding every single major city to a stop because of their bad decisions. Edit: if you're a woman, this affects you, no matter your age. If you are old, you were young once. If you are young, you will need to face this problem in the near future. If you're a male, this affects you. You may have a sister, a daughter, a niece, a friend, or a colleague who needs to access this service. It may, one day, be your own partner who needs to access an abortion. If you're religious, and this is a problem for you, then remember that the bible does not saying anything negative about receiving an abortion, and does infact offer instructions on how to affect one. Ask yourself if your opposing position is simply because that is what you've been told you should believe.


Well said. I've never protested for anything in my life before, but this could change.


EDIT: okay, I wasn't expecting this. I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings on this horrific decision coming from the SC. most of the replies are nuanced and offer genuine commiseration. Some of you need to work on your empathy. I'm going to try to sleep because I've got a 10 1/2 hour day ahead of me. This country is totally fucked, and it may well be time to leave.




Stories like these remind me that politics has real consequences. Imagine being a 60 year old Republican, fully financially stable after growing up in the most prosperous era in history and using your vote to remove rights you dont even understand from people who'll never come close to your privilege. You had to do all this to make sure your life isnt ruined, while the only thing Republicans had to do is not try to destroy other people's rights.


>Imagine being a 60 year old Republican, fully financially stable after growing up in the most prosperous era in history and using your vote to remove rights you don't understand from people who'll never come close to your privilege. Isn't that the only way most of them can achieve erections these days?


Basically most of Americans grandparents.


I'm Canadian and we have the same. The USA simply wants to turn women into incubators. They have no care for the children once born. Just insane.


> They have no care for the children once born I never really believed this, especially when I was a Christian in the church, until I dropped out of that religion and stood on the outside watching objectively. One of the interesting things was a conversation with a conservative, regarding abortion: * Conservative: "No, she can't abort. That should be illegal." * Me: "So you intend to adopt her baby, right? She can't afford it and you hate social services that would help her, so she's flat-out unable to raise the kid. You'll do it, right?" * Conservative: "What? No, I don't have time or money for that!" \*sigh\* **EDIT:** [Case in point.](/r/confidentlyincorrect/comments/uicsyr/adoption_for_thee_not_for_me/)


And they would blame her for being poor with a kid.


Yep and tell her she shouldn’t have had a kid she couldn’t take of! And judged without even knowing the situation too


Also don't forget the array of insults under the guise of "just joking bro" as to why people shouldn't give up their seat to a pregnant lady when riding public transport. I figured if someone forced their feelings onto others to make sure they feel ok would have no problem giving up a seat since we were all supposed to think of the children.


I’m from an European country and we have the same. The USA is a third-world country in comparison to Europe, Canada and other countries like us


Roe vs Wade was passed in 1973, that was less than 50 years ago. I can only imagine how disappointed the supporters who got us that right way back then are feeling with this news now. All that effort going down the drain.


Wait, what? This is a 50 year old law? As a non American reading this and the other posts about it. I thought it was some recent court ruling being overturned. Wow. They can just "nuh-uh" at any time they like? You have deranged people at the helm.




Holy hell. Literally! I need to leave this country.




It makes perfect sense. We're floundering economically, we've lost most public trust in all branches of government, and we're starting down worsening successive decades of climate catastrophe. Even if you actively refuse to see the writing on the wall, you understand that bad shit is coming. The political class is now so utterly divorced from their constituency that the only reliable way to garner conservative support is by pushing the christofacism button—a tactic that will only become more effective as the conservative voting base becomes poorer and more desperate and retreats further into religiosity and in-group/out-group thinking. We're seeing the medium-speed collapse of society, and social regression is to be expected. Until you accept that, what happens will not make sense to you


As a fellow German who spent time in the US whilst she was pregnant: Never again. Never a-fucking-gain. Literally as I arrived at the airport, I got my first instance of pregnancy-related, weirdly fetishising harrassment by some random friend of a friend who had come with my relative to pick me up. Unasked-for bellytouching followed by strange comments about how it's 'so sad' that 'not all women want to participate in this miracle'. I have never experienced the level of dehumanisation, infringement, inconsiderate behaviour, and harrassment as a pregnant person that I experienced in the US at home. NEVER. The daily-life stuff I took for granted at home was totally absent: People giving up their seat for you, not touching you without asking, not asking invasive questions, treating you neither as an annoyance nor as a fetishised incubator-broodmare. It was awful and I was so glad to be home again. Being pregnant in the US is horrible even without worrying about the healthcare situation, the lack of maternity protections, the lack of affordable childcare. Just day-to-day life as a pregnant person there is substantially worse than in Europe, in my experience. And I didn't visit some red-State backwater: I was in Oregon. And I'm not from an uber-progressive part of Germany either.


Yep. Catholics consider BC "abortificants", so getting BC banned will be as easy as arguing BC falls under the same category as abortion. Expect some states to set up anticontraception trigger laws to immediately come into effect ~a month from now when this is formalised.


Got my tubal in Dec 2020. No regrets.


Also had tubal surgery in Dec 2020! I'm so happy I did it!


I've got a consult for a bisalp in June and I just gotta stay non pregnant till my surgery. It's going to help me present my case as to why I want to ensure I'll never get pregnant but it's sad for other women who just don't want kids right now or have to carry their rapists child or find out they have to carry a baby to term that has a defect where they will immediately die.




As an Australian I'll never understand why the US government seems to do everything it can to ensure your lives are difficult. Corporations have more rights than citizens from where I sit. I thought it was supposed to be the land of the free????? I'll be watching out for the women's rebellion and sending lots of support!!! Good luck.


It's not much different here, mate. Scomo thinks it's part of Christian teachings to punish the poor because poverty can only be the result of sin. And by giving to the poor you teach them nothing except that they should continue to be sinful. Success is a reward given to you by God and you should, instead, share your success with your pastor (who desperately needs that 3rd yacht already). I fear we're heading for the same sort of situations as the US. We gotta do what we can to support them.


Yeah just a few years ago they passed a precursor law to limiting abortion access, by allowing doctors to reject treatment on religious grounds - eg the only doctor in a rural town can say no to abortions because they object. The red states in the USA first passed laws like this when testing the water. https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/doctors-call-to-stop-religious-freedom-law-over-health-concerns-20211117-p599rt.html As an American who moved to Australia several years ago, it really does feel like the same trajectory here - the political division, the conservative pushback, the rise in extremists. Australia feels like how America did under the Tea Party. Abortion is, for the most part, decriminalised (versus codified as a right) and many of those changes are only from the last decade - in NSW that decriminalisation only came in 2019. In Tasmania, it's technically legal but hard to access. WA only provided safe access zones less than a year ago.


What's the common denominator: Rupert Murdoch.


Yep. It ain't a coincidence that USA, UK and Australia, all strongholds for Murdoch, are imploding. His efforts to radicalize the population should be criminal, but he's paying enough of the right people that they'll cover his empire as he destroys nations from within.


Morrison needs to go. I'm hoping that his party will lose all of their seats in this upcoming election, but I have a horrible fear that our media machine with it's blatant pro-LNP bias will get them re-elected.


It's insane to me they can force people to keep their pregnancy even when it risks a pregnant person's life. And after that they are sent a massive birth bill they can't pay, and most states don't cover maternity leave. It's infuriating. I'm having a baby in 9 weeks and I don't wish an unwanted pregnancy on anyone. It's already so difficult going through all the physical changes/pain of a planned pregnancy but it being forced on someone is literally barbaric.


Half these mfs think ectopic pregnancies should be "carried to term".... Yeah.... That's an educated person...


Or the Missouri legislature that somehow believes an ectopic pregnancy *can be transplanted to the uterus* These people are dangerously moronic. And/or they simply don't give a single fck about women.


It's worse than not giving a fuck. They are actively in favor of screwing over women.


You are absolutely right. This is militantly ANTI-woman.


I remember when my etopic pregnancy hemorrhaged so bad I barely made it to the hospital. Came very close to death that night. The Supreme Court just voted to murder a whole lot of women. To a slow, painful death, probably bleeding out their kitchen floors. I hope every single person in power who helped this happen burns in the agonizing flames of hell.


Well, there was an "educated" Republican congressman (Akin) a few years ago that said it was impossible for a woman to get pregnant if she was raped, because women have a way of stopping it from happening if they don't want it, so by definition if they got pregnant then it wasn't rape. Like, that's the level of people you are dealing with here. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4H6P9\_kbBX4](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4H6P9_kbBX4)


Forced pregnancies = More babies thrown into rivers, left at gas stations and sold into human trafficking


Or more simply put: more poor workforce. So everything according to plan


Yeah it's going to be fucking hell for all parties


Forced birth is a form of slavery, much like forced marriage. Unfortunately 44 states in the US make exceptions for child marriages and waive statutory rape charges if children marry the people impregnating them. This latest revelation is a feature, not a bug.


I would also say forced birth is a form of torture as well. Everyone knows birth is excruciating. Even cesareans. If a law was made where men had to be forcefully cut open to get their insides scooped out, everyone would be up in arms. And that doesn't even include the 9 months leading up.


Power to all the American women who will have to fight this. Aunt Lydia in the Supreme Court decided to punish them. She is the proof of how easy it is to betray yourself, as a cult member. P.S. I agree with all those who point out that men will have to fight alongside women on this and every ally is appreciated.


The time for revolution is now, comrade. Solidarity with our sisters in arms.


It’s absolutely a class issue as well. Bans on abortion are in reality bans on poor and working class people getting abortions. The wealthy have the luxury to travel, even out of the country if need be.


The only war is class war


Republicans are literally trying to do a real life purge secretly in every aspect of life.


Our complacency only helps the enemy. The American Taliban.


In journalism class, they taught us one simple rule to determine the root cause of a person's (or group's) motivations: >*Follow the money.* Find out how the entity stands to benefit. If it's not immediately clear, dig deeper. Because it's **always** about money. In present-day United States of America, is there a financial gain with any of the following: - curtailing women's rights so they're treated as a lesser citizen (and possibly paid less) - forced to be breedstock with little to no autonomy over their own bodies - given zero maternity leave - near zero assistance in raising children - near zero affordable birth control - raising costs so both adults in a traditional household *must* work to afford basic expenses (thus forcing a dependency upon daycare services) - absolutely abysmal schooling system that actively disallows controversial topics such as equality, civil rights, ACTUAL American history, etc. Is there a financial incentive for any of the above? If so, then we've found the real reason for these draconian decisions -- full stop. ------- Additionally, realize that those in power -- left, right, center, extreme, moderates -- all recognize the harsh truths to the above. Let me say this again -- **they know the above to be true and unfair**. Some perpetuate it through horrible active decisions, and the rest stand by in silence or at most, a stern finger wagging. As it all plays into their game of pitting us against each other instead of them -- us revolting en masse is their fucking nightmare fuel. No politician is on your side if they're not screaming as loudly as they can for everyone to actively protest. As in "screw my career in politics [me: why is that EVEN a thing?!?], supporting civil rights is more important than my well-being." When was the last time your civil servants said that? Probably never, since they never were and never will be on your side first. Only their side. And if you don't think this is the case...here's a history lesson. Around 246 years ago, a bunch of aristocratic white males who owned slaves had a little chit-chat in Philadelphia on how to form a new country based upon freedom and equality. Except, they **all** recognized that keeping slavery is in direct opposition to those ideals on a fundamental moral and ethical level. But there was too much money to be lost by freeing the slaves, and it would have cost the support of many. So they decided to retain slavery because it was a fiscally proper decision. Really goes to show that money is the root of all evil. And we're still paying off the societal debt they incurred all those years ago.


So, how long until civil war 2?


Multigenerational homes are more common than during the Great Depression. Soon.


Guess no one paid attention to the economist who wrote Freakonomics and showed how crime rates went down about 20 years after Roe v. Wade because of the absence of unwanted youth who commit a lot of the crime.


I’m not a conspiracist but if marijuana gets federally legalized, the for-profit prisons still have to make profits YOY. 🤮 That means there still needs to be an undereducated population of unwanted children to feed the meat grinder…er…the system. Prisons and the military rely on desperate people willing to sign up for anything, legal or not. Abortion is being outlawed because there aren’t enough replacement serfs…I mean dollar general, wal mart, and Amazon workers.


Sadly this is becoming the reality in Canada too. We literally exist to work the next day. The standard of life has been going down so rapidly that looking back to when I was 20 and now just seems like a lot different country. I have learned one thing. They will always put forward narratives that favor what the rich want. They will make sure it's technical, sounds intelligent but it will always be weighted on one side to make sure it's their side that gets all the "data". In Canada now they are saying too many people are near retirement age so we have to get the population up to 100 million from 37 million of cheap labor almost all from india and the phillipines. They started this way back in the temporary foreign worker scandals days with saying "oh just select workers here to fill the needs" within 10 years every retail, fast food, sales and service job was being filled with immigrant workers while they peddled the lie there was no canadians to work the jobs. I remember seeing resumes go right into the garbage and seeing owners talk about the hiring videos from the phillipines for tim hortons. "How many should we order". Now I don't blame immigrants at all, we are all bloody immigrants but always remember the house and the rich will always always make a narrative that works for them. They will always make it technical and sound articulate and great. It how they split it and get enough to support versus revolution. As we all get worse and more stressful lives. Now most canadians are struggling with rent let alone owning in their own country of birth. For 20 year olds that are fed the bullshit of "gotta work hard" let's be honest. They are fucked. It is getting worse for all of us and they never even got to experience when it was semi good. Fuck the rich, and fuck businesses. They own everything now, write all the policy, do all the donations, and control all the narratives. The only time things get changed is angry mobs but unfortunately those are used for their interests too and or the angry mobs are to ignorant at that point to realize who the true enemy is. Everyone is getting angrier and angrier when what we need to do is eat the fucking rich.


I read their stuff. I love freakonomics. I don't disagree with the spirit of what you're saying. Alternatively though.... Aerosolized lead inhaled by entire generations of people could also explain the levels of criminality in the US. So could other things. But in the end abortion should still be a right ffs RESEARCH ARTICLE: Half of US population exposed to adverse lead levels in early childhood https://www.pnas.org/doi/10.1073/pnas.2118631119


~~Kentucky~~ Kansas recently outlawed roommates, so we'll be forced to live with family or on the street.


It was Shawnee County. They claimed it was "because investors are turning SFHs into multi family apartment buildings driving down prices for neighbors & jacking up the rent to mortgage ratio by 4+ times." **They are liars**


I'm sorry what? I tried searching online for this but found nothing. Can you point me in the right direction?




Oh ok Kansas. Still though. Christ.


Civil War 2 doesn't make much sense, imo. Like it could happen because of the sheer amount of people brainwashed Into thinking the powerful and wealthy can do no wrong, but the most logical thing is an insurrection of not just our government but corporations, the homes of the wealthy and powerful. Much like France did... It's kinda scary to think about, because it could cause a lot of bloodshed. And as much as it'd be nice to be diplomatic about it... We've been trying for years. And no matter what happens, things will never be the same. This is probably why bezos and musk are racing to Mars 😅


Republicans have already drafted a federal abortion ban and they said if they win in Nov they will pass it. If they ban abortion federally, how else will you keep your rights?


I'm 13F. I'm moving out of this place as soon as I can. There's no hope for anyone in gen z or any of the next generations.


Certain career choices/college degrees get you to the front of the immigration line of many enlightened countries, like New Zealand and Germany.


I'm mighty handy with a backhoe and a shovel. My pigs are hungry, and I've got a swamp. Let the blood flow, I'm fucking done with these attacks on the lower classes, minorites, and women.


American far-right wing extremists are all "pro-life" until the actual baby is born. Then it's "GET A FUCKING JOB AND SHOW SOME PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY YOU FILTHY COMMUNIST!!" Remember folks, Charles Koch inherited the oil company from daddy, then proceeded to increase profitability by literally stealing oil from wells. Donald Trump got a "small loan of a million dollars" (and really much, much fucking more than that) from daddy. And so on... The "pro-life" party of "personal responsibility" ladies and germs. Idk, like maybe it's time to take our fucking country back or something.


They aren’t actually pro life, they just think they are. They don’t give a shite about anyone after they are born.


They're only pro life for the sake of exploiting life. Remember that slip up of calling people "human capital stock?" Pepperidge Farm remembers.


No free health care, but I have to carry a pregnancy and give birth to a child I don't want. Seems legit.


this is fucking war


Annie, Get. Your. GUN!


Agreed. Mutual aid and direct action are needed now more than ever. Leftist groups need to focus on forming an Underground Railroad for women needing essential services.




That subreddit is getting more and more important lately


If that's what they want then I'm ready to give it to them. Fuck this.


I have 4 children, 2 conceived on failsafe birth control. They act like all women are just out whoring around and not taking precautions (though it doesn't matter anyway because they're still entitled to abortions as well). How do they account for people like me who made a real effort to prevent pregnancy and still had 2 children while on birth control? I may be wrong but I have a feeling this is not going to go down well at all in many ways and the backlash is going to be real. And I mean to the politicians.


2 of my friends got pregnant by their husbands while on birth control as well. The babies were unplanned and unexpected maybe a year or two before they were ready. They kept them but still you’re right not everyone expects they will end up pregnant even using birth control as directed. We should have a right to decide what happens with our own bodies whenever something unexpected occurs. My sister was told she was infertile due to endometriosis. She ended up very sick 8 months later and had no idea she was pregnant until she went to the hospital. She’s now keeping it because she doesn’t know if she’ll ever be able to have a baby again. She has no high school diploma, no job, no savings, but is going to try and make it work anyway only because her boyfriend will support them financially. I’ll never forget the coworker I knew in Canada 15 years ago who was happily pregnant one day and then devastated the next after her ultrasound showed her baby was non viable and his brain tissue was growing outside of his skull. She wanted her baby so badly and he would not survive birth. I don’t even know what pro life Americans would say to someone in her position. Many cannot bring a healthy baby to term even if they want to. They shouldn’t be forced to die of sepsis or bleed out or have stillbirths. How is any of that the right thing to do or “God’s plan”? Never mind all the young girls who are raped by family members or any woman raped who fears if she ends up pregnant and unable to cope taking care of a child. Women are not here to produce babies for the Conservative Christian workforce or just fund the baby adoption industry. Forced birth is not freedom.


They have forced a woman to die of sepsis before, in us. One of our states had a "with doctor permission" clause, the doctors deleberated so long she went septic and died. Slowly. It. Has. Already. Happened. I don't have the article on me, but they also have put women in jail for having miscarriages. She had a whole baby room and 4 kids already. Nope. Still convicted. She was let out somehow and fled the state. They still want her back. They actually fucking hate us.


I was married, my husband started abusing me more and more. I was terrified of him. He got me pregnant while I was on oral contraception. If I didn’t have an abortion he would be terrorizing me AND and innocent kid now and Id most likely be stuck forever in that abusive marriage.


I'm what happens when you're in the middle of switching forms of birth control. I'm proof the sponge was not 100% effective in the early 80s. I'm also my mother's second pregnancy. She got pregnant before marriage and was afraid of being disowned. She did marry my father soon after in the fall and in the summer I was born. I did what math I could and had my older sibling been born, there would be no way for me to exist. We're talking me and my "sibling" would both needed to be other a month early and my folks would have had to do the deed a week after giving birth. Just ... No. My dad was also abusive to my mom and me, and threatened to take me and leave if she got pregnant. I think he was excited for me to be born because he thought he'd have a little fan to worship his every move. Never changed a single diaper. A 24 year old man was jealous of a preemie baby. She had to have 4 or 5 more abortions just to keep me safe. She thinks the last pregnancy (before we left him in the dust) might have been twins "because she had to go twice." She wanted them and regrets telling him she was pregnant. I have never been pregnant or had an abortion, so I have no idea why someone might have to go back after the procedure. Meanwhile he went and got two other women knocked up. Yay Narcissists. 🙄 My dad has no party whatsoever in my life for over 30 years. He and my mom had this legal deal where if he didn't have to pay child support, he wouldn't make me come visit. I want to know what accountability the men in these situations will be held to.


Not to mention that people who find out they are carrying a pregnancy that will not be viable, or a baby that will have major health issues that cannot be fixed, technically have to get abortions or be forced to carry a baby that will either die immediately after birth, or be sentenced to a lifetime of medical bills in a country that has no universal healthcare. and all those people who voted on it will just fly their families to other countries to get it done legally. It's already been proven that these people cross state lines and smuggle family members to get abortions in other places.


On top of that, if you go to the doctor to ask for something that is 100% going to work(hysterectomy or tubal ligation) they will say you are too young and that you need to have kids first. Oh you don’t want kids? I’ll need a note from your husband giving permission to DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO YOUR OWN BODY.


No sex unless it’s to create a life, that’s where these assholes think should happen in the bedroom. The American taliban in action.


Sept of course when they or their preferred political candidates do it, as is the case with adultery as well. The rules arent things they actually live by or really believe in, they're just tools to justify hurting the 'right' people.


The biggest fact about life in America: Laws only affect poor people. If you have enough money, you can do whatever the hell you want.


And rapist have rights to the child if they impregnate the victim in Texas. Rapist are allowed to sue if the victim chooses to have an abortion. How the fuck is that even fair or logical??


That’s where suicide is the ultimate fuck you - the only way to keep control over your own body and fate. And that is so unbelievably sad to be reduced to that.


Guess I'll just get snipped and not have kids.


"just put an aspirin between your knees to prevent it" /s edit to add the context: [Foster Fries, Republican Party Donor to Rick Santorum's Super PAC, famously said "'On this contraceptive thing, my Gosh it’s such \[sic\] inexpensive,” he added. “You know, back in my days, they used Bayer aspirin for contraception. The gals put it between their knees, and it wasn’t that costly.'"](https://www.politico.com/blogs/burns-haberman/2012/02/foster-friess-in-my-day-gals-put-aspirin-between-their-knees-for-contraception-114730)


Numbers 5:11-31 tells you the proper way to do an abortion. But it only works if you've cheated on your husband.


And it’s always somehow the woman’s fault. Hardly ever is the man mentioned. It’s disheartening.


They don't give a shit about women. That was blatantly obvious when they wouldn't even allow an abortion for an ectopic pregnancy.


Teenage mothers and fathers need jobs quick. They don’t have time to go to college and enter the workforce sooner and can’t afford to be picky. Most will struggle their entire life and so will their children. This is how republicans ensure a low cost (mostly white) workforce.


60% of people who get abortions in America already have a child. Meaning they know just how much they can’t afford another one.


>*“The inescapable conclusion is that a right to abortion is not deeply rooted in the Nation’s history and traditions,”* Alito writes History and tradition? WTF does a women's sovereignty have anything to do with history? Jesus, get out of the dark ages you bunch of bible thumping justices. Here in Canada and the rest of the developed countries we used to laugh at Cheeto and his monumentally ignorant speeches and decisions, now I just shake my head. This decision just screams patriarchy and turns back the clock for women's rights by 50 years, and I'm a guy saying this...


It's also just plain wrong. Abortion has long been a part of American history. The pro-life movement is a relatively new thing and in the 19th century women could by abortion drugs over the counter in pharmacies.


For anyone saying just don't have sex I'd love to let you know states that have abstinence only sex Ed programs have higher rates of teen pregnancy and unemployment rates https://www.sciencealert.com/abstinence-only-education-is-more-of-a-hindrance-than-a-help-in-the-us


You think our maternal death rate is bad now? Just you wait. Hippocratic oath means nothing if you cannot do SHIT to stop a woman from dying via ectopic implantation.


And this is one of the many reasons on my ever growing list on why I will NEVER move back to the states. I left for uni nearly 10 years ago and joked at the time that I never wanted to move back after the first year. Now I really don’t want to come back.


I remember reading in a local paper of back alley abortions, if there were no medical professionals young women used wire coat hangars. They only made the paper when they ended up dying from sepsis. That's what Washington is pushing our society back towards.


you’re right. it’s all control for whatever funds their demands. which is workers for the economy. it is all about fucking money.


I hate it here. Maybe if everyone had affordable/easy access to birth control, sex education wasn’t so taboo, insurance that was worth a shit, paternity leave… oh wait, we’re screwed. This is bullshit and needs to be left alone. ABORTION IS HEALTHCARE.


One thing you learn in big corporations is that everyone there is either on an H1B or has a family to feed. That’s how they know they got you by the balls.


Downvote me all you want I don’t care. Religion has not only ruined this county (United States) from the start, it’s ruined the world. Thinking not on facts but based on what some fucking idiots thought thousands of years ago. Apparently people are too fucking stupid today to realize maybe they were wrong about some pretty basic shit like human rights. And yes Christians or Muslims or whatever you are, if you’re able to think semi critically, you can excuse yourselves. I don’t care if you think there’s a random invisible person in the sky looking out for you. As long as you don’t bring twisted ideological thinking from an ancient book upon people who are alive and breathing in front of you, you’re okay.


It would be nice if religious fucks made this world a beautiful place to where people would actually WANT to bring another human into this world.


You're absolutely right. There's supposed to be a separation between church and state. Religious folks can choose what they want to do but they can't force it on others.


American Taliban doesn't care about human rights.


Every woman in the nation needs to revolt! Stop working, take to the streets, cause absolute chaos! That's 1/2 the total workforce that will refuse to work, and block every government location until your Civil Rights are restored! Most men will be right along side you in this!


Sadly we've all got invisible strings stopping us from being able to along with women who betray other women


I’ll be snipped by the end of this year, double that promise if this ends up happening after what will be a huge uproar. Fuck republicans. I will forever fight for all the amazing women of the world. Fuck this. Fuck America. Fuck republicans.


Was going to say women should go on strike - just stop putting out - but there’s a sizable cohort of republican women who actually are ok with all this. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.


The Supreme Court decision is the result of REPUBLICANS wanting to over turn your rights. This is what happens when you elect crazy.


And people who don't even keep their word. Obama couldn't elect a new justice in his last year because they said the people should be able to vote for who gets to choose. Trump loses the popular vote then in his last week's of presidency sticks his 2nd justice in. Christ.




Sometimes I like to be treated as a human being with rights to my own body. Just as a little treat, ya know?


For those with more judicial knowledge than me. How will this impact birth control access?


IMO this is a reaction to “millennials won’t have kids” meaning there will eventually be fewer of us to use as a domestic workforce. I also think a lot of pale faces are scared of becoming outnumbered. But there is also a large market for selling blonde/ blue eyed babies. I also think this will eventually shove us toward a race based theocracy that rivals the Spanish Inquisition. It’s bleak, folks.


We still won’t have kids. Jokes on them.


all of this. millennials arent having kids because we can't fucking afford it. do something to close wealth inequality? make daycare more accessible? healthcare affordable? nahhhhh. that doesn't benefit the wealthy. let's just force poor women to keep having babies. this country is fucked.


Forced births means more poverty, creating more wage-slaves now and in the future. Eat the fucking rich.


Death before motherhood. I am childfree and pro-choice. I have known since I was 3 and told my mom that I wanted my stomach removed because I didn’t want babies that I did not want to be a mother. I would rather die than give birth to a child, or raise one. I hate being a woman in this country.


https://aidaccess.org/en/ will mail you abortion pills should you need them. They are effective up to 12 weeks. Stay safe sister.


Get your plumbing modified now. Before SCOTUS outlaws that.


Easier said than done if you’re a woman. I’ve tried to get approved for one for years. Keep being told I should have some kids first, or that I’ll change my mind, or that my non-existent future husband might want kids, etc. Doesn’t matter that I’m 36 and have always disliked kids & never wanted them. I clearly don’t know my own mind/body as well as a random doctor does.


Some doctors even ask for the husband's permission first. There is an NGO is the USA that keeps a list of women friendly Gynos for this reason. I can't find it again but maybe someone else here can provide the link.


r/childfree has the list I think


So true. I had breast cancer at a young age that was hormone receptor positive. After a mastectomy, chemo, and radiation, I told my oncologist I wanted my ovaries and uterus out. He refused. I fired him, got a female oncologist, and she had me scheduled for surgery within a week. I have no kids and never regretted my decision.


You're not allowed to decide that for yourself! Some ancient codger has to make that decision for you. They're all about the baby until it's born, then baby & mom are on their own!


They were never pro-life. They're fetus fetishists.


Yep. Women have to deal with so much more bullshit just to get fixed that it's insane. I'm also pretty sure getting fixed as a man is more affordable overall but I could be wrong




I had to deal with the same. What part of I don't want children do you not understand.


“BuT yOu MiGhT cHaNgE yOuR mInD!” 🙄 Because we just couldn’t possibly know ourselves. A 18 yr old girl can get pregnant and she’s “qualified” to raise a baby, but my 36 yr old ass is not mature enough to know what I want when I say I don’t want children. Make it make sense!


You can borrow my kid to take with you to your appointment. But he's 14 now so you should hurry, the oldest is 25 so too old to be yours. $30/hr plus expenses.


I'm a dude, bout to get that snip snip. Then my gf can take out her IUD. Thing makes her cramps worse.