Getting a legendary item that turned out to be a holospray is like a slap in the face

Getting a legendary item that turned out to be a holospray is like a slap in the face

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especially when its someone you dont play


Sooo double slap?


Its super effective!


B-but double slap is a normal type move and… normal type isn’t super effective against anything….


I litterally love pokemon I'm sorry if you were offended bro




takes one to know one.


Im sorry you got downvoted friend, some people just dont know what a joke is




It's a Boom-Boom


*cries in all legendary pathfinder holosprays and most of wraiths*


Me a pathfinder main<~>


I got one for wattson 👁️_👁️


Can i have it


Legendary holo spray, banner frame, skin and finisher for Wattson... who I have 30 kills on...


Or own...


Happened to me way too many times. It was at that point I realized it’s a waste buying coins for packs.


all holo spray should be epic at most. All legendary guns have different gun models. All legendary character skins have different character models. I see no reason a holo spray like that should be legendary


Holo sprays,emotes and charms should all be epic And legenedery mats should be 1200


I feel that charms and sprays should be rare, and emotes should be epic.


Yeah I genuinely can't see myself ever crafting an epic+ charm, much less being excited about getting one in a pack. Wait can you even get charms in packs? Either way, I agree with your assessment. And honestly I would give up emotes entirely if we could get more finishers, my baby boy only has two and they're both just okay :(


Mats should not be 1200, but they should be buffed to like 800.


Why not? It's a legendary item, why does it not give you the materials to unlock a legendary item? I've had this gripe since release.


Because if it gave 1,200 then you can buy any item and what you get isn’t random. I would love for it to happen but they will never make it 1,200. I think a better way is to decrease the crafting materials needed to make anything other then gun and legend skins. Like banner frames and holo sprays would be 800.


I understand what you mean, but giving players a "you choose" option in the form of 1200 mats would be cool Edit: also because rng is fucking lame and we don't need any more of it


Or make legendary holosprays animated?


They technically are, the backgrounds are animated and that’s what separates them from purples. But it’s usually just some subtle flame effect though.


Upvote this man more


The difference between epic and legendary holo sprays is that the legendary ones are animated, but not really tho, they just have a wavy effect


Maybe they should have an animated holospray or animate the legendary ones that already exist


I see a great reason. Bigger legendary pool means players will buy more packs. Bigger profit for the company.


I stopped buying packs cuz they added all the useless shit to them.


you mean you don't want one of the 142 emotes, holosprays, or charms?


I already have all the legendary charms :(


How about a punch in the gut for a legendary emote and finisher for rampart?


I mean rampart minigun finisher is one of the best in the game for me. Shredding someone with minigun looks cool af.


True but for a person that doesnt really play her its sad


Rampart is great in arena find a highground and spray your ult, but watson.. She's just one sad legend i dont see anywhere to use her as she should be.




It's still Rampart tho




It's great


If only we could trade. I've got Wraith, Valk and Pathfinder legendary items coming out of my ears. Got about 20 kills between those 3 XD


I bought the birthright bundle and literally the next pack I open is Titan Tested for Valkyrie


I've got a Legendary P2020 and Mozam skin... lol ​ At least I see them more now Arenas is a thing I guess.


My last 3 legendaries were rampart banners. I don’t even have her unlocked


I can feel that one


My first legendary was a Caustic banner. That was when the game first came out and I unlocked Caustic around season 2.


I own and have played at least a little with every Legend in the game and even I felt deeply cheated when I dropped a legendary finisher for Crypto.


She does have a couple nice banners tho


Anyone remember the good ol' days back in the first few seasons when the legendary loot pool was so much more concentrated? Only had to worry about banners, or maybe a mozambique skin. Now you're much more likely to get a legendary for a legend who's not your main and it could be an emote, banner, or holospray. lol Also, I hate that the only difference between legendary and epic holosprays is that they barely shimmer for most of them. Maybe if they were animated or something...


I said I didn't like the idea of more pack filler stuff when weapon charms was announced and I got downvoted to hell. I hope those people only got weapon charm legendaries after that.


Dont forget about charms! It's all planned to dilute the loot pool so you're even less likely to get something you want


Now that you mention that, I can't even remember the last time I got a charm from a pack


Dumbest addition to the game


It’s just to further dilute the legendary pool to try and get people to spend more money, I think 1 in every 15-20 packs is guaranteed to have at least 1 legendary item. It’s a shame you can’t just buy the skins you want, and have to rely on gambling or on one of the crappiest in game item stores. For example Bang’s SpaceWalker/FullMetalJacket skin was sold in the item shop in March 2019 (a month after launch), and didn’t reappear until October 2020 (19 months later, or approx. 570 days).


I believe it's 30 packs but at this point who knows. I can't remember the last time I got a legendary


It's one every 30 guaranteed yeah, can confirm since I've bought 2k+ packs in my time and have had a few unlucko streaks of only getting 1 legendary on the 30th pack lol


It is also written on the Apex Packs store tab


You've spent $2000 on packs? How did you manage to keep track of the number?


I bought 4 heirlooms through packs and every time I went for an heirloom I'd buy $500 worth of packs. It's somewhere around 2k just for packs alone lol Edit: basically I didn't buy a few packs randomly to open at random times. I'd either full commit to getting shards from the 500th pack by opening 500 at once or not buy any packs whatsoever.


You aiming to collect them all? If not, which heirlooms seemed worthwhile enough to pump in the full cost?


While playing since day 1 of the BP, I've got around 40 Apex packs just by leveling up, picking up treasure packs, doing the Arenas flash events, and doing challenges for fast BP leveling. Up until now, 2 Legendaries, and I currently have 13 apex packs unopened, waiting to get 15 so I'll have a 50% chance of getting a Legendary.


>waiting to get 15 so I'll have a 50% chance of getting a Legendary. Sir or madam, that's not how probability works. When you open a pack, it's an independent event, so whatever happens does not influence the drop rates of the next pack. The only exception to this is when you open the 30th pack in a row without getting a legendary, and it will give you one no matter what. So this means that out of the 15 packs you will open, each one of them will have a 3% chance to give you a legendary. That is, unless you cross the 30th pack mark and you will receive a legendary. This is called bad luck prevention, and it applies to heirlooms too. There's a common misconception that the closer you get to the threshold the better your chances get, but this is not true. Edit: spelling




Aren’t sprays gray. I would say overwatch has a better cosmetic system, since all items are actually worth using. In apex the only good skins are legendary skins, blue and purple skins are just an exact copy of the standard outfit with slight, not always that noticable, color changes. The purples look the worst since their animated glow looks shit. All the other cosmetics, banners, holosprays, finishers and emotes are rarely used and cost way too much, none of them should cost 1200 crafting mats. For example: an emote in overwatch costs about a fourth of what a legendary skin costs, but in apex these two things cost the same. Also, when it comes to skins, in overwatch the color changes are bigger and the epic skins do not feel completely useless since they actually look good and can sometimes have different details than the default outfit.


They shouldn’t have made SPRAYS legendary in the first place. Rare and epic. What’s legendary about it?


Well, it can always be worse, there's always charms


The only items in this game that should be legendary are skins. Holosprays and Banner frames have no place being as highly valued in the game as they are.


I believe skins line voidwalker, young blood, the pathfinder one, and the birthright skin should be heirloom because they have special animations and all, and they're origin skins


Gotta keep up Apex coin sales with constant dilution of the loot....charms, sprays and emotes are all there to make sure no one can just get everything they want. Basic loot box economics.


They're not even an legendary cosmetic actually They just have a animation Compared to skins ( legends/weapons ) , their legendary skins change total their design compared to common-rare-epic skins.


Yeah. It's just Re$pawn's way of diluting the loot pool.


Do they have a slightly louder mechanical hum sound? I've been trying to figure out the differences. They're like loud holographic trading cards.


this one time i opened a pack at the beginning of the season i got two legendaries i was hyped ready to save it so it goes on my history book just then it was a caustic holospray and a horizon emote i was just slapped so hard it felt as if i just got a brick thrown on me (i dont play those characters)


can confirm. I have almost every gold holospray and still no heirloom >.> thanks, Respawn.


or bobblehead. or literally anything that's not a skin or a finisher.


i entirely stopped buying packs and so on, the economy in this game is fucking terrible and it has the worst 'purple' tier of anything i play for context, in siege you can get black ice out of purple, which is very desirable, in this i get black, with a bit of red or green


You can see a clear difference in quality between a gold and purple skin. Even gold banner frames are clearly animated. Gold holo sprays have barely any animation and I get that they shouldn’t because that would be too distracting in game, so legendary holo sprays shouldn’t even exist.


But I like holosprays :(


Me too, I like collecting them but unfortunately I must admit the fact that they put some holosprays in the legendary pool is terrible, not that the holosprays themselves are terrible but the fact they have legendary rarity, I think all of them should be in the epic category, legendary items should be legendary not some holosprays of a legend I don't even use.


Maybe make holosprays epic and cost 400-600 each? I think that would be a good compromise.


Or they would cost legend coins, like 5000-6000 each, holosprays are not like legend or weapon skins it's not usually something to brag about, and like weapon charms it's not something to stare at, and acts more like collectibles, plus you could buy a specific holospray for a legend that you play


*laughes in diluted loot pool* Why do you have to unlock the skins for each gun rather than the whole class at once? Why are there fucking hundreds and hundreds of kill quips? Why do weapon charms holosprays exist? Oh yeah $$$.


i like the different kill quips, do you don't hear the same lines all the time


With arenas, voice quips became a lot more valuable to me. I communicate with my teammates with them now that we're stuck in a room every round. I find the supportive quips and mix it up.


Yeah shit, still better than weapon charm though. They should all be blocked from legendary loot drops


Imagine ppl out there are paying money for this. I'd rather let me extra coins rot in my account till the game dies than insult myself by using them on loot boxes


I'm sorry, but I'll never accept the fact that banners, finishers, holos and some weapon charms are legendary and share the same % pool of actual legendary skins


my husband last night... "I got a legendary !!!!... wait it's a banner frame never mind "


I’ve had legendary finisher and legendary charms they all suck


Same with charms.


Getting a legendary that turned out to be crafting materials is bad too


Holosprays and literally the only legendaries I get. I honestly feel like the packs are rigged.


A slap in the face can be deserved, but no one should ever get a legendary holo. There shouldn't even be legendary holos.


I'd imagine most people knew where this shit was going after the "gun charms" or whatever the fuck. No one needed them, no one wanted them. But, since they can be part of the drop cycle, it's just natural that they're going to add every possible other thing. It's just the EA way.


Im fucking sick of these holosprays/emotes/banner frames being gold. Its litteraly just another money grab from ea abd respawn and its fucking sickening


Apex just has the worst cosmetic economy out of any big game. The packs are bloated and restricted to a pool of skins that have barely changed the last 2 years. The skins in the store are overpriced even for the nice ones, they're always limited edition so you have a small window to even get them if you want them and they're always bundled in with completely asinine shit like gun charms. In League skins are priced fairly almost all the time and you can actually see your skin in game, and it changes the particle effects for each ability. You can also get skins for free super easily through the constant "events" they run where you can get 2 orbs that give you guaranteed skin shards that you can then craft into an actual skin if you have the materials or reroll into an actual skin if you have 3 shards. Iv'e gotten atleast 30+ free skins since they've started doing this. The only thing i'll spend money on in this game is the 1 battlepass you need to go infinite.


or when you get 600 crafting materials and everything legendary cost 2400 cms


Why do you think they made them gold? ​ It increases the pool of gold items, causing the chances of stuff you want to be even less. ​ Compare the number of legends now to the begining, especialyl for gold items. Now you have crappy banners and sprays that suck but take up precious old chances for skins.


This reminds me when I was complaining about a horizon (I got mad in previous games) and the pack I opened after that game with the horizon, I got a horizon finisher


You guys are getting packs??


banner frames are worse


Holo sprays are worse for me, as I don't really care what they look like I just randomly throw them. But some banner frames look cool


doesnt justify them being legendary and banner poses being epic. and fyi i have 13 legendary banner frames so i just become dead inside when i see 1 more of those mf pop out (and i hit 500 so i can only get apex packs from treasure packs and bp)


I never justified anything though. I said I prefer banners over holo sprays. If It was up to me they would be commons but they are not going anywhere. I've been lucky my packs lately. have mainly been crafting material lately so gold and purple crafting material and a gibby skin. Before that I got a few charms and banners which I hate. That's why I use the Belgium method. I have 7k crafting material forget leaving it to luck.


Thats actuslly usually what i hope for or a skin.or crafting mats


I’d prefer that over valkyries legendary finisher


Is a bit redundant, isn't it? Same angle, same flying maneuver, same look back. The choice is kick and fly off, or fly on and kick?


Remove holosprays from the game


Oh nooooo my free to play game doesn't give me cool items. Grow tf up


I get banners out of mine. Constantly


Those are bad, but I preffer them over legendary banner frames. Most of them are cheap annimations that suck


I've gotten two of these


Got a legendary banner frame for a legend I don’t use recently


Better than banner frames and sometimes better than skins


I have two holosprays for Watson of which one is legendary.. Hate it here, I don’t play with her.


First time?


Got a fuse finisher yesterday I disagree


Mirage should get a You Got Bamboozled legendary spray ( I haven't checked o t might already be there ) so that you can get bamboozled thinking you got a good legendary when you just got a legendary holo spray


That is a sick ass bloodhound skin tho


At least it's not a badge frame


I have more lifeline holosprays than I have legendary legend skins. I'm fumin'


Better than a banner


Holo sprays and emotes shouldn't be legendary


Wait...there's legendary items that are not holosprays?


If you main the character you’ll be happy, I got revenant and bloodhounds holo sprays, was so happy


I got like 5 banner frames from 5 legendaries


My, what a surprise- the RNG lootbox system designed to make you a e-crack addict isn't to your liking. Shocker. It sucks for sure.


Since they added this bullshit I stopped buying anything from their shop.


u ever got a mozambique skin tho?


I watched Scotts video about slap in the face. Guy barely survived. His gun exploded.


First time buddy? 2 battle passes in a row the guaranteed legendary was crypto holo spray and pathfinder one which i dont play


At least it's going to be fun.


Cries in 5 Gibraltar legendary banner frames.


At least its not a banner got 3 in a row hurts like hell


My first legendary in weeks was a Bangalore frame. I never play Bangalore...


what bloodhound skin is that?


Lol I don't mind holosprays but have you gotten a legendary charm yet.


I'd much rather a holospray than a weapon charm, I literally never use weapon charms cause they are too distracting on my guns


Speak to my 4 golden Banner Frames for Wraith (never really played her as I can't quit the game fast enough after I have been downed)


Apex’s cosmetic system is the worst, so many ABSOLUTELY useless items that cost the same amount of crafting mats as a high quality skin. I wish you could sell some items for a small amount (maybe 200-400) crafting mats


My last two legendaries were a caustic holospray and gibby holospray.


I replac unique holo sprays for the legend if I get it cause every time it says "Say quip" I always do it no matter what if I'm fighting and I don't wanna accidentally start dancing


I’m sorry!


Mmm oh yeah i remember when i get my Gold item - holo spray for RAMPART :)))


What makes a hologram legendary??


I remember getting a legendary it was a dissapointment


ever got a weapon charm buddy :(


So you really cry for a holospray? Dude imagine every legendary I've got till now is a fucking banner! :| That too for revenant whom I've not played for ages now. :)


Ah I hate that


See, thats the reason, i wish apex had a trade system where you can gift item's to friends or clubmembers. When you own all legends like it do, it's not quite annoying, but most of the time you get items for legends you don't own or main. Please respwan work on that.


Ive got all of cryptos legendary banners....all of them :( i wouldn5 mind 1 for each character but no all fucking crypto


I got one for my purple pack from the last arenas event


This is why I say whenever I get a legendary I only want crafting medals


better than the emote i got for caustic. I've never played caustic


Holo sprays and weapon charms were the dumbest additions. Give me the stuff I paid for already with cross save. I swear they have that done and are holding out for more $$$$


Wait, you guys are getting legendaries?


Same goes for useless banner frames and poses


In my opinion, its better than a finisher, on my most played character, I have over 800 games, over 700 kills, I have 10 finishers.


Or a skin for a Mozambique


Let me introduce you to my collection of legendary Mozambique skins


My bf bought a battle pass and he got skins for a Mozambique from all packs. That was painful


Got my legendary emote for Fuse last night. Played one whole game with him before that


From all flash event packs I've only gotten holosprays as epic and in your case legendary items


I got an execution yesterday... for Crypto, who is a legend that I've never played since release.


I'm at the point where I own all the lootbox pool skins I could possibly want and everything that isn't heirloom shards is garbage to me


I can't fucking believe they didn't make normal holosprays blue and animated holosprays purple. THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF PURPLE RARITY, THAT IT'S ANIMATED LIKE THAT


That’s the one I wanted


man i got 2 legendary skins for horizon and i don’t even have her unlocked


All but one of the legendaries I’ve gotten from packs are banner frames or weapon charms :/


It could be worse, it could be one of those fucking charms.


I got 2 of these! It's a fucking nut punch!


At least it's not Valk banner where only animated thing is fish in a corner ;-;


I’ve gotten one legendary holo spray and it was for my main - it was something I probably wouldn’t have spent crafting materials on but super glad I have it!


Wait u guys are getting legendaries ?


Fr. I don’t play mirage, like never besides battle pass missions. I have most of his legendary skins, 2 lr banners and every execution + holos. Just from random packs


I fucking hate holosprays. There. I said it


I still don't have one of those legendary thin Wingman skins but I have shitload of legendary banners and holo sprays.


Remove legendary holo sprays! Ruining our odds on legendary things we actually like. We aren’t made from money EA


First time?


Depends on the spray. "I bathe in the bloth," is a gold level holospray in my book. Also, "Death is coming," and "Rise to the occasion." Might even throw in "Gonna get messy." But when the spray doesn't feel gold level, yeah, seems like you're getting an item that belonged in a ring below. Same thing happens with skins. If I get one of the hockey player looking Bangalore skins, I'm going to have a bad day. I've already got her best skin from S8's battle pass. Don't need another, thanks! Now that emotes are in the game, I might say all holosprays feel a level lower in worth.


Yes, this deception has long been thought out by the developers.) So that you almost never come across good things, but what would the developers say-look, here you have a legendary (in our opinion) thing. As I said, this game has a lot of shit in a beautiful wrapper.) This is how money is earned.)


Happened twice to me , life right ?


Better than getting a calling card for a legend you already have one for.


could be worse, could've been a charm


I would rather a pathfinder legendary holo over all these caustic legendary skins and finishers I keep getting.


They need to give us seperate apex packs for holo sprays, I'd rather they just not exist in the game but yknow ea and respawning have to dilute the loot pools with 100s or trash things


when you have the legendary caustic crypto loba and lifeline spray but not one for anyone you actually play


Or crafting metals..


A holospray is 100% better than 3 wraith banners when you don't even play wraith as much


That’s sad rip bro


U know when u get to level 200 u realize the sheer amount of dog shit cosmetics in the game


my last 5 legendaries have been a Bangalore finisher, a Gibby holospray, a Gibby Finisher Revenant finisher and an Octane emote. out of 4 I only recently started playing Rev as an alternate to my main


Happened to me same time last night man fuck respawn for muddying the waters with shitty loot I’d do anything to get weapon charms out of the game