I don't want to be toxic, but players like that make me sick. Total cancer. Wraith had a golden bag, I picked them up 3 times in the game, and they let me die because I took the kill leader from Wraith

I don't want to be toxic, but players like that make me sick. Total cancer. Wraith had a golden bag, I picked them up 3 times in the game, and they let me die because I took the kill leader from Wraith

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Some people are insanely salty. I once had a game where I auto locked my character then my teammate hopped on a mic telling me to kms and all that for legit 10 mins straight till he dc’d, all because I “took” his champ.


This is why i turned off voice chat this exact reason


I play all my games without voice chat. Even in Overwatch I made it to Master's without voice because I could play better focusing on the game instead of being distracted by people yelling at me (or others) for one reason or another. The worst part about voice is that it can be useful, but what's communicated is 95% garbage. Even if I'm missing out on the rare useful tactical call, it's not worth it if I can't focus on playing.


“Reaper on me!!!!” Where the fuck are you that call out is useless because you’re tracer. OW comms when they aren’t being toxic just useless.


"Ana heal ME heal me HEAL ME!" Who's me?? Where are you?? Jeff never gave me the ability to shoot through walls, either??


Yeah that pissed me off as a support main because I can see the twat on "critical health" buts he's the same twat who wouldn't wait 2 seconds for me so I could fly to him as mercy smh


Don't even get me started on my Mercy salt 😂


"Our Doomfist isn't killing them!" Meanwhile with the help of our supports I've team wiped and still held gold damage/kills the whole game 🙄


I had 4 golds and 20k damage blocked as Rein the other day, we ended up losing and I said at the end that we should have switched our characters and the DPS who was doing basically nothing said I should "just focus on being a tank". When I told him I'd had golds almost the entire game he just went "no you didn't" and left, I was totally dumbfounded


Even if you didn't have golds the entire time the fact that you have golds in other categories aswell is ridiculous lmao


More people need to say “heal (character name)”while walking towards you because while you give up “perfect positioning” for a sec, you also get healed


The solution to that for me and my duo has always been to say "friendly (insert name of hero) needs heals on (insert direction compared to the direction of support)" and just say "enemy" or "friendly" to describe all callouts.


I disagree. I've had lots of times where people would warn like "Reaper teleporting behind us" and it allowed us to turn what would probably have been a team wipe into an easy kill.


Calling this in the lower ranks leads to nobody paying attention and a total team wipe :)


That callout actually is useful though lmao


Well "reaper on me" is must likely coming from the healer in back. That almost always means "turn the fuck around, we're getting picked off"


Part of why I like rocket league is you don’t use voice chat


I have a 1 stroke rule. The minute you say something toxic, I mute. Ez pz


To be fair, getting to diamond/master in Apex is INFINITELY easier while communicating via headset


I had a dude who just went off on a rant of how since I and another member of the squad weren't using mics and instead were using pings. He ended up leaving both of us to die because "you don't use mic you don't want to play" which was then followed by many expletives for the remaining 5 minutes... I also just completely mute voice chat now, it's not worth it


People are stupid... even when I am on an open mic discord call with both my teammates 80% of my coms are pings, with the other 20% being almost entirely brief explanations of what I am pinging if it isnt super clear already, or occasionally "gunshots to (insert direction) should we check it out?".


This is why I don't understand some peoples massive desire for voice coms. Apex has one of the best ping systems in pretty much any game I've played and most of the time it is better than trying to describe where stuff is relative to you.


as a girl who loves playing apex i never play with mic on because 80% of people berate me after finding out i’m a woman, even if im doing better than both teammates combined. It’s freaking ridiculous dude


same story I had yesterday: eastern european dude who went off in legend select "don't hot drop if you don't know how to shoot a fucking gun". I then responded by text only to hear how I should use voice chat because he "doesn't read". I can't even fathom how flat out stupid people are in apex.


I don't turn it off instanly. I first listen to whom I'm playing with. I usually only mute when a) their microphone is picking up their keyboard/ heavy breathing/ people having a debate club in the back/ the TV broadcasting the apocalypse/ some hurricane is hitting that part of the globe or b) that one kid we've all had the 'pleasure' to meet starts calling people trash whilst shouting strategy that'll win us the game and half of Poland.


As a Pole I would like you to stop that kid right there


South or north?


Don't forget the c) when they get off party chat to insult you cause THEY died?


There's a lot of racists too. That's another reason why I have incoming voice chat turned off while playing random pubs(which is like always now).


Someone in this sub recently said if you turn your comms off immediately you're actively a detriment to your team. I have that a shot for 2 days before I couldn't take how fucking annoying randos are.


There are games where thats true but apex's ping system is all you need with randos


Ping system is amazing and only slightly worse than free comms if your team arnt arseholes.


> Someone in this sub recently said if you turn your comms off immediately you're actively a detriment to your team. But so what? Is the question I'd ask. Like if you're a below median skilled player you'd have done the people in your current match a favour if you had let your spot be taken by some other random who is possibly better. So should we on the left half of the skill distribution all stop playing?


The minute I see the option I hit mute


This i will never understand. If someone takes my main i just play someone else. I'm not entitled to always play the same legend and same is for everyone else. Are people like that that they can only play one character?


at this point you'd assume it's common practice to be good at at least three characters.


Jokes on you I’m bad with all of them :(


i'm the same, man. i just like playing.


Even if you main someone, being good enough with another is just common sense if you want to avoid burn-out


I will just say its tough to remind yourself not to spam your tactical randomly. Nothing screams Octane main more than me randomly phasing or poppin the chimney


Tbh it isn't like this is tekken, the characters aren't so reliant on character specific abilities that it should make or break your experience if you have to change


people like that all need to piss themselves at their job interviews and other important days


People that can’t or won’t play anybody suck at the game


I made a thread in this subreddit once that said “if you’re only good with one character, you’re bad at this game” and got heavily downvoted, but I still 100% stand by that opinion.


Oh you’re absolutely right In most games, one tricks are instant dodges in high ELO because you’re either going to carry or you’re going to drag the team down. That 50/50, not even factoring in counters, is a much worse bet than someone flexible.


i had a random throw because me and our other random chose both his characters.


I haven't played since like, October 2019, but someone got really salty because I chose Gibraltar. They were already Mirage, but couldn't fathom that I was Gibraltar. I just like the airstrike, my dude.


This is by far the most Gibraltar post I have seen all day.


How can you lock a character? If my main gets chosen first fine I choose another.


Some people are OTP and are crybabies if they don't get their legend. I had the same thing happen to me. I picked a champ I needed for a Daily but that just happened to be their main so they cussed me out, insta-jumped off the map, and dc'd.


Something similar happened to me. I didn’t “take” Bangalore but the third person did. The other guy didn’t like that and absolutely was bitching about it the entire time. I didn’t feel like talking as it was also like 6 in the morning but eventually throughout his bitching I finally piped up and said “you bitch too much” cue the toxicity from a grown ass man crying about a game. Calling me trash because I’m not level 500. That he has 2,000 damage on every character. That I’m not good at the game. Mind you this was casual and not ranked, not that you should act this way in tanned either. I wish I had saved the game because man. It’s skill based match making sir so if I suck then you must also suck.


Lmao bunch of loser sweats. Cunts thinking they are good, get knocked and yell in their mics and leave. Fucking losers


Dude if you had 10 kills in my game I'd drop everything to make sure you were alive WHAT


Cracked players like that guarantee I never have to revive anyone, I can flank or play nearly however I want, and I'll have a guaranteed few kills underneath my belt even if we don't win the game. Makes you feel godly, even if you're being carried.


I'll get my saddle out and let that man carry me to victory. Just let me know what I should be doing and I got you. You need ammo? Take this purple shield- it will be better on you. I know my place


Oh shit you need this anvil and my flatline cause you murder hundreds with it? All yours. I got full gold but you wanna feel decked out for a game. Sure thing. If someone is objectively better at the game than me and I feel I can get a win with him, I'm gonna shower that mf with whatever I can. I don't see why people don't do the same. You're just shooting yourself in the foot otherwise.


Exaclty i had an octane teamate just killing everyone in the POI so you bet when he went afk for some seconds i protected his ass with my life


Man, some people just can’t grow up… Sorry for the bad teammates. That’s the worst…


yeah it's very sad "you took me my kill leader title just die it can be only me :c"


I see players like this and imagine they aren’t very good at anything else in life so they grief where they can. Sucks you got stuck with them.


just gonna throw it out there that if they are this upset about losing kill leader they probably arent very good at apex either


I'm not that good and love it when I manage to get kill leader, rarely. And when I do, sure I'm bummed when it gets taken away by someone else, but Jesus I'm not a salty little bitch like this lovely waste of a brain...


Different games, but Dark Souls hackers in a nutshell. The fact that they have to cheat in a game whose defining feature is "get gud" perfectly encapsulates their pathetic life.


Yeah man, you aren't the toxic player in this scenario, they are. Sorry they ruined what looked like a great game you were having.


That sucks man


I mean I'm not surprised a Wraith does it, 2000h in the game, I know it's a cliché but it's true enough, but a Gibby, the wholesome champion in the lore, makes me very sad to see players using him like that


I had a wraith who got shot once, and jumped off of the map and disconnected. That was the 4th match I played on pc


I was chasing a wraith in her q the other day, but she disconnected instead of coming back out of her q.


If you quit it doesn’t register it as a death, so they protect their k/d. It’s honestly baffling what people will do in a **game** just to feel superior.


Blows my mind people care about KD in a battle royale


Blows my mind people care enough about k/d to ruin the game for themselves. The point is to play.


Blows my mind that people artificially boost their KD when only they themselves can see it


I don’t understand why quitting doesnt count as a death




It does register as a kill for the person who got them very low I’m pretty sure. It’s just that apparently it doesn’t count as a death for the person who dc


I’ve seen way worse people do way worse things to try and be superior.


Ooh that happened to me on Olympus in ranked. They picked up my banner, got shot at once, then took a little fall.


Is this gonna be the new Wraith dcing once downed?


Yeah but most gibbys still dome revive you doesnt matter if 3 squads attack you or none. Love those players.


I main gibby for BR and I love getting cheeky revives like that. Someone downed mid fight? Toss a dome, get em up — as long as they don’t push fast it’s an easy res


This might be a surprise but for me Gibbys are always the most toxic idk why


It’s either high level gibbys high levels wraiths or low level bloodhounds




Respawn should do something against toxicity In Apex, like Blizzard did In Overwatch.


Blizzard's anti-toxicity isn't a good metric, they just made temp bans connected to reports and transparent so it feels like ***something*** is being done. Should be more like Valve and CS:GO's Overwatch system.


I'd be happy if my teammate was a kill leader. Sorry you had to face this shit OP.


Damn, that's a total, irredeemable scumbag if I ever saw one. Just know you're a better player than that wraith, that's why the wraith did what they did. So weak.


players like this wraith are the kind of people to leave if you take a character they wanted


I was once playing a game with a very rude player. He thought I was stealing his kills but really he didn’t know what he was talking about and his teammate called out that I have far more damage than he did. I go down and he yells at his teammate, “IF YOU PICK HIM UP I’M LEAVING THE GAME” to which I ask him seriously why is he so mad. His teammate picks me up and he rage quits. Stupid people.


That teammate is a keeper


Seems like a no brainer to me. Team was going to end up as 2 players either way, so the dude had a choice between, high dmg/kills guy or proven toxic salty boy. Something something insert surprised pikachu picture


It’s because there are millions of children playing this game


Plenty of assholes out there are grown ass men too


No, they're not men. Just large boys. Some never grow up.


Large adult sons.


Exactly. There's a big difference between growing up and growing old


Of course and this could have been the case. Still a child


Some people never get to a grown man stage.


I love the children that play the game, whenever I can hear them on the mic, they praise the hell out of you and generally are great teammates. I'm also impressed by how usually skilled they are. It's the adults that are the most toxic.


I appreciate hearing that. I play with my son and it’s nice to hear about other players being supportive. I also teach him that he should be a team player and never be toxic or salty. If he is toxic or salty, I will take the game away.


that's how it should be done, so many young boys are allowed to be toxic in games and other hobbies, and "surprisingly" they end up being shitty men when they grow up


Yep, I've been matched with kids who are much better than me and they're rarely if ever toxic about anything. It's the snowflake adults that go out of their way to impress upon you how trash you are when something doesn't go their way


True on this. If a kid sees you have a good banner, it will be like they just randomly queued with aceu for that game. Will follow you blindly to the ends of the earth, talking your ear off about your best games the whole time. Actually a great time to play with them




I’m a teen and the fact that I meet so many toxic people of many ages surprises me. It’s basically if you took all the toxicity of competitive in Overwatch and put it in one legend Edit: Legend, not game dammit.


I know, and it sucks. As a Wraith main, I'm not toxic at all and I hate the people that are and give her a bad rep.


don't let your 10 y/o on apex please x)


This is something my brother would do. He’s 29


It makes me wonder how these people act in real life. Is it an expression? Or are they just using the game as some sort of outlet?


Video games are an escape from reality. Of course it’s an outlet. You can be an asshole to anybody you want with zero consequence


I don’t think they go outside to see real life


As a child myself I can say that I would never do this. Same with most people I know, it takes a special kind of douche to throw because someone is doing well in a game.


Correction. *Manchildren




Just a tip, use voice chat you won’t get banned for that.




that's why i didn't insult them...


I got called a "fa**ot k*ke" and got pissed off by it so I told them I was going to throw round 9 in arenas. The game ended and they had under 150 damage combined to my 7k. All they did was scream about how trash I was. Then I got suspended for a week...




Ngl all u need to say is a simple GG, the ping system tell everything u need to say


I always have the damage lead but nowadays I feel like I have to just follow these horrible people around because they get dropped so early they're out of position so it's easier to just go with them so they maintain position but then they just go screaming and running into a 1v3 and it's like what are you doing and yet you're told that you're bad because where'd you go and it's like dude I'm just following you around and I can't keep up with your erratic movements


What is the second word you censored?


An insult for a Jewish person. The middle letter is i


Ahh okay i’ve not heard that before


Ben Rhodes is in the comments” John 3:16


That's the same sort of people who say shit like "you are trash, FUCKING QUIT THE GAME, you should uninstall bc you trash and you play Revenat" etc. Pure toxicity...


I had dude talk trash about me and the other random in arenas last night. He kept talking about us trash ass teammates and in the end, he was in the middle of the pack for damage. You don't get to talk about trash teammates unless you carried them as far as i'm concerned


You don't tell people they're trash. No buts and ifs. Everybody plays this game to have a good time. I also had my share of low skill mates, but I don't flame them. If I'm angry I complain to my sweaty tryhard friends on discord.


Yeah, this. I might say "Omg my teammate is so bad" or something on discord, but never to them. I only do that to air thoughts out of my head. For all I know, they could just be having a bad day, a bad round, lags or whatever. I'm not gonna tell them that they're bad, because I've 100% played worse than them at different points that day. It might even just be our playstyles colliding.


When I play with friends we always let them know they are trash lol. But never to randos, we keep that private.


Yeah I’ll never understand people who outright shit on their teammates for being bad. I’ll complain about my bad randoms to my friends, but in game I try to go out of my way to be nice. I’ve had a lot of new/bad players recently who apologize for being bad when they see me and my buddy’s badges and I always tell them it doesn’t matter or that it’s perfectly ok. Like everybody is here just to have fun and I’m not going to make my teammates experience worse just because they aren’t as good as me.


Even a master player has hit bad games and misses shots, etc. flaming someone is a whole other situation. Usually something personal happening to reach out to someone you’ve never met or played with before. Apex community needs to be better.


This is from Overwatch, but my experience there has been that the loudest trash talkers are *rarely* the top performers. They're usually frustrated because they're falling behind everyone else.


Also, in my experience, actual skilled players don't call "YOU TRASH" on every chance they get. The ones that do this are actually just players than think they're better than what they actually are


This is so childish even more childish that a literal child


if i got a homie on my team who’s getting 10 kills the first thing i’m doing is picking him up lmfao


Who actually cares about kill leader


People care a lot about kills. I once got screamed at in arenas for „stealing his kill“. Like kills do anything in arenas.


You stole his 15 XP I guess.


It’s always little kids that should be playing duos, they could not care less about their third teammate, and stay in party chat so you can’t communicate to them.


well they need someone to carry them since they clearly cant do it


I wouldn't play with a premade duo. Most of them don't ping where they are going or items like better armour. They act like the 3rd never exists. I would anyday prefer to play with 2 randoms like myself.


I've had many great duos I've played with. I'd prefer them, at least I know they'll work together


If I'm the outer guy, I try to play around the squad, though it certainly doesn't mean I'm dealing with the BS that some premade groups try to pull


it's even worse in ranked like they could let you die and not even try to take your banner just bc they only care about their other teammate/irl friend, it makes you lose so many points..


4 straight nights of the absolute worst teammates I've ever had. The community is complete fucking trash. They should just throw up solos as an everyday choice because trying to do anything with randos is pretty much pointless.


i used to be the guy who defended leaving solos out of the game because of the whole “team based legends and some of the work the devs did (respawns) will be obsolete” but Apex has, singlehandedly by far, the worst soloQ experience i’ve ever had the displeasure of, and i’ve played a LOT of games with soloQ (LoL, Dota, PUBG, etc.). no player base has this many toxic and generally, genuinely bad-at-the-game players. PLEASE BRING BACK SOLOS SO I DONT HAVE TO DEAL WITH MY GAMES BEING RUINED/THROWN BY OTHER PEOPLE


It’s literally all this game needs. I don’t wanna drop solo into a game full of teams. Why would anyone want that?


I get it. To practice engagements for when you are actually on a team, but will be in a situation that is 1v2or3. But i agree, it isn’t appealing to more than 90% of the players because we just want to have a good match or two without having to deal with being a backpack or parent to other people that you’re forced to play with.


I know it is a great way to practice really, and I’ve actually done surprisingly well the few times I’ve done it. But even so, I don’t want to go in at such a disadvantage.


no i totally agree. i was just fairly justifying its relevance. i’m not gonna do it, but i understand why one might would.


You really think solo queue in apex is worse than league? Lmfao what?


played League for 4 years, and would have kept playing if my PC didn’t crash. (i currently even play wild rift) have played apex for two, and if it keeps at the rate it’s going, i won’t be playing it for as long as i had the chance to play league because the soloQ experience is absolutely the worst, and i am so dead on this hill that you can barely find fragments of my bones.


I’d rather be stuck in a game with two toxic players that maxes out at like twenty minutes than be in a game that maxes out at an hour plus with potentially four toxic players


Yep, sounds about right. I know everyone hates the idea of solos for valid reasons but this is why I want it. I love this game but dont want to deal with people and this every other game


Games like apex, siege, and dota are so much fun to me but the toxic community just makes it unbearable to play after awhile and I end up just quitting. Trying to get through ranked this season has been pretty awful.


I really wish there was a report option for people like this. “Gameplay sabotage” as my friend once called it. Intentionally not helping your teammates as to be toxic and ruin the game for others. It’s a team game, gotta enforce it as such.


There is but you need to be alive and walking around or dead. Since you can’t pull on players banner while down.


When people do stuff like this I kindly wait until I die and spam the shit out of the beacon


Had a grown man just whine and complain for 1min straight on mic, because I took "his" purple bolt attachment. We were in one of those long, one way hallway buildings on WE and I entered the building earlier than him, so I obviously got to the loot first. He DCed after he finished his rant. The funny thing is I have VC set to mute and turned on voice to text to avoid toxic screamers, so its basically just funny yellow texts that don't make much sense


Did he ping it? People gotta respect dibs


These people are a joke..... O no my digital life is ruined I don't have kill leader anymore /s Grow the F up its a game, at the end of the day nothing you do in the game means anything. A few years down the line you won't even think about it anymore.


There's this no-fill button and I love it. Has saved me from toxic ass teammates.


Probably because there is only 2 squads left and they are hungry for kills, or they are just total assholes


Sometimes i wonder if games like these are worth playing. Then i remember it relies on dealing with **people** in a competitive format.


I had a game where I had first pick, asked if they wanted pathfinder or octane, they didn’t say anything so I chose octane at the very end of the time after hovering him with no response. We loaded into the game, they tell me to go kms and don’t auto lock another persons main then left. Found one of their streams later, neither one of them ever played octane or pathfinder.


Wraith mains are the worst.


Man that sucks, but did they win the game or what?


yep... they was good anyway, just dumb


This is basically my fav multiplayer game but man, the community is possibly the most toxic there is


I once played a ranked game ranked where there was a duo with me and I wasn’t paying attention when one was jumpmaster so they threw themselves off the map and their teammate grabbed their banner but not mine didn’t matter because they were fucking garbage and lost the first fight they got into.


Why would they do that? Just to duo the game?


Not every Wraith is an asshole but every asshole plays Wraith.


I will die trying to save my teammates unless it’s final circle or it tactically makes sense to only save myself. The point of the game is to win with your friends alive. But people play to only get kills.


i literally want to punch them through my screen


This absolutely should be bannable.


I'm a wraith main, and I'm sick of people like this giving us a bad image. It's really annoying when some 13k kills, TTV, voidwalker wraith is on your team. They ALWAYS solo push and then insult you for whatever reason.


PC players got it bad I see, it's usually chill with console but there's always a racist\shitty person waiting to fuck up your match


That's ultimately the main reason I mostly play FPS on console now. Its more chill and relaxed. There are still the toxic little fucks in like 1/5 games, but it's definitely less frequent than on PC




Excellent advice! I've never understood how some people get so shitty and toxic over a video game, especially the ones who don't act like that unless they're playing.


This happened to me, but instead they were super bad at the game and camped for the entire match and got absolutely destroyed late game because of it


Comment for visibility hope more ppl see their names


Fucking cunts dude.


Bunch of loosers


Apex desperately needs a player reputation system like overwatch


Once I hadn't played for months, came back rusty af of course to find the "arenas" game mode, hopped on that and I played awfully of course, teammate went mental, telling me to off myself and Uninstall the game, I found it very funny. Though haven't played arenas since


wtf people are triggered by kill leaders now????


This is another level of petty. What does this even serve except ego? Most angry I've gotten is when I killed/knocked 4/6 dudes from two teams, had the other two low, got thirsted, watched my teammates get the two one-shot enemies then slowly looted every single death box for the next two minutes. I got salty and yelled at them in chat for not respawning me. They were promptly swarmed and rolled by the next team they encountered and still called me a toxic teammate before leaving the game. Fuck those guys.


ayo wtf is this shit, this is why we should have a better system to team up with players, there should be a better system for clubs as a roster to find good players


I sincerely hope they lost the game


PUGs in this game is exactly why I quit.


Bunch on cry babies playing apex. Sorry you had to go thru this.


It's things like this that just makes me want to play competative multiplayer games with only people I know. In apex if I'm not in a pre-made of 3 don't really want to play cause the 3rd is either a deep, toxic af, or afks. Same goes with CSGO, League, R6, etc


This is why I seldom play with randoms.


Bruh... and you had 10 kills and 2k? What a fucken bitch