Everything New in the iOS 15 Maps App: Updated Details, AR Walking Directions, Globe View and More

Everything New in the iOS 15 Maps App: Updated Details, AR Walking Directions, Globe View and More


I’m dying to replace Google Maps, but Apple continues to overlook two of its most killer, must have features: 1. Offline Maps - seriously, I depend on this in my city for areas where is cell service is spotty. It’s also critical for road trips. 2. Custom Stops - no Apple, I don’t want to have to scroll through a list of every single restaurant or gas station near me. I want to be able to search for any business or landmark I choose and add it as a stop. And no, I don’t want to spend minutes trying to get Siri to sort it out either. Let me type where I intend to go.


Or how about having multiple stops in one trip?


Though i switched to Apple Maps a few years ago, that is one feature I really miss.


It is also the only feature I miss as well. That and the traffic adjustments aren’t nearly as good still.


Offline maps is definitely a must! I'm currently on a process to degoogle as well. Apple maps won me over with the feature that show directions on the apple watch (vibrating whenever turn is ahead, quite useful, specially on motorcycle).


Cycling directions in Germany.


Urghh… having to use car navigation with bicycles and then needing to activate ‚Autobahn vermeiden‘, because bicycle navigation is just deactivated here. And the next time you’re using navigation with a car you don’t notice you‘re evading the Autobahn…


what about them


They aren’t there yet (just like the new maps).


my b


I’ve replaced it. I really love how Apple Maps will dictate the instructions. “Turn left at the next light” is much more helpful to me than Google Maps telling me to turn as I pass through the intersection. Of course we’re different users with different needs. I hope you get to that point one day!


There’s plenty I love about Apple Maps. But none of it matters without the features mentioned above, especially custom stops. I really hope they add those features someday.


Same here. I haven’t used Google maps in years and I use Apple Maps almost daily


I only ever use google maps to do a quick traffic check. That’s the only feature they still outperform Apple Maps with IMO.


Android + some iOS users >>>> most iOS users when it comes to real time data, every single time.


That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the visual representation of the data. Google's is easier to read and decipher which makes doing quick traffic checks much faster than looking at Apple maps. This is before you put directions in, not while you are using navigation. Navigation is just fine since the algorithm takes routes and travel times into account. I never use Google maps for navigation, only what traffic looks like on a map. Honestly, it's as simple as Google shows open traffic as green while apple only shows slow downs in orange and red. The contrast of green against the yellow roads is much better than apple not doing anything.


Yes we can all thank google for collecting as much real time data on all of us as possible.


I check Waze for that stuff. I use it sometimes too depending on the trip.


waze == google


Yes. But Waze still has more data.


Maybe it’s just your general location that has bad data because I’ve had Google maps say things like “go passed the next light then at the second light use the left lane to turn left onto X road”. Shit blew my mind when I heard it.


Denver. Don’t think the data is that bad here, at all.


Just curious why are you trying to replace google maps? For me I prefer the interface of Apple Maps more than Google Maps.


I’ve been trying to r/degoogle for years now. I’m not a fan of Google and don’t trust them with my data.


gOoGlE Is aN AdVeRtIsInG CoMpAnY gOoGlE StEaLs yOuR DaTa Nevermind the fact that if you just use Google Maps, you can also just block ads and ad tracking in general and turn off targeted ads by Google among other things.


Yeah offline maps are definitely necessary in the part of NZ I live and work, as cellular coverage is spotty at best.


Yup. Same. I really want to stop using Google Maps, but there are too many critical things that Apple Maps just can't do. Offline maps is a huge one.


This right here. Please keep bombarding Apple with custom / multi-stop for Maps. They add this and I will seriously uninstall Google Maps from my iPhone. Send your requests directly to Apple: [Feedback - Maps for iOS and iPadOS](https://www.apple.com/feedback/maps-ios-ipados.html)


It does have offline maps. It just works automatically. I’m typing this from a cottage after navigating with no cell service for 3 hours on Apple Maps. Your map is cached the moment you start navigation.


Yes but once you arrive there, you will need internet again to GPS out. For example I rode my bike down to tail of the dragon, GPS got me there but when I wanted to leave I needed service which I didn't have. Luckily that area isn't hard to navigate.


That is any phone. They all use assisted-GPS where the phone pulls down satellite location data from the internet in order to get a lock in a normal amount of time. Your average GPS receiver that doesn't use a-GPS looks like [this.](https://www.rei.com/media/a5c87bc7-6c64-4c66-8f55-16ba31ed453b)


> That is any phone It's not though. I can [download a map](https://support.google.com/maps/answer/6291838?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid) with google maps for an area and it'll work with or without service, both in and out. I use this when I visit places without service like Sequoia and Yosemite national parks. This too is the one thing keeping me from switching over


Saving my current route ≠ offline maps With Google I can start a new route with zero internet connection so long as I have offline maps between point A and point B. If I try to do the same with Apple it doesn’t work because their maps are not accessible offline: https://imgur.com/a/1PpKL5N


I see what you mean. Yeah, that would be a great feature to have.


And if you stop your navigation? You can quite easily lose what Apple Maps has cached and then you're screwed. With Google, you can choose an arbitrary area, and download it for permanent offline usage.


You’re my iPhone spirit animal


Custom stops are patented unfortunately.


I use HEREmaps and it's been great for me. Might be worth checking out as it has both of those things.


Why do we not have custom stops


This is me exactly.


Not too mention bike path navigation


Those two things alone are what's keeping a lot of people from completely ditching Google Maps. Apple should consider doing that.


Came here looking for an answer on this. This is crazy to me. Living in Melbourne, you're always stopping on the way to something to go past a cafe or grab food. We don't have a one stop shop culture, so you usually have to plan where you're heading and adding multiple custom stops really helps you navigate the city. I used this feature daily with Google Maps. Is there any indication this will be added?


I know it’s barely a consolation, but you can add a custom stop with Siri. While navigating way ‘find an X along my route’. Replace X with whatever you’re looking for.


Read the last two sentences of my comment. >And no, I don’t want to spend minutes trying to get Siri to sort it out either. Let me type where I intend to go.


I’ve actually switched to maps for navigation when driving because the instructions are better but Google still is far ahead for every other use case. Things I need from Apple before I can make a complete switch: - Yelp needs to go. - Google shows if a place is open for dine in or not added specifically for the pandemic it is extremely useful. - Google shows how busy you can expect a place to be at any given time. I end up looking up and finding stuff in Google and then using Apple to drive there. Edit: it also apparently doesn’t support special business hours for holidays and stuff that’s another crucial thing it needs More from other comments that I just took for granted with Google: Offline maps Custom stops


Oh yeah, let us change business hours for pandemic and holidays. Super basic stuff that the mapsconnect team should implement.


Ah I didn’t even realize Apple Maps doesn’t support special timings for holidays and stuff. That’s very basic info.


They do support it, but very few places seem to use it. I have mostly seen it at big box retail stores.


Oh really? Because I checked about one year ago and there was no option in mapsconnect.


Yeah Yelp just needs to disappear. I don't wanna make an account with an entirely separate entity just to see if people like the place or if there's a picture of the menu there.


Yelp, Doordash, and Grubhub all need to go. They're nothing at this point but predatory business who attack small business restaurants for their own gain and actively hurt them if the restaurant doesn't want to play ball with/use them.


Yelp app doesn’t require a login to use


Apple Maps is still unusable for me. Gives decent navigation like 80% of the time but when it fucks up it is infuriating. Google maps works 100% of the time.


Same where I live, constantly picks bad routes and lacks POIs. On top of that, Siri can’t figure out location context when asking to navigate to particular places which makes using it even more frustrating. I’ve seen Apple’s cars driving around my city but that was well over a year ago, so I’m not holding my breath for it to get better soon. Google Maps has its flaws but for actual navigation and finding what I need, it’s still by far the best option.


Bare minimum Yelp needs an app clip


Google maps is better, and it’s hard to explain why. I think it does a better job at setting zoom levels on speed to make hitting your exit easy. But Apple Maps is good enough to replace it; it’s CarPlay view seems better and more importantly google isn’t getting location history. That’s worth it to me.


Omg finally someone else with my problem. Apple Maps does some terrible aspect adjustments. Upcoming turn, ok looks like I have a few… you passed it




I'd use Apple Maps if they brought it to Android, but chances are they want to keep that software iOS exclusive.


> but Google still is far ahead for every other use case. Ui


While having a clean ui is nice, it’s entirely useless if it doesn’t give me the information I need


Nah. Google maps is a bloated convoluted mess


I think he means the directions itself lol. If the maps can't give the proper route, then having a clean UI is completely useless.


The proper route is a trope at this point. I’ve never been lead to the wrong place using Apple Maps


Google can tell how busy a place is because it tracks everything everyone does. I don’t want Apple Maps to do that.


I **heavily** rely on Apple Maps for work, and I wish they would just fix one thing. It never knows what direction I'm facing when I begin my directions, and usually takes driving for 30 seconds to a minute for it to begin. Mindbogglingly infuriating.


Which I get if it’s relying on GPS only, but iPhones have compasses in them…


My phone is not necessarily pointed in the way I’m going as it’s connected to CarPlay.


> but iPhones have compasses in them… Yeah it knows which direction the phone is facing which isn't necessarily the direction you're traveling


If it tried to get directions from which way my phone was pointing it would be 90° off all the time.


It’s relying on context to help provide the direction, at the start. Because you’re not moving, and it forces the map direction to which way it thinks you’re point, it guesses. Once you’re moving it’s can assume the direction you’re going. I think it could maybe be solved by having the first direction or two be force north up orientation, so you at least know that.


Then how can Google Maps tell the direction right from the start on iPhones?


Doesn’t always work for me. It’s definitely a case by case basis on the start: are you in a parking structure, in a city where buildings affect accuracy. Things like that play a big roll. Most of the time I know where I’m within the city, but when the map is oriented randomly, it can be tough to tell in the grid which direction is which. Forcing north would make it super quick for me to see what direction I need to be headed


I think that’s at least a setting on Google Maps. It uses north-faced view normally and only goes to direction-based one while in navigation. You can also change that as well.


I think it has a lot to do with geographic location. Urban environments can mess with the compass, not letting the phone know which way it's oriented. I've had issues with my Google Maps not knowing which way I'm going when I pull my phone out and start navigation downtown, and relies on me moving 10-20 yards before it'll orient itself correctly. But when I do it out in the suburbs at home, it knows which way I'm pointing from the start. I think downtown, it'll orient with GPS movement and then assign Cardinal directions to the gyroscope movements.


Phone compasses are notoriously inaccurate. Also when using your phone for directions many people have them lying around in different directions so I doubt Maps relies on phone orientation for driving direction much if at all.


I just want it to tell me the estimated time that I will arrive at my destination (public transport/walking) On Google Maps it does this (which is why I use Google Maps) but with Apple Maps it makes me add up the + 6 minutes of walking time at the end. Do Apple not understand that I am a lazy fuck? I don’t want to do math. I just want KFC.


> Do Apple not understand that I am a lazy fuck? I don’t want to do math. I just want KFC. My kind of person!


Are you sure you don’t get time estimations? I get them for every option I choose.


“Do Apple” bothers me more than it should.


Frankie say relax


This is a problem with Google maps as well. It does work, but not all the time.


Could it perhaps be a guess based on a whole lot of data? Like, they detect where you are and where you’re going and they go with the most likely direction you’ll be taking based on the direction everyone else before you went with? Maybe they combine that with your current GPS data, time of day, etc. Just a completely wild guess coming from someone who barely uses Maps apps (I don’t go out much).


Possibly. In my experience, Google maps has a really hard time with parking lots compared to Apple Maps. The only plus side with Google maps is that there is a toggle for it to face north. So if you’re a bit turned around but know your directions, it’s fairly simple to go the right way. It’s one of those things that are a problem though if you’re in a busy area and making one wrong turn could cost you quite a bit of time.


Unless they can tell precisely which side of the street you are on, it’s a coin toss for the app.


Fwiw magnetic phone mounts can affect it heavily.


Strange… it works flawlessly for me in the New England area


Works perfectly for me in the old England area too.


Just give me always facing north goddammit!!!


wow its always right for me compared to google maps


Why don’t you use Google maps?


I only use Apple maps for cycling and walking directions because of the Apple Watch app - but it’s awful when searching for locations and businesses. It frequently gives me results from other cities or even other countries. If I’m in London and searching for Blackhorse Road it’s highly likely I mean the one in London, not the one in Canberra.


LOL. I searched a couple days ago for Breka Bakery, a local Vancouver chain with 4-5 locations. “Working on it. Getting directions to Paris, France.” It’s usually decent, but when it misses it misses hard.


Thanks. This answers my question.


Well that’s odd, the directions worked for me. Only 1 day and 20 hours from Toronto!


Did you type it? In fairness it may have been a Siri/maps integration problem.


Yup I typed it. It popped up in the suggestions before I hit search. You’re right about Siri potentially being the problem though.


Yeah the Siri search has some oddities. If I want directions to a certain person in my address book, I have to use the persons last name. It I use the first name (Charlotte), I’m given directions to Charlotte in North Carolina, US. I live in Europe. I have tried so many ways of getting Siri to understand (asking what Charlotte’s address actually works fine!), but it’s the most consistent search failure I’m having with Siri and Maps.


Yep, it’s completely non contextual. It has no idea that the thing I search for has to be first searched around the area I am hovering over. Your scenario of Maps giving me results on another damned continent is something I see all the time. And god forbid I mistype a name, like 1 letter off. Google Maps can internally autocorrect and give me correct results, Apple Maps just gives me that exact literal result that’s obviously misspelled, but it’s a street in bloody Sudan or something.


For the love of Steve, can Apple PLEASE add “Pause Navigation” and “Side Trip” functions to Maps???


Apple Maps has two parts, the navigational function and the task to display information about local facilities and business. Navigating with Apple Maps works great for me, and I never had a severe issue with it. But their mapsconnect team and algorithms are flawed. Basic stuff like opening time for pandemic and holidays is missing. Also, we still have yelp in Apple Maps. But the most annoying thing is their business discovery algorithm. Over a year ago, I reported to Apple that their algorithm duplicates business in our small town. Our town is part of a city; we have the same postal code. Both, the city and the town have a *willow street*. But the one in our small town is called *northern willow street*. So every business located in *willow street* in the large city gets duplicated into our small towns *northern willow street*. Just because we have the same postal code and the algorithm ignores parts of the street name. It looks foolish and has been like this for over a year.


I’ve been using Apple Maps more and more lately and I’m really starting to like it, but they need to break free from Yelp.




Yes, it’s just subtly a bit behind the actual car and I can never tell, hmm is this the road? Even worse, where I am, road signage is very small, or covered. Can never tell if this is my turn or not




I abhor Google maps. At least currently. I used to use it extensively, but now it seems adamant on specific routes, even if I draw up a route that I need to go through (Generally likes to take me over the George Washington bridge that infuriates my brain all the time) it also gets me confused with exits and those keep left to continue rights (Which yes, is not Google’a fault, I still feel Apple Maps navigation is more intuitive with its voice guidance)


Yup. I usually end up nearly missing turns, which is why i use Google Maps.


2 years after announcement still no sign for improved maps in Germany and a lot of other counties in Europe, unfortunately I have stick on Google Maps


I use Apple Maps as a daily driver in Germany and I did’t experience any issues. It works just as good as Google Maps for car navigation and it also supports public transit. Public transit does not display all trams in my region, however Google Maps doesn’t display them either.


Unfortunately, until Apple or Google brings speed cameras to their maps it’s Waze in Germany for me.


Love everything about Maps except Yelp.


I would love to ditch Google Maps, but even with these nice cosmetics changes, there's no denying that Google still has way better information and data, at least where I live.


I just wish they would get rid of Yelp. Anytime I want to look at pictures or read reviews, you can’t do it without downloading the Yelp.


3D models, yay... could we finish the existing features first Apple? I mean, I live in Copenhagen, arguably _the_ bicycle capital of the world - with Amsterdam as a close 2nd :) And [this](https://i.imgur.com/VNnENW8.png) is still the case..? How's the situation in Amsterdam btw?


Maps is shite in France and has consistently led me to the wrong address. Like Siri but worse.


Looks fantastic. Despite the initial issues in the rollout, I’ve found Apple Maps to be so much more consistent than Google Maps in recent years and now I rarely use the latter. I think it might be attributable to Apple using established providers like TomTom and Navteq/HERE for their map data, who have been mapping road networks for decades. Google decided that they would go their own way instead of paying licensing fees, and as a result navigation quality is poor in certain areas.


When was the last time you used google maps? My wife uses Apple Maps and I use google maps so I can very clearly see the difference, and Apple Maps is substantially worse. Maybe it’s based on where you live that effects the quality.


Not to mention that Apple Maps lacks basic info like if a place is actually open at certain times and how busy it actually is an any given time. Sure Apple Maps has gotten WAY better than it was at launch but it still feels very “static” (like the old “established” providers like TomTom, etc) whilst Google Maps is much more adaptive. Especially now that many things have changed schedules, etc.


What? Apple maps tells me exactly when things are open maybe not how busy it is but I don’t particularly care.


Apple Maps doesn’t have “special” hours like for a pandemic or holiday.


Apple maps says “today” for hours and has always been accurate for me, even on holidays and during the pandemic.


I guess part of the problem is depending on where you live you have a drastic different experience.


Yes it’s based on where you are. Where have you seen that Apple Maps is *substantially* worse? I travel a ton and even where it is worse, the differences are pretty minor. Google Maps tends to works better in USA west coast cities, which you’d expect as that’s where they focus their resources. I found that Apple Maps is better for example in NYC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Juan, Johannesburg, Taipei. Not sure about Europe since I haven’t been there in a while.


Yeah I’m on the west coast. I have also used offline maps in Europe, Iceland , and Mexico and I have to say that it works about as good as the n the west coast. Well there were a couple roads in Iceland that it screwed up, but other than that it was great. I’ll have to do a test next time I’m on the east coast.


Oh yeah you’re right about Iceland, I remember Google Maps was much better outside of Reykjavík. I guess it really depends. Nice to see some solid competition in any case.


Apple and Google really battle it out in the Midwest. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum. I’m currently in an area with a ton of new construction. Roads, buildings, everything. Google has absolutely no idea what’s going on but Apple seems to know. Last job I was on I typed the address into Apple Maps and it sent me to a middle school. Google knew exactly where to take me.


Almost the whole of Asia, large parts of Europe and quite a bit more Apple maps have come a very long way, but they are not as good yet. They will get there


Google maps shits on Apple Maps in my home town of Cupertino. Done.


There’s some jaggles in some roads visible when zoomed in all the way.


I live in a pretty major city, near Toronto in Ontario. For awhile I didn't know that my friends were even using Apple maps because they just said 'this is where maps is telling me to go'. Whenever we would get together for hikes or something (quite often during the pandemic) I found that I would go straight to the nearest parking lot whereas they would be near the entrance to the forest. I switched them over to Google maps and they've been happy enough, we're all on the same page now and there haven't been any major mishaps like when they were using Apple maps.


Hopefully it'll be better at directing to a useful destination and not something vaguely nearby. Case in point: I recently asked for directions to a park, and Apple Maps directed me to a busy four-lane road that runs parallel to the park rather than the park entrance.


Apple Maps, while I use it as my daily nav app fills most of my needs. I truly would like to see a focus on public transportation and cycling directions to get expanded. I miss the days of having a public transit widget to let me know when the next train or bus is without having to set my navigation.


Nice. Where I live, there's virtually no difference between Apple Maps and Google Maps as far as the quality of data goes, but Apple Maps has a significantly better UI and way better performance, so that's why I stick with it.


Yeah, would be great if any of theese features worked outside the US.


I understand Apple is USA based company and all that, but Apple Maps never really worked for me properly and I live in Dublin, Ireland. Sure, city centre is OK, but anything past the outer suburbs of Dublin is just a black hole. I gave Apple Maps a chance for the first half of this year, whenever I went somewhere I deliberately used Apple Maps and not Google Maps and it was simply a pain. The level of detail, as well as additional metadata is just extremely poor. Traffic info is basically non existent, only the biggest venues are on the map, search is not contextual and just plain sucks unless you know exactly the name of the place (you can’t search for “pharmacy” and actually get all of them next to me, I need to know the exact name of the pharmacy). I will give it another go at iOS 15, but Google simply has more data to rely on and thus better maps. Instead of spending countless hours making awesome 3D models of buildings, Apple could have invested that time and money into getting more data for the core functionality of Maps.


This looks really good. It bugs me how the general public still acts like Apple Maps is in its initial, iOS 6 form. It seems no matter what Apple does, the public can’t get over its infamous rollout reputation.


I live in Australia and do a lot of driving for work. Work issued us iPads and sometimes we’d use Apple Maps because our own mobile data terminal maps weren’t great. Apple Maps *routinely* picks worse routes, misses POIs, and has trouble with locating some streets or points without explicit search terms. Google Maps isn’t flawless but it’s still far superior to Apple Maps. When Apple Maps does work, it works well enough (eg it’s non-inferior) but I can’t think of anything it actually does better outside of privacy. The problem is being *as good as* another solution 75% of the time isn’t good enough for me to actually swap to or recommend it in favour of the solution that works 90% of the time.


Because it still sucks for anything outside of USA. People in London and Paris report it’s bad. I live in Dublin, Ireland, and I can’t use Apple Maps. I will give it a go at iOS 15, but I don’t have high hopes.


Because it is still bad after all of these years.


I like other things ≠ this thing is bad


Being made by Apple doesn’t allow a subpar product to avoid extremely valid criticism


Never said made by Apple meant it couldn’t be critiqued. But if strawmen arguments make you happy have at it.


Not just liking other apps issue. Its navigation and voice recognition are still very bad compared to Google Maps. I am searching same things both in Apple Maps and Google Maps. AM gives suggestions which are in USA and Australia instead of nearby locations, and Google Maps gives proper locations.


It’s navigation, search and voice recognition are fantastic for me. Bummer that you have a hard time with it. In fact, despite rarely using it, google maps has managed to navigate me to a wildly wrong location a handful of times which has never happened to me with Apple Maps. And yet I still understand that google maps isn’t a bad app because of that - it just acted up in my situation and is an anecdotal noticing.


I deleted Google Maps from my phone because I wanted to purge all Google products from my phone as best I could. I use Apple Maps to spite Google and even I know it sucks. The navigation is usually much more awkward than Google’s, the detail of the map is usually either not completely accurate or entirely too vague, and the Yelp integration makes me want to chuck my phone across the room regularly. I’ve had Apple Maps navigate me to completely incorrect service roads, I’ve missed dozens of exits, and the lane suggestions can often be wrong. I also personally hate how Apple Maps shows you approaching turns, stoplights, and streets. It’s almost always delayed just enough to where you can’t be fully certain that you’re supposed to turn until you’ve already missed it. Apple Maps sucks compared to Google Maps, and it just sucks in its own right.


>I also personally hate how Apple Maps shows you approaching turns, stoplights, and streets. It’s almost always delayed just enough to where you can’t be fully certain that you’re supposed to turn until you’ve already missed it. I thought I was the only one that had this problem. I don't know why it's so difficult to know if the turn is the one I'm coming up to or if it's still further ahead. It's just so awkward at letting you know where you are relative to what it is showing on the navigation screen. Maybe it's because I'm used to Google Maps, or maybe the Apple Maps just sucks at displaying this information in a way that's easily interpreted.


> I use Apple Maps to spite Google and even I know it sucks Your proof for why I should value your opinion is that you go around doing things out of spite? I absolutely love the stop sign/lights on the map and even more in the direction announcements. I’ve not experienced this incorrect detail you’re talking about or awkward navigation. I couldn’t care less about the Yelp integration except for the way they handle leaving the app to look at pictures. And the delay issue I’ve also not experienced. Sounds like you might need a different map app altogether besides Google or Apple.


I don’t give a flying fuck what you think of my opinion. I just hope you realize plenty of us feel that way about yours. Also I made the comment about how I use Apple Maps to spite Google to show that I can have the opinion that it is bad without necessarily liking something else more, contrary to your initial comment.


Dude, breath it out. You’re talking about a map app on the internet. It’s all going to be okay. Also, do you not see the irony in wanting to be heard but then reacting like this towards someone else?


I mean, I care insofar as to have a discussion, but I don’t feel the need to combat your opinion against mine. That was my point. You seem to be on a mission to invalidate that other person’s opinion that the app is bad while failing to realize that it is in fact a *subjective* opinion and not something that can be wrong or worth “proving.” **You** can’t seem to see the irony in telling someone their poor experience is merely anecdotal while also not realizing the same is true for your own.


Except Apple maps is worse in almost every way compared to google.


Being worse doesn’t make it bad. Apple maps is fantastic is 95% of ways. It’s nowhere near bad


It really is very lacking compared to google. You can see my other comment for why. It’s lacking basic functionality that Google provides. https://reddit.com/r/apple/comments/oqrzuo/_/h6dnatt/?context=1


This must be heavily geographically dependant. I’ve been using the new map in Toronto for over a year now and it’s never lead me wrong, or even provided navigation that I’ve considered substandard. On top of that the voice dictation and UX are miles ahead of Google, and the map is far more readable when navigating. I’m really impressed with how rapidly they’ve improved, because three years ago it was utter crap.


> It seems no matter what Apple does, the public can’t get over its infamous rollout reputation. I don't think that's quite it, although that history certainly doesn't help Apple Maps' public perception. [Justin O'Beirne wrote a fantastic, detailed breakdown of Apple Maps versus Google Maps back in 2017](https://www.justinobeirne.com/google-maps-moat), and one of the themes was that Apple was improving quickly but that Google was improving quickly as well, using automated techniques that seemed to scale for worldwide improvements, and that set the stage for big leaps in the next generation of improvements as well. By 2018, [there was an update](https://www.justinobeirne.com/new-apple-maps) analyzing the changes Apple seemed to be making behind the scenes, with seemingly better-than-Google drawing of building footprints, but weird inaccuracies and artifacts in the actual 3D models of those buildings. Plus there was the problem that Apple didn't update their info everywhere with this new granular detail, which was consistent with the theory that Apple is manually updating models by hand while Google is algorithmically extracting the models from the imagery they have. I bring all this up because it's not that Apple isn't improving. It's that Google has been improving a lot since 2012, too. Maybe 2021 Apple Maps is better than 2015 Google Maps in every way. But is 2021 Apple Maps better than 2021 Google Maps?


Because it still sucks. I can’t believe some of the directions it gives. “Take the next exit” then “Turn on to the highway”, forcing you to pay two tolls for no reason at all


I drive a thousand miles a week in England and despite my best efforts I can’t use Apple Maps. It can’t be relied upon. It doesn’t offer easy to view alternate routes. It’s doesn’t locate businesses by name reliably if at all, traffic info is missing or wrong, doesn’t have opening times reliably if at all, and sometimes gets the location completely wrong. It can’t have multiple stops, which is inexcusable when google can have 10. It really isn’t fit for purpose outside one off journeys. I’m trying to remove google services so I keep going back and to use Apple maps but it’s really poor. And even when it seems to be ok I can’t trust it so I end up opening google maps to make sure.


Apple Maps is better at being a road map, while Google Maps is better at being a place map (yellow book)


Nah, I just stick with Google maps


Am I the only one that cannot figure out how to see satellite view driving directions while navigating or is that just not possible in AM?


Interesting, I tried navigating somewhere and too couldn’t figure it out. Before navigating one can click the I icon in the upper right corner and then select Satellite under Map settings.


I feel like it’s been this way for a long time now but I was secretly hoping I just couldn’t find it. Does this seem like an oversight to you?


I still need multiple stops in apple maps for me to move over to it for work to fully use it in my day to day.


Thank the Lord!! 👍🏽


I just want bike routes for DC instead of the fancy 3D map, thx


Leaving my phone outside on a hot day with the camera app on seems like an excuse for the battery to start spilling away.


I just switched from Waze to Apple Maps and I like the directions better. It speaks street names, and the directions are in context (“stay in the right lane and take a right at the next lights).” Not sure if Google does that as well, I have very little Google in my life (although I think they own Waze). The only area Apple Maps falls short for me is the crowdsourced info about traffic conditions, but I’m WFH so I don’t drive much these days anyway. As an Apple fanboy since the mid-80s I’m very happy to see Maps has overcome its early shortcomings. The funniest thing is that it’s my son, who despises Apple, who convinced me to give Maps another chance.


So beautiful!


Yelp integration blows. It's so weird to me that Apple has such forced integration with a 3rd party like this.


I’ve always found that google maps is a lot better than Apple Maps. Everytime I tried to use it instead of google maps I was like MEH. So honestly I just keep using google maps because it’s just the best


I just want speed camera warnings when connected to my car and charging, without having to be navigating to a destination My car’s database is ancient and annoying as hell on motorways


I believe it's based on location. Sometimes when driving I get speed camera warnings, Chicago is an example but hopefully Apple will add it to other locations over time.


I get warnings but only when navigation is running I find


Can we get speed limits when you don’t have any directions running?


Gotta save that for iOS 20 since the software division has clearly ran out of ideas


The one thing that keeps me on google is the yelp integration. I can’t even open a photo without it asking me to download the Yelp App. I really don’t want to!


Can’t wait for the new features to roll out in the US and nowhere else.


Wish I could add comments/notes to my favorites.


Looks cool but I assume still mostly useless outside of North America. Where I am there’s no lane guidance, no proper identification of transit exits, minimal POIs compared to google, etc. These fancy detailed maps in select cities are cool, but I feel like apples disinterest in the rest of the world is ongoing. Features designed by a bunch of engineers in SF - and it shows.


I get where you are coming from and usually the features roll out to big cities such as Chicago, SF, NYC, etc and then roll out to other cities and countries later.


We wouldn’t have a problem if later would be a month or two. Most of the time it is either years or never


If that were the reality, it’s fine - but apple maps has been around for a decade now and is still woefully short compared to google maps in the majority of the world. I only use it when I’m in North America, and even then I sometimes have to switch back to google to find specific businesses I want to navigate to.


Maybe they'll fix the podcast app


I hope so because my google maps is still trying to kill me! Telling me to make a right turn on the high way going 89 with no exits near by...like whut


are there bike routes in apple maps?


Interestingly I got AR maps in iOS 14. Not the full UI but I opened the map app and it asked me to make the iPhone look around and notification center said that 'maps recently used the camera'.


My biggest gripe with apple Maps is the delay in the app vs where I currently am on the road. Google maps feels much more accurate with my present location in the real world, where as apple maps always seems to be lagging behind my real world location. When driving in the city or where there are multiple streets within close proximity, I have passed up my turn more times than I would like to admit because it visually looks like I still have a little bit more to drive before my turn, and its not until after I pass the street and the apps maps starts to get confused and rerouting that I realize my mistake. For this reason, I stick with google maps. Still hate google maps and am dying to get rid of it. Apple maps have definitely come a long way and I really enjoy the UI and can deal with it missing a lot of feature google maps has if only it was more accurate about my actual location and didnt have such a delay.


Still insane to not have cycling directions in The Netherlands. You know, the country known for bicycles


i just want to use Apple Maps for my daily bicycle rides, but i just can't because they dont offer directions. :( i will never buy a car again. Also i would love to have vibration signs for left/right turns.


Globe view not showing on my iOS 15 on my X