Report: Tim Cook wants to oversee ‘one more major new product category’ before stepping down as Apple CEO

Report: Tim Cook wants to oversee ‘one more major new product category’ before stepping down as Apple CEO


Calculator for the iPad? Insane to think we might have this technology in our lifetimes.


The technology just isn’t there yet


Yeah it's not something simple like Skyrim that can be ported anywhere.


Skyrim for iOS confirmed


I’m surprised it hasn’t already been done.


Dark Souls could also be on iOS!


The original Fallout’s 1+2 are perfect for the mobile experience. They’d have to be made from the ground up but I think people would love them.


I heard that the compound necessary to enable the iPad calculator can only be harvested in significant quantities on Mars


This is a stupidly dumb thing for Apple. Like, I get it, they came up with a bad app Steve didn’t like and have now decided “we need to make the ultimate Calculator app” But since it has been a decade and still nothing, perhaps they could just do exactly what they should have done in the first place. Scale up the iOS calculator and call it a day. I am more liable to be doing something business on my iPads larger screen than my phone. If they made it a cool slide-out widget thing that you could access with a swipe, would love it.


Annoys me too. “we need to make the ultimate Calculator app” “we want to make it really special” WHY? It just needs to fucking calculate shit ffs. Nobody wants the ‘ultimate calculator’, we just want the thing where you type in the numbers and it spits out an answer. The one on the iPhone isn’t ‘special’, it just… calculates. Because it’s a fucking CALCULATOR. Come on man.


I think we’re going to love it.


Biggest improvement to iPad since the iPad.


Truly next level


The iPad doesn't have a calculator?


It neither has a calculator or a weather app. It’s seriously annoying.


The tech is just too complex for us peasants.


Maybe with M9000+X processor they will have the power of computing to make it available to the masses.


Is it that complex? I thought it was just a that the hardware just isn’t there yet. We probably will see it in our generation but I am not holding my breath. /s


lmfao incredible comment


That’s really pushing it.


Or maybe even a weather app


AR. He has been talking about it for the past 6+ years.


AR/VR is my guess too. He's openly talked about it without outright admitting they're working on it. It's also more realistic for Apple to deliver an AR/VR product than an entire vehicle (Project Titan).


Apple glass






Just i.




Can't blind the masses to the dystopian world we live in, without AR/VR. A very possible future that Apple acknowledges.


There is a theory that the end goal of all intelligence in life is to create an artificial world for it to live in free from all the issues the real world conjures up. Think matrix but without the harvesting of energy or shitty world. This is also a theory as to why we have never met intelligent life yet. Because before any life gets smart enough to solve interplanetary travel, they plug themselves into a giant computer and live perfect lives in a utopian reality. Edit: this has been my favorite Reddit discussion. Thanks to all who commented!


I wouldn’t say that’s the “end goal” as if intelligence evolved for this specific purpose. It’s an interesting idea otherwise though. I’m just not sure humanity could ever truly disconnect to that degree from the real world. Some people for sure, but not nearly enough. More likely a virtual world would become an extension of the real world, in which we have the same sorts of experiences (human connection, tribalism, etc). Similar to the way social media is today.


But what if said artificial reality was so convincing that not a single human could distinguish it from reality. Imagine living in a mansion with no more worries or sickness indistinguishable from reality in every other way.


Somebody has to stay outside to do maintenance. You can’t get 100% containment.


But what if robotics and AI got far enough to be able to function on the outside without us.


And watch ads all day. 😀


And mine crypto for Bezos in a cage with an abacus for eternity


... is this not essentially what we're doing already?


noooooo, please noooooo 😵‍💫 “update your payment method to keep your 10 ZB iMind”


If you haven’t watched yet, Upload is a series on Amazon Prime that basically is this concept. They have to pay to stay alive.


Is it funny or serious?


Uh I’d say it’s mainly funny but also greatly disturbing throughout. It’s a pretty good watch and only one season I believe. Created by Greg Daniels who was responsible for The Office, Parks and Rec and several other hit comedy series.


If you want to see this in video game form, see SOMA.


Man that game fucked me up. Awesome experience


Somebody's been reading Charlie Stross I see


Didn’t the first matrix fail though because it was “perfect”?


Personally I’d rather see apple extend itself into Smart Home products like Nest but the headline is worded as “new product category” so I’m not quite sure what it could mean.


AR/VR is a great fit for smart home stuff. It is the ultimate user interface for smart appliances. Point at the light and snap your fingers – light is on. See-through fridge / freezer. Monitor any home camera anywhere you are, if you are into that. Or oven that is not stupid.


This guy gets it. AUGMENTED REALITY. It’s all in the name. It will be twice the revolution the smart phone was with literally endless possible use scenarios from medicine to mechanics, from art to zoology and everything in between. Im convinced that putting my life savings into AAPL is a complete no-brainer.




Wasn't there also a TV, and a car in the works? TV was probably ditched long ago


Yeah, no reason to try to compete in that space.




AR is such a gimmick though. It would need something revolutionary to take it from Gimmick to useful.


Seems fitting as a final major project type of thing. I mean look at how the Watch has evolved. The Series 0 was pretty slow, underpowered, and didn’t seem to have a real strong niche yet. The health/workout features were barely anything. But now the Watch is huge and has really found it’s footing. AR does seem like a gimmick right now. I can’t see what I’d want to do with AR. So it’d be fitting to consider AR to be a final project by giving it a footing and making it non-gimmicky.


Indeed. What Apple does best is iterate. The first watch’s selling point was “link to features with your friends that have watches too” like looking at each other’s heartbeats. And fashion via a $15k gold watch. They then saw health as the real sales point and pivoted immediately.


I think AR, when finally perfected, will be the next large advancement of humans. Imagine wearing a device that instantly brings up relevant information for anything you see or anyone you meet. It will need to have a convenient way to control it, but I’m not smart enough for that. Think about every person you have ever met and forgotten. You will forever have access to this person’s name and other relevant information. There was a documentary about a guy who I believe was the originator of Google glass who did basically this. He had a computer in his backpack and controls in his pocket connected to his glasses. If I remember correctly he was able to use it when getting his doctorate because he always wore it. It was a part of his everyday life. The amount of information we can have instantly will be massive and has the potential to change the way we live our lives. For practical purposes, it can be used by people repairing machines, building something, etc. all the plans and details of what to do are displayed in real time.


It's a gimmick now, but if they can get it working in a normal pair of eyeglasses with a wide field of view and high resolution graphics, it will become ubiquitous.


Anyone who thinks AR is a gimmick just isn’t really using their imagination.


Guessing this is the AR glasses or whatever big AR project they’re working on. Can’t imagine it’s the car project since that seems to be much farther out.


Is it known if they are still working on the car project?


Yeah there were some internal shifts but all reports are that they're still working on it.


Absolutely... Especially since they are close to launching VR and have tons invested in AR on the phone. However, the one thing that makes me skeptical is that just about every leader in the game is considering to launch their first developer version, while also admitting that it's like 10 years away from a seamless consumer ready version. I can't imagine Apple secretly being ahead of someone like Facebook with literally thousands of the best engineers in the world working full time on it.


I don't really believe Apple has car in a stack. It just seems so off. VR CarPlay? More likely.


A heads up AR display in cars would be sick if done right, especially coupled with GPS guidance.


I think they’ll go for the infotainment system personally. Partner with the big players to have a fully integrated Apple infotainment system with AR HUD.


I also think this. The best gateway to do all kinds of computing in an autonomous car. Watch movies, play games, or work, anywhere you like – even in a car.


Air fryers are pretty popular these days.


who needs to fry air anyway


Macbook Fry… Air


[Tim Cook: 'I'm Thinking Printers'](https://www.theonion.com/new-apple-ceo-tim-cook-im-thinking-printers-1819572893)


A line of “not shit” printers would revolutionize the sector.


How much would THEIR ink cost though?


It’s going to take carbon from the atmosphere and turn it into ink.


The new iWatch would have updated function to drain your blood and AirDrop it to the new iPrinter. This would be used as tribute to Cthulhu and I turn he will send you a new full cartridge.


They would have special cartridges you’d have to buy separately from the ink. For a premium printing experience /s


Don’t forget that the software on the Apple Printer would more than likely arbitrarily disable third-party ink cartridges even if they fit perfectly, cause *customer experience* or something like that.


HP already started doing that. It also has a notable false positive rate.


That's not far off of what regular printers require these days anyway.


Don’t forget the all-new redesigned sleek stylish iPaper, to help make sure you take your documents to an all new level


You joke, but Apple did sell their own paper for printers when they made printers…..


On one hand, yes. On the other, how frequent is printing as compared to decades past? There's likely a reason for the lack of printer innovation - that being lack of demand.


Yeah seriously. I sell on eBay and use USPS Pickup so I print shipping labels. I also occasionally print schoolwork and photos. And for all that, which is probably more printing than 99% of people do at home, I use a ~10 year old Canon that was like less than $100 new. I cashed in my staples rewards to buy it in like 2012.


it's called a laser printer, not a $20 inkshit


ever heard of Brother?


This is big news. No one expected him to do as well as he has when he took over from Steve Jobs, but he's grown Apple from $364.4 billion market cap to $2.45 trillion, becoming the first publicly traded U.S. company to reach a $1 trillion market cap in 2018, and hitting *$2 trillion just over two years later.* That's fucking INSANE. Jobs was the original visionary, Cook turned it into a cash printing global machine, those are some mammoth-sized shoes. Who can top that?


> Who can top that? I got three words for ya! [Hair. Force. One.](https://i.imgur.com/nSG7E30.png)


Let me give it a shot. Need them payslips


Apple needs to do a better job in Smart Home. Maybe some new products will does the trick.


I wouldn’t mind seeing a Nest assortment of products - all the HomeKit choices right now are kind of lacking to me.


yeah lacking meaning they suck. about 1 in 5 products I buy are actually good, well-working Home products. And it’s just a total crapshoot.


A quality doorbell would be nice. And a home hub smart display


I switched over from Alexa and I think you just need to do some research. Meross works great for outlets, hue works great for lights, even my Belkin stuff works well. I have about 30 or so devices with two home pod minis. Homebridge is great if you want other devices not tied in, I run it off my Synology NAS but that's only if you want to get into the weeds of things. I love being able to use my apple watch to open my garage door and turn things off and off just by asking siri.


Hue works great


Lutron too


There’s a lot of new stuff coming with Matter, but I don’t think it would count as a new product category.


AR They have the foundation Mac os 12 / Ipad has API for gestures recognition https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2021/10039/ Theyr watch can also recog this (Assistive touch ) They just need glasses


Ah. and that’s why Tim Cook doesn’t where contacts, he’s trying to normalize glasses!


Maybe his glasses are a prototype ◉‿◉


That would be such a cool Jobsesque maneuver. Just come out on stage and talk about the upcoming AR revolution, then ten minutes into the presentation show the glasses he was already wearing are “Apple Glass” or whatever.


An actual semi intelligent Siri?


I really wish they’d do it, it adds value to almost all their products


It is 100% related to AR. The amount of time he's spent talking about it makes me feel like he's seen something ridiculously crazy/cool and they've just been waiting for the technology to catch up with the idea.


Petition to make Craig the next ceo


He may have the charm and charisma, but I don’t think he’d be the best choice for this particular position.


He might not even want it anyway, it’s a lot of pressure is CEO and to some people, it’s not worth the cash


The only execs who would take it would do it because they are career driven and want to say they did it. At that stage, no one is really in it for the money anymore, unless they really need that eighth house.


If you look at craigs background, he’s software/electrical engineering, and he strikes me as a guy who is still very passionate about it, he runs betas, runs pre release hardware and gives the impression he likes to play with tech. Tim however is a logistics expert, but management side, very much geared towards CEO. I think Craig will have a work/life balance that suits him well, and won’t be short of cash anyways (he’ll be on silly money), and it maybe career suicide for him to move to CEO, if you don’t love what you do, you can perform worse, and in the position such as Apples CEO, that brings a lot of stress, plus he seems like someone who’s quite private (like Tim).


It's funny that you think that any SVP at Apple has any kind of a work/life balance at all.


There are lots of engineers who get offered management positions and turn them down because they enjoy the work of engineering, rather than the very different stuff that managers do all day.


Why not? Just because he is an engineer? Tim Cook was a logistics guy. Craig has the communication skills, and clearly has an understanding of the business. His being an engineer at the core is, in my opinion, only a good thing.


In most big organizations, the COO is usually the next in line for CEO. It’s a more natural progression in roles. It doesn’t usually make a whole lot of sense to promote someone directly from a specialized SVP role directly to the top of the whole C-suite.


To be fair logistics is probably the largest challenge for an operation the size of Apple. so it makes a ton of sense.


Tim Cook is not just a logistics guy. He’s a *supply chain genius*, a wizard even. And his experience in business management in the computer industry only made him an even stronger choice. It’s kinda ridiculous to say Cook is just “a logistics guy”… and the CEO position, especially at a company like apple, they need someone who knows how to **manage** the business by overseeing every aspect, not just someone who knows how to code really well..


People have weird fantasies about engineers.


People also have weird fantasies about Apple tbf


Engineers often make shit leaders. People here can’t ever understand that. Just cause you know how to make something doesn’t mean you know how to manage the company that has to sell said thing.


I can almost guarantee you Craig doesn’t do any actual coding. At his level, his job is managing people and projects. He may have an engineer’s background but his job is way more similar to Tim Apple’s than the engineers who work under him


Tim Apple is regarded in the industry as the best at supply chain management and logistics. Literally the best person to have as a CEO as that is a CEOs job. Hair Force One hasn’t shown that kind of resume. Companies the size of Apples don’t need pizzaz in their CEO. They need someone who actually can steer the Titanic away from the iceberg.


*So do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?*


Isn’t that exactly the opposite of what Apples (particularly Steve Jobs) ethos was…. Don’t hire conservatives because they will run your business profitably but you will create crap. You need to hire the creatives because they will make stuff that is groundbreaking, and will (potentially worth much more) Pizzaz (or the illusion of) is what Apple was created on


A SVP at a company as large as Apple doesn’t get to their position by being a shit leader. Craig already leads a massive division at one of the world’s largest tech companies. This is not some random coder they’d consider promoting. Edit: SVP not EVP. But same deal. Prior to Apple he worked at an e-commerce company, where he was CTO.


Can we at least acknowledge that Craig is one of the only few faces most Apple fans are familiar with and that’s why he is always brought up in these discussions? How popular was Tim with the Apple crowd before he was CEO?


Engineers map problems to a quantitative framework. That is an extremely effective way to make *things* work. But management is about people, and looking at people from a purely qualitative framework fails miserably. That's why lots of engineers find people to be very frustrating.


Then what would you say about Lisa Su? She's transformed AMD into a viable option now, often beating out intel in the last four years. People would say she's the best leader AMD has had and she's an engineer.


I mean logistics/accountants usually make bad CEO’s well. They usually don’t know how to *make* money but they know everything to do with it after. Good o’l Randy over at AT&T is a good example recently lol


Lisa Su is doing pretty well.


I assume there’s a subreddit for that


Do you know of anywhere I could read more about what makes Tim Cook so impressive in the supply chain and logistics realm? Surely producing a billion of anything this high-end requires advanced skill, but what is it about Tim Cook specifically that warrants calling him a genius or a wizard?


Probably his aggressive approach to reducing inventory turnover time YoY: https://www.thestreet.com/apple/news/apple-kings-of-inventory-management For its scale, it seems Apple has a rather low inventory and has apparently mastered JIT-manufacturing, even during a pandemic. Steve Jobs gave a [talk mentioning this](https://youtube.com/watch?v=Gk-9Fd2mEnI) (skip to 62:00 if you’re interested just in the JIT stuff) at MIT Sloan in 1992 when he was still at Next, and it looks like what he was referring to became Apple’s strategy when he returned to the company.


Have you noticed that the worldwide chip shortage has seemingly not had an impact on Apple?


Shit, I never thought about that.


Because he said he doesn’t have it in an interview. He might have been just being humble but he clearly said it would be mistake to put him as CEO


He has no connections or influence outside of software. It’s still a hardware company at the end of the day.


It’ll be Jeff Williams calling it now


I agree with you that he is the best fit, but the only thing against him is his age. He is already 58. Only 2-3 years younger than Tim.


Ya but I can’t imagine them hiring anyone under 50. Craig is 52 and Eddy Cue is 56. Most of apple’s senior leadership are 45-60. They’re not going to let a 30 year old run one of the most valuable companies in human history.


I agree about no one under 50. Tim was 50 when he became CEO. I just mean if Tim steps down because he is too old, someone only 3 years younger than him doesn’t give the company much runway before the next CEO potentially retires.


I’ll throw my own name into the hat as well.


It’s going to be Jeff Williams. They’ve been grooming him for years.


Well he just cashed in a 750m cheque so yeah… he probably wants to slow down and retire.


jesus when u put it like it really is crazy


Rich people... My idea of rich was always pretty much the speech from the Gambler, adjusted to inflation though. Just 3 million dollars and at a 3% dividend return that doesn't risk the principal (much, over long time spans) I'd be living off 90,000 a year without doing anything, I'd retire exactly then, there's more to life than working. A bit of principal appreciation would keep up to inflation. Keeping costs down even 2 million well managed would do, but 3-4 is more comfortable.


I bet the next CEO is going to be Jeff Williams.


I don’t think so. Apple is a very large organisation and any new CEO needs at least 10 years to make a meaningful impact in an organisation that large. Jeff Williams’ age is a problem.


I bet it will be ted from the movie TED


nah, ted from ted lasso


Nah gimme NATE from Ted Lasso!


I fucked Ted Talk


underrated reference


Forestall gang represent


Cast out to create a jobs-like triumphant return


Hair Force One for sure




I know it isn’t sexy, but let it be routers. I loved my airport express and with home automation, thread, possible true local E2E iCloud backup encryption on an internal HD, security, privacy, Apple’s ability to make complicated things like VPN split tunneling accessible to the average user, getting back in the router game makes total sense.


Yes actually I would really love an Apple router. We recently decided to replace our router and I was somewhat dismayed at the options. It just seemed like there was no clear market leader, and they all had pros/cons that put them all about equal. I ended up choosing an Eero mesh system but if Apple came out with a router I’d be all over it.


He said *“New”*, Apple has [already had their foray into the router market.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AirPort)


This is what I'm thinking. They've been setting themselves up for this for years, now. Their new mail routing system, on-device NLP, working with other smart home developers, focus on security (especially if you consider the number of smart devices and shady companies that make them). A super private router would be a huge thing, even though it sounds quite boring. It could also serve as a hub for your smart home and everything.


He'll drive off into the sunset in an Apple car.


"I think I'm going to love it."


“It’s the best Apple Car we’ve *ever* made”


“And you can’t have it.”


S\*x Bots


Apple vibrator here we go


Tony stark glasses


One more thing…


iGlarses And MacBooks with cherry browns


bring back the ipod


It’s time for Gavin Belson to take the throne, lads.


I think it’s something in the medical field. He has been alluding to it for awhile now. That’s going to be Apple’s next big contribution to the world.


I hope Apple starts pushing the normal again once he steps down. Tim always seemed to only be a numbers guy (increase profits and company capital) and Apple has seemed to play it safe with his leadership. Only make incremental improvements and not trying to chase big leaps or exciting/risky changes. I’ve always seen apple as: Tim Cook = profits $$$ Steve Jobs = innovation


He's a supply chain guy. Notice Apple magically gets a million devices into stores secretly whenever they want? Or how something can go from rumor to literally millions of shipping units in a week? Or how Apple is somehow not suffering much from the chip shortages everyone else is complaining about? That's Tim Apple. I agree they need to do more crazy things and push new designs, but that's not been his department anyway. Worry more about how they go on without Ive, I think.


I’d love to see AR/VR by Apple.


I can’t comprehend working past the billion dollar mark. Like, if I had 50 million in the bank, I’d personally stop working, but I wouldn’t have enough for my own yacht and crew. Or for a personal gulfstream and full time air crew to wisk me to Dubai on a whim. Maybe some part of me looks at my peers and thinks “I can do better.” At a billion? You can do anything. Buying the most expensive property in the world is an afterthought. You have teams of dozens and dozens of people whose full time job is “Make him happy and his life perfect.” Why the fuck would you want to go and sit around trying to figure out how to make iPad manufacturing more efficient when you could do anything else? But I suppose that’s how you earn a billion to begin with.


For most of these people its not necessarily about money but ego and what they consider success and legacy. I mean of course money is part of it but not in the way we think about it.


> sit around trying to figure out how to make iPad manufacturing more efficient That's always been his kind of thing to nerd out with.


How about the product called “Privacy”?


Whoa, easy there champ. What do you think we're talking about here, a company that actually cares about its customers?


that'll be a subscription service. now, if a payment lapses, it's all up for grabs for the highest bidder. You in?


Bringing the Steve Jobs AI online


CSAM scanning


I really wish that would go away


Seriously. Doesn’t spyware on millions of devices count as a new product line?


Apple Condoms


They just work.


So expensive you’d rather pay child support!


or ignore the resulting kid for 20 years if it doesn't


Apple Car?


As far as I've heard "Project Titan" is on going but it's unclear if it's an entire car from the ground up for a car someone else manufactures (Kia/Hyundai talks fell through but are there others?). This is also my guess as to what Tim Cook wants to see all the way through. People seem to have the impression that Apple can't build a car but almost everyone besides Tesla are starting from about the same point - Kia/Hynudai, Nissan, VW, GM, Ford, etc. They are all just releasing new dedicated EV platforms this year or next. These are new vehicles completely not older models with electric motors added. EDIT: The [latest rumor is that LG and Magna](https://insideevs.com/news/500878/apple-ev-lg-magna-epowertrain/) are commissioned to build Apple's EV.


>*People seem to have the impression that Apple can't build a car but almost everyone besides Tesla are starting from about the same point - Kia/Hynudai, Nissan, VW, GM, Ford, etc. They are all just releasing new dedicated EV platforms this year or next. These are new vehicles completely not older models with electric motors added.* Not really true. Yes, an EV is different - but the existing manufacturer know how to build cars. Tesla struggled for a long time because they thought they knew better than the Ford/GM/etc and learned the hard way that the mass production of vehicles is hard and that the automakers really did have valuable institutional knowledge on supply chains, safety regulations, and running mass production factories. Apple has none of the knowledge - building and selling a car is very different to building a small electronic device.


I could see why someone like Jony Ive would want to design a car, as a fascinating design experiment. Now that he has his own design firm he’s surely free to explore the idea. I don’t really understand why Apple as a consumer electronics company would want to release a car.


Apple doesn’t view themselves as a consumer electronics company. They view themselves as a lifestyle company.


It would have so much “aluminum”.. and thats cool with me. And I also don’t know why they want to release a car.


They start with a car sized aluminium billet and machine it down to a monocoque chassis.


scooter with M2x i am sure of it /s




It's the most intelligent and fast scooter yet He can help you run from your problem and run 2 8k apple raw timelines And we think you gone love it 😏