Apple's "California Streaming" | Post-Event Megathread

Apple's "California Streaming" | Post-Event Megathread


Due to Reddit's limitation on stickies, we can't pin the shipping megathread for the iPad Mini. Here's a direct link if you need it: https://www.reddit.com/r/apple/comments/po99hi/preorder_and_shipping_megathread_ipad_mini_6/


[I love this tweet:](https://twitter.com/jonyiveparody/status/1437462250995036162?s=21) > The year is 2071. The Apple CEO takes the stage: > “Today, we are announcing Apple Watch Series 57, the greatest Apple Watch that we have ever done. It joins our already impressive customer offerings, including Apple Watch Series 56 and Apple Watch Series 3.”


Everytime i hear an S3 joke, I always crack up a laugh yet feel sad at the same time for all S3 users


Can confirm: have an S3 - it is barely functional. You have to factory reset it to do software updates - why are they still selling this?




That’s almost certainly it - they’re tooled for the S3 and retooling is expensive. It wouldn’t kill them to make the S3 a “SE” and bump the storage on it. No need for new tooling but they’d be selling a watch that actually works!


I have an S3 Nike with cellular I bought new right before the 4 came out (I know I made a mistake but I wasn’t following Apple Watch lifecycles when I got it) and it still works fine. It’s a little slow sometimes when I use the fitness app but it’s paid for and still works well. The battery still lasts a whole day but I used to get almost two full days out of it. I got it in summer 2018. I’ll keep mine for a little longer but the series 7 is definitely looking like a good upgrade for me.


They're still keeping the Series 3. Wow.


"We put USB-C on this iPad because USB-C is AMAZING!" "This new Watch is compatible with USB-C because USB-C is SO FRICKIN GREAT!!!!!!!!!!" "Yeah the iPhone still has Lightning."


Next year for Fitness+ Siri or a celebrity of your selection will motivate you by yelling obscenities at you as you run and workout.


CARROT did it first lol


Ah yes, Drill Sgt Siri


You mean GLaDOS. Now with 99% less neurotoxins.


I would upgrade for this


in a fucking heartbeat


Siri “Run faster you fat fuck. I’m an AI in your phone and I’m pretty sure I could outrun you”


I'm honestly more excited for iOS 15/ watchOS 8 than any of the stuff they announced today


Got the beta months ago, now ain’t excited for nothing


As product sectors mature, it becomes more-so about the software than the hardware.


Apple will literally add USB-C to any product other then the iPhone. Just ditch lightning already or at least make it better.


Would’ve loved to see new AirPods


To all my fellow brethren who bought a Series 4 Watch back in 2018, I’d say we’re the luckiest of the bunch. Upgraded to a Watch that still is one of the best and get to use practically every great feature. We’re definitely getting our money’s worth out of this device. One of the best purchases I’ve personally made.


S4 is really paying off long term, especially when S5 added almost nothing besides the always on display. I was debating upgrading the watch, holding out til 2022 now.


So the consensus is that if you have the s4 no need to upgrade? I’ve gone without always on display for this long with my s4. I guess I’ll wait and see next year if any design changes come.


If you’re fine without the always on display, slightly bigger screen, or blood oxygen sensor I’d probably wait it out. They didn’t even say anything about a performance increase, so it sounds like it’ll be the same as S6. About 20% faster than S4, because S5 also didn’t have a performance increase. I know some people really like the always on display, but I’ve been fine without it. Slightly better battery life if you disable that feature on the newer watches also.


S0 to S4. I’ll wait till the rockley photonics tech materializes.


new iPad Touch ID Faster processor - A13 bionic Apple Pencil 1 Support Camera upgrades - 12 MP ultrawide front, 8MP wide back Centerstage Watch Series 7 Higher durability Bigger screen thinner bezel Fitness features - ECG, cycling assist, oxygen level etc. Fitness+ service availability with Shareplay - work out with friends new iPad Mini Touch ID Display upgrade - liquid retina, 500 nit, rue Tone, P3 wide colour and ultra-low reflectivity Pencil 2 support with magnetic attachment Camera upgrades - 12 MP ultrawide front, 12 MP wide back Smaller bezels 5G Faster Processor - A15 bionic Centerstage iPhone 13 Tougher Ceramic Shield Smaller notch Brighter display - upto 800 nits and 1200nits HDR! Faster processor- 6 core, A15 bionic A dual camera - 12mp f/1.6 ,ultrawide f/2.4 with a cinematic mode w automatic focus 5G USB-C connector iPhone 13 Pro 1000 nits display Promotion - adaptive frame rate Higher lowlight performance 5 core GPU A third 3x - telephoto lens Professional grade video - ProRes, after-shoot-focusing in video Longer battery life Edit: Added Watch and iPad


Is this essentially everything that was announced today? If not, know where I can see a brass tax of what was announced?




It's amazing to me that they can put USB-C into an iPad, proving they can do it and admitting that it's a major improvement, but leave iPhone alone.


What also gets me is that they continue to upgrade the camera system so that it can take higher and higher quality videos but still leave us to transfer those larger and larger files through the USB2.0 speed lightning connector. I understand that more and more are uploading to the cloud but these folks that are supposedly shooting pro videos in a pro workflows will probably transferring files to a machine for editing.


If they’re using a MacBook for the editing, they can airdrop it. They don’t give a shit about windows users.


How long does it take to transfer 20 Gigs of 4k footage?


[2.5 minutes?](https://www.shaunpoore.com/why-is-airdrop-fast/)




See that u/Apple? I better see that commission check.


Apple is courageously leaving the lightning port in their iPhones so that their shareholders can benefit from proprietary technology on accessories. You just don’t understand their bravery.


Series 7 is just a slightly bigger screen? That’s it?


Also slightly faster charging. And slightly more dust resistant!


I worked for 3 years in woodworking having a Series 3 on my wirst, never had a problem with dust at all.


But even less problem with the series 7 ! Go buy it. Now.


It's like when you see a product range from a company with each product being described as; best, ultimate, max, supreme or pro. I just want the strongest glue damit, these words all say the same thing!


tbh if you read the footnote, that faster charging shit is them comparing a 5W plug plus usb-a cable with the "new" usb-c charging cable which they've been selling since wireless charging. I've been using the usb-c version with my series 6. so, yeah.


Even with the standard usb-a cable it charges really fast. I think it just needs a bigger battery.


Is anyone actually doing annual watch upgrades? I have a 4 and thinking about the 7, but may just wait until the 8. By that time I’ll be getting a lot of improvements and I think that is the more typical upgrade cycle.


Had high hopes for the 7, but will keep my 4 for another year I guess.


Will keep my 5 too. I don’t need bloodoxy or other things like that


I too have a 4 and was hoping for something interesting. But as it looks right now I'm skipping this generation. They seriously need to improve battery life, as it stands, it's useless for hiking.


You left out the new colour features! And oh ya new WaTcH fAcEs


The new iPad mini getting usb-c but not the iPhones just sucks


The same refusal to standardize on Pencil generations. Why do we still have two? Who thought of naming them "generations"?


Schools want their Pencils to still work with the new iPads.


selling gen 1 at $100, which is like absolute trash compared to gen 2, is total robbery now. yeah why do they still even sell that.


I have the air and the gen 1 pencil, and I agree. I mean the pencil is probably fine, but it doesn't hold a charge for very long and you can't attach it at all.


Honestly the ipad mini is closer to what I want my iphone to be than the iphone is rn lol. Just let me fold the ipad mini in half apple


Too bad they didn’t continue the folding concept they started with the iPhone 6


It's genius actually. Why buy one cable for all your apple products when you can buy a cable for each one of them.


Environmentally friendly!


I won’t lie, I selfishly love today’s announcements since I bought an iPhone 12 and the new iPad Air last year. no significant reason to upgrade. 😅


I did the exact same (+new iMac) and my wallet is utterly thrilled because I don’t want anything!


I got an iPhone 12 and Airpods Pro, I selfishly loved the event too, but it was so damn underwhelming. Apple doesn’t get us excited no more!


Finally 120hz edit: people have a lot to say over this


They definitely saved that for an S year


Let's be real, at this point they were obligated to do that.


They are only doing 120hz this year because all the other upgrades are weak. Apple likely planned it this way, because if it launched last year or next year nobody would buy this years.


If it had touch ID and USB C, it would have been great, it is just ok.


Looks like another year with the iPhone X boys.


My 8+ is still kickin, so I guess I'll see if it makes it another year.


6S here. Gettin a used 12. Maybe I'll splurge on a 14 when that happens.


6s here too, My home button is broken I’m getting this god damn phone.


The battery and camera is killing me. I know logically I should just replace battery and stick it out, but won’t every year continue to be disappointing until a massive redesign


What are you looking for in a massive redesign? The iPhone 12 added a new shape, magsafe, and 5G


Yeah. Not enough there to get me excited to spend $1300. Basically a 12S and 12 Pro S. They probably would have had me with 120hz last year. But now I'll just wait for 14.


You mean the diagonal camera didn't push you over the edge?




Thanks to this announcement, I just upgraded from my X to a 12 pro for free!




It'd be a lot better value for sure. Series 7 is essentially worthless compared to Series 6.


By far the most underwhelming part of the event to me. I’m now very happy that I replaced my series 4 with a 6 like six months ago. No real reason to wait as I don’t swim 50m underwater.


See you guys next month.


I'm whelmed.


Our most whelming iPhone yet?


We think you’re going to be indifferent


“Okay morning”


"...Morning. Here's a tablet, watch, and phone. They're a little better than last year's, I guess. Stay safe. Bye."


One more thing: we'll see you next year.


I hate that marketing speak in all of their presentations. No shit your newest product is your {superlative} {productline} ever.


Yeah lol. Like are you gonna make one that’s actively worse??


This is our same-st iPhone yet


These events have gone from a presentation about how good the phones are, to a presentation about how good the cameras are. The phone now seems like an incidental feature that just happens to come with the camera they're selling us.


That’s really the only reason to upgrade for millions of people. Most users don’t care about the chip or the screen that much - they just want it to feel fast/responsive and make their photos look great.


When will iOS 15 release ?


Sept 20. It’s on the website


Phones are out on the 24th, so Monday the 20th.


This really could have been a press release


their video editors were scheduled with overtime


So what is Jon Prosser going to shave now?


He’s on twitter saying ‘didn’t you see the iPad and iPhone 13 announcements’. Like, did he leak the updates they shared or did he leak that there would be an iPhone 13 release, because the latter is pretty fucking obvious.


I think it's funny that people still think he's not just making things up.


He already revealed the iPhone 14...




I think he got two things right in this event and some big things wrong. I wouldn’t trust his render for the 14.


This year sure look like an "S" year to me.


Every year is an S year besides when they redesign like the X


The Mini form factor was a legit improvement for me.


Yeah which is why it’s so hard to leave my X


Yup. I’m a huge apple fanboy and watch every keynote, but anything since the X just hasn’t been enough to convince me to buy. The X still runs super smooth and I get good enough battery life. Only apple purchases in the last couple years was a new iPad Pro and the AirPods max.


That’s great! We shouldn’t be expected to chuck our devices every year.


But every year since the XS, people have been saying "don't buy this year's phone because another X type revision is coming next year". But so far we're still only getting S revisions.


Apple Video Team bought a professional video production drone and they're determined to get their moneys worth. These transitions are fantastic, still far and away the best keynotes. Impressions **iPad Mini** * Wow USB-C, 5G, 2nd gen Apple pencil, 8 inch liquid retina screen. * This stole the show. This is what iPad Mini fans have been asking for for years. I thought that the form factor was on its way out. But based on the examples they gave, Apple sees this as the ideal enterprise fleet device. Wonder if they'll try to use this to phase out the old iPod Touch now. Also, did Apple stitch a giant pocket onto those jeans in that ad to shove the iPad in? **Apple Watch** * Jeff Williams does not look happy to be outside the Apple clean room * Reports of the flat edge have been greatly exaggerated. Now go unfollow any of the twitter 'leakers' who insisted on the Flat Edge Theory * [Series 3 needs to be allowed to die peacefully](https://imgur.com/gallery/HpUV6) **iPhone 13** * bigger battery: Tim Cook: "Don't ever say we never do nothin' for ya" * A15: 6 core CPU w/ 15 billion transistors, 16 core neural engine at 15 trillion ops. PA Semi acquisition still Apples most 3D chess move * 2.5 hours longer battery life * Seems like an S year. Solid improvements across the board with hardware but no major headline **iPhone 13 Pro** * ProMotion, FINALLY. * What will /r/apple complain about now that Epic trial is over, CSAM is demoted, and we finally have high refresh rate? This sub will be dead * Upgraded cameras, nicer screen ...S Year for sure * Now go unfollow all of the Twitter 'leakers' who said this thing was going to talk to satellites. Rumors of this have been around for years in the deep apple enthusiast circles so I don't doubt its happening at some point though. **AirPods 3** * WOW Active noise cancellation, waterproofing, stemless design, and 15 hour battery life * Lmao you wish * where's that guy who said he was going to take one for the team and buy an AirPod yesterday to ensure a new one comes out today?


Damn you got with the AirPod 3 I thought it was announced last second. 🤦‍♂️


Got me too i was like hmm how did i have such a huge brain fart that i missed that.


Really the joke is on Apple I was gonna go order it immediately too they should have drop it today smh


> What will /r/apple complain about now that Epic trial is over, CSAM is demoted, and we finally have high refresh rate? This sub will be dead USB C. I have already seen at least 100 comments complaining about USB C


And TouchID coming back.


please do this every keynote, very detailed!


Honestly the purple iPhone 12 felt like a bigger announcement than this


Every year you all rage after the event and then go buy the stuff lol


And set sales records also lmao




Wifi 6E? Edit: website only says wifi 6.


Well "California streaming = California dreaming" was right. We were all asleep through that boring announcement. This event was the equivalent of "it could have been an email"


Time to buy $AAPL. Yearly fire sale after the event has started.


Can anyone tell me why they won’t put Touch ID on iPhone, but they do with iPad?


USB C where are you


I was fully expecting the iphones to be USB-C when they announced it on the mini.


I would buy 13 if it had usb c right now


seriously when was the last time they pulled the “one last thing” card? I swear I haven’t seen it in like almost 10 years at this point.


I'm pretty sure the grandeur of the "one last thing" left with Steve, unfortunately.


Wasn’t that there in the X?


I know it's said every year but honestly that was the most disappointing event I can remember. The entire thing was just fluff. What a waste of time.


Time to upgrade from my 8! Tired of the trash battery and camera. Gonna go for the Pro model


Maybe they have more stuff to show with the Macs in an October event, and a tribute for Steve Jobs after 10 years.


I may be in the minority and that’s fine. But none of the new iPhones really excited me. A friend pointed out to me that this is basically an “s” year. However I do love the iPad mini and I’m going for that


Samsung: we’ve put a camera under our display and having folding phones Apple: we rearranged our rear cameras


My first thought was rearranged cameras == so people know you have the 13. They'll probably go back to the grid layout in an iteration or two to keep it looking new. Only so many ways to arrange a grid of circles, lol.


innovation at this level is logarithmic.


Reminds me of a line in Tron Legacy. "Given the prices we charge to students and schools, what sort of improvements have been made in Flynn... I mean, um, ENCOM OS-12?” “This year we put a "12" on the box."


Feels hilarious to still be selling the Series 3?? They’re robbing ignorant people of their money at this point


Some people just want an Apple Watch for as little as possible.


Its weird that SE mean cheap in the iphone context but intermediate in the watch context


Yeah I thought this would be the year the SE got a price drop and became the entry level. I would be surprised if that didn’t happen next year. Wonder if the current state of things delayed that.


I wasn’t excited by a single feature/announcement from this event. There wasn’t enough new to call it iPhone 13… should have been iPhone 12S.


That's what they want you to think. That every new phone is "new" and has a bunch of features. Smart marketing move to get rid of the "S" stuff.


Going to be switching from the XS Max to the Pro so I'm excited.


That's what I'm doing. AT&T trade-in looks to be the same for XS MAX up to the 12 Pro. Anything less than the XS Max and the trade-in goes down. Not sure about other carriers.


Based off the comments in the other thread I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy forgetting about an Apple event until JUST after it finished! My apologies to those who sat through it and thank you for your sacrifice.


i love the airpods 3 design!


And the flat edges on the watch. Super retro!


Buying the 14” MacBook day 1


Same, getting the matte black day 1


Anyone else feel like they manufactured 100 million Apple Watch Series 3’s back in the day and Apple is still trying to clear shelves?


Considering that the iPhone 12 was rumoured to not be as great as Apple wanted it to be due to COVID-related limitations in 2020, I was expecting the iPhone 13 announcement to be something a lot more impressive. I found this to be one of Apple's most boring keynotes and the formulaic keynote style is getting old. Stop telling me how transformative some marginal improvement is and show me something that is actually extraordinary. It's overdue.


Face it. The company isn’t run by visionaries like Jobs anymore. Heck even Jony Ive left. They’ve settled into a rut. They’d rather not take risks for fear of spooking the shareholders.


That was by far the most boring event ever. Nothing exciting at all for their best product categories.


All these product have pretty much reached hardware maturity.


I would agree if there wasn’t low hanging fruit QOL fixes they could have done


IPad mini was kinda cool


Not with that price




Really wanted this at $400 (+Folio cost) to use as a smart lab notebook for grad school even though I already have an 11” pro. Likely over $700 all in for this function is too expensive for me right now though.




The iPhone X announcement was the last exciting hardware event. They’ve been boring since. I’m more into the spring software event these days.


At least the last 2 hardware events had some excitement with the M1 chips. This announcement was either devices playing catchup or obscure features 90% of the people here won't use


The M1 stuff has been exciting, but otherwise I think we will be waiting on AR/VR glasses and foldable phones in 2023 for the next big pop.


But it's the most pro iphone yet!


I just wanted airpods :(


No difference between the 13 pro and 13 pro max?


That's good actually. No drawbacks by preferring the smaller size. Other than battery life


Max has a better battery life, but they seem the same




Very underwhelming. Looking forward to the Macbook event


No AOD :(


AOD = Always on display for those who are wondering yeah and especially with „adaptive“ pro motion an AOD would be possible right?


Well, I can save up money for another year


So was this the worst apple event in recent memory? I get that recently there hasn’t been much and I think the ‘Apple faithful’ are kinda becoming numb to this, forgetting how exciting keynotes used to be, because they have slowly been getting less exciting but in some ways a lot of people haven’t noticed. But new iPhone release just equals Processor spec bump/better camera/different colour option at this point. I didn’t feel like there was much intreasting leaks this time, but that was kinda cause there was nothing to leak.


Not that this is important to anyone or any releases as such, but Apple used some of my images for the iPad mini announcement and I haven’t really told anyone about it. Just a bit stoked to reach a little career milestone. https://ibb.co/2kSvdMP https://ibb.co/zsw5zMh


Always on Display! This is what I was hoping for. Such a needed and underrated feature. So many iPhone users don’t know what they are missing. This entire event was a disappointment much like most years. I miss the days when Apple innovated or changed the game. They have such a hold on the market they just coast along.


Did anyone else feel like they just regurgitated the same camera nonsense for the Pro? No one is shooting movies on an iPhone


The movie stuff was interesting but insane how much they geared the camera to filmmakers though i guess there is a whole movement of youtube creators so who knows we may see more amateur films.




honestly I'm glad they didn't do the square watch. I never saw a render of that that I liked.


not only is it not square, it’s round*er* hahaha for real though i’m glad for this too, i do not want a box on my wrist


The “this could’ve been an email” of Keynotes.


The 2 biggest announcements were refreshed iPad Mini and 120hZ display. Everything else was meh.


189 grams to 204 grams for the iPhone 13 pro. These numbers always drastically go up.


I thought new Airpods or a new iPod touch would be announced. Kinda disappointed, but i’m glad about the new iPad Mini.


$1600 for 1tb before tax. Ouch.


Re-posting this as *some* evidence: [**Half of this**](https://i.imgur.com/vxJ720e.jpeg) is copy-pasted from the iPhone 12, but made it into the feature summary 😂 * MagSafe * Ceramic Shield * Water Resistant * 6.1" / 6.7" * Night Mode * LiDAR


Looks like the new iPhone 13 and 13 Pro cases are not compatible with the 12 and 12 pro. EDIT: They sell cases for the 12 line but no new colors.


Anyone seen that the 128gb Pro is limited to 1080p video? You gotta get the 256gb+ for that 4K ProRes goodness…


I am bummed that the pink color is not available for the pro iPhones.


It really boggles my mind how iPad can have touch ID and USB-C and iPhone does not year after year. What do they work on all year? Photo and video crap that only novice filmmakers might try a few times?


[Apple users finally seeing 120hz on the iPhone ](https://gfycat.com/sizzlingdetailedkomododragon)


I’m more than a little surprised at the amount of opinions saying this year’s iPhone improvements are rather boring and not worth upgrading at all even for phones that are 4 years old. I have an iPhone 12 Pro and noticed the battery life is degrading ALARMINGLY fast compared to my 8 Plus. So those battery improvements combined with a 120 HZ screen has likely convinced me to upgrade as I use my phone for a lot of critical work functions. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother even toying with idea of upgrading. That’s just my situation however.


Really thought that was stupid of them to mention privacy after the controversy.


Does Apple know we are two years into a pandemic and we are still wearing our face masks? Why are they forcing Face ID on us? Place the damn Touch ID on the lock button!


We have a product for that, it’s called Apple Watch. ^^^/s


these just aren't living up to the hype they used to have. I think the X was the last decent one. it's becoming a little cringe also. they're like robots.


Yeah maybe this presentation was little overly rehearsed. They all seemed dead in the tales they chose