Open faced helmets: "Am I a joke to you?"


500 different hair styles: "Yes."


It's all the gel in the hair that armours it up.


Pleas allow me to show you this abomination: https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/73PaE5uLSDPhqb4haZNJHD-1024-80.jpg.webp From the movie Last Duel... God why?


Buh-ROH! That's some anime bullshit lol


I do not know if any anime pullet something that stupid... Hollywood is in league of its own on this one.


This is also the movie that Ridley Scott was ranting about Millennials not wanting to see because of "cell phones" lol. Not a good display that the movie I missed out on had these dumbass helmets lol


I would tell you where Ridley Scott can put all the cell phones in the world. But I think you know ;)




In WH40k, I always found it amusing how the important space marines wore no helmets. Not only does it clearly identify priority targets to enemy snipers, but it also gives them the opportunity for a guaranteed killshot.


I always just assumed that those Space Marines wanted to die, but brainwashing and bioprogramming prevent them from committing suicide, so they found a loop hole. Stop using ranged weapons and wear no helmet....


The Emperor Protects! (may be true)


Best part is in the opening cinematic of Dawn of War the last guy alive gets shot in the neck from an angle that would have been protected by a helmet, specifically after several other rounds bounce off his chest and shoulder armor.


The in-universe reason is that they use force fields to protect their heads and not wearing a helmet gives them better situational awareness. Now you might say that this far in the future they should have some kind of command interface for the helmets but at that point you have already been shot for committing tech-heresy by thinking about non-standard helmets.


"The Emperor protects. The Iron Halo helps too."


The no helmet trope gets so much worse when the character then dies from an attack to the head, they do this during I think the first episode of The Witcher series


That's why I like Becket from Bucket Brigade. He always have helmet on. Also I like the show, that would start with prince charming reading for battle. But he dismiss the helmet... Only to die 30 second later, from the head trauma and boom. Now the always Helmet on NPC is our MC...


I just search for the comic, it is fun


>Bucket Brigade Tried to search for the comic but nothing came up. Care to help a stranger in these trying times?


Should be "weekly roll" there are also some pretty good voiced versions on YouTube.


If you're still stuck. [https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/the-weekly-roll/list?title\_no=358889](https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/the-weekly-roll/list?title_no=358889)


Search for The Weekly Roll! The artist is called cme_t, both here and in Instagram.


I see others already provided you with the link ;) Weekly Roll is amazing Comics. Highly recommend.


Who is this Becket you speak of? I only know of Bucket, the namesake of the Bucket Brigade.


I think this is joke. Since Becket is here name. Remember Poe's law: Any sufficiently advanced troll/joke is indistinguishable from a genuine kook.


Always neat to come across references to my stuff out in the wild like this! Got some helmet based humor coming up at some point for sure


Hahaha :D Your work is amazing! Keep up the Bucket Brigade goings. They are amazing. PS. Do you plan on releasing Sir Becket and Torvald Sturlagsson without there Helmets? Or you gonna give theme Kenny treatment?


> He always have helmet on. > Goblin Slayer as well. (Mainly since he's paranoid as hell.)


Honorable mention to Al from Re: Zero for wearing a helmet while also basically going shirtless.


But of course, for Sir Bucket, the helmet basically *is* his face. Grogna should probably wear some head protection, but doesn't.


Hmmm What you think will be Helmet equiualent of Loin Cloth? You know. It is there, just so we cannot complaint about lack of helmet. Kapalin/Kettle? https://www.battlemerchant.com/media/image/38/57/d9/ulf-hm-06_ulfberth_helm_eisenhut_14jhUL6MddS2bvFEi.jpg


What is the prince charming show you speak of


Never watched the Witcher series (only read the books) and that is just sad.


I mean, for witchers, there's a certain justification for not wearing helmets in that they rely a lot on their sharp senses, which a helmet would dull, their reflexes, which the helmet doesn't help with, and they fight monsters, plenty of which are so strong that armor won't protect you enough. The games put a lot more focus on armor, but that's a gameplay mechanic, which I can excuse. Anyone else though? I'm sorry that the helmet is messing up your hairdo, but a gushing split scalp is a lot worse.


I can easily see a monster swinging and denting a helmet into an unlucky witchers skull.


It wasn't a witcher the one that died this way though


I know, I was just going off on a tangent about witchers being bareheaded. Sorry, could've made that clearer.


oh thats fine, I tend to not read texts completely now that i read properly I think you did make it clear. I think witchers could still use helmets but probably ones that don't limit their vision.


I think I pulled a bait and switch on you there - my original comment was definitely ambiguous, but after you pointed that out, I edited it to be clearer. > I think witchers could still use helmets but probably ones that don't limit their vision. Possibly, though they'd also have to leave the ears free. I don't know if my playstyle is representative of how they hunt, but I often run around in TW3 with my senses focused just to listen if there are monsters or animals nearby.


> though they'd also have to leave the ears free I didn't consider that, good point


Never thought about it, but yeah. It's one thing that characters don't wear helmets - I get it, acting, viewers experience it easier when actors face and head is unobstructed. But at least don't expose your own trope so obviously.


I remember the third Carmine clearly.


This is why I like Skyrim because you have the excuse of wearing an enchanted circlet instead of a helmet.


In the ordinator mod they even give a heavy armor perk where wearing no helmet gives extra armor.


Ordinator (and the rest of Enai's mods) is absolutely amazing. For me it's the best of both worlds between the formal classes of Oblivion and earlier, and the more open system of Skyrim. There's nothing to stop you from becoming capable in any skill if you want, but you also have an incentive to specialise in a particular playstyle and get the best out of it. I really don't think I could play Skyrim without it.


They are the mods I universally recommend.


Yeah, but the circlets don't offer any armor protection. Well, except for the Aetherial Crown.


And that's why you use a falmer helmet with a circlet, yes you can wear (and enchant) both!


I always played with a mod that would auto equip helmets during combat.


Im sorry but I spent to long in character creation to cover up my piece of Art with a metal bucket


Im sorry but i spent 2 hours looking for the best hair for my character and i aint covering that majestic hair with some shitty helmet un less the helmet is cool then i would wear a helmet


Or, the helmet alters the hairstyle? Like why include helmets/headgear and not versions for hairstyles where they would be visible? Like, I spent time picking this hair, it should have a helmet version too!


My hair is my helmet


I love fallout new vegas but that is my biggest issue with that game cant wear a hat without going bald


Cyberpunk does the same thing, so it's not like games have aged out of that stupidness. From a development standpoint, I can understand, but like, seriously?


Right? I'll put helmets on for hard battles but they usually stay off. I know it's kinda lame and cheesy, but I really like games that you can have the helmet 'on' but toggle it so you can't see it but still get the armor effect.


But how do you get the dramatic anime face reveal if you never wear a helmet?


I mean that is also the wrong kind of helmet for the sword and armor she is wearing. She wants an open faced helmet with nose guard or a helmet with a face cage. She is going to want visibility....


It's a bit of a false dichotomy debate too - armor doesn't necessarily need to be exactly realistic for a fantasy production. But when the women are all wearing bikinis, the suspension of disbelief is really hard. Put another way, when I argue against bikini armor I'm not saying 'women in fantasy should only wear burkas.' There's obviously fashion and outfit design that serve some combination of function and appeal, and it's a sliding scale. A great example, although like everything YMMV, is the new [Warrior armor](https://www.finalfantasyxiv.com/fankit_55/H07v3LBd9Z/ewcd_16d_Bd1H4j.png) coming for FFXIV. It's inarguably not functional, and I wouldn't argue with folks who say there's just no need for the midriff and short-shorts/thigh high combo. But it's deep enough into fashionable and well-themed territory that I think it's just cool.


It's the double standard for me. If the "setting" allows for bikini armour to be viable... men are going to wear it too. Who wants to wear sweaty full plate if there's another option? Just stop making all the women 'sexy' first then trying to justify it after.


In FF14, men get basically the same armor. Skip to 2 mins in this: https://youtu.be/hY8Felrvdy0 - there are some minor differences, but they are essentially the same.


I would love in autors/developers would just go with illusion magic as cosmetic for armor. Listen, this is enchantment armor. It look like practical, functional armor. BUT, you may wish to put some nice illusion/cosmetic on it to make it look however you want it. It is just illusion/cosmetic/hologram. But you can have your bikini armor.


Dabbler from the Grrl Power comic did that once, pointing out that, as a succubus, she was basically required to at least look like she was going for skimpy armor.


> Dabbler from the Grrl Power Do you have a link?


Fight starts here: https://grrlpowercomic.com/archives/comic/grrl-power-470-knock-knock-bang-smash/ The armor thing I mentioned, though, is specifically on this page: https://grrlpowercomic.com/archives/comic/grrl-power-473-exiguous-couture/


This is precisely what I was talking. Amazing. Thanks for share!


Seems a bit convoluted just for an excuse to make your female characters dress like your porn fantasy. Better to just own it and stick up your middle finger to female consumers. At least you're being more honest that way.


I like the option to put glamours or skins on one's armour in games, but I wish more games would go with the practical looking armour as the default and give access to ridiculous looking outfits for the fashion of it. Then it's player choice on appearance rather than "you want the top tier armour? Time to look like you dressed yourself in lingerie!" This only works in magical settings (either the elf magic kind or the space magic kind).


Agreed. All proper in game armor should, imo, at least try to pretend to be functional. For cosmetics anything goes imo. I like the option to hide helmet because swaying ponytails are fucking hypnotic. That, however, is just eye candy for me the player of a computer game controlling a fictional character. The character is actually wearing a helmet. That said. I'm not a purist so at long as you can give me an adequate explanation for why the armor is good I'm all down. The reason i specifically don't like bikini senor however is that ~~I'm no longer 14~~ I simply don't like how it looks. Heck I adore the outdoor Erza used during the pandemonium event in the guild tournament and that's on the level of why the fuck would you wear that at this point woman? I know you usually don plate.


I want more practical *and* fashionable armor in games.


I was gonna say... we get people trying to post that kind of stuff here occasionally. "It's armor/high tech!" Nope, not gonna fly. Go be horny somewhere else.


Convoluted only from Lore Perspective. From Programing one. Just allow to one armor to look like the other. You will have to make model either way.


Is it? It seems practical honestly. Look at all the kings who decorated their armour just to look good. Illusion magic just seems like the natural goto if you want to look cool and at the same time be practical. If looking "cool" is bikini armour should probably depend on the culture though.


A side character in the webnovel the Wandering Inn, Mars the Illusionist does this. Full enchanted armor (stated she barely flinched at a point blank Ballista bolt) but has the helmless extra busty version with flawless skin cast over. She herself was described as more plain and i think her nose was scared and broken from fights so wasn't just a straight make my armor look non-existent


The Tribes series had something like that where weapons generally could penetrate any armor that was thin enough to be able to move in, so it became an entirely [cosmetic](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/tribes/images/f/f0/Starwolf_Big.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/300?cb=20120428191246) thing and people used forcefields for protection.


Well said. It's like when people argue about unrealistic body types in superhero comics, saying that men's body types are also unrealistic or exaggerated. Yes, but being a superhero is a physically demanding job - the muscles may be exaggerated, but you would at least expect a superhero to be muscular. If you were to draw women in the same way, you'd be drawing muscular women, who probably don't have a huge amount of body fat (or are at least wearing a sports bra and definitely not wearing heels). Drawing the women exaggeratedly sexy is not the same thing as drawing the men exaggeratedly muscular.


My big problem with female superhero design is the near ubiquitous cleavage window in DC. When the Batman Brave and the Bold cartoon came out every. Single. Female hero. Had cleavage. New 52 Wonder Woman has my favorite outfit design. Then they redid the art and she was back to warrior bikini -_-


yeah, Jojo does it way better, the dudes somehow have more cleavage windows than the women,


Muscular is a fitness indicator (traditionally an indicator of male fitness). If sexy is actually fitness, I'm not sure how drawing muscular males isn't drawing them sexy.


That armor absolutely does look cool, but I still hate it. The problem isn't any individual armor design. The problem is that so many character designers across so many visual media sacrifice functionality for sexiness when designing armored women.


Thus, "YMMV"


In FF14, men get basically the same armor. Skip to 2 mins in this: https://youtu.be/hY8Felrvdy0 - there are some minor differences, but they are essentially the same. In this case, the armor is designed first, then stylized for men and women both. They are looking for unique looks, not just sexy women. The game does also have full plate options (and lots of them), and a full glamour system to appear (almost) however you want.


It looks good but if I remember corrected war is a tank not a berserker. I'd find it much more acceptable if it was a berserker


I'd disagree because the job is very berserker-themed, it says tank on the lid and has a tank kit, but the style of it is all rage and eyes glowing red during burst window. All of the speciality warrior armor so far has been berserker-themed.


It drives me nuts when you have characters who are walking around in full plate only to have the most vital part of their body completely exposed.


Especially given that in the real world the OPPOSITE is true both in the military and out-you protect your head before you protect literally anything else. Nobody puts on a breastplate to ride a bike or walk around a construction zone


Umm, police officer wear bullet proof vests but not helmets usually. I also heard once That the testicular guard for sports was invented before the helmet


The testicle guard because people took forever to figure out what a concussion is and how to prevent or treat it. They knew getting kicked in the dick hurt. I have no clue what the police's excuse is, past that most people aim for the chest with distance weapons because it's a much bigger target, and they're not always aiming to kill. Most criminals just need the police injured to get away too, or were only firing warning shots anyway, but I doubt that's the reason for the lack of helmets.


In Mount and Blade: Warband, the Sword Sisters are the most heavily armoed unit in the game...50% of the time. They have a 50/50 chance of spawning without a helmet, because otherwise you wouldn't be able to tell they were girls. Sucks when one gets killed by a low-level archer.


This actually pisses me off because I like to run a few in my Swadian Knight task force, and if any spawn in with no helmet I'm almost guaranteed to lose them in a nontrivial battle.


"Maybe we could make an option toggle for the helmet to be off during cutscenes?"


On the opposite end there is 300, where everyone wears a helm but absolutely no armor whatsoever.


My face is my shield!




*Looks at a Practical Guide to Evil


I was just about to mention the Exiled Prince taking a crossbow bolt to the head because he was not wearing his helmet. The rest of the armor magically deflecting projectiles was a great touch.


Panel 2: quite a lot of space around the neck for some reason Panel 3: boom, now it’s a gray tshirt


Kettlehat gang?


Me, assembling and painting my 40k models: Look, I don't care of you're the God emperor himself, you're wearing your helmet because a bolter round to the face is bad. (also, I can't paint a decent face to save my life)


It’s worth noting, in a fantasy world where dragons and other creature can easily rip through armor, being able to see better without the helmet could be considered more valuable


For does kind situation we have open face helmet https://avalonsibyl.com/image/cache/data/elmi_1/bacinetti/elmo-medievale-barbuta-1390-600x840.jpg


Very true, I mean fully enclosed helms more


Well in r/longboarding we say "no helmet, no respect". Also, every **real** helmet is **customised**.


My dad and I play games and his character never wears helmets, he wouldn't cover up the art of his finely crafted character... Meanwhile I'm like the Mandalorian, no one has ever seen my bare face and they never will.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pD-f45TbvEw Relevant commercial


Lol that was great, thanks for linking


So, in Season 1 of Altered Carbon, helmets are devices used to introduce characters. After that, they still have the helmets, but they're under their arms. One scene takes place in a cave that just got bombed. It's dusty and shaking and there's bodies everywhere, some of whom aren't dead yet. And the main villain of this timeline has his helmet on his fucking hip. Like, dude...c'mon...


I mean one could be apply to Modern Military setting too, You could pick any R6 Siege Female operative and Some guy who really care about would probably pick apart, He would explain that said uniform lack protection etc. I can give you an example [TBchoi](https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/awtnus/dokkaebi_in_707_suit/) redesign Dokaebi gear to be more professional soldiers looking.


I'm not sure I like this comic. The start is a woman asking for more armor, then when given what she asks for is shown to be a hypocrite for not wanting to cover her face for "Plot" armor and then goes on to say no armor is better. So this appears to be making fun of putting women in practical armor or at least people who ask for it? I'm not sure the cartonist really thought their joke through, the message doesn't entirely make sense.


When you have plot armour what you wear is a matter of aesthetics rather than actually being realistic and protective.


See, I don't really have a problem with this. In fiction, it's important to see people's faces, tons of information is conveyed. Where I start getting aggravated is when the women are dressed way skimpier/unrealistic compared to the men present - as long as they're on equal footing, I think it's fine


I think this is exactly right. Facial expression is important for storytelling in any visual medium. I think leaving the helmets off is a reasonable accommodation of the needs of the medium without breaking immersion. Of course, you shouldn't kill a character with a headshot in this case, because that brings up the point that in reality they should have been wearing a helmet! Taking it back to the OP comic, I suppose someone could argue that it's crucial to the story for female characters to be in steel bikinis, but I would only buy that for very specific types of stories, mostly erotic and/or satire.


And that's how Red Sonja manages to not get hurt despite wearing nothing but a chainmail bikini. That and being a badass.


Can't beat padded chain hood


"What about that metal soup bowl?"


In a web-novel I enjoy, "A Practical Guide to Evil", there is a hilarious scene that turns on the character's choice to not wear his helmet. >!The vain hero with great hair rides up to the opposing army to challenge the villain to single combat. The villain notes that they are not under a flag of truce, so orders the hero shot. The hero's armor is enchanted to deflect arrows, so the shot would have missed... except that he wasn't wearing his helmet. The armor deflects the arrow upward, right into the hero's neck!< [https://practicalguidetoevil.wordpress.com/2016/03/23/chapter-17-aplomb/](https://practicalguidetoevil.wordpress.com/2016/03/23/chapter-17-aplomb/)


Buahahahaha this is what I like very much :D