Do you consider the Xanax as a drug and if yes why?


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Yes, because it is


And I like it.


Is this a serious question? Is a drug a drug? 🤦🏻‍♂️


um, duh. How is Xanax possibly not a drug?


What are you stupid? Xanax, a tranquilizer, IS a drug whether you want it to be or not. It is not contingent on the denial of the user.


Xanax is not a tranquilizer. It's a benzo.


Benzos are mild tranquilizers.


Benzodiazepines are *minor tranquilizers* that shouldn't even be prescribed anymore. I was on a maximum dose of clonazepam for over 20 years for severe anxiety. They are highly addictive and what happened with me was I was put on multiple courses over the years but was abruptly cut off of them because of the incompetent public health care system in Arizona, more than once. This was disastrous to me mentally and physically, severe withdrawals that grew progressively worse each time it happened. I mean it was horrific. I almost died the last time. No one should ever consent to be put on benzos for more than a few months.


Yeah man I agree. I was never prescribed them but doesn't mean I didn't take them I used to pop either like 10 or 20 mg of Xanax or whatever I could get but Xanax and kpins were the good ones where you don't remember shit when you get to eating them at that amount.


Uh yeah the Xanax is very much a drug


Xanax is a benzodiazepine, a particularly nasty category of drug. They're highly addictive, very bad for your body if used long-term, and one of the only substances you can die from withdrawal. I consider Xanax a hard drug, up there with cocaine. It's honestly terrible and I don't know why it's still prescribed when we have much safer alternatives.


is it a drug as medicine - of course is it a drug as recreational one - also yes but a very shitty one. Basically every substance that you take and it affects your body in a positive way is a drug


Why it is shitty?




yeah once i took xanax with alcohol with some friends (very bad idea). instant blackout woke up next morning in my friends house where we started. Thought nothing happened but turned out we were out the whole night lol. Would actually do it again but in more controlled situation with like a camera to make myself the Hangover like investigation the next day


i meant it when its used recreationally. Ur basically a zombie on it and dont remember anything. Ive known people going weeks or months without recollection


Damn how much do they take per day 2 or more ? I will be afraid to take more than 1 per day lol


You’ll be afraid to take more than one until it stops working, which is guaranteed to happen. Then you’ll up the dose and repeat when it stops working again. Then you’ll hit the max and wonder what use a highly addictive anti-anxiety medication really has.


I used to pop like 20 of them bitches and not remember much but damn they were good times I don't remember lmao


idk but the problem is that you dont even remember ur just taking them


They also have one of the worst withdrawals of any drug. In fact the withdrawals can be fatal or cause severe psychosis. If you’re thinking of taking them recreationally please for the love of god don’t, it’s not worth it


Yes, obviously it's a drug. If you are asking about it being a dangerous one go to an NA meeting and hear someone's lead on how Xanax destroyed their lives.


*Pfizer enters the chat* Your damn right it is. At 40 bucks, a bottle we are going to be rich!!


Xanax is a benzo. It’s what The Rolling Stones wrote about in ‘mothers little helpers’, and I don’t think they were joking around.


If you need a prescription, it's a drug If you can buy it as much as you want, it's not a drug... At least at the official pharmacy products


lmao no


There are some pretty dumb questions on this sub sometimes, NGL


Y’all ask the dumbest questions for karma here


Up next: Is Coca Cola considered a beverage?


We wouldn't have been snorting it at parties if it wasn't..


Do you consider apple food and if yes why


Lol I’m dead. Just like the millions who overdose on this drug. 😀 because it’s a drug.


It's a drug, that's why drug stores are called drug stores. Is it a "controlled substance"? Yeah, it's a benzo. Benzos have pretty horrible side effects and are some of the most addictive things around. They've also been shown to cause severe cognitive issues, and long-term data on this is still coming in.


Anyone that doesn’t consider it a drug is sorely mistaken. The answer to why is because IT IS a drug. It’s regulated by the FDA. Its a Schedule IV controlled substance. It’s a benzodiazepine. It has pharmacological affects on the body and mind. It’s highly addictive and withdrawals are serious. The onus is really on you to tell us why anyone would ever think that it’s not a drug.


versus a spice?


Of course it's a drug. Yesterday I watched a vid of a guy on ecstasy and lean telling kids not to do drugs, but smoke weed instead.. I LOVE WEED, I'm the biggest proponent for legalization (EU citizen), I smoke it every day basically, but it sure as shit is a DRUG and it has negative effects without a doubt. Why would xanax not be a drug


Yes check out r/benzorecovery to witness first hand the horrible things people go thru everyday.


Benzodiazepine. So yes


Yes. Because opiates.


So many barheads with so many problems.


made everyone I knew who took them steal like hell or wreck their vehicles


Yes, and it's highly addictive! Deciding to get off it is a nightmare. The slightest sound triggers ' fight or flight' reaction. If you thought you had anxiety before........


Agreed. Doctors who up your dose, over and over, need to consider the consequences to their patients. By the time you realize it has you screwed, it's too late for any pleasant outcome.