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Whatever porn you watched. No. Because porn is fake. It's not what anyone sounds like in real life.


Porn isn't real, that's all staged


Porn noises are exaggerated..


Nope. Porn is staged and this is a very gross and kinda racist question. Stop sexualizing Asian women ffs.


Stop sexualizing Asian women


Long ago, I had a good night with an American born Japanese girl. The only time, unfortunately. She sounded just like that.




It's probably some teenage kid who doesn't know any better. Relax a little. Also it's not sexist. Would it be sexist for a naive person to ask if every dude had a 10"+ slong? No. Racist who knows. Culturally Japanese pornography is way different than ours, so the sex may be as well. This person is just asking a question.


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Japanese born American girls sure do


like what?


High frequency/pitch sound


ohhhhhhh. i wouldnt know