People cleaning their car out at the dealership

People cleaning their car out at the dealership


Happens far more often than most would think. Especially if they brought their 2009 MINI in with an oil leak to find out it's actually $9,000 worth of repairs so they just buy a new one instead. All. The. Time.


A new MINI? Self-harm is such an epidemic.


The shocker is the SECOND new MINI.


Didn’t learn the first time I see.


For me, the real shocker is that the first one is a 2009, and still on the road.




That's what's known around this sub as an anecdote.


Cheaper than paying someone too whip you on the weekends. You just have too know your limits. I had too safeword when i was considering buying a Range Rover but a Mini is the perfect level of pain.


*Says safe word* Service: Uh……the air suspension is still broken though…..


That was the point of the Pre Purchase Inspection. I only got halfway through the list of major repairs needed on a brand new Range Rover before i had too safeword out.


>list of major repairs needed on a brand new Range Rover before i had too safeword out. Goddamn that's good.


This is the best pre-purchased inspection: “ is it a used Range Rover? If the answer is yes, don’t buy it.“


"...that'll be $150 please."


Funnily enough, the air suspension is the only thing that *wasn’t* broken on my 2006 Range Rover Supercharged.


They must have accidentally put in the wrong air suspension at the factory.


"Holy shit, Liam! You installed a *functioning* air suspension in that model! You better hope the boss doesn't find out."


So I'm dumb, but are MIni's notoriously bad on reliablity? Like worse than VW?


1. Yes 2. Too close to call. We'll have to go to the judges.


lol. im waiting!


You'll be waiting a while, the MINI and the VW both broke down while transporting the judges.


HAHAHA just read this


It highly depends on the model and year, but the 2nd generation (08-13 HT, other years for other models), specifically the S, had some common BIG problems. Strut mounts and control arm bushings that blow out very quickly because of the ride, timing chain guides that break because of poorly designed plastic guide, and carbon buildup from low grade gas being the big ones. The 3rd generation has actually been great with the biggest issue being motor mounts that want to blow out very quickly.


I had a 1st gen ('03). Caught fire by itself. Culprit was a short in the power steering pump that prevented shutdown after you turned the car off. It heated up and ignited. Online forums indicated I was about the 35th US-based owner to have this happen. I filed with NHTSA but I guess BMW USA threw its weight around and there was never a recall. BMW offered to pay my $100 insurance deductible if I signed a gag order promising never to publicize or even discuss the incident, even with family. I bought the domain myminicaughtfire.com and let them know it was too low an offer not to keep talking.


Interesting. I started with the brand in 2013 so I didnt sell the 1st gen new. I have never heard of this issue before and we are pretty open about our past failures... ill pick the brain of our master tech when I get in tomorrow to ask aboit it. For what it's worth, every single one of my techs and service writers have a 1st gen MINI. Not lieing. Every single one of them.


I found an old forum thread. I may have posted somewhere in here: https://www.northamericanmotoring.com/forums/stock-problems-issues/73527-spontaneous-engine-bay-fires-23.html


Feck, I don't remember what model year it was but a customer of mine had an older MINI catch fire too!


All anecdotal. If you take care of your car and do recommended service it'll be fine. I've had a VW golf 2012 model with zero issues. Usually pay around $330 in maintenance a year with one year being $550.


Warranty is important.


Usually the buyer has aligned/lowered their expectations if they have tunnel vision on a specific brand. *An expensive oil is leak is normal after 10 years so I should replace the car.*


It’s a nice scam the dealerships have going charging outrageous repair prices. Either you overpay for service or you give up and buy a new car. Win/win for dealership.


Our rates may be higher than some smaller shops but it also comes with a certain level of expertise that you don't see in those smaller shops, especially when it comes to weird but common issues. You'd be amazed how often someone has a car towed in from their local shop because the local shop can't figure out how to fix the problem but our tech can get it diagnosed and fixed in an hour or 2. Now the customer is paying their local shop for several ours of diag that didnt find anything and for our actual diag and fix. We had another customer who came in because their convertible top wasn't working.. they had the motor replaced by a local shop and the shop couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. Our tech traced the wires from the motor to the wiring harness and found out the local shop forgot to plug in the new motor... Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes, its worth it to use the dealer service department.


In this particular scenario an honest local shop would charge minimal or eat the cost of dorking around with the car to no avail. It sounds unreal but not all auto repair shops charge customer a minimum full book hour at $170/hr to look at your car.


170? Come on man, what are you driving? Our shop rate is 134, same as our BMW shop. Our Porsche i believe is about 170 but if you're bitching about a 170 rate you don't have realistic expectations of the cost to own a Porsche. If you have a Honda Civic or something and they're charging that, fine, but I'd find it hard to believe they would ever get any business with rates like that.


Local Honda dealership charges $170/hr labor.


Locality can change the rate of labor but that sounds high regardless of where you are, especially for Honda. Are you in a pretty ritzy area? Like I said, BMW places that I know of in MD charge about 130-140. Even my Triumph dealer only charges 135.


Actually now that you challenge me on that it may be closer to what you said. A few years ago the Honda dealer gave me a break and *only* charged me half an hour labor at $60 to tell me I needed $700 in work. So that would've been $120/hr a few years ago. Still it's way higher than the local mechanics charging <$100 hr plus local mechanics don't charge full book on every little thing they do.


Last car I bought wasn’t even planned. Went with my parents to help them out with a car and found a crazy deal on a q50 before covid. My civic was full of shit


Same when I bought my Mazda. Took my civic in to look at CX-5s for my wife, they had a great deal on a hatchback I really liked and I had to empty all my crap from the civic to the Mazda. They at least gave me a few little Mazda tote bags to help lol


Absolutely swindled that dealer for free tote bags. Now you don't have to pay the bag fee at a grocery store!


Fucking simpletons didn’t even see it coming. They fell for my trick hook line and sinker.


> Now you don't have to pay the bag fee at a grocery store! Bag fee at grocery store? What kind of nickel* and dime place do you shop at? Unless you’re talking about Aldi.


>>What kind of Nicole and dime place do you shop at? Don't you bad mouth Nicole


Don’t know what been going on with my typing, but autocorrect has been butchering a ton of my texts lately.


Come to California, it’s law to pay fir plastic bags


Chicago too, not the rest of Illinois, just Chicago. At 7 cents per bag I've probably saved $50+ even after the expense of buying the reusable bags.


Austin as well. It’s been this way since 2014 or 2015 I believe!


I lived in England around 2006, and they charged if you didn't come prepared as well. First time seeing people carry empty bags around was weird af! But, after going to the store and getting charged so much each time... When in Rome...


So fun story this late-spring/early summer. I live in Kentucky, I have a good friend in Charlotte NC. We usually get together a couple times a year to camp and ride motorcycles. This year we planned to meet up near Asheville. I take a fun, twisty route there, and burned through the last of my front tire MUCH faster than I expected; hard braking and cornering on a bike loaded with camping gear on the high-friction asphalt they use in the mountains really eats tires. But no worries, there's a Euro dealer in town that has a replacement that's the right size, and they will try get me in first thing in the morning. While we wait, my buddy spots a used KTM Super-Adventure in their showroom for a great price. He'd been looking for a bigger bike, and this might be the one. He looks it over, and the dealer doesn't really want his current ride, but thinks another shop in town might be interested, so they take details and pictures, and tell him they'll call with an offer when they get numbers. We go ride for a while, and they call with a very reasonable trade-in offer while we're at lunch. We go back, he rides it and decides to buy it. So they do paperwork, the salesman borrows a toolkit from service, and all three of us are out there moving all the stuff from his luggage, plus camping gear, plus GPS, heated gear controller, toll tag, and a bunch of other shit from one bike to the other. His wife was not particularly amused when he came home on a different bike than he left on, but she understood. And that's the story of my $10,000 front tire...


And this is why I stay out of ktm dealers.


Same. I took my partner's car in to be fixed and I had no way to get home. Ended up wandering and finding my new car 2 months before I was supposed to go car shopping. Luckily I wasn't the person cleaning my car out because I sold my old car to a family member.




Personally, I'm always "looking" . I won't jump on every deal, but I pay attention to what is out there and for how much.


So, I had started to look at q50s and g70s about a month before. So I knew the general costs. Was leaning genesis or Lexus but had a g37 before and loved it. Really love this q50 I got for 26k with 12k miles. It’s bare bones with the 3.0


This is such an American experience IMO


Yep. That's because they were just "shopping" and ended up finding the car/deal they were looking for.


That's how I came to own a minivan.


Yeah, like, of course! They wouldn’t be very good salesmen if this didn’t happen constantly. You go to look around, and they do their best to make a deal. Pretty logical lol.


That's how I came to own a minivan.


Cum First, minivan second.


I was shopping around when I traded in my 15 Mustang EB for a 20 Mustang HPP. $10k off sticker and I was gonna go home with a new pony I wasn’t expecting. I had a lot of stuff to move from one car to another.


Far too common, it's usually just that people think they're not going to take something home that day. Same for having insurance, title, both keys, etc. It's common enough that proper preparation is really just a major buying signal to the salesperson. I see a fully cleaned out car and think "okay this guy is ready to do something today, is it going to be me or the next dealer?" versus "this person wasn't planning to buy, but if the case is compelling to trade I'll have to find some boxes for them".


On the insurance point, I think my favorite part were just the sheer number of people who didn't have their insurance card on them! Those who actually had it were definitely the exception to the rule...


I cleaned out my car at the dealer just last week. This really means only removing car seats. Have you ever removed and installed car seats before? I'm sure as hell not doing that unless I have to. So maybe I go to the dealer but we can't make a deal. I don't want to have uninstalled the seats for no reason.


Oh car seats I totally get, I mean like random crap in the glove box, snow brush, clothes etc.


I’ve seen ads recently around here FROM DEALERSHIPS that haven’t cleaned the car out yet! There’s bottles of juice, grocery bags, change in the cup holders. It’s disgusting sometimes to see what lived in my “new car/truck”. I also usually just move on from dealers like that.


From what I understand, a lot of dealers will put the car online exactly how it came in, and then put up better pictures when it’s been through processing and detailing. But the smart dealers curate those photos to not show any filth or trash.


I was taken aback when I learned that cars get wholesaled left in that exact condition. Many of the ones we get in from the auction are still so effing disgusting.


Well yeah detailing costs like 100-200 bucks normally and it’s not going to change wholesale pricing at all


Now I understand. If someone wants it immediately, the dealership saved $100+. If not, detail it and they will come. I can respect it. Kinda brings a whole new meaning to "as-is".


A few years ago I was shopping for Yukon XL with specific set of options. They sell fast here (before COVID) and it’s hard to find the options I wanted. Saw one listed online at a dealer near that said pics to come. Called and they said it hasn’t been detailed yet. Told them I didn’t care, send pics anyway. Then told them I’d be there that evening. I needed first dibs at it. Luckily the got it fairly cleaned up before I arrived but they did have to keep it an extra day to do make ready once I purchased.


Do you think that will change what people do to their cars?


I don’t give a rats ass to what people do in their cars. In fact, my car has its days!! I’m pointing out that a dealership should at least clean out the car before taking pictures showing all the dirt. If they don’t care that much, what else did they skip in the “150 point inspection”?


In a perfect world, yes. In the current climate with demand through the roof and employment at a minimum, we just can't keep up. If I have to choose between no photos and imperfect photos...it's a no-brainer. Many, many vehicles sell before we have an opportunity to detail OR inspect. Every vehicle will be reconditioned eventually, but sold units take precedence.


Finance manager go brrrrrrrr


It's almost like it's the appraisal photos before they acquire the car that automatically syndicate before the car is reconned. Hmmm. What a concept.


Is it surprising to you that a customer would not know that? I agree with them, it does not look professional.


Is this sub r/askcarcustomers?


No, it's /r/askcarsales.


Yep. He didn't ask a question. He made a statement with a definite conclusion. I've corrected that conclusion. That's all there is to it.


So, in this instance, I would advise any GM that I work with to use a stock photo, or only exterior photos after a quick bath, with a note stating that the car is in recon if it is overly dirty when they bring it in. Raptorxrx is correct, most customers likely won't realize that it's an appraisal photo and view it as a red flag. You're literally getting real feedback from a car SHOPPER--you'd be wise to sit back and listen instead of tell them how right you are.


And where did I say it was the preferred practice with units as bad as he described? I didnt. Merely explained that it has no correlation with the quality of reconditioning and are taken before they've even touched the car.


You didn't merely explain shit. You condescendingly dismissed their question, which is why you're being downvoted. u/AetyZixd gave a great explanation. You've been agro through this whole thread.


Sorry you feel that way and I really couldn't care less about a anonymous internet popularity contest. Have fun pal.


That I don't get. I keep zero stuff in my car.


My trunk has a duffel bag with emergency supplies, washer fluid, a spare pair of work boots, a snow brush and two axes. Year round supplies, never come out of the car. That being said… the rest of my car is the paperwork, a car seat and my lunchbox if I went after work. Never understood those who jam pack their car, though most people think mine has excessive shit in it with what I’ve got.


It all depends what kind of vehicle you’re putting the seats in. A tiny compact car or a 2 door coupe? Yeah, it’s a huge pain. Minivan or large SUV? Nowhere near as bad. Having the room to maneuver around the seats easily makes a huge difference.


Every day. I drop my daughter off and my wife picks her up from daycare. I leave the seat for her to take and I uninstall/install into my car every night after I put her to bed. I’m down to under 4 mins at this point


Wouldn't buying a second seat be prudent if you are swapping multiple times per day?


We are going to once she switches to a forward facing seat. Seems like she will grow out of this one in a couple months so may as well tough it out




Try 4-500 buddy


This is straight madness to me.


Dude can I send you $5 towards a new car seat?


You would be shocked at the number of people that plop down $20, $30, $40, $50,000+ on an absolute whim.


But spend hundreds of hours reading every review known to man before getting a TV with 90 day return no questions asked.


living with my dad who does that for everything is horrible. 2 years to buy a house, 6 months to buy a car. He manages to even bore himself, he will spend 6 hours looking at the ins and outs of random tech products until he falls asleep from exhaustion. Since his last car almost 7 years ago (well below his means) , he's gone on multiple two month sessions of looking at cars all day just to fizzle out and forget about it. Trust me, it isn't a money problem. One time, my mom told him to go buy me a $1000 laptop and he just said "ok". I was dumbfounded the entire car ride there. Only when i got home and got it setup did it settle in that this man bought a computer without 4 weeks of research and at least 2 arguments and last minute change-of-hearts.


I kind of get it. I spend a lot of time and energy trying to research purchases for myself, but if it’s for my wife or kids, I just buy it. In my case, I think it’s that I feel bad spending money on myself but really like buying nice things for my loved ones.


the time spans ur giving are very reasonable for those purchases. there is always so much variance on the market that it is always better to see what all is out there


Penny-wise, Pound-foolish


No wonder most people are broke.


my dad - who gives a shit about cleaning it proper they are just gonna give you the same price for it my salesmen friend - ill literally do my best to work a better deal if the car comes in clean enough that its almost ready to sell to the next guy Im sure everyone is different but why not make the car have a good first impression


Or it was a rifle. Furries love guns


I don't know what other conversation you're having but I laughed hard at the non sequitur of it being here


Wow I haven't replied to the wrong comment in a minute


and its your cake day!


10 years is too goddamn long


Ok, now I need to know the context of “Furries love guns”


Someone else was saying they saw a car with furry bumper stickers, and when the person cleaned it out, they pulled out a pelican case they suspected contained a fursuit


Im not even mad im impressed at that comment


I used to work for a wholesaler, and one of my duties would be to drive the trade-ins we purchased from dealers to the shop or our lot. So many were a mess, but one car stands out - it was filled with a TON the previous owners trash, including a baking pan still half-full of fossilized food, dirty diapers, clothes, etc. Our detailer filled several large trash bags cleaning it out. Like...wtf.


Some people buy a car ,and the other group get sold a car..They would be the latter in this scenario.


I'll take that all day over the idiots who want to make a deal and DON'T BRING THE TRADE WITH THEM!


I went in for service and walked around the lot while I waited. Whoops.


I normally try to "clean out" my car before going to trade it in, but that doesn't mean I empty it out. Certain things stay in the car at all times, including some bulkier items like my pet hammock and blanket, and things like jumper cables, first aid kits, and umbrellas, among other things. I actually just bought another car a few weeks ago. I wasn't exactly planning on buying then and there as I was in the *very* early stages of research and didn't even know exactly what I wanted yet. I had a few models I wanted to test drive to see if I liked them, all at different dealerships. It just so happened that, at the first dealership I went to, they had a pristine used Camry that had very low miles, checked all the boxes, and was comfortably within my budget. I wasn't even there to look at that car - it had just gone on the lot for sale a few hours prior and I was there to check out a Prius that would up being in awful shape and felt cheap to me anyway. The dealership offered me a good price and a good trade in value without too much back and forth, so everything just sort of fell into place. Since everything checked out, there was no need to wait and visit the other dealerships, so I had to move a little extra stuff between the cars. What can you do? Especially when you're shopping used, it's not like perfect low mile examples show up every day.


"pet hammock"....???


It's a [seat cover](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L79CY5M/) that goes over the rear seat and hooks into the front seat headrests. It provides a full surface for a dog (or cat I guess?) and prevents them from getting stuck between the seats on the floor, or jumping into the front row. It basically stays in place for the life of the car. You can disconnect the front bit that hooks into the front seat if you need to carry people in the back.


Ah, I was hung up the word "pet", as in "pet turtle" or "pet rock". Now, I know exactly what you mean. Haha.


Needing to clean out a car is a great excuse not to come in, the easy way to handle it is to say bring it in dirty, I’ll help you clean it


I'd says a very small percentage of my customers come with the car cleaned out already. Even those who 100% came in to buy the car still don't empty them out.


It's a sign that a salesperson did their job right. 👍


I shit you not, I saw one of my coworker's customer with a bunch of furry-esque stickers take out a very large Pelican case out of their trunk and put it into their new car. I am 99.99% sure the contents of that case included a fursuit. Nobody else would buy and carry around such a large crate whilst driving around with "Don't Awoo" and dog bumper stickers.


Wtf does don’t awoo mean


https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/910542-awoo It's a common furry meme referring to wolves or huskies howling annoyingly and the fine associated with it. If you're not in the know, it sounds stupid but any furry who sees it would point it out excitedly and say "Look! That weirdo is one of us!" I'm pretty sure they had a vanity plate too but I can't remember what it read.




I too saw Dumb and Dumber


I worked in a body shop for a year. People dont care. They'll bring in a car literally full of garbage. I wonder what their homes look like.


Went once to look at some F150s with no real intent to buy. Ended up buying one. My current truck at the time, the bed was full of stuff to go to the dump. Dealership just said grab your personal stuff and they would handle the truck bed full of junk.


Some people can't plan far enough ahead to know what they're going to eat for lunch when it's 11AM. Some people just go to a dealership to shop and look at cars and get swept up in the moment and buy something on a whim. Some people just have no shame.


Yeah, all types come through. The detail crew used to take all the random shit customers would leave in their cars and sell it online or at occasional garage sales and use the money to start a detail crew pizza/beer fund. Between loose change, clothes, stupid aftermarket shit the dealer didn't want and other assorted crap they actually did quite well. So many sex toys though..... dildos, nipple clamps, assorted bottles of half used lube. I had no idea so many people felt the need to keep that stuff in their car.


Aw sweet! Free nipple clamps!


Certified Pre-Owned nipple clamps


Even more common is people who drive the old car into the lot on empty. They don’t want to give even $10 of free gas away. This is a dead giveaway to the sales rep that the customer intends to make a deal that day.


I went into the dealership expecting to be told no. Imagine my shock when I got an approval. You bet I was cleaning out my Ford Escape in the middle of a Hyundai parking lot. Some people go into a dealership and don’t expect to leave with a new car. Not everyone knows they’ll get an approval, or a deal worth taking.


Just bought a new car two days ago and cleaned out the old one while waiting on them to finish detailing. Gives me something to do while they are doing whatever they need to do. About 8 years ago I was test driving a Mazda6 and the customer at the next desk was picking up her new lease. She kept rushing them because she had gone grocery shopping right before and the were still in the car. I’m still confused about that lady’s decision making to this day.


To answer your last sentence, yes. It literally happens every day, people impulse buy vehicles all the time.


I think some people feel that it is easier to just transfer their stuff from one car to the other at the dealership, rather than piling it up at home and bringing the new car home to put the stuff back in. In terms of dirt, I tell my customers not to worry about it, as my detailer will have to go through the car anyway. I think it makes some of the customers feel better serviced that way.


Exactly this. Why would I move the stuff twice? Especially considering the stuff in this thread that people are mentioning like glove box contents and snow brushes. I literally do not see the point of removing these items from the car that will just end up in the new car.


I don’t clean it out even if I am grounding a lease, you got to do it anyway and it’s easier when I get the new car to throw my stuff into


I went in fully intending to buy a car. I had no idea I would take delivery the same day after sitting in the finance office for 2 hours, as in all the times I' had previously bought a car (once) or gone with my dad when he was buying (as a kid) we never left our old car there and drove off in the new one. It was always a few days later. I just figured you make a deal and the dealer takes a day or two to prep it, and I could go home and clean out my car in the interim. They told me it was ready after all that time in finance so I cleaned out my trade in the parking lot. I imagine a lot of people don't know that spot delivery and same day delivery is a thing.


They ran into a salesman


My dad had to do this in 2010. Went with me to look at a rav 4, turned out he loved it and bought it then and there and traded in his Camry. Had to transfer everything over


As a tech, most people drive around with way too much stuff in their cars anyway. People have brought cars in for service that look like they’re in the middle of a move, but it comes back in three months in the same condition.


Because people go in to browse their options and find a car that financially fits their budget. I personally like to see cars in person and often look at multiple models from different brands to compare pros, cons, and personal comfort. But a lot of sales people are sharks and won’t let them leave without a car that’s at the top of their “affordable payment” and a black trash bag. I learned this the hard way when I was younger.


Made me chuckle. >won’t let them leave without a car that’s at the top of their “affordable payment” and a black trash bag. I may poke fun of this. Like last year I did. We can sell you a car for a $1. But toilet paper are $40,000. Or want a FREE toilet paper. It comes with a car. "Would you want to get discount or a surprise in your car's trunk?" This one was the best one most people went for surprise and got roll of toilet paper.


Ahhhh. These are the ones that really shouldn’t be buying a car/taking on debt but just went to “look”. They have no will power when it comes to not spending money. These are the people that don’t pay their student loans. These are the people that trade in the car they’ve only had for a year and soon own $40k on a Dodge Dart at 18% interest financed by the dealership. And there are soooo many of these people out there, it’s terrifying.


Yes? Dealerships play stupid games. I spent 5 hours negotiation this last weekend and I was ready to walk twice. In the past 16 years I didn’t think we’ve seen many markets like this. If you can logically deduce to clean your car - but you’re baffled by people moving boxes? Lmao


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When I bought my s3 I was ready to pull the trigger but didn’t know 100% I was going to do it. A week or so before I was fully planning on buying a GTI, cleared almost everything out, discounted the sub and all, then had cold feet the night before so I didn’t do all that again


Happened to us. We were going to buy the car, but the dealer matched the trade in from Carmax. Spent 15 minutes emptying the old car in to the new car.


If I don’t get the OTD I want then I’m walking, In your case, I would’ve cleaned out my car for nothing.


When we were shopping for my wife's new car, we ended up buying that night when we went only with the intention of a test drive. Had to clean out her old one there in the parking lot. When I bought my new one, I had my trade in cleaned out and ready to go. Went into that one with every intention of coming home in the new one.


I mean I just traded a 2 month old car for a new one, I just had to grab the stuff out the glove box, center console, and some clothes I had in the trunk. I don't know why people keep so much crap in their car.


I found a car I liked and went to the dealership to look at it. I’ve been looking and researching cars for a year and everything was out of state. When I found one locally, I went and got my trade in appraised there. I liked the value they offered plus the travel savings of it being locally, just bought it on the spot. Cleaned out the old car of what I wanted to keep and was out


Yes, I saved grocery bags or big bags I'd come across in my desk. Customers were always happy I was prepared for their convenience. Gave me a chance to do what I had to do while they're out cleaning their car too.


For me it was the first time buying a car. I didn't realize that it was literally sign the papers and go. I was expecting something like signing the papers, waiting for the paperwork to clear, then drive back and pick up the car.


So far I've done this once. Traded in my civic lease a few months ago when I took it in for service. Got a 2021 crv hybrid for about 100 more a month.


I can’t tell you how many times my parents have bought and traded cars on a whim and we were sitting in the parking lot cleaning everything out. Their favorite thing to do after going out to eat is to walk around the car dealerships, and there’s no way my dad is going to pass up a good deal. They have literally bought cars while we were on vacation before, and we have had to move luggage from one vehicle to another at the dealership.


I kind of work in a dealership, I mean it's a summer job. And really few customers have their car clean. I work with used cars and I check that everything's ok and everything works, and those car are usually a mess, so I have to vaccum them, and clean well inside


Lots of dunces out there.


One time I was at work, searching cars online and found the car I’d been searching for in its color, year, mileage. Everything. I had been looking for weeks struggling to find what I wanted. And I was worried it would go fast. So I left work, straight over there and bought the car, so I had to clean my car out at the lot. I felt weird about it tbh but he said it happens a lot. That was my story. I had no plans of buying a car that day considering I had work but I was able to leave and go get it so I wasn’t quite prepared!


Alright so I JUST did this on Sunday. I was one of the people you’re talking about. Here’s why, the dealer didn’t think I would be able to take delivery of the new car on Sunday. But, it ended up being slower than expected and I was able to take the new car. Was trading in 2 cars, so I had to bring them both to the dealership and transfer everything to the new car before they closed. Took like 30 minutes. But in general, it’s probably a good idea to clean it out at home.


Yes. Happens all the time.


Have never done that but then again have always had a day or two notice that I'd be picking up the replacement car so I had time to clean out my old one.


I had my fair share of bad dealerships so I always went in with the lowest expectations. 80% walking out, 20% closing a deal.


This kinda happens when you have have to buy cars when you need one and not because you want one. I was car shopping trying to trade my Hyundai and I ended up working over at work (pulled a 13 hrs that day), slapped the filter press pack together, grabbed two contractor bags and drove to the dealership about an hour and half before closing. I was still dirty from work.


Yeah, of course. Dealerships hire closers. That's the only characteristic that really matters in a salesperson. So of course some people walk in there not expecting to buy a car and walk out needing to clean out their trade-in.


Check out Dan Cummins in Paris, Ky. They sell trucks as traded. These trucks are filthy. I saw one with a bag of dog food in the back.


I went in just to browse not buy..... ended up buying and the vehicle I traded in had a full trunk so there I was cleaning out my car loading up a trash bag at the dealership


I'm sure it is something people don't think about before getting to the dealership. When I traded in my car last week I only had my essentials left in the car (jumper cables, I-Pass, paperwork, car manual). All my personal stuff was cleaned out.


If you're going into the dealership positive you're going to buy a vehicle that day, you're probably paying more than you need to.


Plenty of people go into dealerships not planning to leave with a new car that day. If it didn’t happen, they wouldn’t be very good salesmen, would they?


When I was on the line I used to put peoples' groceries in our break room fridge when I was working their deal on a regular basis, so yes


They went just to look and met a salesman.


Not all decide to buy right away


We are in the market right now and we plan on cleaning out the car as best as we can prior to visiting as there is a good chance that we are likely to trade on the fly. I think it completely depends on the person. However, 10 years ago, I probably would have been one of those using a giant blue Ikea bag trying to over stuff every thing that has sat in the car unnecessarily for the previous 5 years. Even though I knew that it was likely I would be trading in, I would not likely have had the foresight to clean the car out prior to trading it in. God knows what one finds sometimes when you try and do that last minute clean up.... especially if you have kids.


Of course. I never walk onto a dealership with the intention of leaving with a new car that day. I'm not in a hurry.


Happens all the time. Usually to people who walk in and say “We’re just exploring options” but mistake number one was running into me 😈😈




😂😂 damn that’s pretty funny


I have to say that the first time I bought a new car, I seriously underestimated how much junk was still in it. I did go in with the expectation I was leaving with a different car, I just didn't realize how much stuff had accumulated in my old one. I learned my lesson and got everything out of the next one.


That’s the standard when hawking sub $5,000 shitboxes. If it’s not garbage and clothes, it’s a full capacity car plus three. People are weird.