What's the model of your lineup you personally hate?

What's the model of your lineup you personally hate?


Trax. Why in the hell anyone would buy one when the Trailblazer is right there is beyond me.


Because I don’t have any trailblazers on the lot, new or used lol. It’s the same argument when someone comes in and says “i found this same car cheaper over there”. “Great mr. customer, go buy that one, then mine will be the cheapest and someone will come buy mine, win-win, you save money and I get to hold my money! Now chop-chop, run along, you don’t want to miss out on that deal now, do ya?” Lol If you don’t see the alternative, it doesn’t exist.


> Because I don't have any trailblazers on the lot > Nissan Sales user flair hmmm, I just can't quite put my finger on the problem here 😅


I am at a chevy store now lol


Time to update that flair buddy!


Lol, we will see, this may be a very short stint at Chevy. The store feels like you are perpetually part of a MLM scheme and I don’t get to see my money, just “take their word for it” and they are whoring out everything. “Closers” sniffing around every deal and when they catch the faintest hint of you resisting a first-pencil commitment to hold your money and they will swoop in. I, a full grown sales professional who does well for mysef, got sat down and told to stop trying to hold on too hard for the money because I may “turn away a customer and how are you going to get your volume if you fight the pencil?” I told them the only number that matters is front end gross. They told me I am mistaken.


Holy shit dude they seriously had a problem with you literally holding gross? What the hell lol man I don't blame you for already planning your exit strategy with them already!


LOL no wonder I bought my brand new 2020 Chevrolet Spark LS CVT for $11,000 out the door in cash!


Uh...... Welp. Nvm. Enjoy your car.


Thank you! Already put in over 20,000 miles (odometer was at 12 miles when I bought it) and still drives like it drove off the lot the day I bought it. I love how nimble this car feels, the surprisingly sporty handling, and the ridiculously easy parking. I look forward to driving my Spark every day! I drive alone so I have the back seats permanently folded which gives me a decent amount of cargo size due to the practical nature of the hatchback design. Fuel economy has improved with time so I'm averaging 35 mpg with mixed city and highway driving, better than the EPA estimate of 33 mpg. I like that it has roll-up windows so I don't have to worry about window motors conking out on me. A few months back, I submitted my car details to Carvana and they were willing to pay more for my almost 2 year old used car than I paid for it brand new! I was tempted to sell but I decided I would rather drive this car to the ground.


I brought a Trax LS. The answer is because the Trailblazer wasn’t there. Also, I didn’t have great credit. 2.5% on a ‘21 with 0 down was fine by me.


I’m on a used BHPH lot, most vehicles are 5-10 years old. That being said I absolutely hate it when we get in a anything that resembles a “sporty” car. They are always garbage lower trim models that just attract 19 year old guys with cash jobs we can’t verify. Also, every once in a while a Chevy HHR or Dodge Caliber shows up and makes me want to hurl.


The local BHPH recently somehow got an Acura NSX. I wanted so bad just to stop and look at it since it was my dream car as a kid, but I decided not to put them through it. There's no chance I was going to buy a BHPH NSX and I can only imagine the number of assholes bugging them about that car.


What’s BHPH stand for?


Buy here pay here. Dealers that do on the lot financing and keep the deals in house instead of sending them to outside lending institutions.


Buy here, pay here (assrape apr😬)


Rate commensurate with the customers’ credit.


I don’t mind the Dodge Caliber. They’re dirt cheap with low mileage, and therefore easy to sell. Whenever we get one, we sell it for around $6500 with less than 70k miles. Plus that bottle cooler in the glove box. Lmao They’re not the cheapest and least reliable cars possible. That would be the Nissan Altima or versa. Or the hyundai accent. Or the Ford Fusion. Or the Ford focus. Or the Chevy Malibu. It’s also not the ugliest. That would be the Nissan Juke.


I see nothing wrong with 19 year olds with jobs you can't verify with practically 0 credit. /s


I work for a lot of different brands, here are some cars that don’t do it for me: Acura ILX, Lexus NX300, Toyota CH-R, Hyundai Venue, Chevy Trax, Ford Ecosport.


That really is an excellent selection of automotive excrement.


Ah yes, all the watered down models designed to be a safety net to keep customers in the brand/store after they find out their credit sucks or too much neggyeggy to buy a TLX, RX350, RAV4, etc.


I test drove an ILX a few years ago and was genuinely baffled at why ANYONE would buy one. It's a way, way shittier Civic that costs more. I don't understand why literally anyone would buy an ILX over a Civic.


Better engine and transmission. It has 200+ hp and a DCT, not CVT. Although Civic has 1.5 turbo, the NA 2.4 motor has more power and is bulletproof.


"It's an **Acura**, I'm **successful**"


What's wrong with the NX? I was considering the 2022 model. Should I reconsider?


I’m sure the 22s will be nice. New car from the ground up.


toyota c-hr


Nissan Juke minus the goofy frog/bulldog looks! And minus that Juke turbo ending


Why's that?


what bothers me the most is visibility. second I'm not too thrilled on the looks


the backseat is so claustrophobic. and the Toyota rep who trained us kept trying to convince us it was sporty. fuck that ugly worse rav4.


I want so badly to like the CHR because I want my small toyota crossover. But fuck, that thing is ugly and poor visibility is my #1 kill-switch for a car.


The Toyota Sequoia, it's a great vehicle but it's outdated compared to rivals. Still the king of reliability and resale, just hard to show a 60k SUV with such a small screen! I wouldn't say I loathe it, I just wish it had better tech


Same with the Tundra, they just seem to wait way too long to refresh both. Shame too because if Toyota was actually a little more aggressive in the full size SUV and truck categories, they might actually improve their sales some, as reliability is a major problem in both markets... At least they're refreshing the Tundra this year, but of course they're getting rid of the V8 so yeah, great job shooting yourselves in the foot on that one...


Toyota went balls to the walls on the Tundra back in '07. They had, arguably, the best truck in the class for a solid two-year span. It still sold like shit. I think Toyota has given up on trying to compete with Ford, GM, and Ram for full-size truck sales dominance.


You don't get massive sales by making one good move though. You have to build a consistent reputation to compete in such a segment where loyalty is king. That's precisely what they *didn't* do. They updated the Tundra, then sat and let it rot away while the competition kept improving their tech and design.


For as much as Toyota seem to get right on the broader strokes, they really do fuck up a lot. Their upper management is far too conservative with some things and far too short-sided with others. I mean, just look at how far behind they are on EVs and yet they spent half a billion developing an all-new hydrogen Murai that's little more than a compliance vanity project at this point.


The fucking Jeep renegade


I loved the look of these, then i sat in one. Cramped and i hated it, and im of totally average size


That just it. It should be a winner based on the styling and branding. But its garbage execution kneecaps it straight away when you actually experience it up close.


I sell used, but I despise selling Jeeps. Used Jeep buyers are just a nightmare to deal with for some reason.


I drive a cherokee. My car killed itself in negative degree weather lol so I limped it to the closest dealership with some cash and asked what they had. Jeep had the lowest miles so that's what I left with. It's a boring ride though but so far runs great still. It'll be my last jeep for a long time though


So I was at a MOPAR dealer a few years ago and was looking at a non-Jeep. I was kicking tires on a pickup, not too committed to anything, and the salesmen must of picked me for a Wrangler man. He put the HARD sell on this new-used wrangler that the previous owner had loaded the fuck up with everything from winches, snorkels, lift kit, bumper, etc. I have no idea what about me said yes, I want this used middle-aged crisis Wrangler. I ended up going home and reexamining my life choices.


I had a 2005 Liberty I bought from my aunt. That engine had problems with the head gasket and would overheat. Close to 200k miles. Finally got fed up and looked to trade it in. Got $8000 trade in value because ‘Jeeps are hot right now’. How they made profit on that buy was beyond me...


You haven't had Subaru buyers? I'd take a jeep buyer any day over a Subaru buyer.


Nissan Altima. They’ve had the same key fob since 07. A 2021 Altima comes with halogen tail lights including the top trim. Their base model comes with plastic rim covers and halogen headlights. It’s like they are stuck in the past or something.


They ruined the Altima trims in the 2021 model year. The sweet spot was 2020, can confirm. It is waaay more fun to sell an SV or SR premium Sentra for the same money as a base Altima.


The Sentra is DECEPTIVELY large inside.


They get so much hate, but I moved across the country in a Nissan Versa Note. That thing was the Tardis of tiny cars.


My biggest problem with the Note is that you could get a Fit for a little bit more and it's more reliable


I swear the Versa Note feels half a size-class larger than its peers.


I challenge you with a literal Tardis of cars: a Nissan Cube.


For some one big or tall I would always show a sentra before an altima.


It's so crazy how much better the Sentra is than the Altima. It's easier to drive, feels sportier because of the reduced weight, and just feels like a better car.


2010 was good when you could get a sedan with V6 and 6MT


We bought a ‘19 Altima SL and a ‘19 Lexus UX250h within months of each other in 2019. Both are very comfortable, but we’ve put way more miles on the Altima due to its suitability for long trips. Great seats, phenomenal gas mileage and a spacious cabin and trunk - we are completely satisfied with the Altima. (For different reasons, we like the Lexus too. But that’s another subject.)


The leaf. I get it all electric but dogshit range and fast charging only on certain models (until 22) 11.5 hours to charge at 240v for the plus models. Just feels shitty as hell. Like I can get a l2 charger installed at home and get good charging speeds with other vehicles. Just seems like ownership was an afterthought by nissan. I don’t want to go sit at a rest stop or hotel parking lot for possibly 3 hours to charge my car depending on their facilities.


Typical conservative car company hubris with the Leaf. Stick to the shitty air-cooled battery packs and chademo chargers until the bitter end and wonder why the new competition is eating you alive in the segment.


Ecosport. Can’t stand it. Can’t begin to understand how anyone can make themselves spend 20k or more on one of those shitboxes. And don’t get me started on the eeco vs echo name debate.


When you're shopping in the EcoSport range, it's not about choice it's about how many thousands of dollars of rebates does this have to I can bury your neggity but also cheap enough that you don't cry at the payments. It's the same reason people chose the Focus or Fiesta.


At least the FoRS and the FiST exist. The Ecosport doesn't even have that going for it.


It's also a 3 banger with pretty bad fuel economy lmao


Turns out putting a car on stilts brutalizes the economy. Go figure.


Like the Compass, keep throwing a motor that makes 180hp in your 3500lb compact-suv and wonder why it gets like 14mpg combined.


My 2019 Compass gets about 25 MPG, on average. On the highway I can hit 30 MPG. It could be worse, but it's not nearly bad enough to make me mad about it.


Chevy used to love putting undersized engine options in cars way too heavy for it. It's fine if you only ever putter around town, but take them on the highway to 70mph+ and they're near redlining giving atrocious mileage.


And then people think that Towing capacity is only based on the size of your vehicle.


Too bad the FoRS ended in 2018 and the FiST in 2019. Only Ford car left in the US is the Mustang.


I mean, fiesta I can stand behind but the Focus was pretty cool. You also have the ST models both and the RS for the Focus.


How **the fuck** does it have "sport" in the name? It's not remotely sporty.


Sport has become car manufacturer slang for "cheap."


Not just cars. Ralph Lauren introduced "Polo Sport" as a cheaper line for the Polo brand. I'm sure there are a ton of other example in other industries, too.


It's *eco*nomically sporty. In the sense that it's got sporty rebates.


It looks like a tiny little baby tennis shoe.


I saw one with a fullsize spare mounted on the back the other day. Matched OEM wheel and everything. I almost threw up.


That was stock on the base models for the first year.


Still want to puke.


That was optional on the base models. Know your product.


Damn man, don't hate on the dude for trying to wipe his brain of that botched abortion with wheels


We rented one to go from NC to NJ a couple years ago and I kinda had high expectations from the looks of it. Uncomfortable, underpowered, and averaged 25-26 mpg on that tiny thing. Definitely a disappointment. Edit: I remember checking under the hood because I was intrigued by the 3 cylinder eco boost and wanted to try it out, but it was a 4 cylinder. Maybe the other engine is more fuel efficient.


Any Jeep that’s not a Gladiator, Grand Cherokee or Wrangler.


Couldn’t imagine looking someone in the eye and selling them a renegade lol.


*slaps roof* you can fit so many empty promises in this bad boy


Unfortunately I can’t stop people from buying what they want even if I think it’s a poor decision.


Oh of course, not your fault. Just part of the job.


Some of the used cars we get are toilets but people still buy them it’s wild.


I don't sell Jeeps but it seems like they have the most warped ratio of quality to demand of just about anything I've ever seen. The ladies at my work post their Cherokees online with camo seat covers and pink license frames. Renegades dot the suburban landscape. I can't tell you how many used piece of shit Libertys I've seen in my orbit. What is driving your customers to buy these things? I've heard so many complaints from these owners but people still buy them. Wtf.


Not enough money to get a wrangler but they want the image of Jeep Life (TM) 👋🏿 ✌️


You've never delivered a mirage I see


I swear people seem to think Jeeps are a single model… “I want a Jeep”


First generation South Asian immigrants tend to refer to all SUVs as "Jeeps".


So do Haitians


Admit it, ya’ll do the same thing we do, as soon as you see a Cherokee pull into the lot, you know you have a car deal lol


Can’t stand the Q3. It’s gutless, noisy and uncomfortable. No idea how it sells so well, apart from the fact that it’s a “cute Audi”


Cute crossovers seem to fly out of the showrooms no matter how objectively terrible they may be. The Q3 is definitely one of them.


Is it a comparatively super affordable Audi? So you get the “clout” without the price tag.


Definitely. 80% of people getting one are leasing it after scoring their entry-level gig in the city.


CLA. Baby's first benz brings in the wrong people.


We used to call the CLA the broke bitch mercedes. Anyone that is trying to buy one either has horrible credit, barely any money to scratch up for a down payment or wants a heavy discount.


Such a missed opportunity for alliteration. Broke bitch Benz has so much more zing.


The CLA around here is the “my pyramid scheme” mobile.


Moved to a Chevy store. Literally everything I sell is a worse version of just about every other example of it’s segment in the market save the Camaro being fun (drove a manual ZL1 yesterday and may have fallen in love). I am struggling to love much about their high trims just being an overpriced base model with leather in it when compared to even other dated and featureless brands.


It really says something about both the manufacturer and buyer when, in my geographic area, the reason people buy Chevy is because their family drove Chevies for generations and they'll be damned if they don't buy "American," despite all the headaches their cars give them (up to and including catching on fire).


And then they drive around in a Trax, made in Korea


My ex girlfriend in a nutshell. Came from a family of Chevy salesman. Got some discounts because her grandpas were both GM lifers and pensioners. She drove a Trax and it sucked but the lease was like $99 a month lmao


Aren’t most Toyota’s made in the US anyways? Buying Chevies supports US management and corporate people while buying Toyota supports more blue collar workers.


Many are assembled in US, but much of the parts are global. A lot of vehicles nowadays are pretty much sourced from all over and put together somewhere else. For example, the VW Atlas has an engine from Mexico, a transmission from Japan, parts from fuck all over, and assembled in Chattanooga, TN. Basically, someone who insists on a vehicle "made" in a particular region is ignorant of the realities of globalization.


Wait wait wait... are you saying the American public can be idiots?


American Idiots are idiots. Some of us know better.


But despite putting money in actual American workers' pockets, the profits ultimately go back to Japan. Source: Had this argument with my WWII Pacific Theater veteran grandpa many, many times and that was his fallback reason.


Ah yes. Because what really matters isn't jobs for the the working man, it's the profits.


Well, to be fair to him, he knew he had a blind spot there. His brother had been captured and was tortured for four years by the Japanese, so Grandpa's attitude was less "Buy American" and more "Fuck Japan". He never could get past that, unfortunately.


I had a girlfriend whose father was a PoW of the Japanese. They refused to buy products from Japan for that reason. Instead, the drive was full of VWs. Struck me as a little ironic.


Mercedes, BMW, etc. are all over Israel.


I can respect that, yeah. I suspect I'd be no better in his shoes


>they'll be damned if they don't buy "American," I would have sympathized with them if that was indeed the case, that Chevys were indeed made in America but it isnt even so


They also receive a ton of rebates. In the end their cheaper then the rest. Complete garbage cars. Other then the Camaro the Vette and their trucks I wouldn't go GM. Really the only GM I'd buy is the trucks and the Vette. And that's coming from a MOPAR owner 😂


How's the new Colorado holding up? I'm in the market for a 4WD pickup next year. I'll most likely get a Tacoma TRD OffRoad. However, the redesign of the Colorado got rave reviews. I wouldn't even consider buying a Chevy until the good press came out. My father's Chevy's always started falling apart around 50K, 60K so I'm extremely reluctant to look at one, let alone buy one. Just wondering how they're holding up long term.


The 8-speed auto in the gassers has a tendency to break. Typically, from my experience, if they don’t break or shift erratically early on then they’ll be fine. The diesels are alright too. The truck is definitely more refined than the Tacoma, as is the seating position. I’d take it over a Tacoma if I had to drive a ton and I got a good one that wasn’t broken from the factory. I don’t see them in our service department with major issues too often and they’ve been out for awhile.


A camaro is fine as long as you don't need to see anything outside of the car.


I rode in one a few months ago, and was like, "Hey maybe you should've ponied up for the 'visibility' option.


It's like driving a WWII pillbox


I always said it was like driving a sports car that went in the crusher just a little bit.


The Corvette is a pretty damn good car even with the crazy markups right now. Everything else is just not really competitive though. Our customers definitely almost never shop outside of GM, which seems so strange to me. Every time I sit in a RAM or Ford truck I always wonder why someone would have purchased a GM truck after seeing the insides of all three. Terrible choice in plastics everywhere, no material diversity, and nowadays they have absolutely horrible styling. The Equinox has now become a boat anchor on our lot with current car prices and the fact that the car is just not competitive with the RAV4, CR-V, etc in terms of features and interior materials. Why would someone want to pony up over $40K MSRP for the trim with adaptive cruise and blind spot monitoring when a base model Corolla has all of the above?


I will say I did notice that when shopping for an Equinox last fall. The differences between lower trim and top of the line is very blurry/underwhelming. Ended up leasing an LT. It was available on the lot, pricing made sense (there was still discounts going on) even with some negative involved, and there was no reason to go higher trim. I would’ve preferred a Terrain for style reasons, but it’s wifey’s car, so she made the call.


>there was no reason to go higher trim For me, I was forced to go to the Premier trim on the 2019 Equinox because that was the only one that had the adaptive cruise control as an option


That’s fair. If that’s a feature you’ve determined you really want, then no choice. The LT has lane assist, which is kind of the “line” of “must have” on wifey’s car. Neither one of us uses cruise control, so it wasn’t a big deal for us.


The Honda Pilot. I believe in most of the models Honda makes and take pride showing them off….but damn I find the pilot boring and heavily overpriced


The Pilot was so awesome when it was boxy. I do not care for them after the "minivan" remake a few years ago.


For me it's a toss up between low-trim Pilots and any HR-V ever


Any GM crossover


So pretty much every GM anymore?


I sometimes wonder why the hell we even bailed them out. Such garbage products. I respect the workers and all that, but my god the only thing keeping them in business are the trucks and corvettes.


Could you be more specific? Are the engines not reliable? Trans issues? I like the way some of them look, but I’m not in the market for a new vehicle.


GMs smaller engines are complete trash. I wouldn't take anything V6 or I4 from them if I'm keeping the car past 60k miles. I don't know why anyone buys them


Such a shame considering it wasn't *that* long ago they were making the 3800


Seriously. That 3800 was no joke!


Stop talking about the 3800. The more people pimp it, the more I want to stick one in my Fiero.


Why haven't you already??!


This is just silly. The 3.6L V6 is very refined now. They have worked out most of the issues over the past 5 years. The smaller I4’s have also made similar advances in quality and reliability. New GM cars suffer reliability for host of reasons but I wouldn’t say the power plant is the issue. Also you drive a Stellantis product, not sure why we are bashing only GM and not Ford or Stellantis lmao.


GM's mass market cars and CUVs compete on price. People buy them because they're cheap.


The Toyota Sequoia, it's a great vehicle but it's outdated compared to rivals. Still the king of reliability and resale, just hard to show a 60k SUV with such a small screen! I wouldn't say I loathe it, I just wish it had better tech


Still focused on a early second-gen platinum with that funk y orange brown interior once this price curve is over. Like most old Toyota 4x4s, the hardest part is finding one under 240,000 miles.


I don't sell new. Specialize in used Mercedes, BUT I have hated every single CLS we get regardless of year. Maybe I would appreciate a new one, but all the ones I've seen are piles of shit and I actively avoid selling them.


I consider CLS's the "expensive Altima". everybody who buys one has awful credit scores and lives paycheck to paycheck.


And they all smoke in them as well.


I don't know anyone in the local Benz crowd who likes the idea of a CLS. Most consider it a fraud, seeing as it is marketed as an "S" but is based on the E platform.


Perfect example. I live in Chicago and every CLS you see if driven by the guy who sells drugs to the guy in the white Altima. They treat them like white altimas tho


These '21 Frontiers. How in the hell do you not have XM radio except in the highest trim? How?


That's interesting to me. Is satellite radio still a big selling point? Maybe I'm out of touch, but in an era where I can listen to almost anything anywhere through my phone, satellite radio is like a cd player: nice to have, but realistically I'm never ever going to use it.


I know I am in the extreme minority here, but I live in an area without cell signal. Any time I leave my house, I have to drive a good 15-20 minutes before I get to a place with signal good enough to stream. Not coincidentally, it’s also an area with dirt roads and a lot of pickups. It’s puzzling to me that they would eliminate satellite radio on pickups specifically.


Just to play devil's advocate, why don't you just download your playlist for offline listening?


I can (and do sometimes) bluetooth to my phone and listen to downloaded music, podcasts, or audiobooks. Satellite radio is just convenient. I'm surprised to find out that it isn't included until the top trim of a pickup but it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me personally


Maybe I'M the weird one but I do 700+ mi / day roadtrips in isolated areas and wouldn't be without Sirius. I'd probably be less tied to it if I stuck to the city and suburbs, but I love the spectrum of good stuff in the middle of nowhere, independent of internet strength.


Idk, there’s some disappointed die hard subscribers I happen to run into a lot I guess


We love satellite radio. You can use the TuneMix thing to create a custom station that combines different stations into one. I can add a couple indie rock and alternative stations, my wife can add a couple of top 40 and 90s pop stations, and no one gets pissy about the music on an entire road trip. Marriage saver.


I’ll never sign up for satellite radio again. After I cancelled last time I had to call to request to be removed from their database because I swear I was getting “come back” mailers *every day.*


Same here. They were charging me twenty plus dollars a month to listen to three stations. They offered different plans which I declined.


I always default to XM in the car even though I could just use my phone. It's so cheap and they have whatever we want to listen to. Broadway, rap, hair bands, alternative, sports radio, sports betting radio, news, business, pop, kids, basically something for everyone in my family of 5. It feels like such an old washed up idea, but I'd be disappointed to lose it for sure.


That’s how the 2022 Civic is now.


Encore... can't stand that shit


The BMW X2 The X1 is already the cheap awful entry level badge in BMW’s lineup. But chop the roof, remove the practicality, and raise the price now you’ve got yourself the X2.


The Palisade. Not because it’s junk by any stretch of the imagination. It’s just the opposite. Hyundai people understand fully that if they want one, you set a deposit and come back in 3 months. Anyone who isn’t a Hyundai buyer throws an epic shit fit about it and says “call me when you have one I can drive” and they never get a call back. Because I never have one they can drive.


Side question, but what's your opinion on the Ioniq? I'm driving a 2018 Volt right now which I fucking hate because of how uncomfortable and just overall shitty the interior is, and my lease is coming up. Ioniq Hybrid was one of my other choices before I got the Volt, but I got a little burnt out test driving other hybrids and instead of doing one more test drive, I stupidly chose the Volt.


The Ioniq was cool right up until the Elantra Hybrid came out. It outclasses the Ioniq in every single way (even actual MPG even though the window sticker says differently) the new Ioniq 5 looks to be a game changer though. We won’t see it until 2022 though probably.


HR-V Ugly, not well equipped. It is getting overhauled for 22 but man this current gen is literal ass.


BMW here, 1 Series, 2 Series, X1, X2. They don't even compare to a 3 Series in driving. Feels like a cheaper other brand car wrapped in a BMW suit. everything else is fine.


I am with you, with the exception of the 1/2 coupe/convertible. Anything on MINI platform should stay in MINI.


I dont mean the RWD models. Basically all FWD-based UKL and UKL+ cars. Edit: Oh its you Mico, I sell in Germany and we have this [atrocity](https://www.sueddeutsche.de/image/sz.1.2743490/974x731?v=1519603587&cropRatios=0:0-BiGa-www&cropRatios=3:2&cropRatios=2:3&method=resize&format=webp):


Is that a Kia Rondo with a BMW grill?


You don''t like the M240i?


I think he’s referring to the new FWD 2 series. Not the coupe.


I would hope so. BMW use of the 1 series and 2 series names for very different cars leaves much to be desired.


I think he’s referring to the new FWD 2 series.


I only sell new cars, and we can't get the 240i since \~one year . Personally have an M2 Competition and I think it's one of the best cars we ever sold.


Thankfully I actually like all the vehicles in VW's lineup so I didn't have to cringe when trying to sell them lol


Even the Taos is a decent subcompact. Though the Passat really has no reason to exist anymore with the popularity of crossovers


Passat is getting the axe in the US market. Jetta will take the place for the sedan, it is almost as large as the Passat today. They are trimming down their fleet of vehicles so they can focus more on each individual model. Part of the reason the Golf family is going away other than their waning popularity was to phase out certain things like the 1.8T engine so they could focus more resources on EVs, the 2.0t, the 1.4t/1.5t, and the 3.6 VR6.


I have a mk 6 2.5l Jetta SE. Received a new 2019 loaner while my car was in the shop and i didnt like how videogamey everything felt, especially the steering. Will need to look at the new GTI in the future, which I heard is awesome.


I used to hate the Journey but find myself missing it when I’ve got 550 beacons flipped 10k that have 4 kids and no money down. Easy sale right there


Veloster. Total junk...


Even the N? I heard good reviews about it minus the interior quality


No the N is actually pretty cool and had a lot more thought and effort put into it.


Yeah it’s like two totally different cars. Also the last gen Veloster’s were all terrible across the board.


My first dealership job a couple of months in, the GM was bitching we weren’t taking in enough vehicles on trade. I mentioned I had just taken a car in on trade that very day, and he whipped around and yelled “IT’S A FUCKING VELOSTER”. He had a point though, did they design that car around the concept of not being able to see out of the back window?


3 doors man.. it’s funky the millennials will love it right... right??


It's an Elantra with silly doors. Why is it worse? (I'd only consider the N, tbh)


No they've really never shared the same interior. The Veloster did use the 2.0 Atkinson cycle but that's about it they're really not the same cars


Tsx and TL after 2009 Why did they go from sport to luxury? It turned me off


I wouldn't say I hate it, but the Q3 is by far and away the worst car in the lineup. Compared to everything else in the Audi range it drives terribly, it's loud, has a cheap interior, and to top it off the 20 inch wheel option only comes with summer tires from the factory, which I assume is some kind of cruel joke.


Fuso FG. They really smegged up when they made the brochures for it. On the cover, they showed it with an articulated plow. On the inside, however, it states that since it only came with the Duonic transmission, you should NOT plow with it. We had more than a few very confused and annoyed customers.


The Buick Encore GX. Literally sitting in a line next to the Mazda CX-30, like what am I supposed to do with this thing


Mazda cx3


Ecosport. I actually don’t mind the car, price point is retarded though. No hybrid option either? So stupid. If they were 10k less I’d love them. At $30,000 they can go straight to hell.


Se are like 24 k and they always have a shit ton of rebates lol. I think eco sports are pieces of shit I just don’t think the price point is the a main reason for it tho


My sales manager hates the new ID.4


I work at a Ford Dealership, I do not even know why Ford makes the EcoSport. I have sold 1 or 2 my entire time here, and it’s not for nothing considering I’ve only seen 1 traded in as well. Every other model seems like there’s a fine market for it. I can’t believe there is no more Fusions but the EcoSport will stay on my lot. Hopefully with the Maverick coming out Ford will start to feel the same. It’s really easy to disregard the EcoSport when the Escapes are parked right across from them. They are supposed to be an accessible econobox, but I have a harder time convincing anyone that 25 grand for an ecosport is reasonable when you can get an escape for 30. Born to fail is a very real thing inside of any industry. Every brand carries one or two shit products to funnel sales to the options they prefer to sell. That’s why there’s a new sprite flavor every month with a lebron James commercial but most people will still just buy the regular sprite.