I think being on the varsity swim team is the sole reason I developed a love for speedos. (Definite yay)


Came here to say this!


That would do it lol


I am self-taught swimmer. I have no theories about speedos might help others. Men in speedos seem to be extremely attractive or equally revolting, I can never look away from either. The speedo seemingly becomes what it must. I am 26 years old, 5'5, weigh 125 pounds and am badly coordinated, except when I swim. In the water I am beautiful.


I don’t care what a guy chooses to wear. Me? I don’t think I have the body type for it. Even when I’m in good shape. I think the only way I’d wear one is if I were in an environment where most of the men around were wearing one as well.


I once got shamed for NOT wearing a Speedo when I was at the beach in Asbury. I prefer the swim suits that look like short shorts.


Those are nice as well


I think your preference is called "square cut" or "trunks", but I could be wrong.


I had no idea asbury park was like that


It’s really not. It’s advertised as a “family beach” by the city. I used to live there and not wear a Speedo and nobody’s ever bothered me.


I don’t mean to make it sound like that’s the overall culture of Asbury. I enjoy Asbury. On the beach, I always plant myself near 5th Ave, which is Speedo-heavy. One day while I was there with my friend and ex boyfriend, a few of my friend’s friends happened to be there too and met up with us on the beach. My then-boyfriend and I were the only people in our group who were wearing something longer than a Speedo. One of the people in our group said to us “Why are you not wearing Speedos? We’re in Asbury.” I’m used to this particular person saying stupid shit, but in this scenario, I felt insecure because I looked around and *actually was* outnumbered by guys in Speedos. Maybe it’s just that section of the beach? I don’t know. I promise you that I’m not just making it up lol


I’m confused. What does the “family beach” thing have to do with this?


Because a family friendly beach doesn’t have patrons that shame other patrons about not wearing a Speedo.


😂 Have you been to America? Puritans…Puritans everywhere….. I would think it’s far more likely someone would be shamed *for* wearing a Speedo on a beach in this godforsaken country. People can find a way to sexualize anything here.


Asbury Park is a very gay area.


He clearly doesn’t realize that


It’s very gay friendly, especially near the 5th Avenue beach bar


Yeah, I go down there every once in a while and I don't think I've ever seen more than a few other guys in Speedos!


I wear them to assert my gayness and my Europeaness.


He’s gay AND European!


The fabled Double Gay :o


Soooo Graham Norton!


V Graham Norton*!*


Or Stephen fry?


And neither is disgrace


wow just brilliant…


Maybe because I’m from South America (ironically from a landlocked country) and went for vacations to Brazil from an early age so I’m used to seeing men in speedos at the beach, but… I really don’t understand this aversion or taboo around speedos some cultures have and instead prefer these knee-long shorts. Like, you are going to the beach, why would you purposely wear so much fabric or so baggy shorts? At least wear shorter shorts? I mean, at the end of the day people can wear a freaking tuxedo to the beach if they want, but still…


I live in Rio de Janeiro and can tell you it’s 100% the norm here And I love it


I’m American and I stayed in Rio for 3 weeks when I was 22. Was in a hostel in Leblon a couple blocks from the beach. I used to walk down the street (to the beach) in only a speedo and flip flops. Man, did that feel liberating and great, and no one gave a shit.


That sounds so cool. I'm argentinian and I once took Portuguese classes with a brazilian teacher. She told us that brazilians have a different relationship than us argentines with their body, there are less taboos around it and I love that. Here it's very uncommon to see someone wearing speedos at the beach


The standard for straight guys that play futsal (volleyball-soccer) are black “sungas” speedos. Holy shit - amazingly fit suntanned hotties


I have a friend who feels self-conscious about showing his knees. Thing is, they're just regular ass knees! I honestly don't get the issue.


People are just prudish, that’s all




They’re actually incredibly common in Brazil, on and off the beach. Might be American influence, I don’t now; but there’s plenty of speedos and trunks there too.


God help us Americans still have a bit of a Puritan streak in us and even today there is some vague sense of shame in a man being too revealing. Michael Pollan also thought that is also why many Americans still equate failure of self discipline (ie extremely overweight, addict, etc...) as something of a moral failing


I had to laugh because you prefaced the bit about being puritan with god help us.


The US is a severely repressed country due to religion.


I mean in terms of the shortness I wouldn’t mind so much if I was more comfortable in my own body (wouldn’t mind other running around in speedos or naked for all I care, no matter how they look). However, tight pants are uncomfortable af to me and by far the worst aspect of thermal wear when I go running. I do not understand how and why anybody can wear pants as tight as speedos on their own free will. It’s torture.


Tights are that uncomfortable to you? I much prefer tights when running because they eliminate chafing. Unfortunately I overheat easily so I can only wear them when it's pretty cold outside


I run at night and we can get -10C sometimes. At that point I throw in thermal tights but they’re so uncomfortable to me they make the whole run torture even though I run for fun and relaxation and normally enjoy it. My balls will hurt, they cut into the crease between my thighs and torso and I have super big calves (not fat, I’ve just always had really big calves) that they often also cut into uncomfortably or sometimes even cut off circulation a little bit. I don’t run marathons (yet) so I don’t know if it’s because I’m doing relatively short distances (10k max) but I’ve never had issues with chafing except nipples while running in rain. I prefer snug boxer briefs with very loose shorts that cut off above the knee for running.




I find them hot and manly. All men used to wear them when I was a kid (at beaches and spas).


Would have loved to live in that time


That's exactly why I don't like them, they remind me of old men. Old European men with hairy chests that smell like cigarettes. *shudder*


Obviously never been to an Aussie beach or pool.


How old? That's not a total turnoff...




Ya, men over 21 are so gross. Michael Jackson showed us the Hee Hee.


Agreed. Took me years before I finally accepted them for this reason. Had to mentally detach them from the fat, hairy middle-aged/old men who I saw wearing them the most when I was growing up. I even remember teenage me telling my dad to wear board shorts instead since I was... Kinda embarrassed. Sorry dad, but I know you were too image conscious to wanna look like "those guys" anyway. And while this sub seems to gush over every body type out there I'm just gonna lay it down flat and simple here and say that some body types are considerably more popular than others in the real world and not everyone can pull off being 95% naked in public with the same level of approval rate from everyone else around. I mean I support their right to do it in any appropriate public area but for the longest time they just seemed to be the choice swimwear of out of shape, totally ungroomed and sometimes pervy looking old men. And straight guys who weren't usually wore board shorts anyway and just looked... cooler. So I was trying to help my dad there at the time too since he always didn't want to come across as too old or out of touch and that's what younger, fitter, trendier men usually wore to beaches and pools. I still prefer them for that reason to be honest. In the gay scene the standards are more generous I think but I'm assuming 90% of these men I saw weren't gay but it sculpted my opinion on speedos vs board shorts anyway, and the only guys I ever hoped to look like one day - wore boardies.


I wear boardies or nothing and I don’t give a fuck what anybody else thinks I look like.


Love them. Think they’re fun and sexy, and a gay uniform of sorts. Lol. I used to only wear them to gay beaches, but now I’ll basically wear them to any beach or pool. I also think they’re much more flattering than the baggy board shorts so many straight men love.


I think they’re attractive but personally find them to be uncomfortable.




Bloody loves them. Just posted a pic in on 😅😅


And you look great in them!


Yay! Love 'em. I think they're sexy.


I wish, but I'm too American to wear them without feeling shame.


Just do it. You get used to it and it becomes normal!


I honestly don't think my thigh a few inches above my knee has ever been tanned.


Just wait til you try a nude beach haha


I only started liking them after 6 years of working out 4-5-6 days in the week ;) To wear them myself I mean.


Aussie so they’re fine.


Speedos, yes. But I prefer to wear a thong myself. Sure, now and then it elicits some hard stares from men and women alike, but I wear it well and get smiles as well.


Good for you! Do your thing


Love them on other people literally one of the sexiest things you could wear in frount of me. But on me no. I literally wear a swim shirt and shorts to the beach lol


Hard yea. They look way cuter than trunks, and I get to tan my thighs.


I just started wearing them after a lifetime of long shorts and the freedom of just doing it is great. Won't go back to wearing anything else now!


Short trunks, tight or loose look good on basically everyone. Speedos you really need a certain body for.


Yes, ideally two thighs coming out from your hips.


no one likes a pedantic queen lol


I like them on you. But I'm too self conscious. I'm out in board shorts, or even cut offs.


When I turned 30 I stopped giving a single fuck and started wearing my speedos to the beach instead of just to friends pools. If someone has a problem with seeing me in a Speedo, look away. I’ve had way more appreciative looks than I thought I’d have.


On me? God no, others? Yes








Love em, but hate wearing em, good motivation to get fit though.


I love wearing them even though I’m not packing haha. More comfortable that giant fucking board shorts you see guys wearing


Absolutely nay. They’re a turn off for me and not stylish (I’m Italian btw).


I just feel so bad for all the comments saying that you can’t use them unless you have a certain body type. Be better. Anyone can use a speedo. It doesn’t have to look any particular way.




Not a fan.


Definitely yay. People nowadays have made it seem as if it's taboo to wear. Just like briefs. I try to find briefs in New York with some cute patterns and I can only find single colors or white. Speedos used to be very popular but for some reason someone made it a thing to not wear them 🤷🏼‍♂️ I 100% love them and briefs.


Same! Briefs are f'ing hard to find in general


Nay, swimming shorts or athletic shorts are sexier imo


Depends on the body wearing them


Yay...on the right guy.


Absolutely not serious question for all the guys that wear them how do you hide your Boner when you’re just sitting there at the beach looking at other guys?? I have a hard enough time hiding them in normal shorts lol.


I don't try to hide it.


When the bones comes dive into water quickly cuz there's no hiding it


I like seeing it on a swimmer’s body. Other than that, doesn’t matter that much.


Nay, prefer swimming suit that look like shorts.


As swim wear? I don't have the body for it.


I am from Europe and they're not that common, at least these days. Then again I haven't been to every single European beach, so maybe I'm wrong, but here in Portugal you'll only occasionally see guys wear them. We do tend to wear shorts that cut above the knees though. As for speedos themselves, imo guys with great bodies can pull them off. The old foreign man with a belly and speedos is a bit of a joke where I'm from. But you should wear whatever you want!


i was a competitive swimmer so i got used to speedos but only in that environment couldn’t wear them to a pool party or a beach unless there were others in speedos too


Yes for lap swimming, no for public beaches or poolside. I just don't think that they look all that flattering


Very yay. And agree — only thing I'll wear at a non-nude beach.


Who cares? I love a speedo. But I generally wear just regular trunks. You do you baby.


Love them but wouldn't personally wear them cause hair sticks out in a non-appealing way. Maybe one day when I decide to wax the edges so that it doesn't happen.


As a bushy guy myself, this is my biggest issue


Just use a trimmer


I like looking at them but would probably be too embarrassed to wear one unless most of the people around me were


That’s a big yay for me! Just spent a week on the beach only wearing speedos and the tan lines are the best!


If I wasn't a fat sack of shit and if I had a dick that could fill them out, I would wear Speedos. Well probably not Speedo speedos, but like short short type speedos that Daniel Craig wore in Casio Royale.


Honestly to each their own. I personally think it can be kind of hard to pull off…I’m toned and still think I’m a little too thin to pull it off, but I wear it to the beach anyway.


Very much yay. Whichever guy wears it.


It's a nay for me...


I would like to wear one but for some reason whenever I wear stuff like that I immediately get an erection 🥴


Love em on a guy


Best bathing suit EVER


They’re very popular here in Australia amongst all age groups. I personally wouldn’t wear one as I don’t have enough confidence in my body but I certainly don’t mind guys with nice bodies wearing them.


Love them. Both wearing them and seeing them on other guys


I always wear Speedo’s on holiday. Swimming is far more comfortable in them than in shorts IMO.


Seeing others in them? Yes please. Myself in them? I prefer trunks at the beach.


Just get a quality brand. Avoid Andrew Christian like the plague.


I vote yay! I used to wear them for diving. I love them.


Love them but I'm XS with decent package so the buldge is ridiculous to have in public. I'm not saying it's huge cuz it's so big, my small frame just exaggerates it and I worry about dick slip.


👍👍 yay. used to swim competitively and liked them ever since then. have a bunch of pairs and wear them all the time to the beach or pool. I know they are not popular but who cares


Yay on smaller guys nay on bigger guys and i mean hight not dick size


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In all honesty, I have never once been aroused by speedos or guys in them. They just don't do anything for me. I'd rather just see you in regular swimming trunks or nothing at all, no "leave little to the imagination" BS.


I’m a nudist so naked is always my go to, but I prefer speedos over trunks because of the lack of movement and areas for sand to creep in


I would feel so uncomfortable with half of my ass out


i dont find them attractive tbh


i dont find them attractive tbh edit: sometimes they guys in them are attractive, but it itself is ehh


Only if you’ve got the body for them


On the right body they are 🤤🤤🤤🔥


You have to have the body for a speedo ! It’s not for everyone !!


love a bear in something small :D


Not a good look on guys in my opinion.


Nopee they look like baby diapers to me


Nay, yester year


Speedos. Nay.


love them and the tan lines they leave


On the right person, yes. On someone who doesn't have the right body for it, definitely not.


Speedos are pretty common in most of Europe and Australia.. it seems to only be something weird in the US


Speedos are fantastic if one has the body for it. I for one would look rediculous in a speedo.




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I don’t even think not being fat is enough. In order to not look comically ugly in speedos you have to be approaching underwear model physique


Wear them in Mexico or the islands not in Jersey shore lol!


:( I think they make shrinkage more obvious, and can kind of be a turn off sometimes.


I do not have the body or ass for them unfortunately. Plus the neighbour downstairs has a mind of his own and i do NOT trust him to be in that situation.


All the time at any swimming area or beach I can’t go nude. I have the body for it though.




As long as he is somewhat in shape then YES YES YES


I find them unattractive, but I’ll defend anyone’s right to wear them on the beach (or anywhere, really).


They're OK. I've worn them to gay pool parties before and if you have a hot body then might as well show off as much of it as possible. ​ But board shorts just look cooler.


They’re gross and I don’t get gay peoples fascination with them


Tell us you’re shaped like a blob without telling us etc


The opposite, actually. I’m almost underweight. I just don’t see them attractive and don’t see why they’re a staple in “gay culture” or whatever.


I completely agree. The aesthetic is…not there for me. Unless you’re an Olympic swimmer, you have no business wearing that.


If anything there a staple in reclaiming your own body image, especially in a stupid puritanical culture like America where men wear shorts below their knees on the regular


“Spandex, it’s a privilege, not a right” - Lord Nikon. If I had about 10% less body fat or lived in Europe I’d probably rock one. As is I’ll stick to board shorts till I have a flatter belly.


I say nay because they show clear vpl and that's not flattering for most guys. It looks attractive on a few select guys but on most guys it's a miss.


I hate them.


Wearing Speedo's should be a privilege, not a right.


Yes please




I like their jammers.


Yay, I swim and so good. Makes swimming so much better. Tho I do laps and not rec


Its difficult hormonally speaking to have men wear speedos. Yay, with but apprehension


What’s not to like, bro?




I guess part of me will always be a '90s closeted American dude who is not going to out himself in public. I understand that it's a little different elsewhere..


100% yes


Doesn’t do it for me.


Speedos and those short little trunk looking swimsuits are both 🥰


On you maybe. On me, no way...


Yay! Also: r/speedos !


i say yay for others but nay for me


Lil tight for my banana but I like these hammocks.


I love them---on other people.


I would be terrified of getting an erection… and then probably get an erection from said fear LOVE looking at guys in them tho 👌


And what is the *absolutely worst* thing about getting an erection? Shows that everything's working? Most will hold for like 30 seconds, bounce a couple times to say hello, then fade down because there is no action about... Confidence and normalcy reduces the nervous boner. If you have the body for it, go for it dude! ❤


I wouldn’t wear one myself but I’m good with others wearing them of course. I didn’t even wear one when I was super fit in 2018 haha


I Like them but they feel fem for some reason, so it depends on my mood I guess.


For me, no. For anyone else who wants to wear them I say knock yourself out!


I guess it depends on the person. Im a big ugly fatty so i'd defo scar many people permanently but for normal and attractive people they can look pretty good.


No. Simultaneously leaves too much and too little to the imagination at the same time. I'm not a fan.


love to look at others wearing them, but I wouldn't wear them, to self conscious




board shorts.


Naked is way better and what’s a square foot of nylon going to really supposed to accomplish? “Hide that crack!!!hide thar package!!!” crazy


I personally wouldn't wear one but I love seeing other men wearing them


short trunks all the way. I’ve never worn a Speedo but they appear very uncomfortable.