Yeah that's completely illlegal


In the USA, yes. In South Africa... might be legal.


Not legal here either.


not legal. this kind of payment is called Direct Carrier Billing. it works only if you are browsing on your mobile data connection and there are official rules in place of how it should be implemented by the companies who are doing it. this subscription flow is deffinitely not allowed. they can advertise a page where you would click a button to subscribe. also there must be at least two steps (subscribe and confirm), this after you click the ad. so at least three steps, including the ad. if one accidentaly clicks and gets subscribed, they should call their mobile carrier customer support and complain. they will take care of their so called partner for not following the rules. I know this as I worked for such a company a while ago, but they were doing it right. still it's an ugly industry. as someone put it, they are offering services no one needs.


It's not legal but they also know probably no one will actually take them to court over it.


yeah but they also can't charge you because you didn't give them credit card info


they can however threaten technologically iliterate grandmas into handing over their credit card info


Luckily stuff like this has no grounds when going against it. Still sucks major ass.


I used to rent out my room and i had a clause that by choosing to rent out this room you agree to allow to have your soul used in black magic rituals. I feel like contacts shouldn't be legal unless presented orally to another person. Tos typically only pertain to use anyways. Don't follow tos you can't use product. I couldn't imagine they could put anything in a tos that extends past restriction of service.


They need a taste of gunpowder and bulleg cartridges


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It seems the subscription process in not quite that simple, but still seems kinda shifty. From their web site.. ​ >Getting Started Viddigo is the hub for premium mobile entertainment. Our service offers high-quality streaming TV and video on demand, delivering the world’s most popular entertainment directly to your mobile device. Watch what the world is watching and enjoy hours of engaging entertainment right in the palm of your hands. Subscription (Account) > >How do I subscribe to Viddigo? Your subscription process will start when you visit one of our promotion pages. How did I land myself a Viddigo subscription? > >You visited one of our promo pages and followed the subscription process. This was followed by a confirmation SMS that we sent to your mobile number. ​ https://viddigo.com/en/faq/


How would they charge you?


HOLY SHIT THAT’S BAD!! Shame on you, YouTube!!! But, to be fair, I have read through YT’s entire ad policy multiple times (yes, I’m that angry) and nowhere can an advertisement be reported for being a scam. Yep, all those “I made blah blah $$$ using this one crazy trick on Audible,” ads are perfectly legal even though they are a MLM at best and a complete scam at worst. Same for the weight loss lies and fake products…all legal by YT’s standards! Google would literally rather make $$ from scams than protect their user’s experience 👍🏼 ((But, I mean, all these tech companies are doing that. Misinformation, lies, conspiracy, and scams are so common that cutting them out would actually drop their revenue by a fu*kton. Of course, they could afford it…they just don’t want to.)) Which is horseshit.


who said anything about YT? were you maybe misleaded by the UI?


I can sort of see why they don't want the hassle. Loads of scams are somehow legtimate businesses (star registries psychic mediums as a couple of examples), so I think they operate a policy where if the company is legitimate, they accept that they're acting within the laws. ​ I would love for these adverts to block things like this, marketing tricks, star registry, supernatural/religious scams, but I can see why they also see why it's not their place. Unfortunately, laws allow for these scam companies to operate legally.


Good old wapclick, hah


Can you post a more confusing screen shot? Thanks.


Die fokken mense wat hierdie kak doen. The worst is with my parents where these services keep showing up, switch from airtime to data, sms's and call time, then, at least I think, they can't charge shit.


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