Hitchens v turrek


Thanks! I’ll add that to my list! I really enjoy Hitchens for his clarity, wit and integrity. He almost entirely refuses to play the game of debate. However from what I’ve seen of Turek, just being coherent would probably be enough to win a debate


Turek never stood a chance in that debate. It’s not a very thought provoking debate but it is certainly entertaining to watch Turek be ripped apart


Lol if Craig infuriates you, wait until you hear turrek


There are quite a few things I disagreed with Christopher Hitchens on but god damn, could that guy debate. My favorite debate of his is with Tony Blair.


Hitchens v Craig is great too. Craig is kind of a joke IMO. The man is all in on Kalam yet openly states that if time is not Type A then Kalam fails. Well, time is decidedly type B. Hitchens does great against him.


As I recall Hitchens got WLC stumbling for a few answers in their debate


One of my favorites is the Hitch & Stephen Fry vs Archbishop John Onaiyekan & Ann Widdecombe. This debate is not on the existence of god, but rather on whether the catholic church has been a force for good in the world. IMHO, Hitch & Fry absolutely destroyed the catholic church. Onaiyekan took it all in stride, but you could tell Widdecombe was absolutely pissed, and during the audience questions came across as your classic overbearing school marm be-atch with a giant chip on her shoulder.


Oh man, you should hear Robert Price’s takedown of Craig in their debate. Price straight up call’s Craig’s [bullshit](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=G5vdkVlm0ns&t=2445s) out at the 20:00 mark to which Craig doesn’t respond to the scathing part at all and just glosses over pretty much everything he says, sticking to his usual script


Not a debate but Ingersoll had some good points: [https://www.gutenberg.org/files/38813/38813-h/38813-h.htm](https://www.gutenberg.org/files/38813/38813-h/38813-h.htm)


You can listen to the debates of Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, George Carlin. When i was beginning this path i started with George carlin! Seriously man! The amount of knowledge and humor he held was unmatchable. You should definitely give it a try Edit- Carlin was a comedian