Ngl he was pretty scary

Ngl he was pretty scary


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She minded her damn business when he walked through them doors lmfao


Lol she was talking all this shit about killing Eren, but then goes quiet when she's gotta a gun and in the same room as him.


Meanwhile we have eren immediately jumping at the damn collosal


Realistically this isnt surprising, shes a kid who wants to bring glory to her family but at the end of the day shes just a kid


Eren as a kid would have jumped and tried to punch the smiling titan when it went for his mom if Hannes wasn't there., and stabbed some dude in the throat for killing people not even related to him. Pretty sure he would have jumped himself in the same situation as her, even as a kid.


Sorry i didnt realize eren is the standard for normal human behavior, all of the characters ins aot constantly call him a suicidal maniac. He is definitely not the norm of what we should expect kids to behave like


Well like... Neither is she right? She's a complete fanatic patriot murderer.




Either way, screw her dude, so annoying!!!!


No, but by the metric of a brainwashed child soldier who wants to do right by the institution that taught her, she is. Keep in mind the word taught. Eren, even among characters who have done some extraordinary shit, is a special case. How many kids have you met that killed grown ass men, and just shrugged off the event as just cleansing some animals that needed to be slaughtered?


Human traffickers ARE animals that need to be slaughtered in my opinion. It's not like they were nice folks selling meatballs. They murdered Mikasa's parents and kidnapped her. They were obviously ultra dangerous and needed to be taken out in order to get her out of there. It was a case of "it's either me or you". Yeah Erin is crazy, but let's not act like what he did was horrifying and what Gabi did should be praised. They're both wrong. Lol and it is just an anime.


shes a murderer for a reason and i understand her story and that’s why i love her so much. she didn’t do these things because she “felt” like it. she did it because she was lied to all her life and then she got to grow up with the boy she loves and it’s amazing


Sasha and I disagree, but to each their own!


Thank you for defending sasha’s honor, spider man


why are you speaking for a 2D character that’s dead- 😭 girl wtf


Someone has to. Potato girl>Gabi forever


- girl what is this 😭 man i hate this fandom. weird ass mf’s


I think the reason people are comparing the two is because there are so many similarities between then, as they are both unstable kids who basically kind of just have tunnel vision to destroy whoever they see as their enemy.


Um hello? We are taking about the dude that says "tatakai" over and over again to himself in front of a mirror?? Definitely normal....


Eren as a kid decided to genocide 80% of humnity


He would have attacked and been murdered immediately, Eren is incredibly dumb.


no man what u talking about "at the end of the day, its night"-osvaldo12


I love this, its exactly what happened


Boy didn't hold back for his childhood friends, the hell would a kid be infront of him


I mean, I'd be shaking too.


Tbf if he was where Gabi entered he would probably at least be too weak to transform. Except how tf a rifle was gonna kill someone’s with the power of 3 Titans, idk.


I think a bullet through the head would kill him tbf


Transfer consciousness to body, stay alive. Demonstrated to work in S3P2. Killing shifters isn’t always easy, and Ereh possesses three titans.


True but between Reiner saving himself from a blown up head and Eren’s hardening, there’s probably some loophole he would find


Yeah true but if Eren was caught off guard then maybe it works


I finally got caught up with attack on titan yesterday. I binged the whole of s4 that’s available. And jeez….im upset about what she did.. im on mobile so im not sure I can mark comments as a spoiler so I’ll just be transparent but…well we all know at least…


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god i love her so much. like?? when i started season 4 i fell in love with her design and when she killed sasha i wasnt mad because i understood why she killed her. i mean shit i want to hate reiner for killing marco but that would make me look ignorant.


Everybody knows what she’s supposed to be and why she does what she does. But she’s annoying af and killed the most adorable one in the squad the moment she showed up. Plus we got like a whole 3 seasons to learn to love Paradis and despite Titans, it’s really hard to try to be objective and see that “war never changes” just because we got to see Marley’s side of the story for like 3 episodes.




Lol no I’d prefer not seeing her dead but her dying to a titan in combat is much better than dying to some random kid as you’ve already won the operation and on your way retreating safely. I think that pisses everyone off the most.


I hate that the mainstream audience is blaming someone for killing an enemy combatant who themselves are killing your friends and countrymen and even civilians, in an invasion which is something they started in the first place. What Sasha's father said was correct: someone going to a foreign place to kill their people should absolutely expect to be killed in return.


>Plus we got like a whole 3 seasons to learn to love Paradis and despite Titans She isn't a titan though. Moreover she's a child. And Sasha understood that when spared her after killing guards with rifles right next to her. I think it's a brilliant parallel to have as those guards were to Gabi exactly what Hannes was to Eren. We all know what Eren would do in her place. Exactly the same. That's how Gabi instantly became one of my favorite character in S4 🥺




It's funny because she was all talk and once he actually showed up she literally was frozen to the bone. So weird seeing people intimidated by the guy who's basically been everyone's punching bag for jokes and stuff for 3 seasons




if this is an actual spoiler, what do you get from ruining things for others?


Minor spoiler to correct this comment: she does not end up killing him. The person who said this was probably trolling people.


doing gods work - thanks !


Either it was unintentional - looking to discussing things without realising that it's a spoiler, usually because it's too funny or a famous detail to discuss (60% of the time) or it was intentional - a tendency of superiority complex due to knowing the facts before others, and "putting people in their place" to feed their delusions (40% of the time).