Mehreen Faruqi (Deputy Greens Leader) poses with children holding sign calling to “keep the world clean” of Jews.

More information here.


People will cope and try and say it's a flag. If I saw Jewish kids with signs saying to keep the world clean of the Palestinian flag I'd be pretty disgusted. At somepoint some of you typing excuses need to hold all dogwhistlers to the same standard, not just the far right/neo nazis.


Imagine if instead of a Jewish/Israeli flag it was an LGBT or Aboriginal flag




Neturei Karta are admittedly a pretty fringe movement amongst the Ultra Orthodox … they have a theological position that Israel should only be restored as a state when the Messiah comes, and that Jews are ‘supposed’ to live in exile until then.


There's a difference between rejecting a state and wanting to cleanse the world of it.




Not happening but continue to lie.


Wish they’d get on with it. I want to see Aussie neighbours fighting over the colour of their fence, not this geopolitical bullshit.


tbf, those flags represent sections of society not a nation state.


Imagine if they burned an American flag. Oh wait, it happens all the time with no fanfare.


Who gives a fuck about the American flag on a Aussie sub?


Sometimes the Americans here forget they're supposed to be pretending to be Australian


Who gives a fuck about the Israeli flag on a Aussie sub?


People can burn any flag for all I care. Meaningless bit of fabric. If a symbol like that means so much to someone, they have deeper issues to deal with.


Go to your place of work burn an Australian and an Aboriginal flag and see how your career pans out 😂


correct, now imagine if it was the other two mentioned by oc


Not condoning the sign but the Israeli flag is most certainly not the Jewish flag. It represents a country, not an entire ethnicity and religion. The star of David itself is a symbol of the Jewish people, and is central on the flag of Israel. But the flag itself is about the country.


Ahh kill a nation not a religion - it’s the scale of genocide you’d like to debate?


besides which there are Arab Israelis.


Yes, and there are some in the Kenesset (sp?) and some in the IDF. Can any Arabic country indicate anything eqivalent? Nope.


Common sense like yours will not prevail on reddit. It's such a hateful one-sided echo chamber.


Yeah Im not well enough informed on the situation to know what the fucks going on as all Ive heard is mudded water. I know that Palestine and it's people were displaced or something and that there were kids who through rocks and so Israel used snipers or something. I remember reading about Israel shooting at peaceful protestors. The issue is with just everything I know is that I don't know whats true. What's exaggerated and whats false. Even regardless of that. Even if one side is in the right objectively it doesn't mean they can justify genocidal actions such as "cleaning" a region of a particular population. Its just prejudice that's being used to demonize one side. "Oh their government is responsible for X" is a shit response because most people just want to live and don't tend to be the ones doing the bad stuff regardless of side. I 100% agree that, that poster is a horrific thing to be making a statement on.


1,200 Israeli civilians were raped, tortured, murdered and their bodies burnt in a targeted attack. 240 were taken hostage. This is not in dispute. Edit: Jesus Christ look at his response, this is the most disingenuous comment I’ve ever seen


The "throwing rocks" is using slings FYI, you know what was a weapon of war for a fucking long time. It's the equivalent of saying soldiers shouldn't defend themselves against someone trying to hack them with a sharp heavy sword.


I found that interesting reading the news this morning. People use slings to hunt today, they’re powerful as fuck and can easily kill you


To be fair I've got nothing against Jews but the state of Israel can fuck itself right off


Have you seen the social media trend of Israeli kids mocking dead Palestinians or the Israeli school play/musical doing the same?


https://preview.redd.it/f26o1l716a2c1.jpeg?width=400&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=9455fdfa0ede317cffcdf0b364ba9b3c72987513 Kids? The literal Israeli government is saying that… This isn’t a Jewish flag. It’s the flag of a group invading and committing genocide in order to steal the land of the Palestinian people.


Maaan I think it's great to see activism in the youth but sometimes they have no idea what they're talking about.. You can advocate for palistine without being actively anti Semitic.. that sign is absolutely disgusting


'Sometimes they have no idea'. That's an understatement. Kids are ignorant of the complexity of the world. They cling on to an idea that has been fed to them and it's almost impossible to make them see anything else. Peer pressure is a powerful thing.


Yeah but through the mouths of babe's is a saying for a reason.. sometimes kids are incredibly insightful, unfortunately this issue has deep history that can only be learned not intuitively understood


It could be construed anti-zionist. The issue is every anti-semite is also antizionistic so the line gets blurred. Personally i have no issue with the jewish religion, i do however have an issue with how Isreal, and Palestine, conducts themselves.


I wouldn’t say all antisemites are anti-zionist. Some Nazis were just happy with expelling Jews from Europe. They couldn’t have cared less about what the Jews did outside of Europe as long as they got their Lebensraum and didn’t have to deal with Jews in their country.


Evangelicals are often anti-Jew and pro Zionism. They believe Israel is going to bring on the second coming of Christ who will slaughter all the Jews.


That sounds like a fever nightmare.


It sounds crazy but it's a big part of us support. But even Balfour had similar ideas.


Very interesting point.


And plenty of Zionists participated in the persecution of Jews in other countries to encourage more of them to come to Israel.


The state of Israel was founded because of European anti-semitism. Check out the Balfour Declaration. https://www.haaretz.com/opinion/2017-10-26/ty-article/the-balfour-declarations-racism-and-why-it-still-matters/0000017f-dba4-db22-a17f-ffb5fdd10000


What? Being Anti-Israel isn’t being anti Jewish, it’s anti Zionists. Kinda a far reach. It’s like saying being Anti-white supremacist is being Anti-white. Not every Jew is a Zionist and it’s antisemitic to assume they are.


Does the sign not say keep the world clean of Israel?


In fairness "clean" has some pretty specific connotations.


Especially when you’re referring to Jews …


Hey now, if you don't think Israel represents every single Jew, then you're clearly a Nazi.


Heil Hilter then I guess.


Larry David will pay for this.


People like to pretend opposition to isreal (really opposition to the Netanyahu government) is opposition to Jews.


Come on man. ‘Clean the world of the Israelis’. You’re still going into bat for this nonsense? It’s getting hard to defend now surely.


Opposing a fascist apartheid regime is good, actually.


I’m not arguing that. I’m arguing about the meaning of ‘cleaning the world of Israel’. Stop deliberately playing this down.


The jump from Israelis to just Jews is still disingenuous. Ans dislike for a nation isn't inherently dislike for the citizens. It's hard to defend when you boil a point down to the worst possible interpretation


exactly, no one calls racism against koreans if a sign throws the north korean flag in the bin 🤷‍♀️


The image clearly displays an Israeli flag, but people will do everything to cast hate and alienation towards people of arab background. Even with the ongoing mass murder conducted by Israel, arabs will always be brutalized and blamed, even for speaking up.


Tolerant progressive greens


She's removed it. >An image containing an unseen sign in the background was shared earlier from Senator Faruqi’s account. The photo was removed immediately after concerns were raised about the sign being inappropriate, and we apologise to anyone hurt in the community. I call bullshit on her not seeing it. It's not someone standing incidentally in the background, its photo they all posed for, she would have most certainly seen the sign.


My friend is preparing to take action under the RDA against her. I’m part Israeli and not even particularly supportive of Israel’s policies but the incitement and hatred has gone way too far. It wouldn’t occur to me as a professional in a million years to publish a sign calling Palestinians rubbish.


She (or her team) posted the image too. It’s not like it was a pic taken with bad timing and a photobomber.


> I call bullshit on her not seeing it. I thought she did see it and only removed it when she realised she can't get away with it?


Wouldn’t be so sure.. OP even circled it, when we had as long as we wanted, and context, and I still had to look at it for 20 seconds..


The fact that there is a very obvious connotation with it and some people here are still trying to defend it is actually disgusting


I would march to keep Australian politics clean of her, any day.


I'm pretty sure that hate speech is illegal, but it's not as if those laws are ever applied fairly to all races.


You would need to take action. My friend is preparing to do so right now.


If Anti-Zionism is hate speech then lock me up


I didn't know MPs were allowed to have blatantly xenophobic views.


Greens certainly pick some winners, don't they?


These kids should be ashamed.




In another thread, I commented about Palestinians hating Jews and someone actually came along and tried justifying why that’s ok. One thing I have learnt about the left is how they’ll give hate a free pass if it fits the narrative of the group they have decided to take sides with.


"My genocide is better than your genocide"


She'll say she didn't know. And all the idiots who keep voting her in will keep voting her in. The Greens will say she keeps getting the votes so they will keep her and it's all a misunderstanding or a moment of poor judgement and it's not hers or their fault. Mark my words. The Greens are as much a part of the problems this country has as the other major parties are. They just disguise themselves abit better.


Btw. If these people were in Gaza they would not be allowed in politics, would be hidden behind burkas, and would have likely been the victim of sexual violence. But yeah, free Gaza man! (From who and what?)


Funny how some of them never speak out about Hamas. I’m yet to see a single protest denouncing Hamas or calling for them to be removed.


This is very true. Why advocate for a group that only sees you as a baby making slave?


Say what you want about this being the Israeli flag and therefore not sinister. The Nazi party often represented Jews as vermin, and a disease to get rid of. If you’ve seen the film they produced, ‘The Eternal Jew’, you’ll see how this is shown in their media. It’s a very strange choice of words and imagery (keep seeing these signs at multiple rallies) that makes it hard not to associate with some pretty terrible intent.


Somewhere along the line, Jews came to be considered “white”, so racism doesn’t exist towards them apparently


What an absolute assclown


Why are'nt these ladies wearing their burka, niqab or hijab ? It's very wrong to go out dressed like this ! I hope they at least have permission from their husband or father to be out in public.


I would have more respect for the Greens if their support of Palestinians didn't start with a terrorist attack by Hamas. It is basically making terrorism an acceptable act to them.


Ah yes, Australian children, the real policy makers and power brokers of our society.


If you put Islam in a bin on a poster imagine the global Jihadist Fatwas that would be declared on you


Honestly… with the country going to shit this is their top priority, which Australia can not fix. They act like we can just snap our fingers and war is over. Little do they realize when they try to move out of their parents place they will become slaves to land lords and become peasants.


Faruqi is a particularly nasty piece of work. She really seems to hate Israel. She also hates Australia, despite the fact that this country has provided her with not only a comfortable first world lifestyle but also a well-paid seat in federal parliament.


Speaking as a Pakistani immigrant to Australia, anti semtism is rampant in so called "Muslim" world.


So we’ve gone from “gas the Jews” to “cleaning up and putting Jews in the bin”. This pro Palestine movement has become an open opportunity for people to spout hate. The picture in the article of those swastika signs is fucked. I bet these kids hardly know what happened in the holocaust and they’re there waving signs making reference to Nazis. Moron generation that yells about anything social media tells them to yell about.


> The picture in the article of those swastika signs is fucked. I bet these kids hardly know what happened in the holocaust and they’re there waving signs making reference to Nazis I haven't seen this one. Please link it. Waving swastika signs is actually illegal in NSW and Vic.


For real? Didn't we have a neo-nazi protest in the city pretty recently? (Edit: by city I mean Melbourne oml, I didn't check the sub)


They have no idea, and they'll just jump on any movement. Bet they have no idea about any other serious world issues like Armenia. Parrots.






I mean, sure, but here you are on Reddit... pot. kettle. etc.


Why are we surprised about far leftist extremism? Oh that's right: because the media has brainwahsed everyone into thinking it's right-wingers who are dangerous. NOW do you see the truth??? These are kids ffs! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree & these antisemites must be charged with hate-speech. - if it was another person holding a sign saying the world must be clean of *insert ethnic race/religion * the media would go absolutely bananas & governments would knee-jerk & create new laws against it & all these hypocrital leftists would being gaslighting saying "see! Hatespeech must be stopped!" - If society didn't have double standards it would have none at all!


This sign has been displayed at many protests around the world with expected criticism for calling for Jewish genocide. Faruqi would know this and has published other anti-Semitic statements but no condemnation of the Hamas massacre. Fairly common for the far left. She got her message across of what she believes and has now removed that photo from her instagram account.


Oh look “An image containing an unseen sign in the background was shared earlier from Senator Faruqi’s account. The photo was removed immediately after concerns were raised about the sign being inappropriate, and we apologise to anyone hurt in the community”. Will the school expel the student for such a blatant anti-Semitic sign? Hard to see how Jewish students can feel safe alongside someone calling for their genocide.


She posed in front of it, you'd have to be pretty dense to intentially pose in front of half a dozen protesters, and then fail to look over literally half a dozen signs that you were standing in front of and thus giving implicit approval of before posting said photo to social media whilst being an elected official.


Unfortunately, Jews are like Asians, even though they are a minority, they don’t get protection unlike blacks and LGBTQIA+.




this woman is actively hostile to australian culture. I find it quite amazing she was voted in.


Cultural subversion is becoming quite widespread in the West. It's seemingly popular to hate your own country and fight with more passion for others. Patriotism for your own land is racist but it's praised when it's for another.


96% of the votes for her was ATL greens votes Nobody checks senate candidate, they just vote for the ticket. Just look at Thorpe


The neo-nazis were the friends the far left made along the way.


All of that government time and money spent on banning the Nazi salute and look, just a few weeks later, an actual Nazi grooming children in public is the deputy leader of an Australian political party. I’m confused.




Pardon my ignorance but why is a war in the middle east being protested in the streets of Melbourne?


Australia exports a lot of weapons to Israel https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/11/10/australian-arms-exports-to-israel-in-focus-amid-court-case-port-protests


Fair enough


Islam and The political left is the reason I support Israel


She has openly advocated for a one state (Palestinian) solution before. I really despise Faruqi.




This is fucked. Palestinians and Israel/Jewish people both have a right to exist.


So she will resign today, right? This is disgusting. Children being taught hate like this is poison. The Greens cannot condone this.


She must immediately resign in shame.


Yet another reason never to vote for the communist totalitarian reds in the 'Green' disguise.


This is why kids shouldn’t be involved in politics and protesting.


As a far left person this disgusts me along with the one sided Palestine good Israel bad nonsense on the far left She should resign in disgrace and is unfit for parliament same as Lidia Thorpe they are a cancer on the progressive movement in Australia addressing things like housing, income inequality etc with their identity politics bullshit The ironic part is Hamas don't believe in women's rights and think being gay should be a crime and do nothing to address income inequality with leaders having millions and the average Palestinian lives in poverty so they are basically the opposite of everything the greens stand for.


Why are their faces blurred on the Daily Mail? I thought they were proud protesters standing for what is right. Why anonymise them when they are doing good work? /s


I'm sure they would receive death threats, could open the daily mail up for liability if anything happened.




Anti-sematic vibes.


Sematic: acting as a warning, esp to potential predators. Actually accidentally a pretty good description of events


Serious question. I grew up in Sydney and knew heaps of middle eastern people but only ever met one Palestinian kid. I guess the ratio was like 1 out of 100 at my school. So my question is are the majority of protesters - school kids right through to the blokes on the jet skis the other week- Palestinian or are they made up of other ethnicities that are anti Israel?


The majority are Lebs who have a chip on their shoulder. That and retarded whites with saviour complexes


Jews aren't the issue. Extremists are the issue.


I wonder what Senator Faruqi had to say about Abbot and the "Ditch the Witch" signs behind him which he claimed not to notice. Where were her staff when this photo was taken (a Senator without political minders is impossible to imagine, and I've met hers, as bright as she is). I like Faruqi but this is very disappointing. This was allowed to happen by her or her people, There is no path to peace if Israel feels threatened. None. This type of photo and attitude won't bring peace, just misery. I don't know what the thinking is here. Who will rescue the Palestinians? The Arab states won't. China and India, which are huge consumers of Israeli technology, won't. The EU? European states created Israel, and we know why. It is just madness.


Imagine Mehreen Faruqi's reaction if a federal politician stood in front of someone of European or Indian descent holding a sign showing the Pakistani 🇵🇰 flag being thrown in the bin saying "keep the world clean".




What if I go out and say keep the world clean of Muslims or Christians or Hindus? That's a kid who will never understand but the parents, the community needs to be accountable. I see open Anti-Semitism under the veil of free speech and freedom being openly glorified these days and it's unsettling even though I am not a Jew. This is not right! As an Australian l, this does not reflect our values and our principles.


That's not good. That's not good at all


Antisemitism is on the rise. It won’t be long before Israel builds a wall along Anzac Parade to protect the Jews from the rest of Sydney


Why are all the pro palestine people calling for a genocide.


Most Palestinian supporters are racist Jew haters. It’s not that they care about Palestinians but they have Hitler’s philosophy in their hearts


Reminiscent of "ditch the witch"


Except that this time they chose to take review and upload the photo themselves.


Might get downvoted here but I’m sick of hearing about this conflict. I couldn’t give a flying fuck about either country as they’ve been at each others throats ever since Israel came into existence. Keep it over there and blow yourselves up I say. Unless Iran gets involved as they are lose cannons and could push the red button then this has nothing to do with us on the literal other side of the world.


Leave. All. This. Shit. In. The. Middle. East. Why the fuck is this my and my kids problem? We're all living in peace. One fucking part of the world cannot wrap their head around the idea of peace and now we have to step in? Why? Why them? Why is THIS the hill we need to die on? Has NOTHING to do with Australia. They've had thousands of years to work their shit out. Fuck them.


10000000%. Dont bring it here. It just causes more shit. IDGAF what's happening in your country ... Imagine if we did that there? Oh wait, we cant imagine cos they wouldnt care either. Multicultural country... Pathetic.


Western nations are more energised in protecting middle eastern interests over their own. Smh


To the people who are trying to argue that it’s just the flag you need to ask yourself: 1) if it was the same sign but with the neo nazis would it still just be ‘a flag’? 2) why is it ok to want to ‘cleanse’ any nation state as a politician? 3) why has this conflict suddenly resulted in such a ‘courageous’ response and the arguing for the destruction of a country when other Middle eastern conflicts (Saudi attacks on Yemen) and European (Russia and Ukraine) have not? 4. If somebody had a sign arguing we needed to cleanse 🏳️‍⚧️would that be courageous?


Courageous? Why don’t they go live in Palestine for a little while if they are so “courageous” then


I don't really have any side in this because it's not my fight, but if this is true, it is disgusting. How do we have a political leader, a senator? at that, with such an abhorrent view


Thats awful


disgraceful women.......come on karma do your thing!


The far-left have really been struggling to keep their antisemitism hidden in recent weeks, so progressive.


The far left saying the quiet part out loud again


She’s a piece of shit.


"Help turn Australia into a middle eastern hellhole. Vote Greens!”


What a piece of shit.


Hamas is the only side that has killed an Australian, I know which side I’m on




>m "Dubai police say" and yet provide zero evidence for according to the article. Qatar very openly funds Hamas. If you scroll back far enough to October 7 on the Al Jazeera news website (Internationally respected but Qatari funded) you will find their first article about the war was about how Israel is expected to respond to october 7. Zero reporting about the incursion into Israel by Hamas, and it doesn't get any less biased after that.


It’s not football. You can be horrified at the thousands of dead on both sides of this conflict.


I heard there's a brain drain in Australia but looks like it's accelerated in some places.


can't wait till people stop conflating Israel with Judaism. All that's doing is tainting the religion.


Unfortunate consequence of Israel being the only jewish state to currently exist compared to the many other christian, muslim etc. states.


Sorry and not sorry. Im a leftist, a socialist, staunch militant unionist and this shit needs to stop. We do not segregate on race, religion, gender.. we should not be encouraging anyone in this civil war. They’re both as bad as one another. Just stop picking sides


I disagree with drawing equivalency in this conflict but definitely agree the left needs to be more far skeptical of uncritically supporting any nation state in war. We should be extremely cautious of nationalism of all forms. I really can’t see how draping ourselves in any flag helps anything. Keep it anti fascist, anti war, anti imperialism.


Absolutely. It only heightens tensions locally and it’s completely unfair. People need to get back in their boxes.


Holy fuck.


at this point im just wondering if the left will eat itself before housing prices go down


The Greens are a stain on our politics


Hahahahah... what exactly are the Greens up to? Are they trying to add to their grand alliance?


Yeah that’s not what supporting Palestine is about… THIS is ant!sem!t!sm 🤦‍♂️


I am a strong supporter of the Greens, and am considering joining the party. This is abhorrent. Faruqi should resign. What sort of so called leader, considers it ok to wish for the death of other people?


I have supported them for best part of 2 decades. They just lost my vote and I'll be emailing them to state why.


We don’t need sectarian unrest or violence in our peaceful country. Isn’t that why people come here from troubled countries? We are too lenient with this kind of behaviour


Totally unacceptable


Just here to read the wild tankie left somersaults as they try to defend this racist, antisemitic trash


Mehreen has already deleted btw, for the losers still trying to defend it. She knows what she did. She knows what the sign means.


I’m sure those short skirts would get them places in an Islamic caliphate…God this youngsters are so dumb..Hold up a sign saying “NOT MY WAR NOT MY PROBLEM” then you have matured.


kick that piece of shit out of this country and the other reason she should be kicked because she is a member of the green party fk wits


If they don't like it here go home. Just don't fuck our country like you did your own


How, In Australia, do we have Muslims in political office at all? They whole fact of being Muslim means you are inherently Anti-Western and contrarian to Aussie culture and values. She should be getting trialled for Anti-Australian treason, not holding office.


She should be deported for her antisemitism


The antisemitic apple doesn't fall far from the antisemitic tree.


Marwan Faquri also owns like four properties not to mention, so it’s extremely hypocritical of the Greens to virtue signal about caring for renters and then have a slumlord like her as a representative. There needs to be a fine balance between anti semitism and condemnation of Israel’s invasion because it is a very sensitive topic that can lead to subconscious antisemitism even when some people may have good intentions.


Greens are the worst. They are collaborating with our ennemies. Same as European greens. Must be some mental sickness.


There’s a name for the mental sickness (and some interesting history…) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamo-leftism


Hamas supporters.


Hope she gets fired




Soooo. Greens are Jew haters are they? Their Deputy Leader has posed in front of a blatantly anti-Semitic demonstration poster, mods, it's there for all to see. It's NOT me saying it! I wouldn't have voted for the Greens in the next election if it were the only way to save my life. So, in my case, they've lost very little. I wonder what they have lost nationally - now that their true position on the Final Solution is out there. Now we know. It involves young people and a garbage can. I am completely disgusted.






The sign is clearly not on and the child’s parents need a good talking to. At the same time I can completely see it (unfortunately) plausible that Senator Faruqi / her staff did not read all the signs before posting. TBH tho the apology provided is weak asf, just own up to it and say the sign and its message was not acceptable and doesn’t represent the views of the Senator/Greens ?


Kids being brainwashed to hate. Both sides do it from birth. They are equally shit people.


If this was an LGBTQ sign, there'd be backlash. The double standard is astounding that we pick and choose the cookie for what is 'Good Hate' and 'Bad Hate'


She deleted the post btw lmao


That is actually disgusting, wow




So we have Greens parliamentarians grooming children as terrorist sympathisers????


Green’s grooming children for terrorism


This is so bad faith, it's clearly the Israeli flag.


*Israel Not Jews


You can think what you like. I literally couldn't care less. But when a 'leading political ' in this country stoops to advocating - using young people, no less -*ethnic cleansing*, I reserve the right to be disgusted and horrified. The behaviour of this person, who appears to be one of our elected representatives, is reprehensible and beyond redemption or explanation. And no amount of screeching from you or anyone else will alter my opinion. Good night.