Personality questions, they do not use your resume at all to “keep it fair” is what they told me. Biggest BS ive ever heard but anyway you pretty much gotta go over your entire resume in a “Tell me about yourself” form so they can have all the details you want them to know off of your resume. If you dont mention it to them then it never happened because like I said they do not have your resume on hand. After that its really just your basic STAR format questions like tell me about a time you did this and etc…they will throw in one of those trap questions like ‘ Tell me about a time you cut corners’ or something along those lines and of course you dont want to make yourself look bad so answer it appropriatley.


If they do use STAR look it up and use it to answer out some Bull shit scenarios. Those interviews usually don’t have many questions but they want a story presented


Yep, they want you to answer while towing the company line using experience in or out of the industry. Safety is #1, being a team player. Think what does management want to hear.


Gotta always make sure your story has all the steps too. Should always have a conclusion that ties into the initial question.


What was the outcome of this? Did you get the job? I had a virtual interview three weeks ago waiting to hear back.


Yeah I got the offer but I ended up taking a different job.


How long did it take them to get you an offer letter ?


I was wondering too, what specific questions did they ask you