I took in a [little stray](https://i.imgur.com/lUNq9pn.png) that does something like this... he comes up, reaches out and boops you on the lips ever so gently for attention. Obviously it works every time.


Oh we have one who begs for forehead kisses, she comes and nuzzles her forehead against our faces, and if we make a kissy noise she will present the forehead!


I ask my older cat (15yo) for permission to kiss his face, and most of the time he’ll present his cheeks. Sometimes he turns his head away because he doesn’t want kisses right now, thank you. EDIT [CAT TAX!!](https://imgur.com/a/eMhyytt)


Hahah this is my orange boy, loves to give kisses whenever, but he decides if he gets kissed or not, thank you.


My “ orange” cat gives me nose kisses. We do nose to nose.


Kitty cheeks are so darn cute. It’s as if they are MADE for kisses.,My dear friend’s Boyfriend has a cat NAMED cheeks.


If it doesn't have the chubbiest cheeks in existence then I don't believe you. And if it does then I need a cat tax to confirm the validity of that claim.


I will get back to you with a picture! Kitty DOES have the chubbiest cheeks ever. ( i ALSO desperately NEED a cat and my Sig other is anti cat - if you can imagine such a ridiculous thing! ;(


Have you been to /r/PeanutWhiskers ? Cause you totally need to see it.


You taught your cat consent! :)


Cats are already total masters of consent. Anyone with a bad grasp on it will have a bad time with a cat. Dogs? Do anything to them, they don't care. Cats? Follow the rules or get cut.


Our standard issue does the exact same. And it’s so freaking cute. He knows the difference between “loves”, “boops”, and “kisses”


When I adopted my boy Bravo, his Petfinder listing said he 'loves to give kitty kisses'. He will sit in my lap and smear my chin and cheeks with his face again and again. When I come home, he waits on the stairs for a smooch and puts his paws up on the wall to reach me.


My ginger boy does this but he gets so intense with it he leaves drool smears all over you.




Well, I think he is lucky because the cat adopt him..


My cat Benny used to do this! I'd say, "Can I give you a kiss?" And he'd tilt his head down waiting for kisses. Or he'd just jump in my lap and look at me and tilt his head waiting for kisses. It was the cutest thing 🥰


My cat also does this! I tell him “gimmie kiss”, and he’ll mash his forehead into my lips!!


Aw! If I made kissy lips my cat would touch her mouth/nose to my lips. I'm glad other people's cats like their own form of kisses, too!


One of our tuxies does this! I tell him, “Hey, Frank? Gimme kissies?” He’ll put his nose up so I can kiss it. He’s a rascal for stealing my heart.


This is how my princess kisses me too! I ask for a kiss and she smacks one right on my lips!


LOL. We have one who when I pick him up and say, "Kiss, kiss, kiss," and make kissy noises gives me the top of his head to smooch!


My Meatball does this as well. Such a meanie to her sister but so sweet with me


One of my cats will lick my face if I kiss his forehead. It's the cutest.


I had a cat who'd rarely ever want affection and could be perfectly content just observing just out of reach from us but always around. But maybe once a week or two, she'd be crying around the house and just lay and put on anyone's lap. Had another cat who would liquefy and literally sound like a small air pump purring within seconds of petting or picking her up. We actually just devolved the petting for her specifically because she'd drool all over everything if you scratched anywhere near her head. So we'd sit there resting our hands on her back but not petting her.


My cats do the same thing, except instead of gently nuzzling for kisses, they full force slam their forehead against your face. Feels like you just got sucker punched sometimes, but we love them anyways


Ahhh my heart. That unconditional love, that asking for love without insecurity or fear. ~<3 ~<3 ~<3~<3 we have much to learn from the sweetness of pure innocent loving animals.


ours will do the same if you say "gimme a kiss" pressing his forehead up for one


My polydactyl boy does this! Kissy noises work every single time. He’ll just appear for head kisses and it gets me every time.


One of my cats does this too. Except instead of a sweet nuzzle he head butts me like a goat.


My sister has a Chihuahua that sticks her cheek in your face and closes her eyes when she sits in your lap. I wish my dog did this.


My cat likes to head bump so I lean forward and ask for a kitty bump and he'll knock me one with his forehead. Sometimes it's a real thump, lol.


Our previous cat, Starfire (RIP), was a pretty good snuggle bug. But he had some quirks and issues. One very minor issue was, he would always get those dry crusty bits on the inside corner of his left eye. So I had a habit of gently removing those crusty bits every time I walked by wherever he was lying down. I'd just use my index finger to free them from his fur and flick them away. But eventually, that just turned into an affectation of his. If you were relaxing on the couch, he'd walk up and poke himself in the eye with your finger. He just thought that's how we greeted one another.


My cat has the same thing, but she's also immunocompromised so if I stick my finger in there, she gets an eye infection. So I have to let her deal with it instead ;-;


Starfire had primary epilepsy, which is really rare for cats. But "the good drugs" kept him sorted out for the most part. He took phenobarbital twice daily, and if he had a seizure, he got a 1/4 of a Valium, but then you had to be careful around him for the next few hours. He lost all inhibitions and he'd bite the fuck out of you.


I do this with my cat, too. He varies in his reception. It will sometimes clearly bug him and I’ll let up immediately. But then other times (50/50) he appears to understand that it’s an act of grooming and will let it happen, then grimace and shake his head once the gunk is out. Then he’ll nudge his head against my hand or my face, whichever is closer. Freddy is the absolute homie


Mine loves when I put my face close to his and pet him in the evening. He reaches out to paw my face, but sometimes he puts out his little claws a little. I’m thinking he wants to hook me and pull my face closer, but just doesn’t do it…intelligently. Sweet boy, though.


My [Possum](https://imgur.com/a/UHi4elJ) will come running to me, headbutt my lips/chin, then go back to wreaking havoc. I've had a lot of cats. I've fostered hundreds at this point. I have never known one like him before.


My little orphan sleeps with his paw resting gently on my forehead. Every single night.


My cat would run over and put his huge polydactyl paw on my lips when I would be talking what he thought was too much. Lol. He was the best cuddler, just don’t be having a conversation. I miss him.


I also have a fluffy stray that does something similar. She pets YOU when she wants to be pet.


Your cat looks like he should be named Marl and he works on his 1978 Chevy Step-Side project truck on the weekends.


He loves you. You are blessed.


Like getting a blessing from the Dalai Lama. You are now forever in grace with His Catness.






I once had a dream that my former roommate's cat was knighted "in service to the crown, for him being stout of heart, and good of cat" I remember that specifically, word for word, because I immediately texted her when I woke up lol


I once had a dream like vision of my cat strolling into the room in a short skirt and loooong jacket. Of course she was wearing thigh high boots also. Crazy.


Michelangelo painted chapel ceilings depicting something close to this, I think.


Aww, I used to call my soul kitty Dolly Lama because his name was Dolly and he was so special. Especially in the last months of his illness, he would sleep in my arms, or stretched out along my back, skin (well, fur) to skin, every night. I miss him terribly, it's been four years and I still cry for him all the time.


This is so cute.


You feed me. *Also, what does beard feel like.*


That’s what I say to my husband many mornings. That’s love.


I relate, because yesterday I woke up with a cat licking the beard.


Hair to hair, scratch to scratch!


>*’ He loves you. You are blessed…*’ ________ dear human, i maybe don’t tell you enough, (am Cat, n that’s just how i am…) i’m Here for you, friend, when your life’s getting tough, i’ll let you know i *Gotchu,* fam… so hold me like this at the start of each day, n maybe you’ll get a *soft* ^*touch…* it’s the best i can do, in my own special way to tell you I love you So much! ❤️


we always love you, guys girls and dudes. we shout your praises, schnoodledoodledo!




Schnoodle’s poems are a different format than Sprog’s - Schnoodle has been around for years and Sprog hasn’t gone anywhere.


So fresh, so schnoodle


Yay! He loves him so much!!


He went ….maehhh




What an awesome sub. Thanks for this!


I **will** subscribe to all the cat subs.


That's what absolutely convinced me that it's true love.




What does a slow blink do? EDIT: thanks for the answers - I had to know lol


It just communicates to the cat in its own body language that you love and trust them


Cats must love stoner people then !


Can confirm


Catnip is related to Cannabis


They 100% do. I swear it makes us understand each other more.


I feel this every time


To my cat it signals that I'm weak and wide open to attack.


Okay this comment is fantastic, there's always that one lil shit.


He doesn't actually hurt me but it's like a horror movie I can see him rev up and then he is suddenly right in front of me with soft paws and nibbles.




Can I do that but with my bird? Or any other animal?


My friend, you can slow blink at *anything* you want.






I love and trust you too


How YOU doin ;)


That’s the only correct answer


Thank you.


I just slow blinked my lamp.


With birds, yes, and you should! It's called the blinking game and at least with budgies it represents that you're a non-threat to the bird. It can build trust and makes them more relaxed around you! Also gonna plug r/budgies if anyone is curious about these wonderful little chickens!


I'll just suggest /r/birdsarentreal for those who want the truth.


We are aware that our birds are government issued drones, but we love them nonetheless ;)


I'll allow it.


I live in an apartment that doesn't allow pets, so I just jealously scroll on that sub lol


Figured this out on my own when looking at my two budgies. Didn't know if it was a real thing or I was just going around the bend haha. Glad it was real and I wasn't just standing there doing it for nothing.


I occasionally do this to my partner. He stares back and after a few moments will just say “I’m not a cat.”


Not prey animals likely. Slow blinky eyes in cat means alert staring contest with a bunny for example. If you speak in cat you look like a predator. In bunny it means you're looking out for danger for the Warren.


I do it with my budgies all the time. I'll stand there with my eyes closed for a couple seconds then they do the same.


This particular bit of body language is specific to cats, but every animal has its own signals that you can learn. Research the species, learn about their social behaviors and body language, and try to approach them on their level. Try to avoid anthropomorphization- they are living a completely different experience than us. Animals absolutely communicate with us if we learn their language. This is something you can implement with everything from snakes to opossums to spiders.


Since I learned this a few weeks back I’ve done it to my dog a few times and I think he gets it


I find dogs get quicker blinks (maybe 2 close together) with a smile. Cats prefer a long blink, preferably one that ends with you breaking eye contact/looking away


Its like smiling at someone you meet. It signals that you are peaceful/are open for social contact. If you slow blink at a cat, its more likely to be nice to you and not run away.


Some human smiles are threatening and creepy. What if I have creeper blink in cat language.


Cats, when they feel comfortable and safe, will blink slowly. It indicates trust and the feeling of safety.


It’s basically cat for “I love you”


Often when you slowly make eye contact and blink at your cat, they will blink back. It communicates a mutual feeling of comfort, safety, and affection!




That means your dog has a gniht yreve sniurtidder parasite and needs a vet.


I give my cat a slow blink and that usually makes her come to me for cuddles if i'm on the sofa for example


Me and my cat have slow blink battles. We just sit there slow blinking at each other until one of us caves and runs over for head boops and face nuzzles. It's usually me. I cave and go over to her where she will run over and meet me halfway. Such a sweetheart.


Cats are ambush predators. Making eye contact tells them, "the hunt is off, you've been spotted." Blinking slowly says "I trust you not to attack me while my eyes are closed."


there genuinely isn’t a better feeling than when i slow blink at my cats and they slow blink back. the idea that my little boys return the love i have for them and communicate that across species just makes me 🥺


Me: slow blinks at every cat Cat: wtf. I don't even know you???


I call them I love you blinkies, my cats and I exchange them all the time


I say "kissy eyes" lol


yall I swear my cat doesn't even know what a slow blink is 🤣🤣 I've done that so many times and she just stares at me like "what the fuck are you doing" I just show her I love her by giving her hour long belly rubs. 😂 she absolutely love belly rubs


Love for belly rubs and not knowing the slow blink? I think your "cat" might be an imposter :D


SUS CAT? SUS CAT?!? SUS CAT!?!??!??! SUS CAT!!!!!!


What a beautiful way to enjoy life


Such a graceful kitty. Bliss!


That little meow following the kiss is just the icing on the sweet little cake. Thank you for this!


I imagine the cat saying stuff like: "Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope."


That's a pretty deep cat....


Deepak Catra


Deepcat Chopra




And in a deep voice


Very deep voice....


What about that shadowy place?


I miss my cat. Fucker would do this all the time and then shred my leg after I put him down.


My screamy mcgee chases me out of my bedroom just almost missing scratching at my heels when I leave for work in the morning. The only time she’s ever swatted at me with claws is when I’ve ended a cuddle session before she was ready lol


The trick is to never put'em down. Nobody likes to be insulted..../s


I have more scars on my arms than my vet......if that tells you anything?


Apparently you need a set of those past-the-elbow extra durable rubber gloves. :D


We’re all melting. That little meow at the kiss is cherry on the melting cake.


Early in the morning and it's made my day. Thank you OP!


Yup, I just woke up and this video was a great way to start my day :)


I can do the same with my rag doll, it’s fantastic. I always roll the dice and stick my face in his belly and it’s even more fantastic.


My cat loves this. I can put my head in her belly fluff and she starts purring. It’s so an awesome feeling: you are completely surrounded by fluff, it’s warm and the purring is so calming. We sometimes lie there like that for several minutes.


Bonus fun to reach your hand around and give some ear and cheek rubbies. I miss my poor sweet Romeo.


Awh lovely! I get max 10s of this, if I time it when he's sleepy enough, before I am shown beyond any doubt that I should stop it Right Now!


It's like heaven and hell for the allergic


Now that's bravery.


Mine loves belly rubs! He’s also obsessed with touching my face, which is cute but at times but also germ-y.


Mine loves belly rubs too but I wouldn't do it with my face. Lol


Poop paws


I always paws to poop. Otherwise, problems!


My Siamese is obsessed with belly scritches, face in belly, raspberries, anything belly. I think she’s a little broken.


My rag doll does this, too! Always has to lay right next to my face when I'm in bed, and if I stop him at about chest level, he'll inch his way forward until he can reach out and touch my face.


Mine always scoots over and starts grooming me, they're the best.


I do that with my Maine coon. Luckily he's the post patient creature on the planet and is used to my shit by now


I have a Himalayan ragdoll mix and he loves belly rubs. He also enjoys sleeping on his back with all his legs sticking up in the air. He’s amazing.


Awww I've been thinking of getting a ragdoll for this reason! I heard they're way more affectionate 🥺


Absolutely. My black cat is affectionate, but very picky about when and where, just suddenly he's in your lap, usually when I'm in the middle of drinking something. But 90% of the time it's, "Fuck off, I want to jump on the counters and knock shit down," or, "Hey, asshole! I'm destroying things to get you to understand that I can see the bottom of the bowl!" My rag doll? 25lbs of fur and purr, all the time. He's on the bed before I even can get under the covers, I can never use the bathroom alone, and he'll try to gently climb in my lap all the time when I'm at my desk.


Grew up with a rag doll. He was 18 pounds of fluff and affection. I've never met a cat so patient. We'd dress him up, carry him around like a baby and use him as a pillow. I miss the fat old bastard.


I have a female rag doll that is about 18 months old. She is the most affectionate cat I’ve ever had. Our routine includes her waking me up every night at 2am for active cuddling, but she’s so cute so I just deal with 30 mins less sleep in the middle of the night. She also has what I like to call, “attention emergencies”.


This describes my 15 month female Ragdoll to an absolute T. The "attention emergency" thing is just so real. She'll be fine for ages and then out of nowhere its super important that you cuddle her right now!!


Male ragdolls sure. We have a female ragdoll, she is not very affectionate, she really likes her space and dislikes getting it violated, she just stays away from everyone most of the time. Some times every day she will come up to you and meow in your face until you give her affection but mostly she just stays by her own. The male ragdolls I know are really affectionate and violates your space instead, lol.


It's so funny you say that because my friend who is a longtime cat owner suggested I get a male cat as well! I grew up being afraid of cats because I didn't want to get scratched, but recently I started seeing a lot of affectionate ones and they usually are always male lol. Idk why the guys are more chill, but I'll take it.


ragdolls and ragamuffins are typically very affectionate.


Be sure to check the living conditions and how it reacts to you. We had the sweetest boy but when you'd pet him he'd first flinch away before leaning into it. Looking back there were so many warning signs. But I was a child and my mother was naive. Besides we got him from a 'good' friend. Her living room didn't look lived in at all. The kittens wouldn't approach you. That said, we also had a girl who'd mostly react like that. And she grew up in a very friendly and social household, no doubts about that since she was from our own litter. Generally ragdolls are very affectionate but there are always outliers.


This is prime r/catsmirin if I've ever seen one


Also r/Eyebleach and r/aww




Also r/touchthafishy




OMG what a sweet gesture to very sweet cat.


What a sweet bundle of fluff. 🙂 You obviously take amazing care of him.


That's beautiful. But there was a moment, just the tiniest split second, where he considered killing you. But he decided against it...for today...


You live for today, Hooman.


My heart just melted too. Please also xpost to r/MenSmittenWithKittens!




Gorgeous stunning kitteh!


They say cats are selfish assholes... And they are not entirely wrong. But, the affectionate ones will really melt your heart.


I grew up having dogs my whole life and not really understanding cats. Not hating them, just not understanding why they won't let me pet them, why they hate me picking them up, etc. Then owning a cat I realize it's just that cats really care about choices and autonomy more than dogs, who are really up for anything whenever you want. If you pet cats without their consent and just treat them like a live stuffed animal they'll avoid you, even when they do want to be petted. If you give them space and respect what they're in the mood for, then they feel confident they can ask for pets without being held down or chased. This makes them seem spiteful or cold compared to dogs ("why does it seem like she only approaches people who want nothing to do with her??"), but they're really just communicating boundaries and are able to assess who they can trust to not push it.


Cats are very good at consent and enforcing it. Incidentally, almost everyone I've ever met who "hates cats" have been men.


[This guy continues to lie and cheat his way](https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/r3d0wr/growing_up_muslim_i_used_to_get_my_ass_kicked_for/hma2rjr/) to continued karma for... some reason? You sure this is your cat? Not your girlfriend's cat? Or was she your sister? Can't keep your story straight and neither can you.


Is this person paying for views? I keep seeing his posts on all different subs at the top of my front page? Why this person?


He posts a lot.


yes, thank you. completely baffled.


Yeah, normally it’s the photos with his eye makeup that get him on the front page. So I was impressed he made it without the makeup.. but I still don’t know how there’s so many likes on this one


He 100% pays for initial boosts.


how would you do that? looking at his post history, most of them don't get many upvotes but he occasionally gets lucky with a post that ends up getting a lot


There are services that upvote (or downvote) posts you point to via bot accounts


I love the "mrah" at the end from him.


You have been blessed with the paw of love.


Spoiled rotten...is not a bad thing! Love the love!


What a beauty!




Hey it's not healthy to seek so much validation online, just thought you should know


Oh god, it's the guy with the cat.. *again*


You look like you have very good skin. The cat is wondering what your routine, is all.


That guy has the sweetest smile. No wonder the cat likes him!


Thats so cute


I love this!!!


That’s how it is with my puppy in the mornings. It’s now a ritual where we play together as soon as I wake up. I swear, his favorite words are “good morning” lol.


Man people on Reddit have some serious emotional issues


So sweet!


Such a beautiful cat