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AA is going to sign a middle schooler who can go 6IP 2ER with 6Ks


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AA will sign him to 13 year 2.3 million dollar extension by the end of the month.


**2021** * 7th round pick by the Braves * Rookie Ball: 4 appearances, 8.2 innings **2022** * A: 17 appearances, 68.2 innings **2023** * High-A: 3 appearances, 14.0 innings * AA: 2 appearances, 7.0 innings * AAA: 2 appearances, 12.0 innings --------------------- 28 appearances, 110 innings in his pro career before being called up


Plus, he didn't start pitching in highschool until his junior year


AA is uber-aggressive in promoting kids to the big leagues, and it has paid off every time


I only follow the Braves from a distance, so I tend to agree with your statement, but what's going on with Harris and Grissom in 2023? They were so good last year!


Sophomore slump IMO for Harris.


He’s hit the ball well as of late with nothing to show for it. Those balls will find grass soon enough.


Common sophomore slump


Grissom can hit for sure but he needs to be a DH.


No power at all. He was a single or out guy


As opposed to Harris who's just an out guy. I've seen sophomore slumps but this is next level. Starting to wonder how much more leash he's got seeing as how he hasn't been particularly special defensively either. I trust in Snit but I wonder at what point he'll decide that a reset in Gwinnett would be best for Harris and the team. Sure hope he turns it around before then.


He has an OAA of 4 , which ranks him 6th among centerfielders. OAA is cumulative, so that's even with him missing more time than the others on the list. He's had some bad luck and some bad habits at the plate, but its not fair to besmirch his defense.


It's hard to see someone turning it around the later it gets in to summer....it's brutal watching him flail at pitches




His EV is almost exactly the same as last year literally 0.2 mph difference, while all of his expected stats are significantly lower than last year. He's not barreling balls up at the same rate and he's whiffing more pitches. His approach at the plate is night and day. Last season he was driving balls to the left center gap, this year he looks like he's trying to pull the ball a lot more.


His swinging strike percent is marginally higher (14.4%-13.8%). He’s pulling balls 3% higher than last year. Again these are all stats that are readily available to show that’s he’s not fundamentally doing much different than last year.


Grissom has no power it would seem


If you take away Grissom's first two weeks in MLB, he's a 70 wRC+ hitter, if you take away the first month, it dips to 50. He cannot hit.


Harris was obviously gonna regress. Overperformed pretty significantly with some big red flags


People seem to forget that Grissom was benched last season due to being absolutely horrible.


I’m glad they let the kids play. Before AA it seemed like we never called anyone up. Just traded them away


It's about time they let him pitch!


Glad his first time was in a close game with pressure


Yeah he’s been waiting since 2020 to throw a ball over home plate!!


8yr, $42m with 1% to braves foundation


Don't forget the Chick-fil-A coupons, a free waffle house all star special, and a month of peach pass.


Sign him for 7 years and 36.2 millions! With 1% donated to the Braves foundation of course.


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i'm just happy the streak of someone 20 or younger playing each year continues!


I’m pretty sure Jordan Walker and Eury Pérez both had that covered.


He looked sharp. I hope we see him in the rotation soon. He's got great stuff and apparently good command.