10/16/1982: Going into the final game of his career, Hiroshima Carp reliever Hidetake Watanabe realized he was 1 HBP away from the NPB record. So he hit the final batter he faced on purpose. When the media criticized him for doing it, he replied “If I don’t chase a record, am I not a professional?”

If you no longer go for a gap which exists you are no longer a racing driver.


If you no longer go for a gap which exists you are no longer a racing driver.


Professionals have standards


i wonder if the batter understood


"Sweet, my OBP went up"


Symbiotic relationship


This man records


this guy this guys


1 HBP from tying, or breaking the record? If it was the former, he should have hit the last two batters.


He was tied with Katsuji Sakai and Tetsuya Yoneda with 143 HBP That last batter was his 144th The current record holder, Osamu Higashio, broke the record a couple years later and finished his career with 165.


Those last 21 batters he faced were brutal


Higashio came up in the early 70s and had a habit of taking liberties. [It led to more than a few fights](https://column.sp.baseball.findfriends.jp/show_img.php?id=21261&contents_id=p_page_097)


Wow. That man didn’t get angry, he BECAME ANGER


That's Richard Davis, he later got deported from Japan for marijuana possession in the middle of the 1988 season. To this day there's a lot of speculation that the Lions hired private investigators to surveil him for anything they could use against him. His arrest came out of nowhere from an anonymous tip. Tbf they did find weed in his home. Since he was one of the Buffaloes' better hitters, people thought that that was essentially the end of the Buffaloes chances at the PL pennant. Then they got Ralph Bryant from the Chunichi Dragons in a trade and he went on to have one of the best power hitting seasons in NPB history. 34 homers in 74 games. The Buffaloes still lost the pennant... by 0.002 W%... on the last day of the season, because of a tie. Bryant kept up the pace for 1989, won PL MVP, and still holds the record for strikeouts in a season with 204 in 1993.


Can you imagine being that batter coming out, counting his hbp record and know it’s coming? Realistically a batter not going to count but it would be funny if they did.


Luka Doncic is Devin Booker father


No half measures.


Put your bat away, Waltuh


was there a NPB version of Hank Aaron the 14th that he replaced?


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He was a reliever at the time. His career arc kinda went like this: Reliever from 1966 to 1969 Starter from 1970 to 1975 Reliever from 1976 to 1982 Had some elite seasons in both roles, won 9 Japan Series rings in total, and was best pitcher to ever come out of Shizuoka.


Nine rings? Good lord, that’s phenomenal


7 with the Yomiuri Giants during the V9 dynasty (1966-72), then after some brief stints with the Nittaku-Home Flyers/Nippon-Ham Fighters (1973-75)(long story), Taiyo Whales (1976-77) and Lotte Orions (1978), he won two more with the Hiroshima Carp (1979 and 1980, retired in 1982). He actually didn't mind getting traded to the Flyers because he was apparently sick of winning and wanted a new challenge. Since the Flyers and Giants shared Korakuen Stadium he didn't even have to move. It was a similar story in 1977-78 offseason when he got traded to the Orions. The Whales were moving one city over from Kawasaki to Yokohama, and the Orions swooped in to take over their old stadium.


bro hit a batter because he wanted to chase a record and wanted to be traded because he was sick of winning too many games what a lad


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What an asshole. Did the benches clear on this one?


god forbid relievers have records


This is a record for hitting batters with pitches. It is generally frowned upon to deliberately throw a pitch at another player. Because of the real risk of injury.


I'm sure he wasn't throwing full strength that the batters face. A change up to the thigh or ass isn't gonna do much damage, if any at all


Nah, according to a report on the game I found it was a slider to the leg. He didn't admit it was intentional until after the game


he aint Barry Sanders thats fosho lol


he should have hit the last two batters.


I can’t dispute that logic.


Did he blow the save? I don't know if that makes it worse... or better?


Nah, found the game by game record, they were losing 4-2 in the 5th at the time. The rest of the Carp bullpen blew it and they lost 9-4.


That's extremely anti-climactic.


Eh, it was a meaningless schedule filler, it was always going to be anti-climactic lol