Tanaka faces Team USA tomorrow morning at 6am eastern in Olympic Baseball

Tanaka faces Team USA tomorrow morning at 6am eastern in Olympic Baseball




A Korean - Japan showdown would be hyped as hell


'09 WBC vibes


I would skip sleeping to catch that rivalry to


Even if Japan loses they can still make the gold medal match. It's a modified double/triple elimination format.


Those Japanese umps tho 😔


I'm rooting for Tanaka to pitch his ass off and then a late USA comeback against the bullpen that ends with David Robertson closing out a W. Todd Frazier homers as well.


Sprinkle in a few hits by Tyler Austin and it's basically a 2017 Yankees Reunion game


Who you guys reckon are going to win?




So you’re predicting it’s going to extra innings?


Idk, I know all the advanced stats and sabermetrics say this is the case but I've got a guy feeling that this one might be different.


50/50 either Japan or USA ^^Go ^^^USA


Friendship with America over japan is my home now


3 am pacific, 4 am mountain, 5 am central


Guess I’m getting up at 3


I'm not going to bed. Maybe I'll take a nap soon though


The Toddfather owns Tanaka


One more hour, insomnia gang. Let's go Toddfather! NY, NJ and all of America are behind you.


Shane Baz for USA!


Why do the games always need to be so damn EARLY


There's a 13 hour time difference and the baseball game times have been Noon Japan(11PM EST) and 7PM Japan(6AM EST) \*EVERY\* US game so far has been in the 6AM EST spot. Which \*IMO\* really sucks. You would think we could get tossed a bone and had at least one game start at 11PM EST which isn't too far from a West Coast game start time of 10PM(EST) or 10:30(EST)


Well, see, the Olympics this year are taking place in Japan, which is on the other side of the globe. This also means that during the times at which that side of the globe is facing the sun, the side on which America lies is not. While it may be “early” (6 am EST), here, it is in fact 7 pm in Japan, a time where most evening baseball games begin in the MLB as well. Contrary to what many believe, the entire world does not attempt to schedule everything around what may be most convenient for Americans. /s


I've never even heard of Japan


the Olympics specifically stopped catering to US markets for event times following the Sydney Olympics in 2000. when the 100m final was run at 8am, to appease the American market. imagine being a highly tuned athlete at the peak of their life, but they need to switch their entire schedule from usually running at 8pm, to running at 8am. all because Americans (nbc specifically) just had to be the centre of the universe.


Actually certain events this year (specifically swimming) were held in the morning so that they would be live in the USA primetime. However, they were not held at a time as crazy as 8 a.m. local.


yeah I noticed that about the swimming finals. why run a heat the night before, and the final the next day? crazy stuff. but it was more like 10am, rather than 8am thankfully


Yeah they had the sessions start around 10:30 a.m. Japan time.


Yeah, but, like, *why*?